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3 ヶ月 前

이티티비 길거리음식 히스토리 Top10
ETTV Street Food Top10
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kalash verma
kalash verma 18 分 前
Ans and
Serafina Alarcón
Serafina Alarcón 44 分 前
El. Panque. Seve. Sabrososynutrivos. Saludos
gaga gaga
gaga gaga 時間 前
Hope anyone's praying for that grandpa making lollipops
Murat Aadalı
Murat Aadalı 時間 前
m ajemie
m ajemie 3 時間 前
i just love the korean people man..they're soooo nice to foreigners
hannover Germany
hannover Germany 10 時間 前
cant believ how clean thy are
Ирина Шамина
Ирина Шамина 11 時間 前
Saint F2A
Saint F2A 13 時間 前
A todo le quieren poner huevo es más al huevo le hechan huevo de otra cosa lo apuesto xD
Patricia Tardugno
Patricia Tardugno 17 時間 前
That does it, those people are brilliant!
glutenfreee gaming
glutenfreee gaming 18 時間 前
So much gluten
ТРАМБЛЕР Несахар 20 時間 前
Will try to make it all by myself at home.
homer q
homer q 21 時間 前
i call that a 10$ SANDWICH
Manuela Werner
Manuela Werner 日 前
Where are vegetables, nearly non.
Karma geddon
Karma geddon 日 前
Lilian Chiang
Lilian Chiang 日 前
Como vim parar aqui ? Comecei com Lucas Rangel Agora são 5 horas da manhã kkkkkkkkkkkk
Hiss J Kim
Hiss J Kim 日 前
It is impossible with that combination of ingredients become tasteless.
Mayra Rivera
Mayra Rivera 日 前
Espectacular como lo asen me llega eso así puedo aprender más yo 👍
@0:54 - That Was Cool. @5:55 That Was A Professional Dab Of Seasoning Or CornStarch.. Either Way, This Guy Is A Pro... @9:23 - Interesting @10:39 - Nice Flipping Skills! @13:14 - Flat Top Grills Are Amazing. @15:05 That Burger Construction Looks So Good!! I Took A Break To Make A Snack, I'm Back Now, Lets Go! WooHoo @22:13 - @24:13 -- I'm Going To Continue This Later, I Look Forward To It. TBC
Jasmine 日 前
The scraped pan 3rd vid..can be toxic or cancerous or even both..
شروق البقمي
شروق البقمي 2 日 前
When they swirled the eggs with with chopsticks , blew my mind lol
Gods Child
Gods Child 2 日 前
Eww, those eggs were still raw imo. And At 15:27 he put raw bacon on that burger.
Ariana T.
Ariana T. 日 前
@Gods Child wellll different countries have different opinions on food lol
Gods Child
Gods Child 日 前
@Ariana T. Not where I am from and that bacon has fat that has not even rendered yet. That's how you know it's still raw.
Ariana T.
Ariana T. 日 前
Uhm- no- people eat eggs like that all the time. And the bacon is fine :x
babp1211 2 日 前
28:35 Watch and learn how to cook Korean instant Ramen properly. :p
vipul chauhan
vipul chauhan 2 日 前
10 is looking like daily meals in india
M Rizki Chanel
M Rizki Chanel 2 日 前
Apakah ada penonton indonesia di sini ?
agent mischief
agent mischief 2 日 前
ahhhhhh i want to eat that honey ice cream so bad damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ピカピカハゲちゅう 2 日 前
Ronin585 2 日 前
What junk food. As in Spain, you don't eat so well anywhere else in the world.
Duck Duckov
Duck Duckov 2 日 前
Уже 4 утра, спи!
king poop
king poop 2 日 前
Why the fuck am i watching this in 3 am
Shirogetsu 3 日 前
Интересный факт: вы не искали это видео
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 3 日 前
лять, я как раз минут 40 назад нашел его случайно. Смотрел аварии на дорогах) хД
Ольга Nikolaevna
Ольга Nikolaevna 3 日 前
Грязными руками готовят..ужас просто. И везде яйца. Я уже смотреть на них не могу.
Ирина Тен
Ирина Тен 3 日 前
Высший класс мастерства,просто завораживает такое искусство готовки! Я в ауте! Восторг! БРАВО
Dumb Bitch
Dumb Bitch 3 日 前
and people ask me why I’m so interested in foreign food. IT JUST LOOKS SO *YUM*
Neimi Aracely v
Neimi Aracely v 3 日 前
Alguien que hable español y se le aya echo Anti higiénico cuando el señor que estaba haciendo comida con huevo agarraba todo sin guantes y echaba los ingredientes con las manos? Y ps no mire ni siquiera gel antibacterial A mí me gustan mucho estos vídeos pero no se me frustre😂
Хакуна Матата
Хакуна Матата 3 日 前
Черт, они бы успевали делать в разы больше бутербродов, будь эти столы-сковородки равномерногреющимися Те у кого греются равномерно выглядят счастливее в моих глазах
Yasuo Cancer
Yasuo Cancer 3 日 前
No one: Literally no one: Watching whole video
버섯 4 日 前
(대충 아무리 댓글을 내려봐도 외국인 밖에 없다는 댓글..)
Mandla Maluleke
Mandla Maluleke 4 日 前
Collection of professionally tested recipes, reliable kitchen tips, and mouthwatering daily food content. We’re the site that feeds you.
Zynnz 4 日 前
Zisko 4 日 前
That indian guy with the eggs, he was using newspaper to serve the bread..? That kind of paper gives out alot of that toxic ink
fernando medel hinojosa
fernando medel hinojosa 4 日 前
수만 4 日 前
아가리 붕어빵 아저씨 목소리 인사동 꿀타래 아저씨 목소리랑 닮았다
DarkTale23 nope
DarkTale23 nope 4 日 前
прикольно UwU
Action Cooking
Action Cooking 4 日 前
Absoluyely delicious,thanks for sharing👍👍👍
The Gee-tah Guy
The Gee-tah Guy 4 日 前
I was totally sold on the bacon egg burger until he installed cheese food product on it. I want that fish ice cream where ever I have to travel to.
priestmike 4 日 前
People would starve if it wasn't for chickens and his eggs...So it seems...
LA GELAN 4 日 前
Пипец халестерин.👍
Nikita Kamyshov
Nikita Kamyshov 4 日 前
4 top
洪千雅 5 日 前
李月 5 日 前
Akhiro Mark
Akhiro Mark 5 日 前
The number 8 makes me sick. Wtf
Joey Crist
Joey Crist 5 日 前
1:17 My whole life changed because of, *n o w o r k p a y .c o m*
Lamburosso 5 日 前
ada indo ga
E Thottie
E Thottie 5 日 前
Please let me sleep JPshow
Angie Milena Barrera Sanbria
Angie Milena Barrera Sanbria 5 日 前
yo soy colombiano soy un niño y yo no hablo takaka viva Colombia
DolceBlack M'ssy
DolceBlack M'ssy 5 日 前
I prefer food in thailand,jamaica and africa west
Demitri Lucas
Demitri Lucas 5 日 前
Jest to think that some of these people can cook like pro's and eat they are stuck on the street makes me kinda sad
Sumati Pukhrambam
Sumati Pukhrambam 6 日 前
First one egg Is not cooked well
Alpha Nion
Alpha Nion 6 日 前
Alpha Nion
Alpha Nion 6 日 前
Oui il y a du travail 😊 j'y ai pensé 😊 sécurité mais aussi rentabilité 😊😇
Alpha Nion
Alpha Nion 6 日 前
Macina 😉😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 rien fait de mal 😇
EVNL576 6 日 前
I learned that Egg🥚 is a world 🌍 food.
Cozzy Noiz
Cozzy Noiz 6 日 前
Bro that first one is a restaurant with glass plates. How the hell is that street food? Lol.
B 6 日 前
1:16 😯
Mabel Carreras
Mabel Carreras 6 日 前
Me gusta como cocinan en la calle y se ve muy rico!!!
Abaddon Mainyu
Abaddon Mainyu 6 日 前
One day I want to try all of these. :D
Sasha Shipunov
Sasha Shipunov 6 日 前
22:37 тож хочу такое мороженое))
Carlos pv
Carlos pv 6 日 前
como preparan la crema que se hecha en los mordes ? eso esta genial
Roris levi
Roris levi 7 日 前
X veneno !! Amo !!🤣😂
Roris levi
Roris levi 7 日 前
Bancada limpa e tudo!! Da gosto de se ver. Tem umas que Deus me livre !!
蔵公助 7 日 前
美味しいものには国境がありません。먹고 싶은‼
ちょん 7 日 前
19:06 Does anyone know the name of this song?
최아한 7 日 前
For Elise
milqtae 7 日 前
grandpa making dalgona was too cute arghhh
Muhammad Rafly
Muhammad Rafly 7 日 前
in every indian cuisine please don't broadcast it, i don't believe them because people in their country treat food or food ingredients in a bad and the level of hygiene is very lacking.
Leandro Pinheiro
Leandro Pinheiro 7 日 前
30:40 aprendi a fazer miojo da forma correta
JVZIN FF 5 日 前
OGSupreme 7 日 前
Egg over the rice was amazing 😍 Peace and love 🙏🏾✊🏾🖤
zara edyth mosqueda luna
zara edyth mosqueda luna 8 日 前
57:16 en las cajas ay una rata
Princess Cassie
Princess Cassie 8 日 前
Can't believe that the chef guy (first one in the video) is beated by the old lady in the streets...
Tianna Lois
Tianna Lois 8 日 前
The grandpa making lollipops with a heart is heartwarming ♥️
Đình Đình
Đình Đình 8 日 前
16:11 big mouth can eat the cake
Monica Turner
Monica Turner 8 日 前
I really don’t know what I was expecting Thus my 8th video and I’m trying to backtrack the history I was watching anime damn it auto play!
Eftujk Dttj
Eftujk Dttj 8 日 前
على أنسالك وعلى أطفالك وعلى اموالك
Eftujk Dttj
Eftujk Dttj 8 日 前
أمم خالدة من مكة وعلى بيتك العتيق وعلى أطفالك وعلى شبابك وعلى أموالك وعلى أمم من نحن
Eftujk Dttj
Eftujk Dttj 8 日 前
نظام دولة محمود ال بنو رداو. .راجعين .كونهم عيال عبدالله من مكة لكونهم مطيري غبي
Eftujk Dttj
Eftujk Dttj 8 日 前
على أنسالك
Eftujk Dttj
Eftujk Dttj 8 日 前
يوطاءو الأبد
Eftujk Dttj
Eftujk Dttj 8 日 前
على أمسالك
Eftujk Dttj
Eftujk Dttj 8 日 前
احثل بشر خالدة بنو مالك الإسرائلية.بمخلقاتهم سعيد بن احمد حيضة بن حواض . لهم نبياء برماوي مكة محمد جحا النجسة بكل أل سعودهم و ال محمدهم قبل فناءهم
Mell Evance
Mell Evance 8 日 前
Как просмотр мирового соревнования среди Бариста, привело меня на обзор уличной еды?
Ivan Ovcharov
Ivan Ovcharov 8 日 前
awesome =)
Totsie V
Totsie V 9 日 前
the first one doesnt count
뮤흐_ 9 日 前
한국인 찾습니다 영어 댓글 밖에 없어서 번역하면서 읽다가 뒤질뻔 했습니다...
Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift 9 日 前
anguie poil
anguie poil 9 日 前
cometastral 9 日 前
Ramen noodles dont count just cause they were prepared by someone on the street.
The Fede Gamer
The Fede Gamer 9 日 前
31:00 now i know how to make noodles from supermarket (italy) the only korean /chinese food we have :)
The Fede Gamer
The Fede Gamer 9 日 前
14:35 sooo yummy
The Fede Gamer
The Fede Gamer 9 日 前
4:05 is that sugar?
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