Matt Damon: "This is the Most Fun I've Ever Had on a Talk Show"

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The Graham Norton Show

3 年 前

Some of our favourite Matt Damon moments on the big red sofa.
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Kelly Jo
Kelly Jo 分 前
Hahhaa You got more dislikes Than milly vanilly
Milie Richard
Milie Richard 10 時間 前
UrMamaSux KoxInHell
UrMamaSux KoxInHell 16 時間 前
Csnt stand matt damon he isnt a nice person in real life esp2what he dod to Minnie driver dumping her on oprah Winfrey and not telling her he dumped her
Daniel LaRusso
Daniel LaRusso 18 時間 前
Shot me in the buttocks...
Fehad Bilgrami
Fehad Bilgrami 日 前
He wished he was on Kimmel! 😂
Rudolph Wanke
Rudolph Wanke 日 前
anonymous reviewer
anonymous reviewer 日 前
Matt Damon is always somehow so humble and likeable. Love Graham Norton show!
m1t2a1 2 日 前
He was supposed to be on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. They ran out of time. Again.
Jenjenilou 3 日 前
Am I the only
Dimitry Krishtapyonok
Dimitry Krishtapyonok 3 日 前
Adam P
Adam P 3 日 前
Didn’t he once fall asleep drunk?
Les Duenas
Les Duenas 4 日 前
Love the reaction of Jessica embarrassment, she's never had, like she's never had a **** ** her ***** !!!! Come on Jess, really.
Bumbie Boo
Bumbie Boo 6 日 前
she in blue are so alike the actress in the new jurassic world movies.. sorry cant names
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 6 日 前
Brad Templar
Brad Templar 7 日 前
A huge thank you to Mr Norton (Graham) for all of his talk shows, he certainly knows how to make his guests at home, no one top beat him at interviewing, not today anyway.
Brad Templar
Brad Templar 7 日 前
Matt Damon (WOW) he looks like he loves the fun stuff in life, I like his films and he fulfils the parts perfectly in my opinion.
S Ainsworth
S Ainsworth 7 日 前
Omg!! 😳😂😂
Zed 8 日 前
Male population 20 - 35 I'm a tasty bit of beef for the ladies Matt Damon (2016): 46 years old shirt off just not even trying
Vebuus 11 日 前
Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover. Matt Damon: James Bourne and Jason Bond
They couldn't even quote him correctly . Matt actually said "This is the BEST TIME I've Ever Had on a Talk Show"
Yarza Konmar
Yarza Konmar 12 日 前
Tbh the entire episode is so wacky and I loved it.
RadioSnivins 12 日 前
4:00 He shoulda said puce. Puce is hilarous.
albert martinez
albert martinez 13 日 前
jus so u know ... ur show ROCKS!!! Graham Norton ... I have to watch on JPshow !!! jus gr8t!!!
lolita __
lolita __ 14 日 前
If matt damon and Leonardo DiCaprio and Patrick Dempsey act in one movie
Juan 18 日 前
Graham Norton is spontaneously funnier than other talk show hosts and doesn't make it about himself. It's really enjoyable.
Tongue Less
Tongue Less 18 日 前
When he said that? Either not in this video, or it's just a clickbait.
Tongue Less
Tongue Less 18 日 前
@Tony England ah, thank you so much! And yes, you're right..
Tony England
Tony England 18 日 前
Whoever uploads Graham's videos is always making mistakes in the titles. Matt doesn't say _"This is the most fun I've ever had on a talk show"_ he says _"By the way, this is the best time I've ever had on a talk show"_ at 6:40
Clueless Simmer
Clueless Simmer 18 日 前
Graham Norton once handled a drunk Mickey Rourke by being nice. Just saying...
Wayne Jones
Wayne Jones 19 日 前
effinghamhick 20 日 前
5:50.... watch her hand stroke her arm.... she wants some Damon in her life..
Twisted5576 21 日 前
How come you're just showing women sexually harassing Matt Damon?
Twisted5576 19 日 前
@LKNANML Hilarious. What's the joke?
LKNANML 19 日 前
It's called humor when adults act like adults and don't look for any further meaning past just trying to be funny.
Dennet Lane
Dennet Lane 20 日 前
Lol nice attempt but go away, loser.
MrFlyingguy 21 日 前
Matt Damon - never knew he was so likeable....lovely bloke
Jorma Yorccis
Jorma Yorccis 22 日 前
This is the best talk show.
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson 23 日 前
I wish I could be half as sexy and talented as Matt Damon
john giants john
john giants john 23 日 前
this is the most fun i ever had watching a talk show
Brian Koller
Brian Koller 25 日 前
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trident3b 25 日 前
apparently Graham Norton gets 3.8 million GBP a year salary from the BBC. From Licence money of course. Amazing.
Roberto Von Lookinland
Roberto Von Lookinland 26 日 前
More fun than tickling Ben on the set of GWH? Humping Liberace by the pool? Being schooled by Clint?
S1L3NT G4M3R 26 日 前
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
Tovili Tovili
Tovili Tovili 27 日 前
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Amanda Kate
Amanda Kate 28 日 前
Jessica Chastain loves her British tv, I am sure on the one with Kirsten Dunst and Chris Hemsworth, Stephen Mangan is on it and mentions dogging and Jessica is the only other guest who seems to know what it is - as she'd learned about it from a British tv show.... she must think we're absolute reprobates... dogging, the willy special on embaressing bodies...
Ömür Çelik
Ömür Çelik 28 日 前
Cal Aylmer
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Cy Pong
Cy Pong ヶ月 前
@4:19 it was Jimmy Kimmel who sent the 'Deep red suit' memo to the 3 men but Matt Damon
A B ヶ月 前
Graham's show is one of the only shows I would ever do if I were a celebrity.
VicenzoV ヶ月 前
It's just applejuice.
Joseph Penny
Joseph Penny ヶ月 前
How many Epstein Islanders can you fit on a couch
MrMelgibstein ヶ月 前
Its been said that Admiral Ackbar character is actually based on Graham Norton.
bitzannbobz ヶ月 前
how did paul burrell get on the graham norton sofa???
cp1307 ヶ月 前
"Dine on lady sandwich" That is the raunchiest thing I've heard.
Dirty Blonde
Dirty Blonde ヶ月 前
Lord Grantham downed it! Haha
Padre y Fart
Padre y Fart ヶ月 前
Do you all know how Matt Damon started his career? Ask leo De Carpio! Matt was marketed against leo, as the man/macho looking Leo... im happy they both survive and still doing movies... now, leo still have this girly face hahahahaha...
Poor People
Poor People ヶ月 前
Friends with Pedofiles and satanist.... Hear all the brainwashed auidience clapping and chearing :D Making millions on dumbass humans
Love Each Day
Love Each Day ヶ月 前
Matt is hottt
No one
No one ヶ月 前
Thankful for Matt Damon’s appreciation for long hair now
Jaja Capo
Jaja Capo ヶ月 前
guff in space suit
Libélula L
Libélula L ヶ月 前
Best interview ever!
sourabh sharma
sourabh sharma ヶ月 前
James Bourne :)
Michael Dingo
Michael Dingo ヶ月 前
Did someone tag Jimmy Kimmel in this?
Michael Holmgaard
Michael Holmgaard ヶ月 前
Not a big surprise considering, how badly he is treated on The Jimmy Kimmel Show
Marie Whitbread
Marie Whitbread ヶ月 前
It's a running joke between friends, anyone who thinks their feud is real is honestly such an absolute dumbass
Michael Holmgaard
Michael Holmgaard ヶ月 前
@Gerben Yeah it's just bad luck. Jimmy really does everything he can to make it happen. Matt won't give him a break
Gerben ヶ月 前
Not Jimmy's fault of course. They just happen to run out of time whenever Matt Damon is scheduled to appear.
Chicago Made
Chicago Made ヶ月 前
I wanna him and Jimmy kimmel on here
Christina Blossom
Christina Blossom ヶ月 前
Actually I think Matt Damon is pretty handsome with that pony tail.
Kay Waters
Kay Waters ヶ月 前
Matt Damon is such a lovely man...
Dada 5000
Dada 5000 ヶ月 前
Is it me or does Matt Damon look like Michelle Rodriguez from fast and furious?
fairdav ヶ月 前
My god. Jessica is such a treat for the eyes.
Hkg Trader
Hkg Trader ヶ月 前
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Blessed from day 1
Blessed from day 1 ヶ月 前
Tbf celebs seem so much more into it this talk show and seem so relaxed to talk about anything and where is not awkward but just funny and graham norton doesn’t just sit there he tries to get ppl comfortable
Cloven 22 日 前
and drunk.
alan sturgess
alan sturgess ヶ月 前
Great to see an American who really gets British humour.
Tiocfaidh ár Látte
Tiocfaidh ár Látte 20 日 前
Well Graham is Irish not British but I get you
lovelywaz ヶ月 前
Join the club Matt Damon, join the club.
Perry Escobar
Perry Escobar ヶ月 前
I notice they more relax on his show. So much better then American talk show
dean hallett
dean hallett ヶ月 前
The booze helps...
Atsung Imchen
Atsung Imchen ヶ月 前
Wtf I just knew Matt damon is older than Ben Affleck
pranav s
pranav s ヶ月 前
Jimmy Kimmel: I hate Matt and norton....
Tungsten Kid
Tungsten Kid ヶ月 前
Whatever happened to Jonathan Ross? His chat shows when he was with the Beeb were sensational like Nortons, but after he moved to ITV he lost his sparkle and clutters up the show with too many boring guests.
Tom Akeley
Tom Akeley ヶ月 前
Damon is a good guy.. met a couple times or so and very nice and down to earth..
Babul Thakur
Babul Thakur ヶ月 前
I always thought Ben Affleck is older than Matt Damon...
AustrianJager ヶ月 前
The redhead is a godess!
Tony England
Tony England ヶ月 前
She is, absolutely. And classy with it.
ian bian
ian bian ヶ月 前
Poor Jimmy Kimmel
fun ヶ月 前
Its was 3 years ago he filmed in China .. wonder if he would do that these days
killerkitten ヶ月 前
6:40 is what you're looking for
Hazel McCloy
Hazel McCloy ヶ月 前
Graham brings out the best in people.
Owen ヶ月 前
Matt Damon has a ponytail and if he ever puts it in a top knot I think my ovaries might explode
Owen ヶ月 前
you think you have a basic understanding of the world then you see matt damon ponytail and nothing makes sense anymore
Owen ヶ月 前
So umm Matt Daman with a man bun😍😍 😍😍😍😍 #ladyboner
Owen ヶ月 前
Matt Damon looks like the middle sibling if he were related to Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio.
Rye Herrera
Rye Herrera 8 日 前
@Owen Leo, Matt & Mark in one movie/screen/frame showed they could pass as siblings thus "eye opening" - literally. :)
Owen 9 日 前
@Rye Herrera What do you mean? The Departed is an excellent film though. One of my all times favourites.
Rye Herrera
Rye Herrera 9 日 前
And Mark Wahlberg...The Departed was an eye opener...
Owen 22 日 前
@Coops What about the eyes, cheeks, smile and facial shape?
Coops 22 日 前
Don't see any Pitt in him at all.
Owen ヶ月 前
Matt Damon looks like the love child of Brad Pitt & Leonardo Di Caprio.
Owen ヶ月 前
My mum is also a "crack addict" when it comes to Downton Abbey and its tearing our family apart.😭
Purple Lilly x
Purple Lilly x ヶ月 前
Who was the woman?
R M ヶ月 前
Jessica Chastain
Purple Lilly x
Purple Lilly x ヶ月 前
My god! Matt Damon !!!! 🥵
manxman ヶ月 前
or this is the best time
Tovilii Ali
Tovilii Ali ヶ月 前
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Sjef Hendrickx
Sjef Hendrickx ヶ月 前
O oke, but why?
Taima Te Pairi
Taima Te Pairi ヶ月 前
Nice chatting let's join the party.
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson ヶ月 前
Matt Damon - life goals
imkong salang
imkong salang ヶ月 前
US talk shows is all about trump. How can u enjoy that?
Happybidr ヶ月 前
The quote is actually, “This is the best time I’ve ever had on a talk show.”
itsjemmabond ヶ月 前
Should Graham Norton replace Ellen?
Spectra Blaze
Spectra Blaze ヶ月 前
spock ヶ月 前
Whos the girl on green?
Zé Oliveira
Zé Oliveira ヶ月 前
British talk show format is much more entertaining and leads to far more entertaining moments than North America where you have one celebrity at a time only.
melissacandi ヶ月 前
Matt laughs so genuinely. It’s contagious
Sharon Berkley
Sharon Berkley ヶ月 前
Sam Vizcarra
Sam Vizcarra ヶ月 前
dammit Im trapped in the loop again, cant stop the graham videos
Kay Waters
Kay Waters ヶ月 前
Matt Damon is just a lovely, funny guy.
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