Paris Hilton Opens Up to Drew About Her Traumatic Past and Experiences as a Survivor

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The Drew Barrymore Show

29 日 前

Paris Hilton explains why she decided to publicly share her abusive past in her documentary, This Is Paris, how she repaired her relationship with her mother, and the temptation of external validation.
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Paris Hilton Opens Up to Drew About Her Traumatic Past and Experiences as a Survivor

Aida Khamsa
Aida Khamsa 2 時間 前
Paris is soo beautiful 😍😍
I pg
I pg 3 時間 前
Drew you need to work on how you interview people. Yet i understand its hard to hold back your own trauma when you find a connection with some but this wasnt the place. Thank you Paris Hilton for mentioning the part of looking for love outside. You open the doors so people could feel free to talk about their trauma. I was raped from the age of 8-15 and I'm always seeking validation from people. I'm sick and tired of it because all I do is get used and hurt. I was tortured for all those years so pain and mistrust is second nature to me. I was thrown in cold showers until my lips were blue then beaten severely with a belt or cord. I thank you so much for being open about this and showing our children that being well off doesn't exempt anyone from suffering or carrying unimaginable pain. God bless you and your family. I pray the Lord helps you heal and continue to prosper.
NoneWhatsoever 4 時間 前
I've always related to Paris and I could never figure out why. Even when I was a pre-teen and she was going through her "party girl" phase. I was obsessed with her, eventhough everyone else hated her and ridiculed her. I could almost instinctively tell she's a very intelligent and wise girl, but she holds back and puts on a fake persona to protect herself. I just didn't know what she was protecting herself against. It was her own trauma. Today, her intelligence shines more than ever and I'm so glad to see other people realize it too now. Immediately after Drew's second question about "journalists not understanding her experience", Paris's demeanor slightly changed; she reverted back and you can see the realization of "oh, Drew's gonna make this about herself now" in her eyes for a second. Drew's not fit to be an interviewer. She has her own demons, in fact she has plenty, and I respect her for overcoming them, but she has no business interviewing people about such sensitive topics.
Mrs Lee
Mrs Lee 4 時間 前
Younger Drew was more entertaining than this. She's became dull and plain. 🤷‍♀️
Heather G.
Heather G. 5 時間 前
Paris hilton when u look at her age seems so incredibly sad you can see it in her face such a pretty woman so sad with all that money she hasn't found a man to love her just 4 being her...such a sad face
Teddy Elizabeth
Teddy Elizabeth 7 時間 前
I have been a huge fan of Drew Barrymore's all through her career, but this changed my opinion of her. Her lack of empathy and compassion was shocking, not to mention her victim blaming by intimating that Paris had revisited her trauma for 'insta likes'. But the final nail in the coffin has to be her conducting an interview on a serious issue such as child abuse, and squealing with delight that when the focus was on her being a great interviewer. This was definitely a difficult watch and for me shines a whole, somewhat unfavourable light on Drew Barrymore. High praise to Paris who sat through what essentially was 7 minutes of Drew telling her, she pretty much deserved everything she got.
weldinflowers 10 時間 前
I love you Drew What EXCELLENT questions I want to drink a glass of Syrah with you, gorgeous
Natalie Barrera
Natalie Barrera 12 時間 前
Is this interview about Paris or drew? 🤔
CikisHelyzet 12 時間 前
This was really bizarre.
Diane Keller
Diane Keller 17 時間 前
Poor rich girl go cry to some one who cares what the hell do you no about real life you have been shelter
Mimi Johnson
Mimi Johnson 18 時間 前
I guess this is why I never heard of your show and no one likes it 🥴
Real Opinion
Real Opinion 18 時間 前
Paris please don’t date Alex I believe he is from my country I think you can do better than that !!!
St B
St B 19 時間 前
"I love it" 🙄😬
Real Opinion
Real Opinion 19 時間 前
Paris looks bather then ever before
Andrea Totaro
Andrea Totaro 22 時間 前
I still think they should blame the parents in the first place agree?
Ashlee3794 22 時間 前
Arturo Jureidini
Arturo Jureidini 日 前
I'd wish asking youtube to available some subtitles even in English, it would facilitate reading.
Lori g
Lori g 日 前
Drew has man hands
Lori g
Lori g 日 前
Never liked Drew. She comes off as so insincere. Weird little girl act. Annoying.
Brasil é com S!
Brasil é com S! 日 前
Drew Barrimore: "Oh yeah! I was in the Monarch mind control program too! They did such a great job that now I'm working to silence any attempt of disclosure. I wouldn't change a thing!"
Nonayur Beezwax
Nonayur Beezwax 日 前
Drew struggled with drugs, when she was sent away she felt success only due to the enforced detox and community belonging wich she lacked in her personal life. Paris was in a clear state of mind, socially fulfilled, spirited, tenacious and motivated. This mindfulness made her recognize the unhealthy trajectory the hilton woman were facing so she didn't conform. The Hiltons didn't like that they couldn't break her spirit so they hired someone to. Because... Money.
Swes Quirke
Swes Quirke 日 前
I don't really get these comments. I mean yeah Drew talked more, and a bit dismissively, but don't exaggerate. Drew just showed her support to Paris. Like I can see how Paris is uncomfortable, but I think it's because of the topic. Drew at least not pushing and pushing Paris like Kelly did with her fake shocks and awws.
Midnight Madness
Midnight Madness 日 前
I really like Drew, my husband and I have been watching her new tv show and I must agree with many of either have 'it' as a host or you don't. Drew's a wonderful director/producer and actor but I don't think her show will last long...this isn't her niche. A prime example of someone with hosting skills is Kelly Clarkson......she's got what it takes and yes is this interview about Drew or Paris?
Mary Guidry
Mary Guidry 日 前
Wasn’t this supposed to be an interview of Paris Hilton and not Drew saying look at me?
Jennifer 日 前
Wish Paris got a chance to talk more about her experience. I felt the interview was overshadowed by Drew's stories and opinions. This is a serious topic. Why is it becoming about "I did the best interview?" We just want to hear Paris' story. The happy squeal at the end was very insensitive I think. The interview became about Drew for Drew.
Andre Plasencia
Andre Plasencia 日 前
Katie Horrocks
Katie Horrocks 日 前
I never in a million years thought I'd see an interview between these two women and find myself impressed with Paris Hilton and utterly disappointed in Drew Barrymore... everything about this questioning line is tone-deaf and toxic. You can feel the moment that Paris gives up on trying to get her message across. So bummed.
Alicia Venegas
Alicia Venegas 日 前
Well... I haven’t read all the comments, but so far it’s: Drew: 0 Paris : 5.5k
Gillian Hutshing
Gillian Hutshing 日 前
Going deep, I love the interviews you do.
Jessica Figueroa
Jessica Figueroa 日 前
I always rooted for Paris no matter how terrorizing and ruthless the press/media were with her being in that privileged position. She is such an amazing women and I am always so glad I stuck up for her no matter matter what..I can’t believe it took this long for this video though! I was waiting for this new Paris promo gig for 10 years!!! “It’s Paris Betch.”
Brittany Tovar
Brittany Tovar 日 前
this is actually the worst interview
f.beaz 日 前
this is awful. she is being dismissive, minimizing what paris went through and how she feels about it, and somehow twisted it making it about her. i feel so sorry for paris having to go through it.
Pierced93 日 前
This whole thing is so cringy. They're both fake as helllk
blueshoes915 日 前
This was awful. I actually wanted to hear what Paris had to say and Drew turned it into a weird circus. Super short interview and we learned practically nothing about Paris’ experience. Pretty sure Paris was being 100% sarcastic at the end. This made me sad. Drew, work on your interview skills, listening skills, questions, etc. This could have been a great, intimate interview.
Nurse 1234
Nurse 1234 日 前
Drew is ridiculous. Can’t stand her “I’m so intuitive “ voice. Uggh
Lynn Marie Allen
Lynn Marie Allen 日 前
“GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP” 👍🏻🇺🇸 I genuinely like Paris Drew not so much
Christy Danielson
Christy Danielson 日 前
Drew doing this interview is so NOT hot! It’s literally Drew interviewing Drew.😠
In Joyous Expectation
In Joyous Expectation 日 前
Drew shame on you👎🏼☹️
Ann Le
Ann Le 日 前
Came of here because of Paris. I can see how Drew is trying to add in a broader perspective to the conversation and topic of discussion but her delivery felt so forced like trying to be a journalist- interviewer type... it was very tense. The kind of tense-need from a helicopter parent. This was my first episode of the show, I didn’t expect this tense version of her. I thought it’ll be more relaxed and conversational.
Miss Misfits
Miss Misfits 2 日 前
Oh come on it wasn't THAT bad. As someone with ptsd and deeply seeded trauma, it's not one size fits all. If you shut down and stop talking because someone is trying to relate to you, that's just sad. It isn't *always* about you.
Gypsyheart777 Gypsyheart Horse Rescue
Gypsyheart777 Gypsyheart Horse Rescue 2 日 前
Go girl 💙💙💙
Linette Miller
Linette Miller 2 日 前
Great interview, love Paris!
Quinn Travers
Quinn Travers 2 日 前
Y’all act like Drew Barrymore didn’t have similar experiences to Paris as a child. She was an addict and was admitted to rehab at the age of 13 and and needed to be emancipated from her toxic mother at just 14. The whole point of Paris’s movement is for victims to speak out which is exactly what drew was doing. Victims find comfort in knowing they aren’t the only ones who experienced abuse. The hypocrisy is real. Drew shared her experience out of love not malice.
Ingrid Bratt
Ingrid Bratt 2 日 前
I dislike this video because Drew attitude
Life With Samone
Life With Samone 2 日 前
If Drew enjoyed her time there and thinks it was good for her...they did not have the same experience at all. How tone deaf to even compare the schools. Clearly the place Drew went to was much more normal, or Drew has simply normalized it.
Christine H
Christine H 2 日 前
I just hope that Drew seemed weird because she’s not really a journalist or a tv show host , so she’s really nervous and awkward about the situation and comes off like she’s cold.
haleyrebant 2 日 前
So fake
Jamie Yayme
Jamie Yayme 2 日 前
I've always loved Drew, and didn't like Paris. I though Drew was real and Paris was so fake. After the documentary, now I love Paris, and Drew is not feeling real here at all. Never knew Paris was playing a character. No wonder she created a mental escape. Drew, you should've come out with your own story, then actually watch Paris' documentary, you should know she's been working with the people who were victims of the same institution. C'mon. You let the big wigs run this too much. You should've made this episode about her. Be more selfless when considering others trauma. She obviously went through more than you did if you're being so candid and making it seem like it's no big deal.
zapfanzapfan 2 日 前
Is this a Zoom interview with bad internet? Drew seems to be struggling to get the questions across.
Jay MCC 2 日 前
this is better show then ellen
chomp chomp
chomp chomp 2 日 前
when did drew get a show?😲
KatieSparkles 2 日 前
I am so thankful that Paris was able to open up about this. 💖 I just finished watching the documentary. It’s so important for everyone to speak out about it. 💖💖
Carlos Anticco Jr.
Carlos Anticco Jr. 2 日 前
I dislike the video BECAUSE OF DREW... She was so rude.
Jimmy Twodoves
Jimmy Twodoves 2 日 前
Drew shady
Blissfulgia 2 日 前
Second hand embarrassment! So everyone just get a talk show?...... seems so fake and making it about her instead of Paris.
Lina S
Lina S 2 日 前
Drew is so self-absorbed. She should just let Paris talk and tell her story.
Ivoy Luo
Ivoy Luo 2 日 前
Drew u've been through alot as well
Gump Worsley
Gump Worsley 2 日 前
Drew...You're a Fraud. Paris you're a Hero!
S Hallstrom
S Hallstrom 3 日 前
I don't think this kind of interview would make anyone not talk about their experience. When Drew said she knew her very well since childhood. Hmm, maybe Miss. Hilton isn't being completely honest. As far as Drew saying she was glad to have had her experience. Just guessing, her experience made her who she is today. Most people who have monetary wealth live in the land of yes. Jail is a reality check for those who don't understand no is not maybe. I used to watch when she and Nicole Richie had their reality show. Can't really say I have much of any kind of empathy for Paris. In her show she was very petty. She also found joy in making cruel jokes of people. Who she felt were beneath her. She did this while they were still present. I myself have been abused. First memory is my mother throwing me into a wall because I woke her up. Some would be OMG, others have had much worse done. Basically in my 56 years I' m saying most abuse is relative. Personally best it's ok to grieve for what was lost, but get back up and move forward. The past is the past. Dwelling on what can't be changed will not make your life better just bitter. Then again it's just an opinion from not realizing what's mentioned earlier . I wasted a lot of time.
Michelle Palmer
Michelle Palmer 3 日 前
Drew let the lady tell her story. Do your own documentary and tell your own story.
Martina Grochalova
Martina Grochalova 3 日 前
This is the most bizarre interview I have ever seen
Kristen Z
Kristen Z 3 日 前
She talks so slow I had to speed up the video playback, omg.
Melina Luna
Melina Luna 3 日 前
if Drew watched the film, why her first question was "have you talked to anyone who's been through what you've been through? " duh.
Liz 3 日 前
I'm confused in the beginning Drew Barrymore said that she's been where Paris has been. She was taken away at night, she said she was locked up in solitary confinement, she was locked in the facility for a year to a year and a half plus. Then she says that the people at her place were really good? You can tell that even Paris was confused 4:13. Then makes it worse by saying that that place did help her, it saved her life, and she wouldn't change a thing. She obviously didn't go through the same thing as Paris so why say "watching a mirror image of everything I've been through"? My goodness she's so detached from reality. I hate how she was just asking question after question like was just going down a list. A good interviewer digs deeper and asks questions about the person's response. That ending was so cringe, she had just finished talking about how feeling the need for validation from people can be bad then she proceeds to seek validation from Paris. Good Lord, Drew just stick to acting.
Donna McCoo
Donna McCoo 3 日 前
Drew Barrymore interviewing people? Nope. She talks too much.
Dianna Alvarez
Dianna Alvarez 3 日 前
Terrible interview. I wanted to know Paris's point of view not Drews. And Drew constantly interrupting made it seem like everything is absolutely fine with that place. Obviously, not everyone had the same experience. I don't see this show lasting. Take a few pointers from the greats and learn to listen.
Ni Bic
Ni Bic 3 日 前
Drew talks like she’s half switched off. No one is home in that head!
Fred Fadungy
Fred Fadungy 3 日 前
Pedophile Hollywood... and the US/World government.
cjermaine smith
cjermaine smith 3 日 前
Yes, Paris looks good
Vonda Grubb
Vonda Grubb 3 日 前
Different experiences, different people. One seemingly farther along in her process than others. This is never easy stuff to publicly talk about, so I won't judge. Awareness is being risen regardless. I love them both!
Mary Quirk
Mary Quirk 3 日 前
love Drew but not as a talk host. So fake and stupid, Not about her
LizEsc 3 日 前
And to top it off she doesn't even have that many subscribers or people tuning in Drew Barrymore is a debased demon in a human shell
LizEsc 3 日 前
Andrew Barrymore eats children what can you expect from her she's not going to empathize with goodness or sorrow she's an evil freak and a half
LizEsc 3 日 前
so since Drew Barrymore wouldn't change anything that pretty much confirms that she is also abusing children in the same manner or worse look at the death in her eyes there's no sadness there's no remorse there's no regret there's no desperation for change she's a creep in a monster
Eph612 3 日 前
Terrible interview, let her talk Drew.
A 3 日 前
drew is lowkey scary.. this bish has zero empathy
Frances Van Siclen
Frances Van Siclen 3 日 前
Drew is trying too hard in general on her show; relax, girl !
Frances Van Siclen
Frances Van Siclen 3 日 前
I have never seen as many commercials and ads in my life as I have for Biden; the democrats must be desperate ! What a waste of money !!!!
Tyk 3 日 前
I wish I could say I enjoyed this interview but I don’t. I understand relating to someone who went through a similar experience but making it sound like it was exactly the same and almost as if they should feel the same way is very inappropriate. Paris was put in solitary for NO reason, Drew was there for correcting her behavior before it endangered her life.
Victoria 3 日 前
Alex Dow-Sainter
Alex Dow-Sainter 3 日 前
the way drew was talking was like an info-commercial!
joann bryant
joann bryant 3 日 前
Omar Ghraieb
Omar Ghraieb 3 日 前
I used to love Drew as an actress but this interview is just cringe. Super awkward and uncomfortable. Paris is sitting there trying to tell her story and Drew is just emotionless jabbing her with questions with zero care. She says she went thru the same thing and acts like she can relate then she says the people were good and she is grateful with no respect to Paris's feelings or what she went through. Perhaps not everyone was born to be a good host or have their own show which I didnt hear about before this horrendous video.
Hope Champion
Hope Champion 3 日 前
this interview made me fall in love with Paris for the first time. I'm an old lady that bought into the hype. Social media is a way for the young ones to experience Paris's actual life. She was in the Spotlight and photographed everywhere....and she was mercilessly hounded with everyone's opinions on what they saw. thank you + thank you Paris. Your new fan, Hope
Karmen Mueller
Karmen Mueller 3 日 前
Drew didn't even have Paris say what she went through. I only continued to watch to see what she experienced, and then we don't even find out? WTH
Hetheru Sekhem Maat
Hetheru Sekhem Maat 3 日 前
Drew everybody knows your story so let her tell hers! Sickening
Dawn break
Dawn break 3 日 前
Drew : " I went through the samething" Also drew : " I wasn't in solitary confinement or abused , the people were great and it helped me" See i always want to like her because you can tell she's sweet but she's as dumb as rocks and her acting is so awkward... how oblivious was she to not realize she went through NOTHING like Paris and how dare you try to say something positive about these places during this interview...smh
deniseverpeut 3 日 前
I ❤️ Drew
Emilia Apostu
Emilia Apostu 3 日 前
This would be the first and last time watching this show. So disappointing..
wandering berries
wandering berries 3 日 前
I laughed! 😅
wandering berries
wandering berries 3 日 前
I really, really like Paris and her facial expression and words at the end made me laugh because its one of the worst interviewer that Ive seen
A Wonderland
A Wonderland 4 日 前
Oh God... Poor Paris, she even went back to her character at the end because of how cold Drew was. I'm so sorry, Paris.
Jen Castillo
Jen Castillo 4 日 前
Omgsh Drew wtf lmao sounds like she’s on drugs
Kyla O'Connor
Kyla O'Connor 4 日 前
Drew is canceled.
Fionnuala Thompson
Fionnuala Thompson 4 日 前
What a lame and disrespectful interview. So disappointed in Drew!! How disconnected and unsympathetic can you be?? Whoa, she really is something :( So low to at the beginning try to compare her with those of Paris only to turn around and to say oh I deserved it all. Stockholm syndrome's as if she was taking the mickey out of Paris and her story. Low! Very low!! Embarrassing actually. One thing she did deserve, to receive Paris' mask voice at the end!!
Hayley Lewis
Hayley Lewis 4 日 前
So Paris was going to make one more self-indulgent narcissistic movie about herself and then the director said hey probably better to go this way with it .....
Maria Siddique
Maria Siddique 4 日 前
OMFG I everytime I fast fwd it is drew talking. Tf?
christian flores
christian flores 4 日 前
Love drew and Paris ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Twilightsummerbreeze 4 日 前
What happened?
Zoe Sweden
Zoe Sweden 4 日 前
Over here counting how many times Drew says "me". I lost count very early on...
Maria 4 日 前
Already drew didn't do her research. ”have u spoken to any one else who's been thru what u been thru” drew, there's a while documentary about it, clearly didn't bother to research her at least check paris’ instagram on what she's doing to change her past and improve others ppl's. This was very eiry and uncomfortable
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