Renée Fleming: Casta Diva (Bellini)

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9 年 前

Renée Fleming - America's Queen of Opera performs in the Palaces of the Czars in Saint Petersburg.

Lithesome Lollies
Lithesome Lollies 6 時間 前
I prefer the singing sword in Bugs Bunny.
Slobodan Grasic
Slobodan Grasic 日 前
Very nice emotional performance, but she does not have lung capacity and voice strength and span to carry out this very difficult piece. Maria Callas was the best Norma forever. Radmila Bakočević was the second. All the rest coloratura and spinto sopranos tortured themselves in this role.
James Alexander Holland
James Alexander Holland 日 前
This woman is unreal! Lots of undue criticism of her voice in the last few years but why? There is not a single soprano out there who can match Madame Fleming in her prime and even now at 58, she is still a force of nature. Greatest American Soprano me at least.
Javed Khan
Javed Khan 日 前
It was like watching Titanic movie..beautiful music
Simply Beautiful
Massimo Mscelli
Massimo Mscelli 2 日 前
Divina, eccezionale 💓👏 👏 👏👏👏👏
Vincenzo Azzarello
Vincenzo Azzarello 3 日 前
Una delle migliori interpreti della Casta Diva dei nostri tempi questa Renée Fleming...!
Jot Ge.
Jot Ge. 3 日 前
Die lieblichste und schönste, die man gesehen hat. Einfach wundervoll.
Marcel Audubon
Marcel Audubon 3 日 前
someone played a practical joke on her with that 'dress' ... at least she has an extra set of bed linens for her guest room now
Annatolik Vladimirovich
Annatolik Vladimirovich 5 日 前
Это божественное исполнение и образец для каждой оперной певицы, которая хочет прикоснуться к этой потрясающей арии. Спасибо Рене! Вы лучшая!
montanadoctor 6 日 前
She’s a National treasure.
Josefina Delgado
Josefina Delgado 7 日 前
Encantadora y femenina! No solo maravillosa interpretación.
Cita Deac
Cita Deac 8 日 前
Montserrat Caballet, Renee Fleming, Garifulina, three divas competing for the greatest chastity virtue. Very embarrassing choice !
CaroleP 8 日 前
Perfection! Marc Pareja Marc Pareja 10 日 前
Marvelous I m very happy thanks for this moments
Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod 10 日 前
Casta diva is not all the way through gentle singing but also dramatic explosion. She pretty much does everything equal cause her voice is not a dramatic one . So generally it doesn't matter that she sings soft all the way ,this is a masterpiece of inner dramatic contrast.
Gabino macias Franco
Gabino macias Franco 11 日 前
Gianna Giardino
Gianna Giardino 11 日 前
Gracias, gracias infinitas por llevarnos al cielo y más allá aún, lejos lejos.
Valerie Williams
Valerie Williams 12 日 前
Such beautiful singing.
GB 12 日 前
Bel timbro, ottima interpretazione, buona linea vocale, e tecnica di buona scuola. Oggi una delle migliori visti gli standard... In passato tuttavia avrebbe avuto concorrenti molto agguerrite ed anche mostri sacri ...
Mac McCaskill
Mac McCaskill 14 日 前
Such a soothing piece, beautifully sung.
Gleidi Urbina
Gleidi Urbina 15 日 前
sports fan
sports fan 16 日 前
What a brilliant singer shame the audio recording is so bad
Andrew Danovsky
Andrew Danovsky 18 日 前
не самый лучший вокал, не сравнить с Сазерленд, но Джоан можно слушать только с закрытыми глазами, а Флемминг само обаяние!!
Mona-Lena Jangekull
Mona-Lena Jangekull 19 日 前
Divine Lady Fleming. The orchestra is perfect.
G 20 日 前
😱 She sounded absolutely gorgeous! ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️
예술의전당방송국 20 日 前
noble madonna! thanks for her n all steps
Ogeid2016 Bismarck
Ogeid2016 Bismarck 21 日 前
Irene Myrbostad
Irene Myrbostad 23 日 前
Tremendous . Can't be better. Outstanding . Mye favourite Casta Diva !
Shaira Mae Langala
Shaira Mae Langala 25 日 前
Her voice is so smooth and crystal clear and i love the classical music 🎼🎼🎵🎵🎶🎶
Jas Hil
Jas Hil 26 日 前
Brilliant voice, perfect interpretation. And all that with incredible ease of singing performamce - no cramps on the face, no grimaces (not even the divine Callas menaged to /completely/ eliminate them); as if singing some simple lullaby! Renee Fleming: a personality with whom opera life is enriched by a new special dimension.
Jas Hil
Jas Hil 21 日 前
@Emlyn Evans @Emlyn Evans Look at what happened after her singing: silence, stillness. As if no one was breathing. It lasted a few minutes; and only when the audience regained their breath, there was a roar of applause. Would the audience have reacted exactly like that, if there were no emotion in her voices: graceful, subtile and at same time strong and deep. The way Renee Fleming emotionally colored her interpretation is very, very beautiful to me. Like the audience, I was briefly breathless.
Emlyn Evans
Emlyn Evans 22 日 前
I get the voice, I'm not sure I get Norma
Emlyn Evans
Emlyn Evans 22 日 前
...or acting to put it another way
Emlyn Evans
Emlyn Evans 22 日 前
Doesn't it somewhat lack the emotion of Callas though
Ben Warner
Ben Warner 26 日 前
Hey, what is that instrument that plays at 3.15? Thanks
Maurice Joly
Maurice Joly 28 日 前
La nature peut parfois mettre mettre le talent et la beauté dans une personne, ce qui est ici démontré.
Catherine Richard
Catherine Richard 29 日 前
Τουλα Βαφειδου
Τουλα Βαφειδου 29 日 前
2610429479 κ8
Robyn B
Robyn B 29 日 前
She’s just glorious.
Alf the Alien
Alf the Alien ヶ月 前
Je donne 10 Callas contre une seule Fleming.
Montana Banana
Montana Banana ヶ月 前
Her voice is stunning, controlled, strong. .... BUT her dress on the other hand is doing her no favors, like your telling me this is the dress she thought was it ? Girl you look like the curtains! And it doesn't help her shape
Aaron Jorge Fridman
Aaron Jorge Fridman ヶ月 前
Bellini y su Norma brillantes Pero Fleming, grande entre las GRANDES
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith ヶ月 前
A stunning Casta Diva