Game Theory: FNAF, Another Mystery SOLVED!

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Today Loyal Theorists and FNAF fans, we get ready to lock in another piece of the Five Nights at Freddy's puzzle. Remember the awful brother in the Foxy mask from FNAF 4? Well I have finally figured out the true identity of Foxy Bro! That's rights, I'm saying I've CONFIRMED a new piece of FNAF lore... until Scott decides to chance things....
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
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Inkyink ヶ月 前
*PLEASE HELP MATPAT SEE THIS. THIS IS THE SOLUTION TO THE LOGBOOK* OK Yes the Faded text *really* did seem like it was talking to Mike, right? But HERE'S The pivotal mistake everyone made. *It's not talking to Mike.* There are TWO spirits inside the logbook! Crazy right? Want proof? I've gotcha. I direct you now to pages *89* and *109* Where we see a spirit REPLYING to Faded's questions through altering the text existing in the book. THEREFORE, We know that Faded (Who may be Charlie and not Cassidy but that's a whole other debate) is *NOT* talking to Mike, but talking to *Mike's Brother, who is also in the logbook* Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk, and Good day to you all.
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 3 日 前
@Andrus Polanco López There's the possibility that one soul let Golden Freddy suit at one point or that he got release before that
Max Dubbeldam
Max Dubbeldam 14 日 前
nuneung balachandra one word Charlie
•gothic• •gurl•
•gothic• •gurl• 24 日 前
Bella_Daze! ベラデイズ!
Bella_Daze! ベラデイズ! 24 日 前
Hinemoa 24 日 前
@Vody Your current theory was my old theory, but him being a robot wouldn't work. There were a lot of factors debunking that theory but I can't remember them to state rn, so I respect your theory while I am now on Mikebro. (:
Andrea Kouroushi
Andrea Kouroushi 22 分 前
U mean rn u saying that micheal afton is the foxy bro(older brother)?
Elizabeth Jordon
Elizabeth Jordon 時間 前
what about the drawing of Nightmare Freddy? Only the crying child ever saw him.
Good Morning
Good Morning 2 時間 前
Yo where’s player 4?
Cøtton_ Cat
Cøtton_ Cat 4 時間 前
Hey did we ever find out crying child’s name?
Gacha protector LGBTQ!
Gacha protector LGBTQ! 7 時間 前
I hate everyone who put the 👎🏻
LIM YAN FENG 14 時間 前
Chuck the chump, more like chuck e chese
Iraidian Gaming
Iraidian Gaming 16 時間 前
We want fazbear pizza!!!!!!!!!!
Eliott Ocasio
Eliott Ocasio 16 時間 前
Mat probably already knows this but I just wanted to say. The hologram ballora is probably a reference to fnaf: special delivery
Olcine Ossi Obi
Olcine Ossi Obi 18 時間 前
I had this video by literally searching "matpat foxy bro" wtf?!?
sadie the dog
sadie the dog 19 時間 前
I don't wanna spoil it but I know the rest of what he is tring to do
Mae Godwin
Mae Godwin 21 時間 前
There is a poll on to change a chucky cheese to fnaf
Luca Jefferson
Luca Jefferson 21 時間 前
Bill is often used as a nickname for William. The father in 'Step Closer' is called Bill. Might support the theory
{Gacha • Oikawa }
{Gacha • Oikawa } 23 時間 前
So 5 dead kids were found in chucky cheese and a dead night gaurd AND THIS IS TRUE NO JOKE AND THE ROBOTS MOVED WHEN THEY WERE OFF DOES IT REMIND YOU OF SOMETHING
Haylee Ornquist
Haylee Ornquist 日 前
Guys, guys! I've got something! That Ballora was like Glichtrap! Glitchtrap slowly gets closer and closer when you collect the tapes to...y'know... TAKE OVER YOUR MIND. Ballora also does something like that. Perhaps that holographic Ballora was also some kind of virus or some sort. And didn't you say Ballora is supposed to represent William's wife? And Glichtrap was supposed to be William? Do you think maybe other animatronics have that kind of form? I don't know, I just thought that was worth talking about.
Warcookie Dev
Warcookie Dev 日 前
Please make just buy Chucky Cheese. Just do it :| LOL
Skyflakes101 日 前
bruh we were so convinced that mike was the crying child for so long...
X.A.N.A 日 前
11:30 So Pete is Diavolo then?
Crystal Dragon
Crystal Dragon 日 前
I have a theory, foxy bro/Michael is the owner of the survival log book, or more so WAS. Or the other way around. Just somthing to think about
Crystal Dragon
Crystal Dragon 日 前
New channel idea: book theory
LiboLoboYT 日 前
So did Mike die before sister location and has two spirits. Or did mike still died by the scooper.
Tio foru
Tio foru 日 前
Nice Intro!
Toxic_ Fllowers
Toxic_ Fllowers 日 前
people only talk when talk and why didnt theyxdo itcoaiisjsjch hdwhc
marcus manibog
marcus manibog 日 前
well that's another mistery solved
Marlene Aguilar
Marlene Aguilar 日 前
As soon as he said "Orgon donor" it reminded me of "Join Us for a Bite." You know, when Baby or they said "And Freddy told us you're an Orgon donor" now, I know that the songs made by others aren't connected to storyline games but it makes more sense since in the song they were talking to Mike/Michael. Besides, creators usually check things made by their fans, especially songs. I'm sure that he was inspired by the songs and other stuff that his fans made for him to create the storyline.
DragonNinja 365
DragonNinja 365 日 前
Fnaf security break: ps5 exclusive. My how far Scott has come...
Hudson Short
Hudson Short 日 前
CONGRATULATIONS YOU FINALLY FIGURED OUT THAT FOXY BRO IS MICHEAL AFTON! Youve finally caught up to the rest of us =D but in all seriousness keep making videos i love all of them and stay safe
Thot Soldier: Sergeant Randall
Thot Soldier: Sergeant Randall 日 前
Can someone answer my question: How does Michael Afton, the bite of 87 victim's brother, live after ennard gets out of him in Fnaf 5's REAL ending?
Thot Soldier: Sergeant Randall
Thot Soldier: Sergeant Randall 日 前
@Scott Cotton Oh ok, thanks
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 日 前
Thot Soldier: Sergeant Randall Well, it’s the same answer really. The remnant allowed him to possess his dead body.
Thot Soldier: Sergeant Randall
Thot Soldier: Sergeant Randall 日 前
@Scott Cotton Oh wait sorry, wrong form of words, how did he survive AFTER ennard left his body?
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 日 前
The scooper injects remnant
Adrian the stuffer of stuffs
Adrian the stuffer of stuffs 日 前
You have to lose an eye and an arm to be a true pirate YOU JUST NEED TO ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION
roblox eggspert
roblox eggspert 日 前
do da fnaf tingy real life plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz9999zzzs later zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do it
FlameTheFaithful 日 前
Oh okay so it wasn’t being stabbed in the eye and probably the brain that killed me, but it was losing a limb 😂😂😂
lala arrey
lala arrey 日 前
Mark Seption
Mark Seption 日 前
watch grimpus mcrimpis it has its own theorys
Ryan Pablo
Ryan Pablo 日 前
💅Scott just waiting to realising another book after MatPat Discover The plot
Ash Husted
Ash Husted 日 前
MatPat I have an idea of why the Ballora can be seen in the glasses Its like how In fnaf AR We see the animatronics through our phone The glasses Like our phone Let us see the animatronics Therefore linking the books and AR
Caleb Nikolai
Caleb Nikolai 日 前
8:03 yyyyeah guyss. get ur mind ouutta the gutterss
red ruby8000
red ruby8000 日 前
Game theory: I wonder when invisible or holographic will come into a fnaf game. fnaf ar: oh matpat I'm the glasses but the phone instead.
Lil Mid
Lil Mid 2 日 前
100k Subscribers with no videos?
100k Subscribers with no videos? 2 日 前
But MatPat... I thought that Michael was the younger brother, please let me explain. So, you do know how the younger brother 'died' right? And William just put him back together, but that would mean the body would rot as it would with Michael is SL, I then tell you that what if he survived? What if the younger child had survived? We know he was in the hospital for 5 nights, (hint at FNaF 4) What if William had figured out how to save him before he 'died'? Could it be possible? I think so, in FNaF, William has incredible engineering skills, being pared up with Henry, he could've faked the younger child's supposed death, then you may ask, what about education? What about everyone who knew him? That would be quite simple, he would assume a new identity brought up by William and his brainwashing robots, then I turn to Michael dying in SL, he couldn't die because he technically is dead, but not, a living contradiction that defies the laws of life and death. He can't die because he's technically already dead, the reason he turned purple was that his organs were scooped out, his body has now died, but his soul remains. Though, that's just a theory, a *GAME THEORY!* And... Cut!
Jon Ferizi
Jon Ferizi 2 日 前
Idk bite of 87 probably bit crying childs brain that’s why he says it in the book do you remember your name