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Jason Nash's best moments in David Dobrik's Vlogs
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Hope you enjoyed the video!!
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Tyler Coffey
Tyler Coffey 3 時間 前
Imagine having a vlog made with your friends moving you into your college dorm only to have your parents arrested and convicted for bribing the school to let you in
Cristina Lamet
Cristina Lamet 23 時間 前
internet historian
Addy Mathews
Addy Mathews 日 前
the first clip me: Why do i feel embarrassed
abernathykaleb 日 前
What happen to the old vlog squad
Leo Anderson
Leo Anderson 日 前
Carmaelitacis like a blonde who has drank 1000 vats of radiation
Andrew 日 前
1:04:41 lol Jason is mouthing the kids words
Snowball 167
Snowball 167 日 前
I love this shit David dont dtop what your doing
Andrew 2 日 前
7:29 OMG IS THAT SCOTT?!?!?!?
BosssSauce 17 時間 前
Erica A.
Erica A. 2 日 前
Zaed Alkanani
Zaed Alkanani 2 日 前
Did I really just watch a full 1 hour 30 minute video?!?!! Well it was so damn worth it
Zaed Alkanani
Zaed Alkanani 2 日 前
I love you thanks for the ❤️
Zaed Alkanani
Zaed Alkanani 2 日 前
BRO I was dying on the Elmo minion and Olaf part😂😂😂
Zaed Alkanani
Zaed Alkanani 21 時間 前
M M 21 時間 前
Especially when they gathered around together to discuss the negotiation
Alfredo Torrefiel
Alfredo Torrefiel 2 日 前
10:45 welcome 😊
ムク 2 日 前
julianna nava
julianna nava 2 日 前
he said my name at 13:02 :)
Slick DF
Slick DF 3 日 前
180 comment
Cole The Producer
Cole The Producer 3 日 前
Jason’s voice is really good
Liam 3 日 前
43:49 Jason's acting is fucking on point, like it's actually scary, I thought he was gonna start weeping.
alojz300 4 日 前
watched the whole thing, good job man, subscribed
Terri Mcgaffigan
Terri Mcgaffigan 4 日 前
True to your art J!😂✌
Terri Mcgaffigan
Terri Mcgaffigan 4 日 前
Brandon is hysterical😂
yo mama
yo mama 4 日 前
Angela Leifer
Angela Leifer 4 日 前
When he said I look dumb I said to myself u are dymb
Zion Lefotu
Zion Lefotu 4 日 前
Hunter Allen
Hunter Allen 4 日 前
Jason looks like that white bird on Rio when he dresses as a women😂😂😂
Salmonwall 6 日 前
Who is more popular: Jason or Carmelita?
M M 21 時間 前
Dr. Pill
Christine Gordon
Christine Gordon 6 日 前
why is jason like my dad
Rose Lightle
Rose Lightle 6 日 前
“you got turned on when i tried on shoes today”
Anthony Ferreira
Anthony Ferreira 7 日 前
I hit throwing hate to David but why did you call Jason fat???!?
Actinium Lizard
Actinium Lizard 5 日 前
David has said that just about everyone in his vlogs has a "trope" or like a cliche that person is categorized into. And everyone else builds jokes off of it. Like a kids TV show or something lol
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis 7 日 前
Peter Smardenka
Peter Smardenka 7 日 前
No Trisha you are a beast.
Braydon B
Braydon B 7 日 前
26:30 i’m surprised they didn’t make any height jokes when jason asked big nik if he was 6ix9ine (6’ 9”)😂
Ash /Isaac
Ash /Isaac 7 日 前
Jason is so underrated hes amazing
letsplaygamers 7 日 前
the title tho
Clever_cloche 7
Clever_cloche 7 7 日 前
I love how Jason said it was leeches but it was watermelon
Luis Alvarez
Luis Alvarez 8 日 前
When you realize Jason can actually fight
Jacayln Maxwell
Jacayln Maxwell 8 日 前
100% true
Lisa Bivins
Lisa Bivins 9 日 前
I’m learning about Pangea in 6th grade
Peter Smardenka
Peter Smardenka 10 日 前
Jason Nash one word hero.
Christopher Fraire
Christopher Fraire 10 日 前
Wait y’all have school?
Wubaluba Dub dub
Wubaluba Dub dub 10 日 前
Dom looks soooo pretty as a girl!
Wubaluba Dub dub
Wubaluba Dub dub 10 日 前
Wait who is Olivia??
Alex Birmingham
Alex Birmingham 11 日 前
That was the fastest hour ever
R O 11 日 前
David’s sisters look so much like him
Tyler Clarke
Tyler Clarke 11 日 前
geeks and gamers
Aubrey Seevers
Aubrey Seevers 11 日 前
is it just me or does jason look good with long hair like longer then his shoulders
nesracProductions 11 日 前
Jason is so funny without him the vlogs wouldn’t have gotten as big as they did every video has some sort of Jason bit or character and I love it so much lol the vlog squad is the best
Belaag_13 11 日 前
I just gave you an hour and a half of viewer retention when I should have been doing my hw. You're welcome
Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson 12 日 前
Who else saw “ a Jason Nash Jason Nash Compilation”
gotdang 12 日 前
Enzo is my spirit animal.
Hannah Robinson
Hannah Robinson 13 日 前
Alex's head was like 10 shades more yellow than his face, how did Jason not know that was fake 🤣🤣🤣
Deuce Ken
Deuce Ken 13 日 前
Dude davids vlogs should be a tv show
Russell Fancher
Russell Fancher 13 日 前
P.S. Elijah is beautiful and funny... better hold on to that one.....
Russell Fancher
Russell Fancher 13 日 前
It is labeled, Jason Compilation....... some of these comments have me slapping myself in the face asking wtf,,,,, we now live in a world of snowflakes and morons... god help us... learn to live, have fun, and shut the fu......
Rachhlaur 13 日 前
Him peeping on that guy thinking it was scott will forever be my favorite vlog moment
Caitlin Cox
Caitlin Cox 13 日 前
why didn't he get any backlash from dressing and being Carmelita?.. like thats considered racist nowadays
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis 15 日 前
it’s me
it’s me 16 日 前
it’s me
it’s me 16 日 前
Tay Smeez
Tay Smeez 16 日 前
So happy I found this 😂 I love jason!!
Heather Dick
Heather Dick 16 日 前
Who is the hot dad in the bit?
subscriber 17 日 前
when Alex get 1,000 dollars who is holding a bubble tea cup
NoOb_4502 18 日 前
The clip where hes eating the donuts in 711 is the best 💀💀💯
Egor Mc
Egor Mc 18 日 前
Looking back at jason going on about how much her university costs haha it costs a big ass bribe
Tori Hemenway
Tori Hemenway 18 日 前
He is my fave . So funny 🤣
Rizza. 18 日 前
david telling the future about jason's dr. phil bit........ "jason dresses up as an old guy and ends up looking younger"
Jessica Avalos
Jessica Avalos 19 日 前
hi i am a fan
禁Snickers X Clorox
禁Snickers X Clorox 19 日 前
What’s with title
Trokitas Suelo
Trokitas Suelo 19 日 前
I got an army coming
Oompel Dorft
Oompel Dorft 19 日 前
It’s the funny boomer man
Samuel Yoder
Samuel Yoder 20 日 前
I swear 80% of David’s vlogs from the past year has something relating to Jason
Valerie 619
Valerie 619 日 前
Mmm mXD
Ethan Ree
Ethan Ree 3 日 前
Paintballs, car, and Jason stepsis moments
Alexandria Kay
Alexandria Kay 20 日 前
Why does Jason have better hair then most of the vlog squad!?
Format 20 日 前
lol who watched the whole thing
LOUDZZZ 20 日 前
Its kind of unfortunate how jason talks down about his own kids for the vlog, just how guys talk shit about their own homies for some pussy🤦🏻‍♂️
MIC JACK 20 日 前
Jason is fucking hilarious 🤣 😂 😆 😂😂😂😂😂😅
Trapper Rayburn
Trapper Rayburn 20 日 前
1:04:30 OMG this is amazingly awesome
Mercedez Haungs
Mercedez Haungs 21 日 前
hey david i got a good joke " my mom said if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it people wonder why im so qiet around them" me " oooooooooooooooooooohhhhh"
Pandas Wrld
Pandas Wrld 21 日 前
jason running with his shorts down lmaooo
Saint Jerry
Saint Jerry 21 日 前
100th comment
RavenRain14 21 日 前
Where be your masks???
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 21 日 前
his run gets me every time
Keon Walking Eagle
Keon Walking Eagle 21 日 前
why does vanossgaming have more subs than david
Jayden Corado-Rosales
Jayden Corado-Rosales 21 日 前
Keon Walking Eagle idk
Dylan Marshall
Dylan Marshall 21 日 前
I love that charli has a Grateful Dead T-shirt
jay ortiz
jay ortiz 22 日 前
Bro Jason does not sleep look at his eyes in 30:16
Siimply Lottie
Siimply Lottie 日 前
Yeah he does look like he doesn't sleep
Rosaana Vitela
Rosaana Vitela 22 日 前
I love Jason a shit loud kisses
Thomas Luckett
Thomas Luckett 22 日 前
Yall r hilarious watch all yall videos everyday
Eva Stood
Eva Stood 23 日 前
15:48 he looked so much like Wyatt 😳
sx_50x51 23 日 前
11:25 piercing your ears doesen't hurt that bad
Mr Watto
Mr Watto 20 日 前
sx_50x51 it doesn't, but do you think it would be funny if he just sat there. ??
Shea Brummett
Shea Brummett 24 日 前
Man you have bought everybody and their mom a car. I want a Harley Davidson Road Glide hook it’s up 😂 😂. Love you man you are so inspiring. I really love watching you give people happiness. It gets me through a lot. Keep making videos your the best
mike jones
mike jones 24 日 前
there are some clips in here 3 or 4 times, this could have been 30 minutes shorter
W. Rana
W. Rana 24 日 前
We will never know why there was a change at 55:53
Bruce Ewart
Bruce Ewart 24 日 前
When I got my earring i did not cry and I was 7 or 8 years old
Hayden Royer
Hayden Royer 23 日 前
I wish their was more of this on JPshow. You read a comment and first reaction is to clown the individual, & moments later the initial account that made the post respectively ends the situation without gassing up the other individual causing unnecessary hate because people forget that there are people just like themselves behind that username and if everyone would take a second to think before posting or responding off emotion
Bruce Ewart
Bruce Ewart 23 日 前
@mike jones My daughter wrote this. Just had a quiet word to her about using my account.
mike jones
mike jones 24 日 前
wow we got a badass over here guys
lowlife blockboy
lowlife blockboy 25 日 前
ima say this rn, but anyone else gotta mad crush on davids sister, like what the fuck man
NoLxFe 25 日 前
Why is Carmilita in here? I thought it was a Jason Nash compilation
Scp3008 IKEA sent me
Scp3008 IKEA sent me 19 日 前
Aidan Justin
Aidan Justin 25 日 前
Lmao watched the full thing
Christofherraywita Wita
Christofherraywita Wita 26 日 前
It's crazy how soft kids are today when I was Jason's sons age I was smoking cigarettes, weed and was dyeing to crush puss.
mike jones
mike jones 24 日 前
you were not doing any of that when you were 11 and you’re still not doing any of that based on your dumb comment
426ZZZZ 25 日 前
They are softer but smarter in many ways. I would rather my kids find drugs and chase girls when they are out of high school. I know I sure wish I did
Mya Winmill
Mya Winmill 26 日 前
Ok but the first guy in that band😅😳
Lazzerious 26 日 前
commentary between david and jason is pretty gold
K8 M
K8 M 26 日 前
When they asked him if he’s 6ix-9ine- he should have said “NO man, in 4’3.”
joriemonster 26 日 前
Idc what anyone says Jason CARRIED THE VLOG SQUAD
Sebastian Zubiri
Sebastian Zubiri 26 日 前
Lol here at 70 k
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