Skip & Shannon react to Patrick Mahomes' $450M 10-year extension with Chiefs | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

ヶ月 前

The biggest story right now is Patrick Mahomes’ new mega-10-year-extension with the Chiefs for 450 million dollars. It is the largest contract in sports history. But with Mahomes getting paid, it's bound to have an effect on Dak Prescott, who has been franchise tagged and is still waiting for his new contract this summer. The Cowboys have until next Wednesday to work out a deal with Dak. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Mahomes' new deal and what it means for Dak Prescott.
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Skip & Shannon react to Patrick Mahomes' $450M 10-year extension with Chiefs | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED ヶ月 前
What are your thoughts on Patrick Mahomes' contract with the Chiefs?
CRAig Ming
CRAig Ming 4 日 前
@Carlton Turner he won 1 superbowl
Ship that over hyped bum to the Chicago bears.
Steven Cook
Steven Cook 28 日 前
John Allan
John Allan ヶ月 前
Should have given him the team :) How many QB's win the SB in their 2nd season? I think Wilson was the only one not sure. Not going to google it because I don't know for sure. Pretty sure the hype got wiped out running into Atlanta.
Sailor Bob
Sailor Bob ヶ月 前
Overpaid and he won't last 10 years.
Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder 22 時間 前
Did Shannon say that in THREE YEARS there "was talk" that the new TV deal could push the cap all the way up to 250? The projected cap for 2021 WAS 240-250 ALREADY before Covid hit. The new TV deal will push it up to 300 million and it should rise pretty steadily for the next few years after that(or would if you had certainty that Covid would only impact the NFL for one season and NOT multiple years which...I don't think it will). But anyway, he was talking about what they WERE saying. Nobody thought the cap would ONLY be at 250 in 3 years. A massive jump has been expected. Which is why I ALWAYS have said Dak's gonna get 40-45 if he hits the open market.
Anci3nt_On3 13 日 前
The man one the superbowl in his 3rd season. He deserves it. He is only 24!!!!
N Jenkins
N Jenkins 14 日 前
There's a part of the deal that allows the chiefs to reevaluate the contract 2 times before the 10 years are up, which also allows them to cancel the 2 year guarantee plan. Mahomes can also ask to reevaluate it once or twice I believed, but if he decides to end the contract at any of those times I know the 2 year guarantee is gone.
adriana dankful
adriana dankful 16 日 前
running in the 90s
GAZZA 18 日 前
JJ Chrismer
JJ Chrismer 18 日 前
will be injured again and will never win another super bowl ... I can't wait hahahaahah
Brandon Comer
Brandon Comer 21 日 前
it amazes me how such a boring and mediocre QB (Dak) commands so much media attention.
Steven Stocker
Steven Stocker 21 日 前
Mahomes gets the deal and somehow it’s about dak and the cowboys
308328928 22 日 前
He's not going get all that. There's a pandemic and this happens? BS
patrisio3 24 日 前
I once heard a preacher say that it doesn't matter how big these sports contracts are when the plan is to make the dollar fall apart.
Tim Lam
Tim Lam 24 日 前
Mahomes and the Chiefs are on the television in the background. How did this become a 20 minute discussion about the Cowboys and Dak?
attitude adjuster
attitude adjuster 24 日 前
Mark my words, if Maholmes doesn't get a handle on his partying it will be his downfall.
Rusty Reid
Rusty Reid 24 日 前
Looks like Skippy is finally coming around on Mahomes. Dak needs to win a superbowl to get Mahomes type money
michael Castle
michael Castle 25 日 前
I thought that the KC Chiefs organization was a dumb one, but now I'm surely sure of it! They go out and give Mahomes all of that money without talking into account that there's no possible way to ascertain what's going to happening going forward with the NFL in terms of revenue! With the Covid 19 pandemic coupled with many folks boycotting the NFL, for its politically correct stance, there's no telling how hard football, and all sports for that matter, will be impacted! What a brilliant move on your part KC..... Hehehe hehehehe hehehehe LMAO 😂
Don Chesvick
Don Chesvick 25 日 前
He's a great QB but it makes me sick that he's getting that kind of money to throw a freaking ball. Greed is killing pro sports, and the fans pick up the tab with rising ticket pricing. I hope there's no NFL this year and they lose billions.
Mitchell Miller
Mitchell Miller 24 日 前
Greed, Money, Takes The Fun Out Of A Sports! Whatever happened For The❤ Of The Game🙏
Mitchell Miller
Mitchell Miller 24 日 前
So! Who Really Benefits, Hope and Pray That We Have and, NFL Season
Jeff Dixon
Jeff Dixon 26 日 前
More pathetic wokeness. 20+ years ago I turned off the NHL because a bunch of players went on strike because they did not like their pensions. While the rest of us wonder how we will live in retirement, these guys were upset because after playing 8 or 9 or 12 years at $1.5 million or whatever per season they were concerned about what to do when they retire at 30. I turned them off. The NFL I never liked. Too boring. Same with NBA - although I greatly admire the skill of the players. Their connection with the CCP just confirms my decision never to bother with them. Baseball ... the only game I ever enjoyed was one I was at, and I was already 5 beers in by the time the rain delay was over. Was a "lifer" with the CFL but they went woke three years ago so "GOOD-BYE." Trust me when I say that after 1 year you will not miss them. You will be too busy volunteering, going hiking, doing that long lost renovation, going swimming with your kids, visiting Grandma, whatever. Save your soul and the souls of your children by shutting off these traitorous PC SJW idiots who want to enslave you. Because that is what they want to do to you. They want top brainwash you and take away your freedoms. Save yourselves and SHUT THEM OFF NOW!
Georgia Black Man
Georgia Black Man 26 日 前
Patrick Mahomes had half white privilege
walcott70 27 日 前
Patrick Mahomes is a football killer period just like Brady, or a Jordan even though his game's basketball. He can beat you with arms or legs pure determination. When a player can come from behind to get the win says a lot in the eyes of fans. aka the comeback kid
Jorge Sanchez
Jorge Sanchez 27 日 前
What do they mean by "TV money will be different this year"... I dont get it.
hen ko
hen ko 27 日 前
Wonderful video, my friend! Shine on!?
Kurcovein 27 日 前
The reverse Scottie Pippen’s contract. If he get injured and that affects his career there will be a big bunch of money in the trash can...
JAY James
JAY James 27 日 前
Patrick Mahomes - SHOW ME THE MONEY 💰
hen ko
hen ko 27 日 前
Humans LOVE counting other humans MONEY......
Tony K
Tony K 28 日 前
You can’t compare Rodger and Troy. One was a great player and the other had great players around him.
Swedish American
Swedish American 28 日 前
Mahomes is due a $49.4M roster bonus in 2026. No way the Chiefs will pay that. They will either move on without him or will try and do a new deal by then.
2Phonesjumpin 28 日 前
Mahomes got that Joe Rogan contract times 2! Sheesh!
chris noecker
chris noecker 28 日 前
k but Dak actually has better 2019 stats...also not even close to biggest sports contract in history...Messi makes almost twice this amount, lol. Ronaldo and Messi also have endorsement contracts worth three times this amount...ESPN check your facts.
Vipers Venom
Vipers Venom 28 日 前
Its ridiculous what teams are paying these guys. He shouldn't have even been the SB MVP! The RB that bought them back into the game should've been the MVP!
Me Me
Me Me 28 日 前
Shannon preach. This has nothing to do with dak Prescott. Dak's first two years they let dak and Zeke play to figure out how they play. Then they changed how they play.
Paul Freedom
Paul Freedom 28 日 前
Dak who? Lamar who? They can carry Mahomes spikes.
FatmanJonesTV 29 日 前
Bruh these starting to feel like reruns...
hen ko
hen ko 28 日 前
Oh, you look cool though.
Carroll Jonnes
Carroll Jonnes 29 日 前
It's already done.
Fab T
Fab T 29 日 前
It was systemic racism! I know it! If he was full black he would have never got that contract! Boycott nfl! It’s only because he was 75% white!
Musa Yobabydaddy
Musa Yobabydaddy 29 日 前
Mahomes don't wind up like Ray Rice!
hen ko
hen ko 29 日 前
I don't understand why this is even a conversation. Dak isn't even in the same world as Mahomes.
Josh Rose
Josh Rose ヶ月 前
Why do they talk about the cowgirls no matter the topic. No one cares about then routinely 8-8 cowgirls in the trash division that is NFC East
hen ko
hen ko 29 日 前
He's Pretty Good But it's way to much $$$ for a Quarter Back it's dangerous Chiefs better have a good line to protect Him I don't know.
James Johnson
James Johnson ヶ月 前
Pat is having a good time 😎🍧 the cheifs are loving it just watch 😃😎😉🤑🖒🏁
bigg Ralph
bigg Ralph ヶ月 前
Humans LOVE counting other humans MONEY......
Nissan370Z Glass
Nissan370Z Glass ヶ月 前
Skip Clueless
David Lee Roth
David Lee Roth ヶ月 前
I will admit Dak has been good. Not great, but good. He us in such a good offense that if he doesn't take them on a deep playoff rin this year he will be Franchised or traded. He is not Patrick, Watson or Lamar good
Michael Rupley
Michael Rupley ヶ月 前
Shut up shannon Sharpe you need to be fired your boring !!!
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 17 日 前
cnmmd qiuoo he was talking about celebrating Dallas losing against the Jets while he was in the broncos press box watching Denver play Tennessee
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo ヶ月 前
You boys are high. Dallas didn't play at Denver last year. That was 2017.
Len Swan
Len Swan ヶ月 前
Skip wishes Pat gets hurt.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo ヶ月 前
It's nice seeing Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe in the same studio, together, again...
Michael Gaglione
Michael Gaglione ヶ月 前
Shannon asked why wouldnt Jerry Jones pay Dak like he paid Romo... Why would Jerry Jones want to make the same mistake twice and pay his QB more then he is worth???
Tim Fronimos
Tim Fronimos ヶ月 前
I hope the NFL goes bankrupt. then MLB, NBA and then NHL. Not good entertainment value.
Mitchell Miller
Mitchell Miller ヶ月 前
GM Undisputed! Does,nt Guranteed A SB! Things Happen in the NFL!!!
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo ヶ月 前
I would've lost my noodle if they've brought up LeBron James. 🤣😂😂😂😂
M.K 29 日 前
Them 5 seconds left: even Lebron didn't make this type of money 😂😂
James MacKinnon
James MacKinnon ヶ月 前
Well, older Chiefs fans can tell us how their franchise picked Todd Blackledge instead of Marino or Kelly in the 1983 draft; maybe having Mahomes locked in KC has exorcised those demons! The high money figures of these huge QB packages have been going up consistently from the 120s $million (Flacco) to the 140s (Wilson), but this jump to 503 million may drop jaws everywhere, and strange things do occur often in all theaters of history; to ensure Mahomes as their man for the far future surely involved weighing many options, but the recent playoff successes which occurred because of a special man at the helm reflects an overall good decision. Nothing in Mahomes’ character reveals any foreseen hurdles, even with the intangibles. Moreover, the FO of the Chiefs isn’t foolish - this singularly colossal package had team-friendliness squarely in mind, so keeping a good team around him should still happen. However, nobody’s infallible and DCs will assiduously work to defend against him (49er fans have a good gripe about that no-call on Fisher holding Bosa on the famous 3rd and 15 play!). This isn’t basketball, etc., where a Jordan could dominate no matter how determined a good defense was.
*Stars-Red-Carpet-Looks-MASONIC ! *
*Stars-Red-Carpet-Looks-MASONIC ! * ヶ月 前
NO MORE SANDUSKY SPORTS.... what is all this money for...since there aren't any games or events scheduled... & no way to determine playoffs mvp or anything else.... but people giving up their rent money for rubber chinese shoes
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo ヶ月 前
Mahomes endorsement will make his contract look like chump change. Mahomes just wanted to get this contract out the way.
*Stars-Red-Carpet-Looks-MASONIC ! *
*Stars-Red-Carpet-Looks-MASONIC ! * ヶ月 前
DISNEYLAND CLOSED ESPN LOOK AROUND... FIND ANOTHER guys aren't even talking about sports anymore RIP you sjw betas CANCELL ANAHEIM ESPN..
*Stars-Red-Carpet-Looks-MASONIC ! *
*Stars-Red-Carpet-Looks-MASONIC ! * ヶ月 前
The Airport Chauffeur
The Airport Chauffeur ヶ月 前
Dak is 10X better than Romo!!!
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera ヶ月 前
He's Pretty Good But it's way to much $$$ for a Quarter Back it's dangerous Chiefs better have a good line to protect Him I don't know.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv ヶ月 前
10 years this is going to be interesting for the rest of the team
Granpda Corey
Granpda Corey ヶ月 前
Pat Mahommes comes back to camp with a gut and red koolaid stains on his shirt with pizza sauce on his face from eating in the car. I hope him the best but it would be funny to see a contract this big go south; it would make teams in the future scared from making 10 year commitments; but im sure the contract is written so the team can dump him if he doesn't perform.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv ヶ月 前
I think Dak is better, Mahomes has plenty more weapons than Dak.
hathound tt
hathound tt ヶ月 前
Past history suggest when quarterbacks get these ridiculous contracts suddenly their skills start to disappear mmm is it because maybe the team was foolish enough to guarantee most of that money no matter what happens.
tthomaselli2 ヶ月 前
It's nice seeing Skip Bayless & Shannon Sharpe in the same studio, together, again...
mahanna77 ヶ月 前
You boys are high. Dallas didn't play at Denver last year. That was 2017.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 17 日 前
He was talking about celebrating Dallas loss while in the broncos press box while watching Denver play and win against Tennessee
Anthony Hilton
Anthony Hilton ヶ月 前
Dak don't deserve money like that.
Tanjon Zou
Tanjon Zou ヶ月 前
I don't know why anybody want to be here and talk about the NFL or any type of sports in this day and age right now and the position that we're in. all this pretending and covering up the fact that black people are being targeted everywhere and you want to talk about the NFL like we going to sit here and a middle of a war and watch football and we not going to get reparations we're not going to get land we're just going to get infected with some vaccines and you mean to tell me you don't care you just want to talk about who going to get paid which ain't getting paid nothing to play anyway if your a black man. Chasing crumbs in the NFL any way to Black men. you've been treated like a dogs so why are you playing football right now and I think you should sit out
Mister Clutch
Mister Clutch ヶ月 前
💪 Mahomes! Let's go Rockets!
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