Charles Barkley sounds off on the 'disrespect' Isiah Thomas received after 'The Last Dance' | Get Up

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4 ヶ月 前

Charles Barkley joins Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose on Get Up to discuss the backlash Isiah Thomas faced after the saga between the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls played out on "The Last Dance."
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Ben DC4L
Ben DC4L 2 日 前
"Isiah and Stockton were the best pure PGs to ever do it" Tiny Archibald, Bob Cousy, and Mark Price enter the chat
Isiah thomas offered no one respect why should he receive any?
Munish Yadav
Munish Yadav 4 日 前
Best ever team in history of sports. Come on man only handful of countries play basketball. Show some respect for other sports.
The Art of The Binge
The Art of The Binge 4 日 前
"Greatest team ever assembled in sports"... Pele's Brazil from the 1970 World Cup would like a word...
Marko Marković
Marko Marković 5 日 前
About 1992 Olympics - of course "practices were so much better than any of the game", because Yugoslavia fell apart and couldn't compete, and that could be the only worthy challenger of the Dream Team. In fact, Yugoslavia was the biggest reason why FIBA finally allowed NBA players to participate in competitions, and Yugoslav players were then starting to make their way into the NBA. Btw, I agree with Barkley - C-Webb should be in HoF years ago!
Omowàle Zaquir
Omowàle Zaquir 6 日 前
Bird didn’t shake Zeke’s hand and he was on the Dream Team.
Don Henderson
Don Henderson 9 日 前
Larry Bird was the greatest all around player ever to play in the NBA. Period....Magic Johnson was a close 2nd......Career stats has proven it. Jordan was the best 2 guard and probably the most athletic person to play in the NBA. But not quite on the level of Bird and Magic.
David Omar
David Omar 9 日 前
Charles is one of the realest dudes out here
Mcscrooge 9 日 前
Rick Mahorn was a sixer with Barkley when Isiah punched him...... Hes was a horrible person.
mountnman3609 10 日 前
"Isiah Thomas should have been in the dream team" And replace who??? In the book When the Game Was Ours, Johnson said, "Isiah killed his own chances when it came to the Olympics. Nobody on that team wanted to play with him."
Phillip Sharp
Phillip Sharp 11 日 前
No one ever talks about Dominque Wilkins. He should have been on the Dream Team. He was better than 3-4 players on the team.
headsprunggg 11 日 前
every american team is the greatest assembled in history. its pathetic. its boring.
Bobby TAT
Bobby TAT 11 日 前
The Dream team did so much for my life WTH?
Zig Wil
Zig Wil 11 日 前
How do you not love Chuck?
patrick palmer
patrick palmer 12 日 前
Isaiah started it and MJ finished it ... simple....Isaiah got him in the All Star game and MJ got him in Dream Team
ashian23 X
ashian23 X 14 日 前
Do they ever get tired of bringing this up? It's a rapp baby!!
Chris Kaufman
Chris Kaufman 15 日 前
I wish these black leaders (men)would care half as much for black communities then they do about old basketball history.
David MacD
David MacD 15 日 前
So sweet when Malone busted that head.
j6810 16 日 前
When Isiah and the pistons walked off the court before time expired and walked by the Bulls bench without acknowledging the bulls and Isiah dipping and hiding head , a year later the dream team gets picked, hey Michael what do think about Isiah as point guard, either I play or he plays, easy decision for the committee
Charles Hutchinson
Charles Hutchinson 18 日 前
Isaiah Thomas was not good at all. He couldn't beat Mike so he decided to fight him on court. He's lame
Michael Bacani
Michael Bacani 25 日 前
Chuck is trying to say that all Steph Curry cares is about Social Media BS. Just say it to his face you jealous POS!
SuperJohn12354 26 日 前
Isiah didn't shake the hands of teams that beat him, but did when he beat them, no one on the dream team liked Isiah, Detroit played dirty
Timothy Weinand
Timothy Weinand 26 日 前
Barkley was top 5 player of all time
William Frawley
William Frawley 27 日 前
Reade Barber
Reade Barber 28 日 前
Charles is the best interview.
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins 29 日 前
Scottie Pippen? At Center??? 🤔
Taco Daddy
Taco Daddy ヶ月 前
Charles “Isaiah is the best prrrr point guard” Barkley
benjaminbys ヶ月 前
Chuck literally seems like one of the most fun people to chill with
Natalie Panaro Stack
Natalie Panaro Stack ヶ月 前
I hope to watch that practice in full they all talk about. Is it filmed ? Is it on yt.
Jay Talley
Jay Talley ヶ月 前
Nate Archibald should be in that discussion. (Best pure point guard)
Orlando Wells
Orlando Wells ヶ月 前
@4:00 Charles I know one person that was bigger than Michael Jordan and Tiger woods that had fans fainting at just one look at him... "MICHAEL JACKSON"...🕺🕴😁
U2Ver ParaCreer
U2Ver ParaCreer ヶ月 前
Chuck is an intelligent man. And one if the greatest players of all time.
Nestor Alves
Nestor Alves ヶ月 前
Best team ever assembled in the history of sports? Bahahaha that’s cute
Dennis Leavitt
Dennis Leavitt ヶ月 前
I’ll take Stockton over Thomas on my all time team!! ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!
jack thamac
jack thamac 28 日 前
U smokin meth?
William Dirtion
William Dirtion ヶ月 前
because Isaiah was a joke!
William Germann
William Germann ヶ月 前
When thomas trashed larry bird ' white overrated ability many years ago,I turned off thomas racist scumbag and the nba forever.
jack thamac
jack thamac 28 日 前
He never said that lame. It was Dennis Rodman🤦‍♂️
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson ヶ月 前
Barkley is a class act
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson ヶ月 前
Isaiah Thomas has no class. Sore loser
Donald Williams Jr
Donald Williams Jr ヶ月 前
"U got david Robinson & scott pippen trying to prove who's the best center in the world, they trying to kill each other" .... hold up.... lol
Robert Misovic
Robert Misovic ヶ月 前
Also, Carles... Stockton is hella overrated. Give me CP3 or Payton over Stockton any day.