[MV] ZICO(지코) _ Any song(아무노래)

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[MV] ZICO(지코) _ Any song(아무노래)

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정선아 15 分 前
Bts forever
Bts forever 時間 前
fun fact: Zico is a member of Block B go and listen to block b you all will love it as much as this song
소방관지존 時間 前
지코 틱톡의 맛을 알게된 노래
João Lee Marinho Willson
João Lee Marinho Willson 時間 前
yup, this is great.
Pijjj 4 時間 前
Korean songs that just makes sense:
get a life
get a life 5 時間 前
I'm not a fan of him but bruhhhh nsisbsbbaj im addicted to this
tamago 8 時間 前
Lol this is me rn in college😭
박mine_park__0104 9 時間 前
역시 영어 댓이 가장 많아
Aubri Studios
Aubri Studios 10 時間 前
For the people that hate Kpop , thinks its gay, and other things and also like this song....This is K-pop dumb bitc-
Natasha cambell
Natasha cambell 19 時間 前
Jesus is the way the truth and the life ❤️❤️👑 please follow him 😍❤️
•Ikaros Iife•
•Ikaros Iife• 21 時間 前
El mejor guapo bello zicoooooo
Queen Beltre
Queen Beltre 23 時間 前
Me yego la depre 😭 La de prenderlo 🔥
Random 4400
Random 4400 23 時間 前
Thank you tiktok!
stray kid
stray kid 日 前
If any one ever asks me to play any song I'll play this
Belu Music
Belu Music 日 前
Me encantaaaa #2020 🇦🇷❤️😍
Reez _
Reez _ 日 前
not much of a kpop fan anymore but dang this is hella good
Samridhi Gurung
Samridhi Gurung 日 前
I really like Zico since I-land. And I saw this song when Daniel and EJ performed it and Zico was like, "Oh, It's my song" He said being flustered.✨
Gabriela Belen Silva Diaz
Gabriela Belen Silva Diaz 日 前
stay wild, moon child.
stay wild, moon child. 日 前
Zico here issa mood. I keep going back to this song ✨❤️
Ccomon 日 前
3:09 에 나오는 노래 jpshow.info/watch/SVCnivlXrhg/bideo.html
Aaron Nicholas L Tobing Tobing
Aaron Nicholas L Tobing Tobing 日 前
Is No English Song Ok Now You Play This Song This Song So I like it Is Populer Song Never i like it okkkkk!!!
Jina visual
Jina visual 日 前
Grande ZICO💖
Hobis._. Sprite bts
Hobis._. Sprite bts 日 前
I love This song tbh. 😛🖐🏼🥺🤠
katy rodriguez linares
katy rodriguez linares 日 前
when they ask what is k-pop show them this...I loved
Safiah Merudin
Safiah Merudin 日 前
Always replay this song ❤️
ErinIsDead 日 前
I literally found this song through discord- My friend asked me what song I wanted to hear and I replied with idk any song. We both did not know this song- we typed in any song and this came up-
EXO l 日 前
loooove song
BTS ARMY 2 日 前
In this song,Zico has described me😂😂 Zico my love❤❤
ZICO Darius
ZICO Darius 2 日 前
Why you be calling me?
n 2 日 前
'weird things in my house that just make sense' pfft
Bráèłÿñ Píèrćé
Bráèłÿñ Píèrćé 2 日 前
Ponielok Smith
Ponielok Smith 2 日 前
Anyone know what song was playing a 3:10?
Resty Jayanti Fakhlina
Resty Jayanti Fakhlina 日 前
Birthday song in Korea..
Luaxon - Learning Korean as an Introvert
Luaxon - Learning Korean as an Introvert 2 日 前
Wow, I've heard this from somewhere before. I didn't know Zico sang this. wtf LOL
김경선 2 日 前
김경선 2 日 前
감사합니다 안녕하세요
xxxifranzvip TM
xxxifranzvip TM 2 日 前
Pantesan bisa PAK 330 lagunya enak gini,kenapa sih grup sebelah bisa 331 padahal lagunya enak autotune doang trus lagu bahasa inggris tapi serasa bahasa korea anying akwoakakakak
Ryan kiutz
Ryan kiutz 2 日 前
Claudia González Soto
Claudia González Soto 2 日 前
does anybody knows which is the song that Zico is listening in 3:11?
유리태관 2 日 前
아무노래 좋아요
cutie 2 日 前
Zico and Stray Kids are more than kpop, they just invented a new genre.
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