Polo G - Martin & Gina (Official Video)

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Official video for "Martin & Gina" by Polo G.
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Directed by Reel Goats
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MYST 673
MYST 673 24 分 前
i saw 6ix9ine in the video lol
Shyanti Charles
Shyanti Charles 24 分 前
They would look mad cute together ngl.. but this song had not head bopping songs pressure 🖤🔥🔥!!
ProcessSZN 24 分 前
Polo G si damn hard bro for no reason 😭😭💯
Luwoo23 24 分 前
Is that pretty V😂
Mohamed Naji
Mohamed Naji 24 分 前
like por ser e mejor videoclip d hip hop
Victoria Lynn
Victoria Lynn 25 分 前
Yessss I love it, This raw👏👏 👏
Jayedyn Johnson
Jayedyn Johnson 25 分 前
This is just one of the reasons why polo g is the best rapper of the generation🤝
Luwoo23 25 分 前
Who dat girl
kelsey rhee
kelsey rhee 25 分 前
the acting was the best , the video was amazing .. the song after is hard .. polo is really the goat at this rap stuff
Name one bad song he made?
RtL 576
RtL 576 25 分 前
You a goat 🐐 we believe in you bro we here we ain’t going no where 💯💯💯🐐
Juju Svo
Juju Svo 26 分 前
This a masterpiece no doubt.🙏 dreams to reality fr...
Rah Rundown
Rah Rundown 26 分 前
1:15 LMFAOAOAOAOAOAO I lost it when he came out with allat shit on his face😭😭😭
jonsquu jon
jonsquu jon 26 分 前
i thought u were dead it was on channel 45 news
Jayden Harper
Jayden Harper 26 分 前
He should make a tv show
DayDayyy 26 分 前
is 27 分 前
OG here
kev889 hen
kev889 hen 27 分 前
Wtf is wrong with me i dead ass thought that was tommy
Hollow head
Hollow head 27 分 前
999 rest up bro 🥺
Ferior 27 分 前
Love it 😍 Check my video: jpshow.info/watch/xxj2A4gD2RI/bideo.html
is 27 分 前
before 1 mil!
Astricks 27 分 前
You really the goat no 🧢 still got to move smart I don’t want to see you go so soon
I was here when it was 9 am est waiting til 11 cuz I knew this video was gon be 🔥 polo the real goat
Hyphein 27 分 前
imagine there was a sitcom like this with rappers that just all live next to eachother in one apartment building
Kamari’s Channel
Kamari’s Channel 27 分 前
So is they rlly a thing 😭😭😭😭or am I jus dumb
Official Branden Luis Diaz
Official Branden Luis Diaz 27 分 前
NORTH 27 分 前
Make this a show asap
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee 27 分 前
polo the best out there ong
Cpeoreo Gooper
Cpeoreo Gooper 28 分 前
I was sayin you’d hit #1
C Morrison
C Morrison 28 分 前
Soooo cuteeeeee😍😍😍😍
Kaylee Nelson
Kaylee Nelson 28 分 前
Leslie Love
Leslie Love 28 分 前
Who’s here for Pretty Vee??!! I love her 😍
4pfkaden 28 分 前
Reel Ramirez
Reel Ramirez 29 分 前
Polo using the goats now too I see u G
Dusten Johnson
Dusten Johnson 29 分 前
Polo should be a actor sum like pac was rapper an actor
Leslie Love
Leslie Love 29 分 前
Only people who never made a only people comment are worthy of liking this post
MoneyMeris 29 分 前
This vid hard asf
Drippy lia
Drippy lia 29 分 前
This so fire it ain’t even nothing else to say🤧🔥🔥!
Theodore Mendonca
Theodore Mendonca 29 分 前
From the Hollywood days to number 1 on trending. You’ve come a long way polo 🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥
Shiquita Jackson
Shiquita Jackson 29 分 前
This video is dope!!.. Martin gone forever be a classic🖤
Dunk Master Darius
Dunk Master Darius 29 分 前
More trash rap. This shit is garbage, rap stopped being good when Lil Wayne fell off.
Mariah Perez
Mariah Perez 30 分 前
Luke Inglis
Luke Inglis 30 分 前
dont it just make u happy when u see ur favourite rapper happy
M A N G A ' 9 9 9 '
M A N G A ' 9 9 9 ' 30 分 前
Aja Dickerson
Aja Dickerson 30 分 前
everything about this video is on point i love it
bigbodyduggy 30 分 前
did y’all know these clips are from the show
Mark SuckaTurd
Mark SuckaTurd 30 分 前
This song hits different when you’re thinking about the way the Polo G hit that Toy 1:57
Lebron James
Lebron James 30 分 前
Mr.Dootoomuch has done it again😱😱
Destiny Vaughn
Destiny Vaughn 30 分 前
Pop offf
Meatmansouth509 30 分 前
b0rn c0nfuzed17
b0rn c0nfuzed17 31 分 前
What’s the end credits song???
gardenChemist 31 分 前
subscribe to me for a surprise
ISO Dropp em
ISO Dropp em 31 分 前
2 number ones yb and polo g
Ralph 617
Ralph 617 31 分 前
Only frm a thug🙇🏽🏚
Jah Williams
Jah Williams 32 分 前
this was for his ex i can't enjoy this one ;-; got a whole another girl in the vid don't sit right with me.
Skreeets .
Skreeets . 32 分 前
Polo g the realest man never had a bad song really a g.o.a.t
K3nobi C1ips
K3nobi C1ips 32 分 前
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TwizzyT0ON Loon
TwizzyT0ON Loon 32 分 前
And he not in the xxl?
Ball Out Balling
Ball Out Balling 32 分 前
That’s not Cardi bro😭
Titanslayer200 !
Titanslayer200 ! 32 分 前
Bruh this was funny asf loved when hr threw hands with the rat lol. One of my favorite songs