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The Coronation in 1953 appeared to be a glittering triumph for the House of Windsor. But behind the scenes there was a three-cornered story of jealousy and rivalry at the highest level.
On one side Prince Philip was at odds with the Queen Mother over his desire to modernise the monarchy. On the other the old Queen was jealous of her daughter's sudden rise to power. The Coronation was a critical year for the young Queen Elizabeth. She was preparing to undergo the most ancient and important royal ritual, but the two people closest to her, the Queen Mother and Prince Philip had very different ideas about how it should be handled. Philip, the dashing but dangerously modern consort, was anxious that the Coronation should not be simply a stuffy replay of previous reigns. He wanted 'some features relevant to the world today'. But he was fiercely resisted by the Queen Mother and by Princess Mary, who referred to Philip as 'the Hun'.
The new Queen was caught in the middle. In Coronation Coup, we learn that Mountbatten, who had engineered the marriage between Philip and Elizabeth wanted the family name changed to Windsor-Mountbatten after her accession. Also, while the new Queen largely sided with her mother over arrangements for the Coronation, she backed Philip over perhaps the most important decision to televise the ceremony inside Westminster Abbey. In doing so she set a precedent for television to be given access to the most intimate rituals.
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Estelle A
Estelle A 7 時間 前
Prince Charles looks like Pepper from American Horror Story.
Thunder Rolls Media
Thunder Rolls Media 日 前
The man in green speaking of England’s royalty has pointed ears!!!!
Thunder Rolls Media
Thunder Rolls Media 日 前
He was Elizabeth’s first cousin!!! The whole English supposed royal family all come from Germany. #Liars!!! All of you^^
chris b gifford
chris b gifford 日 前
Well Prince Philip now knows what women throughout eternity have always felt.
rxjimen 日 前
Parasites that never had a real job in their entire parasitic lives.
Mae Sapolu
Mae Sapolu 2 日 前
Micca. Queen Victoria had her first born when she was a young.princess privately married to Alexander John Brown. We have the evidence.
Mae Sapolu
Mae Sapolu 2 日 前
Upton stop being gullible and naive
hk40510 2 日 前
I’m just here for the British tea ☕️ - an american
Ireli Manila
Ireli Manila 2 日 前
His mother is great granddaughter of the Queen Victoria. He has more royal blood than her.
Lord Biggus Dickus
Lord Biggus Dickus 3 日 前
Me too never grew to like the queen, her mother, and Felipe.
Paul Schmick
Paul Schmick 3 日 前
There really are no independent Royal Houses since all the Crown heads of Europe are all related. There is only the royal House of Europe.
Roshan R Nair
Roshan R Nair 3 日 前
Every time I hear queen mother I hear Cersie
K Britain
K Britain 3 日 前
Why don't they ever mention Pillip is the Great Grandson of Queen Victoria and Albert? Unknown, I don't think. Maybe they are afraid it will look too much like inbreeding. (which is what the Royals have done all over Europe for hundres of generatioons.)
Andrew Lohbihler
Andrew Lohbihler 3 日 前
I thought his only job was to be a handsome and dutiful sperm donor.
Mango T
Mango T 4 日 前
Probably because she was a total snot?
Ahahaha,,, maid location bowes !! Ahahahhaha what you doing trouble since 30 year ago , i known from majesty serenity !!! bowes at containent ice !!
Alison M.
Alison M. 4 日 前
"She was tremendously anti-German" but she married a Saxe-Coburg? I couldn't imagine being that stupid. Good thing she was born rich because she sure as hell wasn't born with brains.
Janice McKay
Janice McKay 2 日 前
I love and respect Queen Elizabeth, from the time she was young and all throughout her life. I'm 80 and can identify with 500 direct lines to England. But, her mother was a different story, still Elizabeth honored her mum and loved Phillip, the serial cheater.
I can't trust a documentary which has no research at all! The Queen became queen the instant her father passed away, also the Queen mother had no reign she was just a consort.
Noel Smith
Noel Smith 4 日 前
The Queen mother didn't like Phillip because she was an "old head"...she could see phillip for who he really was...shr knew he was just taking advantage of her daughter & the Monarchy. Phillip been disowned by his father & family after his sister was killed in the plane crash when going to check on him in boarding school & his father hated him for that. Phillip was like the Bow Weevil, " just looking for a home." Phillip marrying the Queen was like his finding a bird nest on the ground.
Theresa 4 日 前
So what. Who cares.
T A Henare
T A Henare 4 日 前
Loved the commentaries. Learnt a lot about the surface of the Monarchy. Not much depth beyond that
Cecelia Tkach
Cecelia Tkach 5 日 前
Mountbatten wasn't really his last name, it was some German name but it was covered up because of the history behind the atrocities committed by Hitler and other Germans. The sisters, who married high German Nazi officials were not allowed to attend the marriage, big cover up. I think it was all about power behind the throne. But I didn't blame the Queen mother for holding on to the reigns because Phillip didn't have the knowledge, experiences, money, and power to become his queen's right hand man. Phillip was a lowly rake, a rogue, a sexual asshole who didn't give a damn for protecting the 👑 crown. He participated in a lot of subterfuge against the crown just to hurt the Queen mother. Phillip was a man who took advantage of a profitable situation by marrying Elizabeth, this from his uncle's history who claimed he took credit for setting up the meeting, betrothal, and marriage. The King and Queen had been opposed to the couple getting together. After Elizabeth became of age, the parents couldn't stop them. So I wasn't surprised the control the Queen mother maintained. I've always wondered if the King gave the Queen certain rules in order to protect their daughter and that of the throne from Phillip's unethical ways (time & yrs proved they were right in not being happy about Phillip being part of Windsor family). All these men who are making comments about the Queen mother's hold on the throne sound as stupid as I believe Phillip was. History has proven that Phillip was a greedy, evil, pedophile, who did nothing to further the strength and prestige of the 👑 crown. I believe now be must remain in the little 🏠 cottage he lives in until he dies because of the pedophilia and death of the 10 children that he was prosecuted for and held accountable for. However, he never turned himself in and remained free. I believe as an agreement Phillip was allowed to remain out of prison due to the power of Queen Elizabeth. I believe his son, the other pedophile and vile creature, Andrew, has also been able to remain out of jail/prison because of power and protection of his mother, Queen Elizabeth.
The Find Luxury Real Estate
The Find Luxury Real Estate 5 日 前
Who wrote this drivel and was it necessary to comment about gay men in such a snide way throughout this boring documentary?
Velto Barbosa
Velto Barbosa 5 日 前
Why? Because she was his bldy mother in law for goodness sake.
********** 5 日 前
...She should've gotten down on her knees and praised God Almighty that someone as good looking as him would even give her daughter the time of night. The only reason that Harry and William even look like anything resembling handsome is due to their mother and their paternal grandfather. It took a long time for that ugly streak from the Windsor line (& due in no small part to the Queen Mother), to mutate from the family gene pool.
Tumi Mamabolo
Tumi Mamabolo 4 日 前
shell c
shell c 6 日 前
Philip is descendant of The British, Danish and Russian royal families .. The QM was a commoner and behaved in a most disgraceful fashion.
tags NOLA
tags NOLA 6 日 前
Referring to Queen Mary as a "commoner," while technically accurate, is silly. Winston Churchill, descendant of the Duke of Marlborough, though legally a commoner, most certainly was not. Duchal title or not, Churchill was an aristocrat down to his finger tips. Countess or not, Queen Mary descendant of an Earl, was most certainly an aristocrat in all practicallity.
Mike Naylor
Mike Naylor 6 日 前
Livia Miriam
Livia Miriam 6 日 前
The fact that decendant of Prince Philip should be called house of Glücksburg rather than Windsor. Lol.
חנית ג'אגר
חנית ג'אגר 6 日 前
Jeannie Markech
Jeannie Markech 6 日 前
I don't find Philip to be any sort of prize, but the Queen Mother always struck me as just a lump of lard.
girl1213 7 日 前
There's a dark side to every great person.
vrenak 7 日 前
Glücksburg is the german name for what in reality was a danish name, Lyksborg, but the area was occupied by Germany, a danish name wouldn't have been as provocative in the UK.
Dolphine Achonga
Dolphine Achonga 7 日 前
Well I quite liked her. Him too. Very headstrong and interesting characters. Imagine these two in one room. Fireworks and comedy. My two favorite people in this family haha.
Meir Wise
Meir Wise 7 日 前
It's strange. Prince Philip was the grandson of the King of Greece and the King of Denmark whereas the Queen Mother was a commoner. The reason that the Queen Mother didn't like him was because he was a cheating, xenophobe!
elizabeth lynch
elizabeth lynch 7 日 前
Disney royal, its Britain's wild animal park, lots of different activities to see, attractions, Parks, cabbies, tickets, please. PR for press, just a game. thee monarchy should no longer exists Really, there blood is the same as mine , red. simply end this brain wash commune.
Engelhafen 7 日 前
She was a controlling B
Terry 7 日 前
Philip was a good looking blonde!
Ladycarpenter 8 日 前
He does say some really rude and inappropriate things. But he gets by with it because of who he is. So does Prince Andrew. Lord knows he didn't have to marry her.
J Marie
J Marie 3 日 前
What else was he going to do? He was a broke young man with a useless title.
J Marie
J Marie 3 日 前
What else was he going to do? He was broke, with a useless title.
Isaias 8 日 前
They really just called the queen consort a commoner when she was Aristocratic just like Diana was and Diana as well was called common. Just goes to show if you’re not of the blood royal people overlook you even the power that be over looked prince Philip who was due his title as a prince of Greece he didn’t know of that title till later on in his life when the queen already marked him as “the prince” which gave him seniority among the Windsors
T Landry
T Landry 8 日 前
ed wright
ed wright 8 日 前
We need a video to ask why I never liked the queen mother.
William MacDonald
William MacDonald 8 日 前
Typical ma in law...Phillip is alright
Katalin Robin
Katalin Robin 9 日 前
the birth mother of Elisabeth, consort of George 6th was a French cook, Marguarite Rodiere. Read Lady Colin Campbell's book.
Pave Stiletto
Pave Stiletto 9 日 前
Winston Churchill looks like a melting toad.
Jennifer Kirby
Jennifer Kirby 7 日 前
who cares what he looked like he saved Britain
Pave Stiletto
Pave Stiletto 9 日 前
Pretty clear from a long distance away that the dude is a gold-digger--what kind of lecherous creep hits on a young woman?
Pave Stiletto
Pave Stiletto 9 日 前
But then, she's not much to look at--and I can't say Duchess Catherine didn't figure the same kind of thing in her own life.
None of your Business
None of your Business 10 日 前
phillip has always come off as an @ss
FoxU 10 日 前
Queen Elizabeth is not that pretty and appealing princess during those time
Sharon Lefebvre
Sharon Lefebvre 10 日 前
The queen mother was shady! Prince Phillip was a real prince by blood the queen mother married into it.
beverly benning
beverly benning 10 日 前
Oh my God what BS they murdered that man they never wanted the secret to get out look at her mom she looks like a maid oh my God thank you Trump but straighten this mess out and pack of Lies it's running like wolves
Joey Icasiano
Joey Icasiano 10 日 前
What's the need for monarchy in this modern times? For tourist attraction?
karana ferreira
karana ferreira 11 日 前
Are we going to pretend that the queen doesn’t also have some German in there , oh okay
Nonayur Beezwax
Nonayur Beezwax 11 日 前
Who knew % was spelled ”per cent".
Chapman 11 日 前
It’s funny really she’d look down on Prince Philip, he was born into royalty. Before she married into the Royal Family, she was a well to do commoner. Her father was the 14th Earl of Strathmore, nobility, but not royalty. She was the first commoner to marry into the Royal family in centuries. Prince Phillip’s family probably would have turned their nose up at her.
Chapman 2 日 前
@Mango T - thank you, I will find them. I appreciate it very much.
Mango T
Mango T 2 日 前
@Chapman The one on Edward VII is called “The Heir Apparent” by Jane Ridley, BTW. Also, “The Plantagenets” by Dan Jones is very readable.
Chapman 3 日 前
@Mango T 👍
Mango T
Mango T 4 日 前
@Chapman I will👍
Chapman 4 日 前
@Mango T - if you come across a good read on any of the early rulers in Europe and GB, post them. Thank you.
Chuck's poke
Chuck's poke 12 日 前
I wonder if it would have been an easier transition if Princess Elizabeth had been a son for the Queen Mother?
Mogroka K
Mogroka K 12 日 前
Pretty sure Philip wanted the children to be surnamed after his own family.
david mccallum
david mccallum 12 日 前
Royalty all serve satan anyway, so who gives a rat's ass !
nottingtohide 12 日 前
My mum told me I hit the Queen mother in the nose in hospital, straight after I came out of surgery on my nose. She leaned over to look at me, and I'd gone 'ugghh.!' bashed in the nose. I've still got the silver egg cup in my drawer, the Queen mum gave to my mum as a gift.
Dancing Firefly
Dancing Firefly 12 日 前
This a wonderful, fascinating documentary! I enjoyed it very much. 🇺🇸❤🇬🇧
Lithesome Lollies
Lithesome Lollies 12 日 前
whether QE-tqm liked P is not "history". The Royal Family in 2020 is nothing more than gossip, trivia, snobism, pathetic.
Mm Lim
Mm Lim 13 日 前
Zee IBM in
Barbara Hales
Barbara Hales 13 日 前
I AM The Queen Mother; I am who I am, therefore I shall DO as I WANT and GET what I WANT, WHEN I WANT, as my hand and my finger extended portray.
withgoddess 13 日 前
His sisters all married Germans... And so did he lol
Vero M.
Vero M. 13 日 前
Harry, Meghan, sooooo happy you escaped from all this madness!!!
Sophia 14 日 前
phillip wore the trousers because women didn’t wear pants back then
Tina Rider
Tina Rider 14 日 前
Queen Liz ll an impostor..The Queen mother the real Queen
Ytxmak 14 日 前
Do away with the bloody lot of 'em, bloody self-aggrandizing egos. Sickening....
Pius Twelvetrees
Pius Twelvetrees 14 日 前
The woman standing to the left of the Queen Mother during the coronation ceremony is the Princess Royal -- the sister of the deceased king. She was QEII's aunt.
Pius Twelvetrees
Pius Twelvetrees 14 日 前
The nun shown behind the Queen Mother during the coronation ceremony is Prince Philip's mother. She became a Greek Orthodox nun later in her life.
Pius Twelvetrees
Pius Twelvetrees 14 日 前
Hard to believe there hasn't been another coronation in 67 years.
Kyle Adcock
Kyle Adcock 15 日 前
Prince Phillip was born with that title. Why did he not become King or King consorte? If I compare today with Prince Charles and Camilla who became a Duchess, and will be crowned Queen Consort? Princess Diana was born a Duchess, became a princess on her wedding day...and had all worked out, she would have become Queen? I am a little confused.
HDM 15 日 前
Fun times... the Queen is absolutely gorgeous and the Duke is sizzling hot!
Helga Naples
Helga Naples 15 日 前
Korea MI by 6 zee a
Lord Walker
Lord Walker 15 日 前
I’m sure she knew that he was screwing around behind her daughters back.
John Marksman
John Marksman 15 日 前
So Philip's woman never had his back
Himself Lee
Himself Lee 15 日 前
Who cares.
The Queen the real one is now in charge of all the Queen that rules behind the curtain-Blessed Be.
Teresa Gib
Teresa Gib 15 日 前
Prince Philip is the great great grandson of Czar Nicholas I. He was also the great nephew of Alexandra, wife of last Czar Nicholas II of Russia. Alexandra was also the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. So I would say Prince Philip definitely had some royal in him.
markippo 15 日 前
Queen mother was always such a philistine... Philip came from a royal house for both Denmark and Greece and has in his blood traces of all current and former European Royal houses. Elizabeth was a local aristocracy that has married into English Royal family. From Philip's point of view, almost a commoner. She also liked to call him a German or Teuton, simply forgetting that the real surname of her beloved Albert was Saxe-Coburg und Gotha... Sounds pretty German to me... She was completely narrow minded.
rrickarr 15 日 前
I think Prince Phillip took care of things quite well!
little mama
little mama 15 日 前
Now he a cranky old whiner who wants to come back as a virus and kill off half the planet..he must love the corona crown virus😂😆
Tertia Maritz
Tertia Maritz 15 日 前
And the South Africa boer people..
Valerie Marrs
Valerie Marrs 15 日 前
I think she thought she looked beautiful. By today’s standards, she was an old battle axe with bad taste.
Anna Warner
Anna Warner 15 日 前
Prince William is very similar to Prince Phillip. Unbelievable!
Ettibridget 16 日 前
Never gree to like Philip?!? I find that hard to believe...
DL Southwell
DL Southwell 16 日 前
The Queen Mums "proper" Conservative stance on all affairs of state (and private) is one of the reasons England's Monarchs are so respected around the globe. She's a brilliant role model, a paragon of conformity, respect, and royal tradition. My Queen.
Jean Falco
Jean Falco 16 日 前
Pampel Moose
Pampel Moose 16 日 前
Why was it necessary for the Queen Mum to give up the Throne in her 50's to her daughter, Princess Elizabeth? Why couldn't she (Queen Mother) remain Queen?
Leesa Smith
Leesa Smith 16 日 前
Since he had so many struggles with the royal family, you would think he would have been kinder to Diana, who was struggling just as he did. He and the others were treating Diana just like he was treated. Hypocritical.
Gabby Deveau
Gabby Deveau 16 日 前
She looks so sweet but was really a quiet tyrant
Robins Harris
Robins Harris 16 日 前
Didn't know..Who She ? This not Queen ?
Kyle Lehr
Kyle Lehr 16 日 前
.....and I thought my mother in law was a pain😬
Neal Grey
Neal Grey 16 日 前
So what does the title of this video have to do with it’s content? Not munch.
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith 6 日 前
"munch". Ahhaaaahhaaaaaaa
lastudentessa 16 日 前
Who else noticed little Princess Anne falling down on the balcony right at the beginning. I kept "rewinding" to see it again and again.
janine harrison
janine harrison 16 日 前
She is a commoner and he was Royalty. In your face Dowager Queen ! That man had to put up with his mother in law most of his life! He deserves a crown for that!
Gladys Carancio
Gladys Carancio 16 日 前
Barbara Bendler
Barbara Bendler 17 日 前
Carol Ann Pinkerton
Carol Ann Pinkerton 17 日 前
The whole idea od royalty is stupid in the first place
Meadow Morph
Meadow Morph 17 日 前
"He's [Philip] got...German ancestry" So did Princess Elizabeth. I found that amusing, but then I'm American and only a scant few of us come from a pure ancestral heritage. That scant few are mostly those of us just off the boat.
vrenak 7 日 前
German, Danish, Russian... well the list goes on, but the mentioned three make up the bulk.
RKS CA 15 日 前
All of the monarchies of Europe are inbred and they are related to each other
Charlie K
Charlie K 17 日 前
The English need to get rid of the useless and ridiculous royals.
Sage Ryan
Sage Ryan 14 日 前
The royals bring in 100’s of millions to the British economy.
Elba Velez
Elba Velez 15 日 前
Amen! You have spoken nothing but the truth. They act as if they are gods. They are a bunch of people that made their fortune of the people they dominated for centuries.
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