22 Musicals In 12 Minutes w/ Lin Manuel Miranda & Emily Blunt

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

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James Corden welcomes the stars of "Mary Poppins Returns" to perform a musical-inspired Role Call, featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt singing classics from 22 musicals covering Evita to The Wizard Of Oz. And Kermit the Frog stops by to help James with ''The Rainbow Connection.''
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Dalton Psomas
Dalton Psomas 3 時間 前
No matter how many times this comes along in my feed it’s great. No matter what it’s not throwing away it’s shot
Polejandro Time
Polejandro Time 5 時間 前
Lo máximo 👏
Kimberly Howard-Karavan
Kimberly Howard-Karavan 5 時間 前
This is truly FABULOUS!!!
CouchPotatoeYT 7 時間 前
Chloe Mayfield
Chloe Mayfield 8 時間 前
Oh wow! The musical I’ve been wanting to do (Little Shop of Horrors) and the musical I just got casted in (Les Miserables) are done right beside each other. I’ve come to like both.
irsan utomo
irsan utomo 17 時間 前
I dont know emily can sing...😘
Chaima Sassi
Chaima Sassi 23 時間 前
oh to be living james corden life
suika 日 前
Lin’s face playing the woods was too funny🤣👏🏻
Ava MacFarlane
Ava MacFarlane 日 前
The funny thing is lin is actually in mary poppins returns
Patito the duck
Patito the duck 日 前
Me waiting for Hamilton 👁👄👁
Lisa Müller
Lisa Müller 日 前
0:31 Am I the only one thinking Lin could really wear this vest? XD
Cloud Rxse
Cloud Rxse 日 前
Lin is the best third wheeler ever
Karla Lucille Panizales
Karla Lucille Panizales 2 日 前
me literally was waiting for them to sing a song from Hamilton
Isabella Rios
Isabella Rios 2 日 前
Is Emily Blunt from Criminal Minds?
Fuzzypickle 2008
Fuzzypickle 2008 2 日 前
I love how lin is just a BG character in soem of them eyt always steals the show😭😂 like when he was the windmill in the one before once
Random Things
Random Things 2 日 前
8:14 I go crazy over Hamilton reference
Random Things
Random Things 2 日 前
I feel like loads of comments are about how they didn’t do Hamilton. But I agree. They really threw away their shot
Random Things
Random Things 2 日 前
Lin : I am not throwing away my shot Me : YESSSS ALEXANDER!!!!!!!!!!
Random Things
Random Things 2 日 前
In my eyes this is Alexander Hamilton third wheeling for a full video
Random Things
Random Things 2 日 前
I wish they would do a part two and maybe include Hamilton. I have a 𝚜𝚕𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 obsession with it. I am actually watching right now at the same time ( I’m up to cabinet battle 2 )
Phat Waffle
Phat Waffle 2 日 前
me waiting on heathers 👁💧👄💧👁
Julia Connors
Julia Connors 2 日 前
i enjoyed this so much
MegaGug 95
MegaGug 95 2 日 前
I’d love to see Emily play Evita
JoLene Keipp
JoLene Keipp 2 日 前
Ok ummmmm idk what I’m saying
bruh 2 日 前
this is exactly what my three last brain cells are doing all the time and that’s why i’m failing almost all classes
RoamArrow 2 日 前
Wheres the timestamp guy
Saber Toothless
Saber Toothless 2 日 前
Audrey 2!!! 😂😂😂
mashie tat
mashie tat 2 日 前
I love this so much I love the vibe
Adora-bull Bulldog
Adora-bull Bulldog 3 日 前
James Corden makes me sooo happy !!!!!!!! I didn't know Emily Blunt could sing, and Lin Manuel Miranda is also fantastic !!! This must have been verrry difficult to do! It was sooo good !!!!!!!! :-)
The quibbler
The quibbler 3 日 前
4:26 Im sorry but lin's face i-
Katherine Knapp
Katherine Knapp 3 日 前
Laura Shipp
Laura Shipp 3 日 前
Loved when Emily forgot to take her hat off once
Bon bon
Bon bon 3 日 前
Emily and James: We are actually in into the woods Lin: *Doesn't get to do hamilton because it isn't in it* Me:You decided to- WWWWHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT
grace 3 日 前
me waiting for hamilton like: 😢
Konstantinos Chadinis
Konstantinos Chadinis 3 日 前
So nice to see in an American Talk Show a background photo of my home place from Mama Mia.
Hania Surowiec
Hania Surowiec 3 日 前
tje fact that glee did most of these songs
kleinemisset 3 日 前
lin really felt mamma mia XD
Anna Ishii
Anna Ishii 3 日 前
I never noticed how cringy Hairspray without a black person is, even if it runs for only 15 seconds.
bubblez 3 日 前
0:29 Emily Blunt’s the new Willy Wonka
stanford holman
stanford holman 4 日 前
I was holding out for Paint Your Wagon.......
anabel alvarez
anabel alvarez 4 日 前
I loved them💕🤗
Ava Rogers
Ava Rogers 4 日 前
Is no one gonna talk about how James told Lin he couldn’t be in into the woods but how he was in Mary poppies returns
Gladys Fontana
Gladys Fontana 4 日 前
Y aquí podemos corroborar que Lin-Manuel Miranda podrá ser un gran compositor ... pero canta horrible y baila PEOR.
Hopefire Addington
Hopefire Addington 4 日 前
I can't believe they left out one of the greatest musical movies of all time;Sound of music 😭
Brooks Stanly
Brooks Stanly 4 日 前
I would really really want to get over 100 likes or comments on this pls
Brooks Stanly
Brooks Stanly 4 日 前
I meet Emily Blunt at the the my Little pony premier,
Brooks Stanly
Brooks Stanly 4 日 前
Cake Craft
Cake Craft 4 日 前
I have seen this 1000 times! I love this video idk why!
Leftover Spagehhti
Leftover Spagehhti 4 日 前
9:18 Lin was dressed as Javert but did Valjean's part ╰(‵□′)╯╰(‵□′)╯╰(‵□′)╯╰(‵□′)╯╰(‵□′)╯
Leftover Spagehhti
Leftover Spagehhti 4 日 前
As a theatre kid I appreciate this
Ravenclaw Entertainment
Ravenclaw Entertainment 5 日 前
Who else waited for Hadestown to come on? Or is it just me? Okay, goodbye now
Ravenclaw Entertainment
Ravenclaw Entertainment 5 日 前
Lin: **appears as a french candle (i forgot his name)** Me: **spits out my Sprite Cranberry**
Destiny Tapia
Destiny Tapia 5 日 前
How can Lin give off a feeling of a responsible dad and a child😂
Landon Softpaws
Landon Softpaws 5 日 前
How many musicals did you know? Sadly, my score is only 15/22 (Meaning I have at least listened to the soundtrack a few times if I haven't seen the show/film)
Maddie Grace
Maddie Grace 5 日 前
The fact that they didn’t do Hamilton, Heather’s, and Grease will annoy me for the rest of my life.
sHaLaYdEe 5 日 前
i saw someone comment/reply to someone but couldn't fine there comment, but the person who replied said "Hamilton wasn't even out yet" i would just like to tell them that Hamilton was out before this, it was out in 2016. it was performed on Broadway in 2016 and was relised on Disney+ in 2020 bc of covid
victoria alexander
victoria alexander 5 日 前
Me waiting for Hamilton so I can sing
RG Riftzy
RG Riftzy 5 日 前
*For shame, For shameee*
Julieta Paz Herrera Ramirez
Julieta Paz Herrera Ramirez 5 日 前
Yo esperando que cantaran algo de Hamilton: 🤡
MattWeisherComposer 5 日 前
Lmfao Lin’s lovely attempt at a Colm Wilkinson.
Beth EL
Beth EL 6 日 前
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS ! Yes ! Pun Intended ! ROFL ! James You DONE IT AGAIN !!!
Tali W
Tali W 6 日 前
The critic 😂😂😂
Tali W
Tali W 6 日 前
Lol into the woods
Bailey Townsend
Bailey Townsend 6 日 前
Bailey Townsend
Bailey Townsend 6 日 前
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s entrance was awesome lol, he started like swaying on his stick lmao.
annalorraine 6 日 前
What makes this funnier is that they are adults😂😂
selina 6 日 前
Y B 6 日 前
I so wanted to see my shot more- Like the music starts playing and: James: wait- there must be a misunderstanding this isnt-- Lin: Move along Jimmy boy, this is my turf 7u7
Chace Deulen
Chace Deulen 7 日 前
Where is Wicked, Phantom, and Hamilton?
Bluebird Gaming
Bluebird Gaming 7 日 前
I’m livid... NO HAMILTON!?
Kaelyn Star-123
Kaelyn Star-123 7 日 前
I love how Kermit just comes
sharonmarybrigid 7 日 前
How van you do 22 musicals and not have ANY Lerner and Lowe or Rodgers and Hammerstein? I mean I am old NOW but I loved those as a child and teenager.
Koala Creamsicle
Koala Creamsicle 7 日 前
Cara Boyack
Cara Boyack 7 日 前
The thing I’m confused about is why is Hamilton not there?
Nyctoby 7 日 前
Where is cats
Liana Kusterer
Liana Kusterer 8 日 前
They should have done Wizard of Oz and then James runs in saying “I thought we were doing Wicked”
Grezia Candia Vallejos
Grezia Candia Vallejos 7 日 前
They did
Alycia Lindsey
Alycia Lindsey 8 日 前
That. Was. Amazing.
Evelyn Joy
Evelyn Joy 8 日 前
Becca Hare
Becca Hare 8 日 前
Do more 12 minute musicals
Ana Delgado
Ana Delgado 8 日 前
How dare you leave Hamilton out when the ceater and main charater is right there!?
*Scholel* 8 日 前
Wait no hamilton?!
Girl Almighty
Girl Almighty 9 日 前
this is literally me and my friends at school everyday...
Deborah Dufel
Deborah Dufel 9 日 前
Thank you for the hilarious 12 minutes. Brilliant.
ToyJoy Super Show
ToyJoy Super Show 9 日 前
I ❤️ musicals and broadway
Tallulah Schemmel
Tallulah Schemmel 9 日 前
POV: the theater kids have taken over class and is teaching everyone how to perform.
marissa pilcher
marissa pilcher 9 日 前
Wow 👏
Bill Potts
Bill Potts 9 日 前
I never realized that they wouldn't let Lin Manuel be Into the Woods, but they James be in Mary Poppins until now.
Mary Solis
Mary Solis 9 日 前
Annie, Into the Woods: Hated those. Love that they included Once!
george pasquel
george pasquel 9 日 前
They 3 are national treasures. But Emily is amazing amazing singer. So good. Thanks a lot.
Sunshine Daily
Sunshine Daily 10 日 前
Am I the only one who doesn’t think Emily looks like Willy Wonka and the first outfit
Dreamer Draws91
Dreamer Draws91 10 日 前
Where was hamilton??? Isnt hamilton the best musical ever
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover 10 日 前
I’m in the sound of Music in my town, and I’m Brigitta, and we have to change into a dress in one minute...
H Mertins
H Mertins 10 日 前
loved james laugh in muinete 11 after the fame seggment!
Kathryn A
Kathryn A 10 日 前
Lin-Manuel'a chuckle when he realized he was marching twice as slow as the other two XD :3
Rubeus Fraiz
Rubeus Fraiz 10 日 前
0:00 Introduction 0:42 1. Cabaret - '' Cabaret '' 1:09 2. Chicago - '' All That Jazz '' 1:39 3. La la Land - '' City Of Stars '' 2:00 4. Beauty And The Beast - '' Be Our Guest '' 2:24 5. Guys And Dolls - '' Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat '' 2:48 6. Evita - '' Don't Cry For Me Argentina '' 3:03 7. Singing in the rain - '' Singing In The Rain '' 3:20 8. Mary Poppins Returns - '' Trip A Little Light Fantastic '' 4:30 9. The Muppet Movie - '' The Rainbow Connection '' 5:25 10. The Wizard Of Oz - '' Somewhere Over The Rainbow '' 5:46 11. Hairspray - '' You Can't Stop The Beat'' 6:10 12. Dreamgirls -'' Listen '' 6:55 13. Annie - '' It's A Hard-Knock Life '' 7:15 14. Fiddler on the roof - '' Matchmaker '' 7:30 15. Into The Woods - '' It Takes Two '' 8:56 16. Little Shop Of Horrors - '' Prologue '' 9:16 17. Les Miserables - '' One Day More '' 10:08 18. Moulin Rouge - '' Your Song '' 10:45 19. Once - '' Falling Slowly '' 11:06 20. Fame - '' Fame '' 11:27 Gentlemen Preferes Blondes - '' Diamonds Are Girls Best Friends '' 11:43 Mamma Mia - '' Dancing Queen ''
RoamArrow 2 日 前
Yo 10 日 前
*Its really disappointing when you only know one musical from here*
BabaTundé 10 日 前
Would’ve loved to see them do “Consider Yourself” from ‘Oliver!’
Skäggulk Bergström
Skäggulk Bergström 10 日 前
So good, and she is so classy
Mackenzie OConnor
Mackenzie OConnor 11 日 前
I’ve watched this too many times No there is NEVER too many times
Simon Parker
Simon Parker 11 日 前
The background of les miserables looks almost exactly like diagon alley
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