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Good Morning America

3 年 前

Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay!
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xKanomy 11 分 前
3:23 - 3:35 *Beatifullll, oh shitt things are going to fall*
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael 25 分 前
"the buhgah"
arun bucah
arun bucah 43 分 前
God: nobody is perfect in this world *gordon ramsey appears... Gordon: you know what...that is bullshit
Cuisinbo 44 分 前
BUrger yummy!!!!
Well I really like @gugafood's burger
Taegan Cervantes
Taegan Cervantes 2 時間 前
How do you get your hare like that
Bryan Baker
Bryan Baker 2 時間 前
Hahaha! Stevie Wonder can smell em!
Marius Vollmer
Marius Vollmer 2 時間 前
I think he solved the Krabby patty secret formula ... seasonings
Jamie Naffah
Jamie Naffah 4 時間 前
3:35 Use a long spatula. *Proceeds to touch the burger on the fire 10 seconds earlier*
Jsbekkfj Kandhjs
Jsbekkfj Kandhjs 4 時間 前
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja
Blaze 5 時間 前
I was watching something related to my studies and saw this in recommended and I couldn’t help it ... i blame the youtube algorithm.
James Leigh Suarez
James Leigh Suarez 5 時間 前
Can't wait for abs-cbn to cook burger
Imran 5 時間 前
"Lighty season"
linda parker
linda parker 8 時間 前
Gordon is a super Chef ! A Perfectionist ! Delicious burgers !
linda parker
linda parker 8 時間 前
Love to watch Gordon cook ! Gordon cooks yummy delicious burgers ☺️ !! Perfection !
Jason Lai
Jason Lai 9 時間 前
Am I the only one who has watched this like 5 times?
Raffael900me 9 時間 前
grape seed oil ruined a perfect burger disgusting inflammatory plant oils
svrnp 369
svrnp 369 9 時間 前
How to make anything great Gordon:season it
Bruh idk 123
Bruh idk 123 10 時間 前
50,000 subscriber with No videos
50,000 subscriber with No videos 11 時間 前
Dont forget to drink the olive oil
Dez Burgers
Dez Burgers 11 時間 前
Can’t be the only one entertained by him saying “on”
Yawg 12 時間 前
Fu(K this guy! .!.
Shorty Santana
Shorty Santana 13 時間 前
Well I don’t see no one at your grill besides that camera man
Matt Massie
Matt Massie 14 時間 前
The way he handles oily ingredients and raw meat and then casually uses the pepper mill grosses me out
Md Saleh Akram Bhuiyan
Md Saleh Akram Bhuiyan 15 時間 前
Ramsay’s fucking burger with burned onion 👎
Matt Massie
Matt Massie 14 時間 前
as long as it's not completely burnt to a crisp, charred vegetables are delicious. Onion, pepper, tomato, zucchini...it's why kebabs are so good
Dakai_Shensheri 15 時間 前
This looks really good
Arseniy Lytvynenko
Arseniy Lytvynenko 15 時間 前
what's up mes morons jsuis au top du mont royal
Ahmed Boussarssar
Ahmed Boussarssar 17 時間 前
That plane was Gordon ramsay getting the salt and pepper precision airstrike killstreak.
VJ Art
VJ Art 18 時間 前
Plankton wants to know your location
Rayan Khan
Rayan Khan 21 時間 前
Patties are too thick i am getting uncomfortable don’t like thick keep it normal so it can fit my tiny mouth
WhatTheCinnamonToastFuck 22 時間 前
Everyone talking about what he didn't season but you fail to realize that he season hid own body with a cup of salt and pepper he didn't forget to season anything because *HE IS THE SEASONING*
Empire Mapping
Empire Mapping 22 時間 前
Drink a shot every time he says "how many times?"
Adri s
Adri s 22 時間 前
Im Spanish but I love it
SnacksForSnackay 23 時間 前
“Toast those buns”
Medits GT
Medits GT 23 時間 前
“Just a little touch of salt and pepper” *Proceeds To Invade Iraq*
Simona S.
Simona S. 23 時間 前
*proceeds to season them without saying what he uses,apart salt.
Lee S
Lee S 23 時間 前
Is it me or is he touching everything with raw meat hands? Yuck
Lee S
Lee S 日 前
I hate the yelling Gordon. This is the real one, much better.
Simona S.
Simona S. 日 前
Can someone please list the ingredients below because I'm not a native English speaker and I don't know what the burger is made of. Ground beef and what else? Thanks in advance to whoever decides to lose a few minutes of their lives for me
Pat Strzeszewski
Pat Strzeszewski 日 前