Cam will be in the MVP race if he can take the Patriots to the playoffs - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

ヶ月 前

The hype train for the Patriots has begun with the signing of Cam Newton. Pro Football Focus said that Cam “single-handedly” has made New England the favorites to win the AFC East. According to PFF, Cam is now the best quarterback in the division while still taking into consideration of the uncertainty of his injuries. Hear why Skip Bayless believes that Cam will be in the MVP race if he can take the Patriots to the playoffs.
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Cam will be in the MVP race if he can take the Patriots to the playoffs - Skip | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED ヶ月 前
Will Cam Newton lead the Patriots to the playoffs?
Jukey Simmons
Jukey Simmons 12 日 前
Bobby Levell
Bobby Levell ヶ月 前
@Jerome Lewis this is not about the President Trump
Rodo L.
Rodo L. ヶ月 前
With or without Cam My Patriots was going to the playoffs regardless Skip tripping easy 8 games.
EightFrancs ヶ月 前
It Self
It Self ヶ月 前
I think you mean can the Patriots TAKE Cam to the playoffs
Clinton Alford
Clinton Alford 6 日 前
Stop beating this dead horse. Cam Newton is washed up
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson 6 日 前
I believe that Cam Newton is going to take the New England Patriots to the playoffs!!! Cam Newton is going to win comeback player of the year!!! Cam Newton is the best dual threat quarterback in the NFL compared to Michael Vick!!! Cam Newton= Michael Vick!!! I 🖤 #1 Cam Newton!!! I love Cam Newton!!! He's my guy!!! Let's go Patriots!!! Welcome to New England Cam Newton!!! I believe that Cam Newton is going to take the New England Patriots to the playoffs!!! I love Cam Newton, best dual threat quarterback in the NFL compared to Michael Vick!!! Cam Newton is my man!!! The New England Patriots are going to go 13-3 this year and go to the playoffs. Their only three losses will be against @ jets, vs. Ravens and vs. Cardinals!!! That's what my prediction is. I love Cam Newton, he's the best dual threat quarterback in the NFL compared to Michael Vick!!! Cam Newton= Michael Vick!!! I 🖤 #1!!! Go Cam Newton Go!!! I love Cam Newton!!!
Major Mincey
Major Mincey 14 日 前
Why do people think Tim Tebow was so bad? I would trust him to win me a game than Dak.
chrlwade 15 日 前
Ted Williams
John Powell
John Powell 15 日 前
Give me a Bill B defense and Cam Newton and I’ll show you a dangerous playoff team...
Samuel Smith Med
Samuel Smith Med 21 日 前
Hot take but Tua is prob the best QB in the division
Streetside 22 日 前
Odd part about the this conversation, is the games still gonna be shut down due to the elites and the compliance and cowardess of the citizens.
Luis Morales
Luis Morales 22 日 前
Pat#1 fan here Cam is an okay QB not to be compared with Brady and Brady on his last year(s) they are both on their last real opportunities to do something great for them self, now outside their box and to be able to prove them self is a lot of pressure on both no matter what, Cam at NE and Brady at TB! No predictions on my end, this will be interesting out come to see from now on good luck to both! I really hope they can take them self's to the next level of game!!! I know Brady will like always!!! Thanks for everything GOAT and keep being who you've always been and have fun!!!
Cordell Nash
Cordell Nash 22 日 前
Ok wins 1. Dolphins 2. Raiders 3. Broncos 4. Bills 5. Jets 6. Cardinals 7. Charges 8. Rams 9. Dolphins 10. Jets I see a 10-6 season should be good enough to make the playoff
Old Man
Old Man 23 日 前
It's 🏈 gonna be interesting
Joe Onemanteam
Joe Onemanteam 24 日 前
🐟🤘🦢 Monday fishing wow glad I came a great day to rest dam
Darius Hodges
Darius Hodges 25 日 前
Big play Shay Shannon Sharpe I need you to start speaking up for the Denver Broncos I'm tired of hearing about the Cowboys everyday are you or are you not a Bronco
lamar mikell
lamar mikell 29 日 前
Jerome Gardner
Jerome Gardner ヶ月 前
CAM is the modern-day Willie Beman
Matt DeCandia
Matt DeCandia ヶ月 前
Coach B never won without Coach Parcells or Tom Brady he was terrible at Cleveland . Coach is a awesome Defensive coach but I don't he wins more than 6 games again as a head coach.
ALEX cecc
ALEX cecc ヶ月 前
Funny how now Skip doesn't like the Patriots anymore because Tom Brady isnt there , but Shannon is becoming a Patriots fan, I disagree with Skip, the Patriots roster isnt that bad how he wants to make it appear...Also Skip says he always liked Cam Newton, but it seems to me he is a Cam's hater..
Eliseo Sandoval
Eliseo Sandoval ヶ月 前
The panthers will be better then the patriots
chris malone
chris malone ヶ月 前
moorish scientist
moorish scientist ヶ月 前
one day Shannon is going to tell you the truth about how he really feels about skip
Roderick Franks
Roderick Franks ヶ月 前
From 11:40 to 13min skip had me Rollin
Michael Darby
Michael Darby ヶ月 前
“And the jets are the jets” lmfao
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson ヶ月 前
11 wins skip
IamJayNice ヶ月 前
Bills 9-7 Patriots 6-10
Michael Ayotte
Michael Ayotte ヶ月 前
Go pats!
Travis Mannix
Travis Mannix ヶ月 前
A lot of those teams have really good pass rushers that may get hurt again Bosa bros Chandler Jones Von Miller
Travis Mannix
Travis Mannix ヶ月 前
They sleeping on Buffalo too
Travis Mannix
Travis Mannix ヶ月 前
They make a lot of excuses for cam being injury prone af and mediocre ever since Von Miller basically destroyed his MVP yr. They dont do that for many people. Watch Teddy B ball out with that team Back when Peyton was still playing lol
Travis Mannix
Travis Mannix ヶ月 前
After Brady and Brees are done dueling it out this yr and maybe next yr Hes got a vicious defense and a gang of weapons he never had ever
Abel Leon
Abel Leon ヶ月 前
Skip dont love the Patriots he loves Brady watch how Brady wilk be trash and Cam put the Patriots on top
Abel Leon
Abel Leon ヶ月 前
Waooo Skip no love for the Patriots ??? 🤔🤔🤔
A T O M E N T ヶ月 前
no way. with brady gone, BB is in control and gets credit. cam has to be a statistical top ten player to be considered. AND he must make the difference in a handful of games to elevate the record to contention status.
Bobby Levell
Bobby Levell ヶ月 前
He should come back to the Carolina Panthers that's where he belongs anyway he doesn't belong with the Patriots
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams ヶ月 前
The Bills will choke the division away just like Skip's cowboys did to their division last year.
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams ヶ月 前
You can't put Tebow in the same category as Cam, Skiiiiuuup
A D ヶ月 前
Norv Turner had the same offense as new England has he has played significantly better in a West coast short passing quick passing running the ball type of offense people know him from his big arm and running ability but he is way better when throwing quick short passes
Michael Sherron
Michael Sherron ヶ月 前
Ok, let me put an end to this argument: NE could field toddler in diapers on both sides of the ball, as long as GOAT Coach Bill Belichick is at the helm of the NE Patriots, it's FOOLISH to bet against the Patriots. Until the Patriots and Belichick are officially dethroned, I don't care how tough their schedule is, you gotta believe that Belichick will find a way to win as he always does. Bills, Jets, and Dolphins don't have a chance otherwise to win that division.
Michael Sherron
Michael Sherron ヶ月 前
"Can somebody throw me a better ball." ROTFLMBO!
MixDatSalt ヶ月 前
I had the Pats going 7-9 with Stid, now with Cam I got them going 10-6. I think we'll make the playoffs, but much like last year with Brady, it's the QB then who? Doesn't matter how good our defense is if Cam has squat to work with. If NE wins the Division, BUF will still make the playoffs. It took the GOAT QB and GOAT HC all they could manage to win that SB against the rams and make the playoffs last year. People don't realize how trash this roster is lmao
Demetrius Hontos405
Demetrius Hontos405 ヶ月 前
Good vides... cash app 💸 $meechie 405
Ken Cook
Ken Cook ヶ月 前
How do y’all pats fans think we gone do this season? Honestly?
smooov nyc
smooov nyc ヶ月 前
pats sign AB they’ll have a nice playoff run
Michael Donnelly
Michael Donnelly ヶ月 前
I knows the Pats lost. Defense is starters, but it disappear and turn to mush.
Neil Shelkey
Neil Shelkey ヶ月 前
Newton's a choker. What make him so great now?
Jake Hill
Jake Hill ヶ月 前
My boi gonna have a real O LINE!!! We all know that line was Handcrafted for BRADY!!!! ENJOY CAM!!
QuakePyro ヶ月 前
How come they don’t call Josh Allen a rb
KING AVE 72 ヶ月 前
His reason was the jets are the jets
Khalid Muhiden
Khalid Muhiden ヶ月 前
I thought I hated the patriots but know I realize I hate Tom Brady
Warcodered01 ヶ月 前
"Until someone actually defeats the New England Patriots..." So basically you're never going to predict which makes listening to your opinion on it kind of pointless.
zantos o2t3a
zantos o2t3a ヶ月 前
Yall sleeping on bill belichick , he is finessing the league in plain sight as always
poissonfish99 ヶ月 前
Shannon showing off his scatting skills @3:39
lou sasso
lou sasso ヶ月 前
Cam had a tough schedule when he played with Carolina already it was on his super bowl year is a proven qb...Pat's made a great move ..10 $ 6 will be a MVP....IF!!!!
Phon Xieng
Phon Xieng ヶ月 前
patriots bucs super bowl i call it here first then 2021 WORLD WAR 3 WITH CHINA and all the cry babies everything offend retards will get drafted. now they can go fight a real enemy and not some statue from 200 years ago
Odis Matthews
Odis Matthews ヶ月 前
TEll it
Shane Klopstock
Shane Klopstock ヶ月 前
I can see up to 11 wins. Dolphins twice, jets twice, raiders, chargers, Rams, Cardinals, broncos, and if they sweep the bills. BAM. That's 11 wins. Remember, this team with Tom went 12-4 last year as constructed. They swept the bills, and gave the dolphins a gimmie on the final week of the regular season. Even without beating the bills, that's a 9 win team. But I'd say, optimistically, 11 wins is probably this team's peak. But if they catch a big time team sleeping, who knows...
Cashmoney Rye
Cashmoney Rye ヶ月 前
Cam been working don’t sleep on him The Patriots are smart
Thomas Mcbride
Thomas Mcbride ヶ月 前
I like it die hard Pat's fan look out here we come
DaQuan Bumbry
DaQuan Bumbry ヶ月 前
Im a NE fan but I do feel BUF is a THREAT!
Kevin Costello
Kevin Costello ヶ月 前
I wonder why skip will say this to you so mediocre just last year they had the number one defense you having unproven rookie in n'keal Harry we still have Julian Edelman and we just got Cam Newton honestly if we could add maybe a tight end or a big receiver DISH team could be really good
Kevin Costello
Kevin Costello ヶ月 前
the NFL gave the Patriots a real shity schedule this year there's no Tampa Bay this year and they're not playing the Panthers this year there's really no big storylines besides maybe the 49ers game and the chiefs
Kevin Costello
Kevin Costello ヶ月 前
Honestly the Patriots could make a deep playoff run they have the defense to do it dy are a few more pieces away like a big-time receiver and maybe a tight end I could see this team going far and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm a Patriots fan