A Message To Gabrielle Moses

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16 日 前

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btw sorry for the mid rolls but I’m trying to buy a new bike and GoPro cameras and let’s just say money hasn’t been coming in the last 4 months of not posting

Xplosive 時間 前
I think we can all know 2020 was cursed...
Owen McGee
Owen McGee 2 時間 前
That voice crack at 10:30 got me:'(
arina zaimi
arina zaimi 2 時間 前
He was literally holding back his tears
Brady High
Brady High 2 時間 前
Nathan RuetZ
Nathan RuetZ 2 時間 前
I was hoping it was a prank the whole time
Anna Skinner
Anna Skinner 3 時間 前
I love you jack. Stay strong 🥰this absolutely made me cry because I’ve been watching y’all for almost a year now and it’s hard not to see y’all together. Just know that everyone is here for you no matter what 🥺💕
good vibes
good vibes 3 時間 前
0:43 anyone here someone
Olivia Pass
Olivia Pass 5 時間 前
wait i’m really confused have they broken up 😢
X CHAFFY X 5 時間 前
What happened to opening a aquarium together 💔🥺
Elizabeth Castillon
Elizabeth Castillon 8 時間 前
I’ve been following these two for a good amount of time and I never thought they’d ever break up ): they definitely had their rough patches, but never did I think that. It seems to me that this is a relationship where Jack really depended on Gabrielle just by how he’s talking about her. ): it’s terrible because you can tell how he’s such a great guy and though he’s not perfect he really does love her. I hope they could work through this regardless of the situation now of Gabrielle dating someone else or what not (idk if that’s true)
Nicole Rivera
Nicole Rivera 8 時間 前
I have no idea who these people are or how I got here
neha zaver
neha zaver 8 時間 前
I’m so lost. Someone tell me what’s going on with their relationship?
Bobbie Pinhorne
Bobbie Pinhorne 9 時間 前
2020 is actually shit 😞😭😢😢😞
Sam O
Sam O 9 時間 前
Lowkey reminded me of Corey and topanga
estefany vasquez
estefany vasquez 9 時間 前
That happens to me and it was hard I cry every day but now he is with someone else so I have to moved on but still feel bad and I miss that person 😭
estefany vasquez
estefany vasquez 9 時間 前
Baby i know is hard but you have to move on she really moved so is your turn ❤️
Brooke Swanson
Brooke Swanson 9 時間 前
I wish this all was just a huge prank. They seemed so happy together.
Kayley Scott
Kayley Scott 10 時間 前
wow okay guys this prank has gone on long enough !
Za dude
Za dude 11 時間 前
All that matters now is that u get back up and keep running because once we finish our race it’s over just make sure that your marathon of life doesn’t stay like this forever. I’d suggest u find a new running buddy 😉
Jumpy 11 時間 前
can someone explain what’s happening??? did he cheat? did they break up??
the bloody e
the bloody e 12 時間 前
My girlfriend broke up with me not too long ago, and here’s why; so it all started when some family of mine developed cancer. And because of that, I’ve been spending a lot of time with them and trying to comfort them while they’re on their deathbeds. And as another result, I’ve been showing less affection to my girlfriend. All she’s been asking for here recently is sex and love. I told her that now is not the best time for that, because I need to put some time towards my family and taking care of them. But she didn’t feel like waiting for me to get through what I was going through, so she broke up with me. Right then and there. I was so angry and hurt at the same time, because how is she going to drop me like a hot potato in my worst time?! Right now is when she should be by my side the most! My family is DYING. And she just leaves me Because I can’t give her affection that she wants. It’s really sad and hurtful. So I know how it feels to go through a breakup. It’s tough as nails.
CoolAddi07 12 時間 前
this is 100% the saddest video I have ever watched, I know y’all are soulmates and if it’s meant to be then you will find your way back to each other. 🤍🤍
Jane Uduh
Jane Uduh 13 時間 前
I don't believe Jack would ever cheat on Garbielle cuz Jack really loved her. Like why would he cheat.? Jack didn't cheat on her and he was planning to marry her too😭😭. Y'all need to stop spreading rumors about people's relationship and use it for clout. If u don't know anything about why they broke up don't make something up like stop spreading rumors. Love you Jack 💗💗 stay strong 💪
Emily Mallqui
Emily Mallqui 13 時間 前
I’ve watched this like 8 times and cried every single time😭😭😭😭
Fers gaming Tribe
Fers gaming Tribe 14 時間 前
Is she dead ?
Jarryn Taylor
Jarryn Taylor 14 時間 前
I love how he's like me after a breakup... That is, if it was a good relationship.. Because I don't look back and go: *"I wish this never happened. I wish I never met you. You never deserved me. I hate you!"* Nahh. *It's better to look at the positive things. Just because they left you, doesn't make them bad people.* I made their life more enjoyable. Easier. I'm glad I was theirs. I hope they're doing well. [ This isn't my best explaining but I tried ]
Shreyansh Jain
Shreyansh Jain 14 時間 前
plz be together ❤ 🙏 😢 😔
LarryzPureLove 19 時間 前
giselle allos
giselle allos 23 時間 前
you guys cannot end ,, no no 🥺🥺
Anoop Joseph
Anoop Joseph 23 時間 前
I am sure they will get back together
Marie Joan
Marie Joan 日 前
It is okay to cry jack
Jayline Guillen
Jayline Guillen 日 前
Wait what happened like I don’t understand anything
Hannah Fish
Hannah Fish 日 前
Uh when did this happen did I miss something is there a story?
movie adda
movie adda 日 前
U r single I 🔒👇locked my life
movie adda
movie adda 日 前
U r single
Cutiee Panda
Cutiee Panda 日 前
unicorn star
unicorn star 日 前
Yall were my favorite JPshow yall made me change I got picked on but yall saved me I love yall I well be here for u and here I'm not picking side.i dont know why people can pick side but the watch tall video when yall were both in it but love yall god bless you
Mopar Society
Mopar Society 日 前
😓 9:10
Kawtar A
Kawtar A 日 前
I am done with people picking sides jack or gab there people to you know and there have a heart to and i know that i am not the only one how is on both sides
weebspoty 日 前
I said alot in the reply msges that he cheated. But i think he didn’t
Kailynn Geringer
Kailynn Geringer 日 前
Wait so did they break up?
Habiba Aly
Habiba Aly 日 前
how does everything change just like that :(
Mary Ann Reyes
Mary Ann Reyes 日 前
wait they broke up!!?
Its me Annie
Its me Annie 日 前
Why......why did u broke up😔
Gael Avila
Gael Avila 日 前
Don’t simp
Gael Avila
Gael Avila 日 前
Keep ur head up
Justin Galindo
Justin Galindo 日 前
I’m so confused I don’t get what happened.
casper gaming
casper gaming 日 前
You dont realize what somthing means to you until it's gone. Dont worry man you love her and she loves you if you do or dont get back together its going to be hard but you can push threw it man trust me I know many times but dont give up and fight.
I saw all the videos and still don't know why they broke up
Fly And Rat
Fly And Rat 日 前
He cheated
Freddy Gonzalez
Freddy Gonzalez 日 前
To find the star that only shines for you is not impossible just sometimes ever lasting but those who find it are ever greatful
Ziora Nwaobia
Ziora Nwaobia 日 前
Can i know why they broke up 🤧😣
Fly And Rat
Fly And Rat 日 前
He cheated
Chelsea White
Chelsea White 日 前
Your guy’s breakup was so heartbreaking, but I’m happy you guys are trying to move on😊
Bryan Pdna
Bryan Pdna 日 前
message for gab ? you probably should tell her in person
Hassan Miah
Hassan Miah 日 前
YEAHHH Gabriella is free, where the boys at?
Kylei Miller
Kylei Miller 日 前
Or even gabs brother
Kylei Miller
Kylei Miller 日 前
Disappointed.. go talk to sydney & maybe she will give u some advice.
Brooke Drew
Brooke Drew 2 日 前
Why u break up
Ambers World
Ambers World 2 日 前
I hate 2020
Moraltheme .
Moraltheme . 2 日 前
On the bright side u made to rices vid, I’m sorry just thought u may like to know
GarbageCPS 日 前
Lmao yeah I saw rice’s vid too
jmac girls
jmac girls 2 日 前
I'm still thinking he is a jerk still I can tell the way he says thing also its the vibe BTW I'm a Scorpio and that's our traits we r sadly never wrong about lies
DinoHunter56 日 前
I am a Scorpio too and have no idea what you're talking about
Celia Campbell
Celia Campbell 2 日 前
We love you
Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker 2 日 前
everyones talking about this and that him being sad but you know he's hurting when he wont even put the rubber duck squeak over his swear :\
Matthew Freese
Matthew Freese 2 日 前
Is the channel now gonna be called Jack and...
Ayaan Ayub
Ayaan Ayub 2 日 前
Omg please I loved watching your videos every time you posted. You used to be my favourite JPshowrs. I’ll miss you 😢😢😢
Ishan Mehra
Ishan Mehra 2 日 前
Hi jack, it's good to finally see you talking and expressing yourself to your audience, (to us) Your one of the funniest, coolest, outgoing and happiest ppl I've ever seen. Your presence and aura is amazing it's different, it's something special!!!! I'm sure you must have made huge mistakes and you've lost everything but stay strong!!!!! The never forget the real JACK we all know, super funny, making everyone laugh, doing stupid things and just enjoying yourself. But you can learn from your mistakes and become a better person now change yourself for the better!!!! This is like your warning and maybe you'll become a new changed and even better person after this
Slightly Okay
Slightly Okay 2 日 前
I don’t know who you are or how I got here but keep your head up brothers
Bro Modz
Bro Modz 2 日 前
its al fake he never cheated i got to the bottom of it Spam the comments so he sees this its all fake me and a friend stayed up all night to get to the bottom of this rn its 8am pls like & subscribe to my channel for me to post about there channel what we did!!!
Christeena Alphonsa
Christeena Alphonsa 2 日 前
The way he talks about her.. *im crying*
Victoria Parks
Victoria Parks 2 日 前
This makes me sad and heartbroken. This reminds me of the pain I had with break ups. 😭😰😭😰😭😨😭😰😨😭😰
Fuckeverybody Fuckeverybody
Fuckeverybody Fuckeverybody 11 時間 前
I guess the guys who left you are blind or idiots . You look beautiful and i guess your hearth is as well.
Reece Thomason
Reece Thomason 3 日 前
i’m confused did jack cheat on gab or did gab cheat on jack or just what happend
jade blight
jade blight 3 日 前
I promise you everyone of your fans will always be with you and gab, we will watch you guys on different channels waiting for you guys to possibly get back together, if you dont thats ok we will always respect both of you no matter what, your fans love you guys soooooo much💗
Bianca Bacon
Bianca Bacon 3 日 前
you can tell he really loves her by the way he talks. I feel so bad for both of them, and it makes me sad that people are hating on Jack or Gab right now when it's already hard enough as it is to go through a breakup
Stephanie Fleshman
Stephanie Fleshman 3 日 前
He’s going way into detail, he’s repeating some thing, his breathing is changing, he keeps pausing. Every time he speaks he doesn’t look at the camera he looks everywhere else. He’s either sitting too still or he’s moving his head to the sides a lot. He’s taking breaks like he’s going to cry but his voice isn’t breaking like it does when you try to fight off the tears. These are signs of lying.
DinoHunter56 日 前
What is he lying about? Him loving Gab? Gab being good in school? Him speaking about how he and Gab grew up together? Him talking about how Gab always took care of him and had the ability to keep him calm?
Okay councillor, go to sleep now.
Victoria Barral
Victoria Barral 3 日 前
I find it interesting how Gabrielle did so many promotions and seemed so happy on insta and JPshow after the breakup and then a few months later, all of a sudden she’s crying here eyes out. And then Jack was going through crazy anxiety and depression and not posting for months, and now decides to reappear. It’s so sad. But I pray for them and I hope they will atleast become civil and each of them apologizes for the mistakes they both made.
Sandra Fuschino
Sandra Fuschino 3 日 前
that’s what happens when you think your better/smarter than everyone else. Your 21 and think your experience like your 41, your a little baby that needs to grow up. Be good to people and things will change
Avah Kinsella
Avah Kinsella 3 日 前
Wait I'm so sorry I haven't watched you guys in a while and saw this video, is this fr? I've never really seen you like this but if it is real I'm so sorry for both of you
ItsTiTan 219
ItsTiTan 219 3 日 前
Relationship are not to be thrown out and get a new one but to fix.
WZ H3RB 3 日 前
Jack are y’all still gonna be friends and are y’all gonna talk still or no?
Ava W
Ava W 3 日 前
it’s literally the notebook. y’all will find each other again. it’s not over i know it
Ggg Trff
Ggg Trff 6 時間 前
I feel it to this is not the end. They were each other’s backbones. I have a strong vibe these 2 will find there way back to each other
Rafiq Bhuiyan
Rafiq Bhuiyan 10 時間 前
Please shut up there over live with it they didn't work out stop saying they'll get back together saying that will probably push them away
Petty AsFuck
Petty AsFuck 10 時間 前
No, please be over. Let the children live their lives. It’s not a movie. It’s an a how I’ve relationship that needs to be over.
Lucas B
Lucas B 3 日 前
It makes it worst when you read the description
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