My Name is Lady Gaga (2018 Documentary Film)

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2 年 前

'My Name is Lady Gaga' is the definitive documentary about Lady Gaga by superfan, Alex Lodge; celebrating the 10th anniversary of Mother Monster's meteoric rise from struggling artist to pop icon.
The film uses archive footage, interviews, live performances and music to tell the inspiring story of one of pop's biggest stars; showcasing the impact that Lady Gaga has had on the pop industry and to her legion of Little Monsters over the last decade.
Dedicated to the memory of Jake Palfreyman.
This film was made for educational and non-profit purposes

Joey Gamio
Joey Gamio 2 時間 前
she's amazing..great role model
Her_biggest_fan 21 時間 前
Heavenly fire
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 日 前
Well done.. great insight on gaga I respect her so much.....a true artist 👑
Natalia Roschina
Natalia Roschina 日 前
Thank you so much from New Zealand for this film. I will learn more about Lady Gaga now thanks to you.
Carnamate 日 前
Salute to Lady gaga and to the one who made this video👍
Lauren Agnew
Lauren Agnew 4 日 前
I added the lady because I can 😂✌🏽
Chantelle Vergara
Chantelle Vergara 6 日 前
I never been so proud I was with one of the crowds in Edmonton Monsterball concert!
The silent guy Bryant
The silent guy Bryant 6 日 前
When lady gaga said she won't be a puppet and will be herself that was very brave
Christopher Valencia
Christopher Valencia 7 日 前
Charlie Quinn
Charlie Quinn 8 日 前
I commented on a Tiktok Video that Lady Gaga is a Legend and some she will never be iconic and look at this now
frida 9 日 前
a living legend.
Marilda Cerisha
Marilda Cerisha 11 日 前
Alex Lodge, this documentary has made you a legend in my eyes. Thank you for the love. Lady Gaga I love you, truly.
Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez 11 日 前
Francesca B
Francesca B 12 日 前
She's unique, the best🤩
Kenzie Chaney
Kenzie Chaney 14 日 前
I dont think Ive hated or ever not liked any of GAGA's music, art or acting. It is always raw and her. As art should be.
Millennial Seeker
Millennial Seeker 14 日 前
I'm not glad Trump got sick, but I can't wait until he is out of the White House and the country can start healing and moving forward. He is just in the way. America deserves better. Anyone that is still a Trump supporter just hasn't been paying attention to him. I am a patriotic American. I love my country, and I vote!
Kenzie Chaney
Kenzie Chaney 15 日 前
I love to see how far Lady GAGA has come from this documentry to her newest one, SHe has grown and and become a woman.
Badjao David
Badjao David 17 日 前
I feel bad that it's 2020 and im just starting to be a monster. I'm so obsessed with Stefani. Oh God. Superb is understatement. A real artist! Love u so much gaga! ♥️
USAFERG1776 17 日 前
Artpop was so ahead of its time.
Leilani Morgan
Leilani Morgan 18 日 前
She’s such an inspiration 🥰
Shelby LeVell
Shelby LeVell 18 日 前
i watched all these music awards shows just for Gaga. Her performances are always amazing
Dean Lewis
Dean Lewis 18 日 前
Sat here in lockdown crying about when my happiness was taken from me I changed I got strong though. Smoking a buna whilst watching you, listening to you. Im gunna be myself until the coffin lid. 💗💗💗💗💗💗🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
ivana gluvakov
ivana gluvakov 18 日 前
his name is Gag Boy
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 18 日 前
She’s our generation’s Cher 😍
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers 18 日 前
Britney Spears was the primary influence for first half of the millennial generation of pop and Lady Gaga was for the second
klowen29 18 日 前
So well spoken and beautifully broken. This was amazing to watch. Thank you!
Merri-lee Milaney
Merri-lee Milaney 18 日 前
Im 73 years old and love GAGA Her persona can still make me rock but not literly haha live her shes so real Keep going princess love a mama
Yessica Sonne
Yessica Sonne 19 日 前
It is so sad how many don't consider Cheek to Cheek a thing that ever happened. Gaga did wonders with her voice, with her versatility and her heart along another wonderful artist that is Tony. Such an underrated gem. I am so happy for what she has accomplished in all these years.
Versalene 19 日 前
as she gets a little older start to sound like Gina Linetti
CSS 19 日 前
Miguel Medida
Miguel Medida 20 日 前
From few to thousands to millions of fans. From small stage to huge stage.
Bhushan Raykangor
Bhushan Raykangor 20 日 前
Love for gaga and you to make such video 😍❤️
Eszter Kovács
Eszter Kovács 20 日 前
She is a great performer, she always shows something new and unusual and and you simply believe her because she is so impressive and so energetic and so talented. I hope she will never run out of new ideas. Thank you for making this film and sharing with us.
Us 21 日 前
She's a creative genius and a force of nature.
kittygonewild08 21 日 前
You deserve more accolades than I can describe for this video!! This is some serious top-notch work! It's the best documentary of Lady Gaga that I've ever seen...thank you so much for sharing !❤
Cora Neiman
Cora Neiman 22 日 前
what a great film! unbelievable how you've managed to capture the essence of Gaga using only existing footage. goes to show that when she says she's committed to being 100% her authentic self, she acts on it too.
Aitana Sahni
Aitana Sahni 22 日 前
Why did she remind me of Jenny Humphrey the entire time?
Yolanda Sirri
Yolanda Sirri 22 日 前
She is amazing and i believe her to be genuine. I think if one day it came out that this woman was a fraud i would be heart broken. If there was one question that i could have her answer it would be how the fuck are you so over the top insane with your your creativity producing talent that is not of this world and yet stay so grounded and so true to what is real here in this reality??? she knows what is real the love the compassion we show for one another , the connection. she gives me chills.
cloudy cloudy
cloudy cloudy 22 日 前
Lady Gagagaga
Vicky Wilson
Vicky Wilson 23 日 前
Victoria is merely symbolic of change begins within. Lady Gaga Gaga I will pray for you on one condition that you repeat the sentiment.
ᅡ렄산ᄃ라Alexandra the ARMY
ᅡ렄산ᄃ라Alexandra the ARMY 23 日 前
My dad never wanted me to listen to Gaga,cause he thought she's too vulgar and is often wearing little to no clothes,but did I listen? Nope,I kept listening to her songs ever since I was 6,Poker Face was the first Lady Gaga song I've ever heard.
P Miles
P Miles 23 日 前
I've only recently become a big Gaga fan and this has been the most interesting fan made video of all. Thank you!!! I hope you can maybe make an updated one soonish post her Chromatica Ball!
TheSquad plus1
TheSquad plus1 23 日 前
great job... Madonna was a taker... Gaga is a Giver... take notes Maddy.
Christos Polydorou
Christos Polydorou 24 日 前
This documentary was the work of an inspired, staggering genius. I sat through the whole thing feeling so many emotions, amazed by the editing, the loyalty to the timeline, the interchange between interviews and really all came together in such a beautiful way that it is a stunning tribute to its subject. Gaga is our heart, and you showed this with so much love. Thank you for doing such a remarkable thing and reminding the world that Gaga was one of the first artists who truly acknowledged her fans, and as a result, together we are in this phenomenal rollercoaster ride for as long as God blesses us. Congratulations on this stellar work
bunteninawelt 24 日 前
Im waiting for Rock Album
bunteninawelt 24 日 前
32:00 and Im crying. Why is this freakin woman touching me that bad?!
lisa_lee79 24 日 前
beautiful its a amazing.. and so is she!!
Lol 24 日 前
I love her the most when she has belly and thighs; like it's moving when she dances, just bc it's somewhat achievable for me and I can be a lil bit like she is!
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 24 日 前
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Eli Anderson
Eli Anderson 25 日 前
Youve been a bad bad girl gaga
plutoplatters 26 日 前
Lady In-SIN-uator
plutoplatters 26 日 前
Amy GaGahouse !
plutoplatters 26 日 前
I'm Man GaGa !!
crissy4445 27 日 前
I was gonna say 'not really a documentary it's just kind of a clip show...until I found out it was XD
Marshall Sharp
Marshall Sharp 27 日 前
Wow, so I watched this while in the airport waiting for my next flight and I bursted into tears at the end. This is an incredible documentary and it deserves much more recognition. Thank you so much for making this!!!!!
Monique's life
Monique's life 27 日 前
I wish I knew what she meant by her thinking about women while she was sleeping with a man. Is that specific women or like images of porn? That makes a big difference because if it's any type of imagery from pornos yes a woman would or could be getting off by the thought of that but if it was specific women then I would say Okay perhaps she has an affinity for women. But it's completely normal to think about pornography if you've ever watched it while you're having sex just because it's that powerful.
Graciela Alves
Graciela Alves 28 日 前
dos bares da vida ao Oscar. É assim q se faz
Chris Raines
Chris Raines 28 日 前
Pampered, spoiled, yesterday's paper.
Vanessa Leopardas
Vanessa Leopardas 28 日 前
I love you soooooooooooo much Lady Gaga!!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘💕💕💕😭😭😭
Talia Galaviz
Talia Galaviz 29 日 前
This is wonderful. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you ❤️
lady nisa matugas
lady nisa matugas ヶ月 前
I love this woman,
EarsomEmporium with Genevieve
EarsomEmporium with Genevieve ヶ月 前
Amazing. Such an amazing job
Jesc Israelite
Jesc Israelite ヶ月 前
lies lies lies
Vartika Yadav
Vartika Yadav ヶ月 前
Naah.. people don't understand that lady gaga , Taylor swift , Beyonce , Adele , Shakira , Rihanna , Nicki minaj and many more were and still are legends ....they all brought something to the industry...they didn't FOLLOW ...they CREATED.
Evelyn Rivera
Evelyn Rivera ヶ月 前
She sold her soul to the Devil. Watch all the symbols, sadly she is gone, she is friends with Marina Abramovich (the spirit cooking) .
Scali Family
Scali Family ヶ月 前
If she attended Tish School for Music, where was the acting studying? I missed something here
Amanda Leitch
Amanda Leitch ヶ月 前
Wow, beautiful documentary! Great work A.L!!
Voice of Youth
Voice of Youth ヶ月 前
gaga you stand for a lady who are trapped in cage and reality of the change .....
Tryx studios
Tryx studios ヶ月 前
Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert really need to duet "Marry the night"!!
dylan duncan
dylan duncan ヶ月 前
The day she passes away the world will stop, and we will realize how we took her for granted 😭❤️ there may not be another artist like her in the future
Melanie ヶ月 前
Where did they get that from 17:12 - 17:23 ? When did she make that weird video?
life in general
life in general ヶ月 前
she was so hot pre tattoo
IanRM ヶ月 前
Thank you SO SO MUCH, Alex Lodge! For sharing this beautiful video of mother monster, you really deserve an academy award for this job!
Maria Vlahon-Elgin
Maria Vlahon-Elgin ヶ月 前
I have always adored her music! So much talent! She is the total package! Beautifully done on this documentary. She played the half time show when my Patriots played in the superbowl when she played a Million Reasons. She was GaGa Fabulous! What an enchanting creature! Muah!🌻🌹🍀🇺🇸💜💗🌠
adam clarkson
adam clarkson ヶ月 前
Justice for ARTPOP
Edge ヶ月 前
tf is this fanmade this needs to be in netflix.
Felipe Morales
Felipe Morales ヶ月 前
You should put spanish subtitles on your wonderful work, it would be nice for people who can't understand english.
Elizabeth Maas
Elizabeth Maas ヶ月 前
Her camp style is one that is believe all musicians wish they can pull off! Gaga embraces it!
yihwayyy giggjjo
yihwayyy giggjjo ヶ月 前
What's the song at 49:15
Ryan Bintang
Ryan Bintang ヶ月 前
Vickie Greenwood
Vickie Greenwood ヶ月 前
I’m 65 and love Lady G!! Thank you Gaga......
Mitsuko Rin
Mitsuko Rin ヶ月 前
You did a real good job ! this documentary is amazing
Iscore Gaming
Iscore Gaming ヶ月 前
Anyone here after the 2020 VMAS?
Jean E.
Jean E. ヶ月 前
“I’m gonna be myself until they fucking close the casket.” 🌈 ♥️ I watch this documentary like all the time… I’ve seen it at least 10 times now this is the best thing on the Internet I’ve seen Hey Alex, can you continue editing this? So you can show Chromatica and other future stuff!?
beverly moore
beverly moore ヶ月 前
Yes, yes Mz GaGa! Your absolutely right, keep your head up and never back down, yesss!
Radhia Guesmi
Radhia Guesmi ヶ月 前
Gaga a d beyonce are the queens of the music who agree ?
Andra Hawkins
Andra Hawkins ヶ月 前 වෙල්ඒ වොස් තිය ඇත්ත වශයෙන්ම මෙම ලෙවිල් පහර වෝර් ගැස්ටන් වොස් හිඩින් වොස් මෝඩයා සහ ආරක්ෂක ගයිසර් වයිෆ් තුවක්කු මත තූ ස්කූප් ඕව් ටියුනිල් අහෝමම දනිමි
Thomas Deschamps
Thomas Deschamps ヶ月 前
I can't stop crying when I ear her voice I don't know why
Jen Thrasher
Jen Thrasher ヶ月 前
Amazing job. Kept me watching. Love her willing to try anything to entertaining a crowd. Keep jamming GaGa
Finalesse Gl
Finalesse Gl ヶ月 前
Omg all of her freaking songs are ICONIC ✨
Finalesse Gl
Finalesse Gl ヶ月 前
Her nose is ICONIC 👃🏻😂🌟
Ellie Powell
Ellie Powell ヶ月 前
my favorite favorite Woman in the World!!!!!!!! Thank You Lady GaGa, youve gotten me through so many times in life, with such joy and excitement. Right on!
Kingston Bonnett
Kingston Bonnett ヶ月 前
Part 2?
Kingston Bonnett
Kingston Bonnett ヶ月 前
ItsAlexLodge lol this is the best thing on JPshow
ItsAlexLodge ヶ月 前
Kingston Bonnett in about 4-5 years, maybe 😂❤️
Julia Carneiro
Julia Carneiro 2 ヶ月 前
Jennifer Walne
Jennifer Walne 2 ヶ月 前
Can you do an extended version of this that includes Chromatica? 💞
Ernest Gbarbea
Ernest Gbarbea 2 ヶ月 前
Love it, greatness 🏋🏼🏋🏼💓❤️.
Nayla Jazmin
Nayla Jazmin 2 ヶ月 前
yeah.......I LOVE THIS.❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!
Anette Snyman
Anette Snyman 2 ヶ月 前
I wish Lady Gaga and Tim Burton could do a short film 😔
Sabrina Màil
Sabrina Màil 2 ヶ月 前
somebody knows why she often cover her eye?
Janet Findlay
Janet Findlay 2 ヶ月 前
Fantastic!!!!! Xxx
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