Dead by Daylight | Greek Legends Collection Trailer

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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

14 日 前

Inspired by the Olympic Pantheon of antiquity, Dead by Daylight's new Greek Legends Collection garnishes Survivors and Killers in outfits reminiscent of the ancient world but with a modern twist.
• The Clown - Lord of the Underworld Set - Very Rare
• Yui Kimura - Goddess of Victory Outfit - Very Rare
• The Oni - The Minotaur Set - Legendary
• David King - Champion of Olympus Outfit - Very Rare
• The Spirit - Furious Nyx Outfit - Very Rare
• Adam Francis - Herald of the Gods Outfit - Very Rare
• Feng Min - Goddess of Warfare Outfit - Very Rare
• Jane Romero - The Goddess Muse Set - Very Rare
Complete the collection with the stunning Goddess Queen Outfit for Zarina Kassir, available now in The Archives through the CONVICTION Rift. 
Watch the Rift Overview now:
Discover the power of the Gods in the Entity’s realm with the Greek Legends Collection in the in-game store.
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your goal is to escape and avoid being caught and killed.
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Buff legion plz
wiciiu 18 時間 前
feng 💙💙
thats a bruh moment
thats a bruh moment 18 時間 前
Not exactly my cup of tea but still great
penguinzO 日 前
I really think Jeff needs a Zeus skin.
투신 日 前
데바데 화이팅!!!
earlysteven gamer number 2
earlysteven gamer number 2 日 前
If only the game looked that well rendered
Dante Mathee
Dante Mathee 日 前
Slenderman should be a killer in this
gombos laccko
gombos laccko 日 前
I'm waiting for jack the ripper character
MrCheshireify 2 日 前
Suggestion: An idea for an upcoming skin for the clown, could you do a chef's skin or a cartoon skin (see: Bendy and the Ink Machine style, maybe a hyena? A skunk maybe?)
MrCheshireify 2 日 前
As a note: I did buy the Minataur skin and a clown head already. :P
七原ゆかり 3 日 前
Feng is very very KAWAII♥
Codaina 3 日 前
Waiting for feng min to be in the shop JHSGDBMvFNSGWA
Mirkusha 4 日 前
когда выйдут скины на рашке :С???
후추0316 4 日 前
몇시에 나오나요? Today what time update???
Iris Chu
Iris Chu 4 日 前
omg feng is too hot
Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill 4 日 前
Imagine if we actually got a legit Minotaur killer that would have been awesome. The skins are still cool though
Dead By Daylight Mobil Türkiye
Dead By Daylight Mobil Türkiye 4 日 前
I dont like greeks but I like dbd :/
Curelia 5 日 前
kurenai sensei
kurenai sensei 6 日 前
where's the skin for my grandpa bill ??????????????????????????????
Mulberry 6 日 前
Spirit's hair in-game looks nothing like the trailer's hair, what gives?
Oh Zai
Oh Zai 6 日 前
Is this collection limited edition or here to stay?
Fragonus 7 日 前
The Minotaur looks mighty good. ~
Batteri Blitz
Batteri Blitz 7 日 前
I saw the notification for this and I thought it was a new chapter lmao
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 6 日 前
Why does this look like mortal kombat
Johnny Topside
Johnny Topside 7 日 前
I accidentally misread the title as “Geek Legends” at first.
johnsbanana 7 日 前
I’m so gay for that feng min
alida flus
alida flus 7 日 前
Неделю ошибка у половина игроков, они скины хуярят. Молодцы разрабы!
M644theawesome 7 日 前
I wonder if Springtrap/William Afton from Fnaf would be an interesting killer in the game
DerpyCake777 8 日 前
No matter what happens the spirt will always get a new fucking skin.
Jackie Santos
Jackie Santos 8 日 前
So we're going to all full Greek mythology now huh
Jake Wizard
Jake Wizard 8 日 前
that is the most badass oni skin
bilias hour
bilias hour 8 日 前
They did a very well job and detail to everything especially the oni
Barbecue & Chili
Barbecue & Chili 8 日 前
That feng skin daamn ...spirit outfit is awesome first time covering her body
Louie Velez
Louie Velez 8 日 前
They missed their chance with Kate being goddess of love :(
bilias hour
bilias hour 8 日 前
Wow this got me recommend 4 days late. Is Yui skin still available??
Noah 8 日 前
Artemis skin for huntress. That's it.
Kayaba Akihiko
Kayaba Akihiko 8 日 前
That fing min
Daniel Daman
Daniel Daman 8 日 前
Aaand I'm horny, goddamnit Minotaur
Yuna 8 日 前
Hag as Medusa would be neat
Jovana T
Jovana T 8 日 前
dayumm this looks good even tho i dont play the game
Shilcha May
Shilcha May 8 日 前
Feng is goddess... Her skin is no joke
Da_Boss_3807 8 日 前
Why does this look like mortal kombat
Dani Rivera
Dani Rivera 8 日 前
Yui one sucks, like make her have more of a greek aesthetic. I don’t like it, but everything else looks really cool.
_ •KRYPTON•_ 8 日 前
Неделю ошибка у половина игроков, они скины хуярят. Молодцы разрабы!
Gonçalo Cardoso
Gonçalo Cardoso 8 日 前
clown and mino are top , the rest is just meh.. david looks horrible
Brandon Browning
Brandon Browning 8 日 前
I think all the characters look good in the new greek skins but I have to say David king and the oni are coolest ones and the fact they are in the same pack makes it even better because you got david king a brawler vs an ancient Japanese demon of samurai descent which in my opinion is freaking awesome because these two characters have to be my favorite even though I never got to play the game.
Luanderson Vicent
Luanderson Vicent 8 日 前
Why the skins I want is always the last one to be release? T-T 1 week more do get my Goodness Jane
Elementroar 8 日 前
Clown should’ve been Dionysus imo, throwing intoxicating wine clouds and swirling an amphorae
Ellie X3
Ellie X3 8 日 前
Wish one for Kate too 😭 Even thu rin , Feng and yuis Are so lovely 😎
The dancing jelly dounut
The dancing jelly dounut 8 日 前
The oni skin looks pretty cool, props for such a great job for developers
Juice Fi
Juice Fi 8 日 前
Wow this got me recommend 4 days late. Is Yui skin still available??
master kang
master kang 8 日 前
David's new skin is so cool!!!
Golden_Hatty 8 日 前
Fix the game.
Dominic Garcia
Dominic Garcia 8 日 前
can we might get a left 4 dead legends skins like The clown have a boomer skin ,Plague have a spitter skin , and the legion have a hunter skin ?
Xighlont 9 日 前
The spirit looks like revenant lui kang
Cedie Abellana
Cedie Abellana 9 日 前
They should release house of wax. A community of wax figured people.
mixio hili
mixio hili 8 日 前
Please change oni’s scream to a more scary one, also the kanobo to an axe! Who agrees?
kokam2 9 日 前
Never anything for Jake and when he does get a new skin its dog crap
Futtapat 910
Futtapat 910 9 日 前
This is where Percy Jackson comes usefull...
Tadeo Coronel
Tadeo Coronel 9 日 前
4 new future killers:Slenderman, jason,djinn and art the clown
Alexi 9 日 前
Welp there goes all my money again
GRIM REAPER1616 9 日 前
For some dumb reason I thought they had a new killer. Damn I can't read
swaggy chips
swaggy chips 9 日 前
Oni skin looks hella fire tho
George Raptidis
George Raptidis 9 日 前
I'm Greek and I find most of these to be SO BAD. Like come on guys... is that the best you can do?
ismael marrero sosa
ismael marrero sosa 9 日 前
Lame of company