Carole Baskin’s Paso - Dancing with the Stars

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Dancing With The Stars

14 日 前

Carole Baskin and Pasha Pashkov dance the Paso to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor on Dancing with the Stars 2020 premiere!

Mickey Jones
Mickey Jones 46 分 前
She sucks!🤣😂
Amelia Karchut
Amelia Karchut 3 時間 前
This is such a joke
Emilitta1246 & TDWins6
Emilitta1246 & TDWins6 5 時間 前
How does this have 29K thumbs down and 18K tumbs up? I get it she did bad but still I love her personality. My mom and brother have hated me all week since I gave Carole votes on week 2.
Chloe Kallaos
Chloe Kallaos 7 時間 前
Bro how in the world did she kill her husband if she wasn’t even coordinated enough to dance for a minute and a half
Haley Bear
Haley Bear 7 時間 前
They remind me of the couple on grown ups Rob and Gloria 😂 The young guy with the older woman
RO13ERT -_-
RO13ERT -_- 10 時間 前
How did she not get voted out- she can barley move 🥱🤚
key key
key key 10 時間 前
This is the final scene in the carol baskin biopic. She won.
Bastian Riethausen
Bastian Riethausen 13 時間 前
The facts are clear, the will was forged, she is the only heir to Don’s children who were actually in the will, she quarreled with Don just before he disappeared, Don was a cat breeder and she obviously hates them. This woman has to go to jail. The clues are just too clear, no cop can be that blind ...
Yeet Or Be Yeeted
Yeet Or Be Yeeted 5 時間 前
If you just watch the documentary the clues are stacked against her, but if you do any sort of actual research you'll see how bullshit the theory that she killed her husband is, trust me, I was shocked with how much they left out of the documentary
Cesar Ordaz
Cesar Ordaz 14 時間 前
Where’s the body carrol, we know it was you?!!
Kryz 15 時間 前
So DWTS supporting criminals??? She should be arrested for killing her husband.
Sheila Hunter
Sheila Hunter 15 時間 前
{Sugar booger}
{Sugar booger} 17 時間 前
Dakota Cardeesi
Dakota Cardeesi 20 時間 前
This is trash Skai Jackson outsold🥱🥱
Jessica Nuttall
Jessica Nuttall 22 時間 前
All I'm picturing while watching this is Joe Exotic watching TV in prison muttering "that f*cking bitch"
MIKE59780 23 時間 前
You see this is exactly why people don’t watch tv anymore.
jaianna brown
jaianna brown 日 前
the singer is bomb af
Dawn Kelly Gets Real
Dawn Kelly Gets Real 日 前
Oh good lord in heaven.....
Azraelson 日 前
I see why Tom Bergeron left
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt 日 前
Who's next the Zodiac Killer?
Emma Proulx
Emma Proulx 日 前
wait is there a real audience?
Ms Tiffany
Ms Tiffany 日 前
Remember Hunger Games? The weird/sociopathic people who live in the Capital? Only they would cosign this woman.
Goldyn 日 前
Everyone talking about her killing her husband and I’m trying to figure out who is singing the song during the performance
Tia Wallace
Tia Wallace 日 前
Carole Baskin killed her husband, whacked him. Can't convince me that it didn't happen.
Drew Johnson83
Drew Johnson83 日 前
That was terrible
Marie CSW
Marie CSW 日 前
this doesn't feel real
Bee Bones
Bee Bones 日 前
They’re not wearing face masks :c
Michael Radzik
Michael Radzik 日 前
I liked iam a carole baskin fan I would have given her 7 or 8
Bernardo Gonzalez
Bernardo Gonzalez 日 前
This is the most 2020 shit I’ve ever seen
sara endres
sara endres 日 前
Poor pasha 😂
NightSeaBreeze 日 前
Well, she can't dance for shit but she sure can get away with murder.
your girl Elizabeth
your girl Elizabeth 日 前
Joe Exotic is ✨quaking✨
DPCN reactions
DPCN reactions 日 前
Why Why Why Why?
I just don't care anymore !
I just don't care anymore ! 日 前
Kyman Caviness
Kyman Caviness 日 前
y'all hyped this up SO much and i just...
Journei Jenkins
Journei Jenkins 日 前
This lady killed her ex husband and it’s crazy that she’s getting all this glam. That man deserves Justice
Mitch Thomas
Mitch Thomas 日 前
Carole is absolutely terrible. Why would you even have this lunatic on?
Julia Vater
Julia Vater 2 日 前
This woman is going to jail
Bri 2 日 前
skai was bottom of the board and her stiff old murdering self didnt- okay :/ skai fumbled once.
Tyrel Snowden
Tyrel Snowden 2 日 前
The worst part of this video is that it’s not even in 1080. 720? DWTS - “maybe, if we don’t give them full resolution, they won’t be able to see the guilt on her face for KILLING HER HUSBAND.”
Kaylin Freeman
Kaylin Freeman 2 日 前
I mean this is interesting seeing her dance even though she isn’t doing anything but who and I mean WHO felt like she should be on this show?!
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