Cam Newton is a PERFECT fit for the Patriots' system

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Brett Kollmann

ヶ月 前

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h4lfin ヶ月 前
NFL: No you can’t have more rings Pats: Haha elite quarterbacks go brrrr
Blyzz 8 日 前
@Menace Doesn’t care keyword "was"
Edward Lynch
Edward Lynch 29 日 前
Cam went 12-4 15-1 11-5 100% healthh and functional seasons. For instance. In the season after 12-4. They released every single wr on the roster.
jackie salyers
jackie salyers ヶ月 前
@Gregory Leung 1 year big whoop.
jackie salyers
jackie salyers ヶ月 前
@Menace Doesn’t care 2018 his lone best season. look at his career completion % below 60 so super good a now his legs are all busted up. Hes below matt ryan
jackie salyers
jackie salyers ヶ月 前
@Bill Nye no championships. career completion % lower than 60. GTFO with elite,what a joke.
Last Jedi Luke
Last Jedi Luke 7 日 前
Hahaha baby giraffe 🦒
thel vadamee
thel vadamee 7 日 前
Alot of if's with Cam. Can he stay healthy, can his arm come back, will his personality mesh with new England's professional mindset? He could be great but with no weapons in the twilight of his career I strongly doubt it.
Enviro mental
Enviro mental 7 日 前
Cam is a great fit for NE and will be a great QB. He is more like Patrick Mahomes, and Russel Wilson, and Dashaun Watson, and Lamar Jackson in mobility and arm strength, and they got him for a song.
Justin Kenoi
Justin Kenoi 10 日 前
film on derek carr. that he’s a good qb but doesn’t throw deep (even though he can)
TwelvesInchesAround ThinkAboutIt
TwelvesInchesAround ThinkAboutIt 16 日 前
Hope Cam can play defense for the pats lol
RedBishop81 16 日 前
As a Carolina fan, I hate NE. But I love Cam. So now I'm in the uncomfortable position of wanting the Patriots to succeed because if anybody deserves success, it is Cam.
MenzySports 17 日 前
how is newton a genius AND insanely talented and only been a legit top 10 QB twice
sancoffsr 20 日 前
sancoffsr 20 日 前
Having patience is the Patriot way they always start out slow and end in the playoffs they have patience
zeek 1775
zeek 1775 21 日 前
Somebody's drinking the cool aid again!
Christian Nieves
Christian Nieves 23 日 前
I cant wait to see what he does, Ive always been a Cam fan.
Peter Shepherd
Peter Shepherd 23 日 前
As a Panther fan, this hurts to watch but factual as well. Cam can make all the throws. Honestly we never put a proper team around him on offense. I so wanted to see Cam this year wit our current WR core. Oh well.😔
Nicolas thecaged
Nicolas thecaged 23 日 前
Cam is not a perfect fit for any system. He plays like a full back but has a broken surgically repaired shoulder.
Nick G
Nick G 25 日 前
Cam's done. Stidham will be starting by week 10.
Kevin Bias
Kevin Bias 26 日 前
My prediction as a lifelong Pats fan is that The Patriots finish with a better record than the Bucs this year, if there’s a season. Under Belichick, the Patriots have always done well even when Brady was injured.
John 26 日 前
What a bunch of bullshit. Pats are toast.
platinumhunter 26 日 前
cam newton 16 touchdown and 27 interception this year
Tykemionwilliams Williams
Tykemionwilliams Williams 27 日 前
Bet everyone clicked this video thinking pass game with a runner😕
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall 27 日 前
Wutever , Go Patriots !
C3 Panthers Podcast
C3 Panthers Podcast 28 日 前
Pats fans are going to be pleased.
C3 Panthers Podcast
C3 Panthers Podcast 28 日 前
Look at Cam throwing deep from 2011 to 2016...he once was the best downfield throwers.
luis avitia
luis avitia 28 日 前
I hope this works out Brady is the goat but cam always was looked down on and wrongfully judge now he shine and that's pretty kool man
Joshua Heywood
Joshua Heywood 28 日 前
I want a minshew breakdown, madden gave him a 70, he got 7 rookie of the week wins, no respect
K. Elie
K. Elie 29 日 前
Unfortunately he still has nobody to throw to
jackie salyers
jackie salyers ヶ月 前
don't fool yourself with the wimpy cry baby diva. just remember a career completion % lower than 60...lamo. but feel good brady left your asses cause of all the cheating. Burn pats burn!!!!!
ALEX cecc
ALEX cecc ヶ月 前
But at 12:21 even Cam Newton has baby's giraffe legs..🤣
Harry McGauley
Harry McGauley ヶ月 前
brett would you consider doing a season outlook for all teams for this upcoming season?? love ur vids
Jackisaboss1208 ヶ月 前
Much love for Jacoby Brissett. Go Wolfpack!
imapieface ヶ月 前
You alright Brett? It’s been two weeks 😂 I’m getting worried.
Darren Redfield
Darren Redfield ヶ月 前
Brett, love your stuff & my eyes lit up when I saw this one because I thought the opposite. So I listened with interest because of your depth of analysis. You see, I live in Carolina where Panthers are on TV every week. I quit watching them 2 years ago. My teenager could sack Newton in the pocket - Cam just falls down. He misses a lot of throws because of throwing off his back foot & it's hard to watch. He also loves being center of attention, which takes away value of his teammates on field. I don't see it going over well in NE (Grumpy runs a system & doesn't seem to go for that). We'll see if you're right. A mobile QB (even tho Cam is pretty slow) is way different, but I forgot Brissett played 4 games his one year there...they also traded him away quickly. In my opinion, it's not Cam's smarts - it's the play calling. Which is why they quit winning when Shula got predictable. Which is why I hate he went to NE (boo Pats). So I hope you're wrong & I'll give you no hate for it.
Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez ヶ月 前
Noticed a lot of your videos don’t age well
James Dillard
James Dillard ヶ月 前
Edleman is going to have a ball.
Matteo Watteo
Matteo Watteo ヶ月 前
Newton is a stiff. Nothing to see here.
Ethan Ghent
Ethan Ghent ヶ月 前
Can you do a vid on mark Ingram? I feel like he was the 2nd leader in the offense behind Jackson and I would like for you to go over how that system works in detail
levi b
levi b ヶ月 前
What Mezcal did you use in your Smokey Pom-Margarita?
Chaser ヶ月 前
Ya bc remember everyone called them white supremacist for winning all the time?
Rob Roberts
Rob Roberts ヶ月 前
The patriots had better teams when Brissett and MC took over for Brady.
Rob Roberts
Rob Roberts ヶ月 前
Cam will need to be the old Cam in NE. He's going to be running for his life with that offensive line. The receivers are some of the worse in the league except for Edelman. I feel bad for Cam it's going to be on him to win this year on a team full of holes. Next year will be different but this year is going to be tough.
Aaron Estes
Aaron Estes ヶ月 前
cam newton top 5 qb all time
Mike M
Mike M ヶ月 前
The Pats lost more than just TB12. The D will also be a problem.
Flying F*ck
Flying F*ck ヶ月 前
Hope you ready for another dynasty fellow NFL fans, see you at SB LV 😎
Derek Lush
Derek Lush ヶ月 前
Please please please please get to the cards offense too!!!
pinkkingkolton w
pinkkingkolton w ヶ月 前
You should do a video on cameron heyward some time
lanny tuyu
lanny tuyu ヶ月 前
Can the Patriots fix Cam Newton's bad habit of throwing with his upper body only? I mean it is very useful to set up his runs with no anticipation or tell. The problem is that there is little room for error when throwing without the full use of the body. The slightest extra movement from pressure or hesitation can kill the accuracy of the throw..
Aiden Stace
Aiden Stace ヶ月 前
Unreal!!.. I've refused to appreciate the Pat's because of Brady since I cant remember I was just a school boy while brady started and now cam who I'm a fan of is there it's going to be impossible to not root for cam and the Pat's
Angel Em
Angel Em ヶ月 前
How are you going to call THE Greatest of all time slow? And other QB still trying to catch up?! Most game winning drives, most play off wins. I am in a stupor listening to this bs.
yohanon shine
yohanon shine ヶ月 前
Hope theres actually a season
colonforsecs ヶ月 前
I would love to see him fail in another team.
JimboFisher ヶ月 前
ok... Bare with me. Lets assume ..because its true that Tom Brady was a perfect fit for the Tom Brady system. Now...we compare Cam to Tom. A true to the word pure pocket passer to a true to his word move the pocket/hybrid QB. Tom is arguably the most accurate qb of all time. Vs a qb that is wildly inaccurate and has a tendancy to overthrow alot of passes with his big arm and lowered arm slot. Now you factor in age vs injury. Tom is 42 and coming off one of the worst years of his career. Now given I am a lifelong Pats fan and I have never missed an one game of his Pats career. I have not seen every Cam game outside of the Nationally televised games. Tom was not Tom last year , say what you will about the lack of weapons and O Line but he missed alot of passes and did show signs of age. Cam has been hurt for essentially two years now and has not been the same guy since the Superbowl loss to the Broncos. Not to mention the countless hits Cam has taken due to his style of play. Now we get into the system. Your replacing a square block with a round block and you are going to run a Josh Mcdaniels offense that up until a week ago was prepared to go with jared Stidham at QB. a offense that relies on timing a decision making with a guy who is not very accurate , has a tendancy to try to wiun plays with his athletism that may or may not still be there and say it is a perfect fit? Im having a tough time trying to justify this statement.
Klaus Malone
Klaus Malone ヶ月 前
Do a Jordan Love analysis video! I know you talked about him in the senior bowl video, but I think the packers fans would like to see you compare him to the other options green bay had, and how he would fit in the offense. Also about the rodgers/love drama. Thanks for reading, man!!
Dylan Warner
Dylan Warner ヶ月 前
Buffalo: what have you been feeding that man Bill: Defensive linemen
Nick Brown
Nick Brown ヶ月 前
I think Cam is what finally pushes N’Keal Harry over the top. Not to mention Sony Michel is quietly on his way to stardom. Fins fan and I can wait for week 1!!!!!
NathanThornberg ヶ月 前
Thank you Brett *virtual hug*
OriginalYellow ヶ月 前
We need a new quarterback with a deteriorating arm. I got you fam.
MegaBearsFan ヶ月 前
What is "adjusted completion percentage"?
leon scott
leon scott ヶ月 前
I hate the Patriots been really happy for Cam Newton that he gets to go to a really well oiled organization that will take the best of what he has to offer which is a lot by the way and use it to the maximum so it's very possible that these next couple seasons assuming he gets a contract extension might submit him as a Hall of famer. This is a great opportunity for him to become a pocket qb.
Chillin Dude
Chillin Dude ヶ月 前
afc east DBs gonna eat up that cam chowdah!
gabriel Guerrero
gabriel Guerrero ヶ月 前
I’m pretty sure that everyone in the afc East shit themselves when they heard that cam was going to the patriots
KillTheBoxScore ヶ月 前
It was over before they signed Cam Newton 100% lol but I saw them signing him all off-season. Too good a player and too huge a need. CCP virus just slowed everything down...