Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

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Kylie Jenner

7 日 前

In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

Ruba Nails
Ruba Nails 4 分 前
“Bye that camera “ 😂😂😂😍😍
hyeme blackswan
hyeme blackswan 18 分 前
I love you so much !!!!!
Putri Nabilla
Putri Nabilla 19 分 前
She's so adorable 😭❤️
is very cuteee
Melisa 20 分 前
stormi: thank u mommy omg so cute stormi
Mariana Azevedo
Mariana Azevedo 32 分 前
Is she really a good mom or she never spends time with her daughter and that's why Stormi is so excited
Kelly Changg
Kelly Changg 34 分 前
kylie is the mom ever i see
Sienna 34 分 前
This kid doesn’t look like her at all. Looks full black kid like Serena Williams baby
keera joy erasmus
keera joy erasmus 38 分 前
yall..can we all agree that kylie is the best mom ever? omfg, stormi is so lucky to have the best mom. btw, ilysm kylie, keep going with your amazing content xx
ぺりかん 40 分 前
Ludmila Escalada
Ludmila Escalada 50 分 前
Hello Kylie and Stormi I love very much greetings from Argentina
Niso Stannard
Niso Stannard 52 分 前
Kylie wanted to be a mum since forever! And now she's revelling in being one! You can tell they spend a lot of time together. This is a typical example of a relationship between a child and a mum who really do: that warmth and closeness is unmistakable!
ACE . 53 分 前
Walnut mask 💀
Knott Me Beautiful
Knott Me Beautiful 57 分 前
Love from india❤️
Knott Me Beautiful
Knott Me Beautiful 58 分 前
Love from india❤️
Amisha Tiwary
Amisha Tiwary 時間 前
If my daughter don't cheer me up like this , I'll throw her in dustbin
nisa rahma
nisa rahma 時間 前
Stormi u are cute🥺❤️
Luísa Cirino
Luísa Cirino 時間 前
Stormi is so beautiful😄😍
Dasha Babaeva
Dasha Babaeva 時間 前
Кайли Дженнер не богатая!!!! это можно понять по тому, что у нее чайник не электрический. Посмотрите, он стоит на плите, как в СССР!!!!!!
Kalliope Dolor
Kalliope Dolor 時間 前
Gigi9939 時間 前
Delightful child. Kylie is such a great mum. She's a testament to her daughters beautiful manners 💗
Merry Merrit
Merry Merrit 時間 前
Stormi is a so cute child, and Kylie is such an good mother. Even if she make mistakes, she tries her best to be a good mother. Stay amazing (im from germany, im not good at english)
Emine Yılmaz
Emine Yılmaz 時間 前
Türkler nerde 😂😂
Afiya Denis
Afiya Denis 時間 前
Best mommy and daughter relationship in the world 😍😍😍😍
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Savina Andin
Savina Andin 時間 前
she's so cute! 1:10 - 1:14
just Mo
just Mo 時間 前
Oooh my days wauw she's so grown geeeez! She's giving me baby fever honestly🔥💞
Helse Alfina Damangi
Helse Alfina Damangi 時間 前
Stormiiii you are so cute and polite, thank you kylie
Addison Hughes
Addison Hughes 時間 前
Sabrina Greco
Sabrina Greco 時間 前
Where did u get your pajamasssss
soyad ad
soyad ad 時間 前
11 milyon ne aq
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 時間 前
just saying that we don't know that she let's nannies raise her kids.
Oana Vasiloiu
Oana Vasiloiu 2 時間 前
OMG Stormi is soooooo adorable!!!!!!
iluvumuah 2 時間 前
i still think it’s crazy and kinda funny how they have all this fame and money yet no talent💀🤚
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 時間 前
I love Stormie and Kylie cooking. It just looks so normal and lovely
Yegha Jamyang
Yegha Jamyang 2 時間 前
she is so precious
Isla Mcvinish
Isla Mcvinish 2 時間 前
I would swap my little brother for Stormi any day
Shreya Chahar
Shreya Chahar 2 時間 前
Hey Guys!! Please subscribe to my JPshow Channel.😇😇
Ahruaii Huha
Ahruaii Huha 2 時間 前
Kylie : say bye to that camera Stormo:bye to that camera
Ahruaii Huha
Ahruaii Huha 2 時間 前
I mean Stormi sorry for this
Matthew Attenborough
Matthew Attenborough 2 時間 前
hey great vid but wanna see more of the process of making the actual cake cheers. Rodger
Hasna Playz
Hasna Playz 2 時間 前
I hope everyone who reads this is rich too and has a good life❤️
Janiya 3 時間 前
She's so adorable Kylie, your a great mom...
Morgana Gomes
Morgana Gomes 3 時間 前
Aqila Hartono
Aqila Hartono 3 時間 前
Kylie is just not a artist, She Is a Baker ;D
Ngareta Kearns
Ngareta Kearns 3 時間 前
Kylies actally nice tho
Sabrina L
Sabrina L 3 時間 前
Why am I here
Tatiana K
Tatiana K 3 時間 前
The most articulate cute child!!! hat's off to you honestly!
Erica Guerette
Erica Guerette 3 時間 前
Stormi is so sweet
Purvi Negi
Purvi Negi 3 時間 前
Stormi is enjoying while eating!❤️👽🥶
Alex Fields
Alex Fields 3 時間 前
she is such a good mom and Stormi is so cute/ funny! I actually met Kylie and Stassie when they were teenagers. Kylie was so sweet she stopped and gave me a hug and Stassie took a picture with me.
Agata Morgalla
Agata Morgalla 3 時間 前
I love Stormie and Kylie cooking. It just looks so normal and lovely
Beyza Bürçek
Beyza Bürçek 3 時間 前
Stormi iş so cuteee and cupcake look like yummy
Mignon Grill
Mignon Grill 3 時間 前
Stormi is the cuteness such a beautiful child God bless you all
Anmol Lahgere
Anmol Lahgere 3 時間 前
People don't know why you choose Travis Scott there are so many handsome guy in america
Doll. I.Y
Doll. I.Y 3 時間 前
The fact that stormi was fixing the cupcake liners 🥰🥰🥰 I wouldn’t mind having stormi’s hand prints in my food
Asmita Siva 7 A
Asmita Siva 7 A 4 時間 前
Kylie i love u 💓 💗
Doll. I.Y
Doll. I.Y 3 時間 前
Me to and stormi
Latisha 603
Latisha 603 4 時間 前
My first time ever watching Kylie period. Wow I’m blown away by how good of a mother she is. I had wrong idea about this chick! #momlife #killingit
Jamba Ju not orange julius
Jamba Ju not orange julius 4 時間 前
I need another Travis Scott and Chief Keef collab
Danna Martinez
Danna Martinez 4 時間 前
I love how stormi got kylie’s smile 🥺
Aurelia putri
Aurelia putri 4 時間 前
she is so adorable
RayrayXray 4 時間 前
Im so afraid to watch because i am imagining kylie’s long pointed nails might accidentally poke stormi’s eyes 😔😔😔
Literally the 1% people who's reading...May your parents live more than 💯 years with good health 💞😇✨
Grace D’Eden
Grace D’Eden 4 時間 前
Ngl I look forward to these baking kinda videos! Stormi just looks sooo darn adorable and Kylie seems to be doing a phenomenal job at being a mom
Sebin's World
Sebin's World 4 時間 前
Who else think Kylie is a great Mom??? 👇
laly gamarra
laly gamarra 4 時間 前
Emerald pools
Emerald pools 4 時間 前
stormi has better manners than dixie and charli
Katherine Fierros
Katherine Fierros 4 時間 前
You’re ******!
Yuktha krishna
Yuktha krishna 4 時間 前
Stormi is cooler than my other side of bed!
미셸TV - MICHELLE TV 4 時間 前
Stormi is so cute😍
Olivia Ashiedu
Olivia Ashiedu 4 時間 前
It's the random affirmations for me😢😍
Destini Anderson
Destini Anderson 4 時間 前
When she calls Kylie beautiful 😭 She is such a nice and polite kid. Kylie is such an amazing mother
The beginning when she said all that stuff it broke me down I already knew this would be a fun and a blast with her!💖👑 Love you Stormi
Sean Alrey Crisostomo
Sean Alrey Crisostomo 4 時間 前
The fact that how busy kylie is she still spend time to stormi
L Siblings
L Siblings 4 時間 前
She a good mom
Lakshya Gupta
Lakshya Gupta 4 時間 前
Stormi is so adorable i love her
Виктория Явор
Виктория Явор 5 時間 前
ooooooh, it`s so cute🥰🎄🧁
jovial ndizeye
jovial ndizeye 5 時間 前
this is so cute
Aylin Flores Os
Aylin Flores Os 5 時間 前
A mi no me engañan es pijama cuesta más que mi riñón
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 4 時間 前
Who was waiting for one of them to drop vanilla essence 😂 n stormi is srsly soo cuteee n well behaved !!❤️
Dumisile Ngomane
Dumisile Ngomane 5 時間 前
Stormi is hyoing her mom "You got this mommy" Such a cute baby. When she says "You are welcome, Thank you, Thank you so much" couldn't stop smiling.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 4 時間 前
Thats a happy baby
Dumisile Ngomane
Dumisile Ngomane 5 時間 前
Stormi is so cute. ❤
— S.
— S. 5 時間 前
Not me being confused thinking grinch was a Halloween character. And I was thinking why they were baking Halloween stuff again when Christmas coming soon 😭
Nakshatra Khadatkar
Nakshatra Khadatkar 5 時間 前
You forgot to spill vanilla 🥺
Pearly Wong Yu Shan
Pearly Wong Yu Shan 5 時間 前
You both so cute OMG! 💓
silkenrustle 5 時間 前
Stormi is the ultimate hype man
Brown Sugabay
Brown Sugabay 5 時間 前
yall really gave her 11 million views for baking cookies lmao!!! what a nice life
Rini Sri Lestari
Rini Sri Lestari 5 時間 前
Stormi so cute 🤩💞
Feltfugazi 5 時間 前
This was too cute...
gizzy youngman
gizzy youngman 5 時間 前
STORMIE is so cute!!❤❤✌💕
Nurcaya 5 時間 前
aaahhh so cuteeee😍😍💜
Sadikshya Parajuli
Sadikshya Parajuli 5 時間 前
Was really wanting someone to spill the vanilla extract 😆😆
Sarah Fahrilla
Sarah Fahrilla 5 時間 前
lucu bgt sihhhh
didi aedruce
didi aedruce 5 時間 前
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Natalie Camargo
Natalie Camargo 5 時間 前
Thats a happy baby
Anika Modani
Anika Modani 6 時間 前
Who was waiting for one of them to drop vanilla essence 😂 n stormi is srsly soo cuteee n well behaved !!❤️
Danielle Carrol
Danielle Carrol 6 時間 前
No vanilla spill this time around( if you know you know 😂)
Its Adya the Swiftie
Its Adya the Swiftie 6 時間 前
Oh stormi baby😍
Alisha 6 時間 前
The best thing about Kylie is watching her be a's to hoping she has another with in the next 2 years🤞
Allison Jade
Allison Jade 6 時間 前
"You got this mommy" 🥺
Shaya monirabbasi
Shaya monirabbasi 6 時間 前
I'm jealous of stormie to have such a good mom I love them both😭🥺❤
Tomiko Eaton
Tomiko Eaton 6 時間 前
Beautiful mommy and baby sooooo sweet
Madisson Fox
Madisson Fox 6 時間 前
No entendi ni vrga pero amo a la tormenta jajja
Kriss Hernandez
Kriss Hernandez 5 時間 前
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