4 Pieces by Ludovico Einaudi | Relaxing Piano [20min]

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Jacob's Piano

Jacob's Piano

4 年 前

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00:00 | I Giorni
06:49 | Le Onde
11:57 | Una Mattina
15:21 | Nuvole Bianche
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1만두 日 前
1만두 日 前
Carminha Piñeiro
Carminha Piñeiro 日 前
I think I've never felt this peace before. Just wonderful...
Inemesit Eton
Inemesit Eton 4 日 前
I've fallen in love with his fingers and I have no idea who he is.
Vaishnavi Patil
Vaishnavi Patil 2 日 前
You can see him in the dp.
Carrie Lim
Carrie Lim 3 日 前
same here
Pritha Bhunia
Pritha Bhunia 4 日 前
U killed it man ..superbb..loads of luv from INDIA
Kenny Vawter28
Kenny Vawter28 5 日 前
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Kenny Vawter28 5 日 前
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Canal Popular Jovem
Canal Popular Jovem 5 日 前
William Bernal
William Bernal 6 日 前
perrea papi perrea , suena muy bien, curiosamente you tube no inunda de basura publicitaria estas rolas , si te gusta ludovico dale , acercate a mi pantalon dale ..
Emma Pello
Emma Pello 6 日 前
Es tan bello de escuchar que emociona.
julieth rosas
julieth rosas 6 日 前
Cihat Akkuş
Cihat Akkuş 7 日 前
this piano music make my soul feel as a flying bird in the sky...God bless you
eva veronica
eva veronica 8 日 前
Love this music. I feel relaxed and my daughter sleeps right away when we listen to this one. Only irritating thing is the JPshow adds in between.
Bad Apple
Bad Apple 5 時間 前
Hypothetically if I was a ad would you skip me ahaha
vilma rodriguez
vilma rodriguez 8 日 前
Chopin o no !! Lo Más importante es el maravilloso sentimiento que produce ! No existen palabras para expresar la belleza
Siren Williams
Siren Williams 9 日 前
I Giorni is used to making a new Bengali SONG. That is the reason this melody was so familiar to me.
Nina Fenati
Nina Fenati 10 日 前
lindo, classico e inovador.
Agustin Mansilla
Agustin Mansilla 10 日 前
Elizabeth Tran
Elizabeth Tran 10 日 前
I absolutely love your playing, I can hear and feel your passion and emotion in the music. I purchased your tracks on iTunes but my iTunes won't let me play them for some reason, so I just sit on this JPshow page and replay it over and over again. Good for view count. :)
J Z 10 日 前
How anyone could possibly 'thumbs down' this video is beyond me........or should I say, beneath me!
Die Schau-Christi-Ausdehnung-Ein-Kurs-in-Wundern
Die Schau-Christi-Ausdehnung-Ein-Kurs-in-Wundern 10 日 前
great Channel
Ishie Perls
Ishie Perls 11 日 前
I like
Jibon Babu
Jibon Babu 11 日 前
Thik emon ebhabe..tui theke ja shobhabe..chor arindam
chicagofan76 11 日 前
Put me to sleep in 10 minutes. That’s a good thing.
rbert ss
rbert ss 12 日 前
rbert ss
rbert ss 13 日 前
foongching soo
foongching soo 13 日 前
Thanks for the nice piano song.
Gabriel Sampaio
Gabriel Sampaio 15 日 前
A vida é como um piano.as Teclas brancas representam a felicidade e as pretas a angústia. Com o passar do tempo você percebe que as teclas pretas também fazem música.
Lola Jørgensen
Lola Jørgensen 16 日 前
You play with so much sole. Love it! My favorite piano play Nuvole Bianche - your versionis wonderful Maby youcompose you self? If you do pls. post it, when you can play others music with this much feeling, I would for one love to hear you play you own.
ScaeanGate 18 日 前
Beautiful playing of beautiful music. And now I want to buy one of those pianos.
Su Pro
Su Pro 18 日 前
sonidos que elevan el alma a los ilimitados estadios del cielo. gracias.
Sheena Stewart
Sheena Stewart 18 日 前
Wow! Positively gorgeous! I love to listen to this while I am writing my novels. I find it so soothing and inspiring. Excellent job!
Tylak 18 日 前
you have beautiful hands
Untermensch Dreck
Untermensch Dreck 19 日 前
Tatin Bhowmick
Tatin Bhowmick 19 日 前
Bengali One Song Copy this Giorni Music... Song:-Thik Emun Evabe
Nina Zhang
Nina Zhang 19 日 前
Feminax V2.O
Feminax V2.O 19 日 前
put the lights off, i can see clearly the good times and the bad times at the same time... thank you.. hatur nuhun
SFPA Studio
SFPA Studio 15 日 前
sunda gening mang
Rakesh Patel
Rakesh Patel 19 日 前
So had you on a JPshow playlist whilst I was relaxing. I couldn't tell this was you until I saw the screen. You sound exactly like him. You can often tell when it's someone else, but this sounds spot on! Do you write your own music?
Mikael Oterhals
Mikael Oterhals 19 日 前
I make original piano music and piano covers. It would mean the world to me if you spent a few minutes to check it out! jpshow.info/watch/g__sPfl8Zi8/bideo.html
Antonino Imanuel Piano & Orchestra Music
Antonino Imanuel Piano & Orchestra Music 20 日 前
very good work! enjoy the music from my channel too :) •*¨ ♫ *¨*•.¸ .•*¨*♫♫ ♥ ♫ *¨*•.¸ .•*¨*
Sancar Ceylaner
Sancar Ceylaner 20 日 前
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith 21 日 前
Here you go, Hope it helps :) 00:02 I Giorni 06:50 Le Onde 12:00 Una Mattina 15:25 Nuvole Bianche
Frida Aguilar Per
Frida Aguilar Per 22 日 前
Como se llama la cancion del min. 16:30
Luca Melfitano
Luca Melfitano 11 日 前
nuvole bianche
eXplorer 22 日 前
Good movie!
Mauricio 23 日 前
20 min de musica e propaganda no meio não dá
Nature Music
Nature Music 25 日 前
The song is very nice, I like it, how about you?
Family Critchfield
Family Critchfield 25 日 前
Me as I'm trying to sleep to this music: Ad: HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED- Ye okie I'mma turn dis off now That was me saying goodnight Goodnight!
Bxjqbdjq dkqbxkwbfkwbf :0
Bxjqbdjq dkqbxkwbfkwbf :0 25 日 前
I already know how to play the last one, but my goal is to be able to play all of these by the end of the year. Hopefully I can do it ^^
Ben 11 日 前
im stuck on the last bit of the first half. you can do it.i learned perfect in 5 minutes (you wont believe me but whatever)
Limke Casemier
Limke Casemier 27 日 前
I love this kind of music,enjoyable
Adriana Gil Solorzano
Adriana Gil Solorzano 27 日 前
Oh! Está pieza es mágica! La sientes hasta en los huesos. Thank´s Jacob.
Pam Jones
Pam Jones 28 日 前
Beautiful music
Mar C
Mar C 29 日 前
eres genial!!! transmites todo con todo. me encanta!!! tus manos!!!
Juraj Å tolun
Juraj Štolun 29 日 前
Nueve Virtudes
Nueve Virtudes ヶ月 前
bellisimooooooooooooooooooooooooooo interprete
Wolfgang 'Forex.Grammatik'
Wolfgang 'Forex.Grammatik' ヶ月 前
Fazioli; Steinway & Sons B-211 €52k; And there are 61, 73 and 88 buttons... one e-piano which looks like a classic piano is: Classic Cantabile UP-1 ..Price: € 960 To start learning it can be some very cheap, but if $$$$$ doesn't matter than...u do know...but brands like Bösendorfer piano & grand piano, Schimmel... are considered as very durable instruments...brands. Acoustic pianos are particularly good for playing and practicing.❣
Renee Denton
Renee Denton ヶ月 前
You are very talented. What beautiful playing. Soothing to the soul.
Ashley Seider
Ashley Seider ヶ月 前
Antonio Vivaldi Johann Sebastian Bach George Frideric Handel Franz Joseph Haydn Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ludwig Van Beethoven Frederic Chopin Giuseppe Verdi Ludovico Einaudi I fully believe Einaudi will be remembered for centuries along with others from history
Ashley Seider
Ashley Seider ヶ月 前
I wish I could play piano my my hands and fingers are too fat and I am just uncoordinated 😂😂
Panosfunk ヶ月 前
@Ashley Seider well then that changes things. my bad i guess. i just assumed that based on what most people say. that it's all talent and stuff before they even attempt to play.
Ashley Seider
Ashley Seider ヶ月 前
Panosfunk lol no I’m not. I’ve tried. I took lessons for years. I’m literally just not coordinated and my fingers don’t fit on the keys so I hit neighboring keys even when I go slow. The only way I can play anything is by pecking at the keys and that’s not playing the piano.
Panosfunk ヶ月 前
lmao. u'r just finding excuses to make yourself not play.
Wolfgang 'Forex.Grammatik'
Wolfgang 'Forex.Grammatik' ヶ月 前
If you have the opportunity to play, use it because it's beautiful If I had been aware of how to charm other people so wonderfully at the age of 11, I would have ... On the other hand, for various reasons, our piano had to ... No matter.
Wolfgang 'Forex.Grammatik'
Wolfgang 'Forex.Grammatik' ヶ月 前
Ich verstehe dich sehr gut. Als ich mir einen Finger gebrochen hatte und es nicht anschauen ließ, wuchs der Bruch falsch zusammen. Wodurch das drücken auf die Saiten der Gitarre sehr weh tut und deshalb hörte ich auf zu spielen. Ich habe 3 - 5 mal in der Woche bis zu 6 Stunden täglich gespielt.🙈💔
Aaditya Chakravarty
Aaditya Chakravarty ヶ月 前
This is the song which I heard in a video back when 2 random guys jammed on a piano in a french station. I never checked the piece but now youtube autoplays it. The algorithm works in mysterious ways.
Emmet Lego
Emmet Lego ヶ月 前
molto rilassante
Mark Tooke
Mark Tooke ヶ月 前
Thank you for posting! Very helpful as studying music!!😉
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