Skip & Shannon react to Washington’s decision to change team name | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

ヶ月 前

The Washington Redskins are reportedly expected to retire their nickname today, but we don’t have any word yet on what the new name will be, while the Atlanta Braves say they’ve decided not to change their nickname but are going to take a close look at their Tomahawk Chop fan celebration. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the team's decision to change their name.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip & Shannon react to Washington’s decision to change team name | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED ヶ月 前
What are your thoughts on Washington’s decision to change the team name?
Gerald Smith
Gerald Smith 15 日 前
I love the NFL. and. TheSkip and Shannon Undisputed show!
dave4248 17 日 前
Since ALL native American names (Indians, Braves etc) are insulting to that group, let's call the Washington football team "The Klansmen" or "The Racists" Then we'd be insulting one of THOSE groups...which we all want to do anyway.
Dudapest Funk
Dudapest Funk 17 日 前
Total BS
Martin Trevino
Martin Trevino 19 日 前
I believe it's absolutely ridiculous. People in this country are getting offended so easily it has gotten out of hand. I don't agree with changing the name or logo. Leave it alone!!!!
digitaldirtnap1 19 日 前
Microscope Videos & Music not a racial slur. The vast majority of native Americans are proud of that name and team. Go ahead, look at the facts. Truth matters right? Or is it only “your truth” matters? You losah, go cry in a pillow you thin skin punk.
morrison paul
morrison paul 15 時間 前
I must say, the nfl has always been my favorite sport to watch. The folks that own it, manage it, and discuss it have absolutely crushed my enjoyment. Its not just a name its the culture. I dare the majority of any of you to speak to fathers in this manner
Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis 22 時間 前
It's not offensive Redskins isn't a slur
Chelsea Aneke
Chelsea Aneke 日 前
Skip just gave a major history lesson
Paul Olsen
Paul Olsen 2 日 前
The new name should be D.C Cherokee
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 3 日 前
Name them the Beltway Snipers
Cameron Bean
Cameron Bean 4 日 前
Hold on, are they saying the name should be changed? I don’t think it should. The name is apart of the culture
andrew moore
andrew moore 4 日 前
Washington Sucka
Drew 6 日 前
Its hilarious how many white people are mad about changing the name. Racism wants to thrive so bad.
jose garcia
jose garcia 8 日 前
turn down for what
DivineInsider00 10 日 前
Let's erase all references to the native American culture in America. No, Democrats aren't racist.......
Alexander Croy
Alexander Croy 7 日 前
This is erasing a derogatory term not a culture
nuzh 81
nuzh 81 11 日 前
I'm Native American and am enrolled in a federally recognized tribe, the name "Redskins" never bothered me or any relatives I know, but if you think of this, if it was "Whiteskins" or "Blackskins" or even "Yellowskins" it would never have been allowed. I guess Native American people and the rest of corporate America finally had enough of it being politically incorrect.
kesiven chetty
kesiven chetty 12 日 前
DRACO FURY 13 14 日 前
You can use "CAPS" -Shannon
Upson Pratt Jr.
Upson Pratt Jr. 14 日 前
These corporations really care.
Chris Melvin
Chris Melvin 14 日 前
This show has become so fake and liberal. I can’t understand how people watch this anymore.
Alexander Croy
Alexander Croy 7 日 前
Then don’t watch it
Eddie V
Eddie V 14 日 前
Funny I just saw a video and 9 of 10 Native Americans were not offended. The snowflakes are now running the country and the news media. The NFL is gonna fail over their political views
Alexander Croy
Alexander Croy 7 日 前
Racism is not a political view or issue
Mike B
Mike B 15 日 前
Skip is a lying pos
Ant 15 日 前
It’s crazy how all the people/companies who supported “THE WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM” before the controversy didn’t see the original name was a problem.
Willie Fitts
Willie Fitts 15 日 前
Washington hogs, name after the offensive line
Steve Harris
Steve Harris 16 日 前
Change the name to Red(space)skins, Red Skins, they wear Red clothing on their skin
Steven Coffman
Steven Coffman 17 日 前
All it took was for sponsors to put pressure on Snyder for a change to happen
Salomon Romano
Salomon Romano 17 日 前
No, not the chop?... Is really offensive??? C'mon man!!!!
Roger Blewett
Roger Blewett 17 日 前
I have never met a Native American who was offended by the name Redskins.. I have native in my family as well and I don't see how it is offensive.. the Redskins is a proud name if you check out the history of it.. make it make sense ? 💯
Jeff P
Jeff P 17 日 前
I guarantee there's going to come a day when football is deemed immoral, and possibly racist as well considering the players getting their brain kicked in to entertain people are overwhelmingly black.
Dudapest Funk
Dudapest Funk 17 日 前
Funny thing is most native americans like the name and are the opposite of being offended. Use to like you guys, you suck now.
dan brow
dan brow 17 日 前
Fun Quiz!! How many miles and hour drive from Washington DC to New York City?? This is a tough one. Jesus Christ. Is real.
VICTOR Rippe 17 日 前
We live in a sensitive society. How stupid to change the teams name y’all worried about a name. Lmao
Edwin Kubena
Edwin Kubena 17 日 前
I am a working cowboy and demand you change that name it insults all true Cowboys
Float Uphill
Float Uphill 18 日 前
At one time the US Army payed a bounty for the killing of Native Americans. The way to prove that you had killed a Native American is you would use a hatchet that the Army supplied to you, to scalp the Man, Women or child you had killed to turn in the scalp as proof that you had killed them. That scalp proof was called a "Redskin". I'm not surprised the president likes the name.
Clay Bolton
Clay Bolton 18 日 前
What about the fighting Irish ,vikings
Clay Bolton
Clay Bolton 18 日 前
Shanon you were against kneeling ,now your not
Bob& SilentJay
Bob& SilentJay 18 日 前
"If you come from outside the culture you don't get to decide what's a term of endearment." But you, being outside the culture, CAN decide what terms they're offended by, Shannon? Your own logic goes against you, genius. This is idiotic. We have it so good in this country that THIS is what people b*tch about.
Bob& SilentJay
Bob& SilentJay 18 日 前
There's been extensive polling on this issue, basically no Native Americans are offended by the team name "Redskins." This is pathetic. It's a bunch of white leftists trying to prove to the world how NOT racist they are by whining about Washingtons team name/logo. I'm sure the Native Americans REALLY love all the white folks being offended for them. They're all lining up to thank you, Skip.
cinnaminson 06
cinnaminson 06 18 日 前
Washington Lincolns
Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube Channel
Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube Channel 18 日 前
Notice Shannon never brings up nikes child labor injustices
LTGonline 18 日 前
Cannot wait for the first touchdown and the fans roar the "hail to the redskins" fight song lol.
LTGonline 18 日 前
"It's been the right thing to do for years and years and years" Leftist garbage folks. Enjoy.
Try-One VH#22
Try-One VH#22 19 日 前
Which NFL Team Honors the Black Race? New name should be..*Washington Kings*
Dean Konstantian
Dean Konstantian 19 日 前
Why stop with the Redskins??? The Chiefs, The Braves and the Indians are next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then start with the Patriots ( white supremacist term )
Perfection211 19 日 前
I'm having a hard time finding someone in the comments who actually wanted the name changed. Does Skip, or Shannon read these?
Penny Moore
Penny Moore 19 日 前
James Harden why is he playing with other
d0nKsTaH 19 日 前
Rename Team: WASHINGTON LIBERALS Logo: Baby Head with closed eyes and open crying mouth. --- Crying baby logo Official song: Endless loop of a loud crying baby. "Waah Waah Waah Waah"
phil licitra
phil licitra 19 日 前
OpinionsGetYouBanned 19 日 前
Then you 2 go go back to africa and britain.
digitaldirtnap1 19 日 前
The Washington thin skins. There you go democrats that’s for you.
OpinionsGetYouBanned 19 日 前
what about cowboys who slaughtered them Skip?
OpinionsGetYouBanned 19 日 前
This generation where the ones who cried about it. The old time native americans had no issue with it.
digitaldirtnap1 19 日 前
The vast majority is not offended by the name, as a matter of fact many native Americans love the team because it represents native Americans and had many native Americans on the team toward the beginning at the very least. This is cancel culture again destroying thins only they deem offensive when actual native Americans are proud of them. Don’t vote demonrats anymore! No more democrats I power! Not unless they get back to how they were when jfk was in office.
OpinionsGetYouBanned 19 日 前
It took a bunch of thinned skinned snowflakes to get it changed.
The Gully Farm
The Gully Farm 20 日 前
Football team is Racist. Black people y’all are getting played.
Adam Charlton
Adam Charlton 20 日 前
Ok we need to change the name Oklahoma now because it means red man, we need to take Andrew Jackson off of the $20. Don't change any polocies, just stick to the names, symbols, and statues folks
Adam Charlton
Adam Charlton 20 日 前
I as a white person am declaring that the color red is racist, they need to change the color too because keeping the color red is racist. I didn't speak to any Native Americans about it, when I need to I'll just hit up a college campus and look for some to fit my agenda. I'm just deciding that it's racist. Forget about policies that will improve their lives, I'm all about symbolism.
Tmac 01
Tmac 01 20 日 前
Washington white skins? Is that going to be racist
Barton Ross
Barton Ross 20 日 前
The door is officially open. Cowboys are next. The dallas cowpeople vs the Washington football team.
Eduardo Lara
Eduardo Lara 20 日 前
What native american says this is a derogatory name? Can you please interview some real native americans because they gave the team that logo.
Sir Shanks-alot
Sir Shanks-alot 20 日 前
If there were a team called The Blackskins and had a pic of a sterotypical black person on the helmet, would that be offensive?
OpinionsGetYouBanned 19 日 前
Craig al Hakeem Khalifa
Craig al Hakeem Khalifa 20 日 前
Somebody needs to educate me on the 'Redskins' slur... because I genuinely don't understand how it's a slur when we have actual people with Black, brown, red, yellow and white skin.
Rob Cobb
Rob Cobb 20 日 前
I love it. Or They could be the: -Washington FU's (self explanatory)-The Washington Graft (for you idiots graft is: personal gain or advantage earned by an individual at the expense of others as a result of the exploitation of the singular status of, or an influential relationship - Washington Offenders (they offended the lefty liberal hacks)-Washington Liz Warrens. (It is similar to Indians but white skin, color died hair, no genetics trace of native American, and no common sense) - Washington Barracks LOL. (They would go to throw the football and it would get spiked into the ground and then they would bow to the other team and smoke a doobey)-Washington SS (Sidewalk Sleepers) -Washington Lifers (politicians spend life in office)-Washington Womanizers (primarily named after the late Teddy Kennedy)
live big
live big 20 日 前
And why is Fox News turning off the comment section? I wonder why....smh