Extreme 1:1 City Hide and Seek!

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MrBeast Gaming

MrBeast Gaming

5 日 前

We play hide and seek in Minecraft. In a big city. It took hours.
Check out Pippen's 200 hour Seattle timelapse video!
Shoutout to Build the Earth for making this amazing 1:1 map!
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Connor Healey
Connor Healey 10 分 前
Pikatails more like, not so pikatails
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine 14 分 前
Someone who likes this will become a future billionaire
car edits:/
car edits:/ 38 分 前
omg 😆
wizard fish
wizard fish 47 分 前
everyone used to make fun of chandler not winning... Karl is doomed.
SnakeSkid kid
SnakeSkid kid 時間 前
You can't resist subscribing, they are SO FUNNY!!! XD
Jamal Sunna
Jamal Sunna 2 時間 前
How dumb is leep, he just showed us they spent more than 24 hours.
Jamal Sunna
Jamal Sunna 2 時間 前
On building
Mochi boy White
Mochi boy White 3 時間 前
9:13 thanks for the seizure
Yile Wen
Yile Wen 3 時間 前
Dang if only Minecraft bte had this many builders full time
Matthew Plurien
Matthew Plurien 3 時間 前
If I one the ten thousand I would give it all to my mom because my dad just left and My mom does not have a job and she can’t pay are house payment
Delaney Cobb
Delaney Cobb 3 時間 前
This is completely random but I just realized that Carl is a lot like deku 😂🤨😲
Kennedy Duckworth
Kennedy Duckworth 3 時間 前
I though this too 5 EVER to build?
FfC - T_Hawk
FfC - T_Hawk 4 時間 前
5:48 that is a 10/10 horror film/game soundbyte.
JohnCedrick Marteja
JohnCedrick Marteja 4 時間 前
Chirs:im stuck Mr.beast:your not you chris Me:hahahaha good jk beast
What’s peace and quiet? You poo poo
What’s peace and quiet? You poo poo 4 時間 前
4:50 that’s all I’m gonna say...
Steven Behnken
Steven Behnken 4 時間 前
Míster Best plize donate money to drop of food and books to people ho nead it plize people are missing school plz help
Christian Neyman
Christian Neyman 4 時間 前
how do i join this
JeaguVA 4 時間 前
Hendrik Noordijk
Hendrik Noordijk 4 時間 前
how can I get on the challenges?
Denman Caron
Denman Caron 4 時間 前
How can I play mr.beast ???
Mike Ulrich
Mike Ulrich 5 時間 前
It ONLY took 60 hours to build this? This would take me 60 days.
PianoPanda 6 時間 前
Am I the only one that winced every time they exploded the map? They spent so much time building the city 🌃 😂😝❤️
Jacob Nagelhout
Jacob Nagelhout 6 時間 前
No one: ... Mr beast: if I was someone hiding, I would hide here
memer dude1
memer dude1 6 時間 前
in tree's? *vietnam flashbacks*....
memer dude1
memer dude1 6 時間 前
Sky High
Sky High 6 時間 前
Not roasting ,just posting
Sky High
Sky High 6 時間 前
Pika fails 👍👍👍👍
Jael Santiago
Jael Santiago 6 時間 前
3:08 pika tails more like pika fails
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 6 時間 前
“Wait that building is gravel” Me: that’s light grey concrete powder
William Afton
William Afton 7 時間 前
Hey Jimmy, can I have a link to download your map? I'm not too good at building cities in Minecraft because I don't have enough patience to do it. Please give me a link to download the map.
вυввlу вυттєяƒlу
вυввlу вυттєяƒlу 7 時間 前
This is why I’m downloading minecraft
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 6 時間 前
Did you save this map before breaking it?
Avery Hinds
Avery Hinds 8 時間 前
mr beast should make a lambo in minecraft
Tsunami persons
Tsunami persons 8 時間 前
so if i somehow get the admins to "mistakenly" put me in sudden death i can get 3,500 smackeroonies? ;)
Amit Navon
Amit Navon 8 時間 前
Nobody: Literally nobody: Karl: I guess we are gonna have to do CPR... Chandler and Karl: 💋 muah mmm yeahhh
Awesome Dude
Awesome Dude 9 時間 前
Instead of pikatails it’s pikafails
Benji Peters
Benji Peters 9 時間 前
Bro you ran right past a guy at the top of a building
Aviad Kirdei
Aviad Kirdei 9 時間 前
Pls robux free name 12aviad123
Andrew martin
Andrew martin 9 時間 前
I have a Minecraft account and I wold like to be in the chalingis
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray 10 時間 前
I want $3,500 for an Admin error
Cheems 10 時間 前
Meena Bansraj
Meena Bansraj 10 時間 前
I liked and subscribed.
Ice blaze
Ice blaze 11 時間 前
Jimmy Jim + my Gym + my My + Gym His name means this is my Gym. #overanalyzing all names of people who reply on this comment cause I'm bored.
Donald Nicolson
Donald Nicolson 11 時間 前
i feel sorry for anyone who helped make this
Siebe Toocey M
Siebe Toocey M 11 時間 前
am i the only one who didnt know mrbeast had a gaming channel
Ejaz Ahmed
Ejaz Ahmed 11 時間 前
Time waste
Thony The tiger
Thony The tiger 11 時間 前
I just see my house 🏠
Jessica Zhou
Jessica Zhou 11 時間 前
Did you save this map before breaking it?
Trinity_Gacha Rice
Trinity_Gacha Rice 12 時間 前
Ok I think Karl and chandler and Chris are the funny guys exspully Karl Karl is my fav
Maya Benitez
Maya Benitez 12 時間 前
Nice teddy bear chandler😂
Tornado Twins
Tornado Twins 13 時間 前
Yo. MrBest
Crazy Carter
Crazy Carter 13 時間 前
How do you build them
Nya Gach
Nya Gach 13 時間 前
Chandler dying and Karl giving him CPR made me sorta uncomfortable but it also made he laugh 😂
G_mer player
G_mer player 14 時間 前
MR beast if this video gets 1m likes you need to play fortnite
Oskar Holee
Oskar Holee 14 時間 前
Carl please reply i just wanted to say ily
dylan rigz
dylan rigz 14 時間 前
Nathan J
Nathan J 14 時間 前
I got a good one pikka tails more like pikka fails
Pokelo 15 時間 前
what happened to the guy that needed to be teleported instead of lucastheperson1?
Avaxee 15 時間 前
ryssens mafia
ryssens mafia 15 時間 前
its kinda not funny to watch when you just blow everything up
HYP3R Wolf77
HYP3R Wolf77 15 時間 前
1:26 deathnote reference??
RiskiestChain52 15 時間 前
I like how they cut out the part where he blew up the school
sannio komi
sannio komi 15 時間 前
you should try this but without the snowballs its too easy that way. put 100 hiders and 10 seekers
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