Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone - Official Season Five Trailer

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Call of Duty

Call of Duty

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Verdansk will never be the same.
The stadium opens. The train arrives. And the battle expands. Season Five kicks off in #Warzone and #ModernWarfare on August 5.
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ВарЗона. В главных ролях: MC Doni Борода я тебе скажу да
Akhtar Ali
Akhtar Ali 8 時間 前
Very well done
tece999 8 時間 前
I never gonna win another warzone match lol
EskimoClay1 8 時間 前
New places to rage!
Andrew NC
Andrew NC 8 時間 前
I can't wait to have another fuking 40GB updates to just jump on the train choooo chooo madafukersss
Onkar Korde
Onkar Korde 8 時間 前
Excuse me.. I have just downloaded this Game and I am loving the Campaign so far. So does this mean the campaign is getting new missions too?
Jon Technolojunkie
Jon Technolojunkie 8 時間 前
All they need to do is make operators fully customisable. EDIT: And tackle cheating.
Jorn Camin
Jorn Camin 8 時間 前
No soap in the call of duty mw game
soul less
soul less 8 時間 前
My birthday starts in August 5
Там русского убили, хоть я казах но пипец обидно
Jay Tirthankar
Jay Tirthankar 8 時間 前
Lol I haven't even updated from Season 3 to 4 yet because I have no storage space and Season 5 is already coming out
sivanarul saythuraahavan
sivanarul saythuraahavan 8 時間 前
Everyone wondered about season 5 updates, I am scared of how much data it will require
Zulu 8 時間 前
Fix the heartbeat glitch...
MegaRage92 8 時間 前
PS4: I can’t take it anymore I’m burning. Me: you can do this, keep going we are nearly there just one more gb now push !!
Владислав Русских
Владислав Русских 8 時間 前
Все заметили Российский Флаг?
Paporotno 8 時間 前
графон подкачал
No Commentary Game
No Commentary Game 8 時間 前
I invite you to my channel
Sober Dober
Sober Dober 8 時間 前
You can’t have fun in this game unless you like pre aiming corners for 10 minutes
Luka Rippen
Luka Rippen 8 時間 前
Apex Legends: we made ourselves a train! Cod Warzone: OUR train
Shahzad Khan
Shahzad Khan 8 時間 前
Background music name?
Daliggowski 8 時間 前
Nuke Downtown literally the worst part of the whole map
Glenn Abbeel
Glenn Abbeel 8 時間 前
Hare me or not but this is the sickest trailer they have uploaded!
Potatoman 8 時間 前
Theirs gonna be people who find a train glitch
Lukeba 8 時間 前
Somos un nuevo canal el cual subimos contenido gamer de todo tipo se les agradecería el apoyo❤
Epic GamerZ
Epic GamerZ 9 時間 前
Gulag gonna be packed because of the stadium 😂
lab galaxy
lab galaxy 9 時間 前
So nobody gon' talk bout how this beat go hard 🥵 1:23
SBMM ; 8 時間 前
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez 9 時間 前
No Soap 😭
Ali A
Ali A 9 時間 前
Downtown is not nuked
Sleep Schedule go Bye bye
Sleep Schedule go Bye bye 9 時間 前
Chonky boi I see.
Akash Ramsakha
Akash Ramsakha 9 時間 前
If anyone wants the music from video. Here you go 😜 Is You Ready ( From "Mile 22")
Ben Ma
Ben Ma 9 時間 前
The guy on last scene is realworld_tatical!!!!
FoxyThePirate 31Sniper
FoxyThePirate 31Sniper 9 時間 前
Argon 9 時間 前
Season 1: [releases game] Season 2: Ghost, Grau, and Rust. Season 3: Aniyah, Renetti, and...Alex? Season 4: proice cheshoir and bredsticc Season 5: *CHOO CHOOOOOOO*
Argon 8 時間 前
SBMM ; 8 時間 前
yahir Is chubby
yahir Is chubby 9 時間 前
I’m hyped for tomorrow
Elling Austad
Elling Austad 9 時間 前
Anybody know the name of the song they used?
El_partrino 9 時間 前
Сабрина Самадова
Сабрина Самадова 9 時間 前
Всем привет дорогие друзья заходите в гости
Nehemiah 4:20
Nehemiah 4:20 9 時間 前
1:14 "Бургер Град", хорошее название для стартапа!😀😀
I Am Garbage Player
I Am Garbage Player 9 時間 前
Mike 22 Migos song is u ready is just a gun war Song is Crazy especially the movie version
MLGDr.Phill 9 時間 前
Aaron Dave Lozarita
Aaron Dave Lozarita 9 時間 前
I wish explosives can make a hole in the wall brich doors floors windows, rappel in sky scriper windows like rainbow six sage
B-Rhy 9 時間 前
I barely get on the Internet so my game is still stuck in Season 3 😂😂😂
Andrei David
Andrei David 9 時間 前
Aguest 5 isn’t it today??
SVD RFIE 9 時間 前
1:20 Ihatecamper Aitvion :YES
gaBBem 9 時間 前
Capture the Flag?
38St. Productions
38St. Productions 9 時間 前
When are we going to get a ranked playlist the call of duty community has been asking this all season long
leigh chadwick
leigh chadwick 9 時間 前
As excited as I am for this you can literally feel the aimbots loading up
SteelS 9 時間 前
Stadium is now the new Superstore drop? Lol
Arka Chatterjee
Arka Chatterjee 9 時間 前
A new season My HDD to me: Ambush Ambush there is another 100GB update.
ZayHoven GreenRanger
ZayHoven GreenRanger 9 時間 前
30+GB the only work hackers put in to win 😒
Javil Gaming
Javil Gaming 9 時間 前
Soooooo. What's the size of the update 😂😂
You literally can't
You literally can't 9 時間 前
I saw a B&T APC9 and an AN94. (Edit2: it's an APC9G: it takes Glock mags)
Roach TM
Roach TM 9 時間 前
Have train to drive?
Game ST
Game ST 9 時間 前
as always, angry Russians, why are you so afraid of us?😆
GD MUSIC 9 時間 前
I Want to ask a question will war zone stop with season 5 . I dont know thats why i am asking you because its game is the best battle royale game and i dont want it to go . if anyone know pls reply to this comment I hope you say NO GGS
roland curtis
roland curtis 9 時間 前
1:29 is that woods? The added mason. Now we need woods. And maybe reznov, dragovich, kravchenco, and Menendez. Like if you agree
Arka Chatterjee
Arka Chatterjee 9 時間 前
Apex- I have train PUBG & COD- Oh really ? Fortnite- our time has come.
Shit Gaming
Shit Gaming 9 時間 前
Am I ready?
Elizabeth Windsor
Elizabeth Windsor 9 時間 前
2 mil views in 14 hours