17kg 대왕문어 / 17kg Giant Octopus - Korean Street Food / 포항 죽도어시장

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🔴🔍 17kg 대왕문어(17kg Giant Octopus)
📝 Wiki : None
🔴💰 Price
💳 KRW 420,000
💵 USD 345.4
🔴📌 Location
📍 경상북도 포항시 북구 죽도시장길 13-3 (죽도동)🇰🇷
13-3, Jukdosijang-gil, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
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Anthony Pidgeon
Anthony Pidgeon 5 時間 前
Do the different parts have different flavours?
Sif Greyfang
Sif Greyfang 6 時間 前
Bruh an octopus can pretty much feed more than one family.
Just another Authoritarian
Just another Authoritarian 7 時間 前
Nature:is brutal Full of disease death and dont Care Humans when do same People:nnuuuuuuuuuu u evileling nuuuuu Man bad
The Meowth,Thaaat's RIGHT!
The Meowth,Thaaat's RIGHT! 7 時間 前
Poor Squidwards.
Salidar Salidar
Salidar Salidar 8 時間 前
бедный Сквидвард😢
brown 8 時間 前
Dah kayak jemuran aja
Marcus Saint
Marcus Saint 8 時間 前
I recommend the video called ' My Octopus Teacher'.
Marcus Saint
Marcus Saint 8 時間 前
A Super Intelligent Species treated like this. VERY SAD. And WE want to meet Aliens from another Solar System?
Имангали Султанбеков
Имангали Султанбеков 10 時間 前
poor squidward
Имангали Султанбеков
Имангали Султанбеков 10 時間 前
Бедный Сквидворд
frank cao
frank cao 11 時間 前
Benjamin Rifkin
Benjamin Rifkin 12 時間 前
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.
Hani Han
Hani Han 12 時間 前
Shit!! Bad video !! My time wasted
Aiyana Bowen
Aiyana Bowen 12 時間 前
handling them so rough smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
Felipa 15 時間 前
Octopus: Hey what are you- Guy: Haha folded octopus go brrrr
Lyanne Rivera
Lyanne Rivera 16 時間 前
For everyone shocked that the guy put the octopus on the street: do y'all not know that boiling water actually kills/inactivates bacteria and viruses???? lmaooo
Jast a Stone
Jast a Stone 20 時間 前
Мне через 5 часов вставать, а я смотрю на ёбаного осьминога
raccoon boi
raccoon boi 23 時間 前
the fact that they just slide their organs around the floor-
Ka Vieira
Ka Vieira 23 時間 前
Seus nojentos
Benja Iturra
Benja Iturra 日 前
Responda mi comentario el que es español
Ilyas 日 前
watching this feels satisfying
anna미운오리역할 日 前
저거 삶은날,, 저게 얼마였던거예요? 혹시 문어 머리 껍데기는 먹으면 안되는건가요? 몸에 좋아보이는데,, ㅋ
Dnyanada Pardeshi
Dnyanada Pardeshi 日 前
Sorry angle 🐙
Dnyanada Pardeshi
Dnyanada Pardeshi 日 前
Humans are disgusting... Omggg I felt bad for 🐙
Angel De la Cruz
Angel De la Cruz 日 前
is it just me? or does this look over cook or is it just the fat his cutting away??
Angel De la Cruz
Angel De la Cruz 日 前
what part of the octopus would that be @11:18
Nekonii Nyah
Nekonii Nyah 日 前
ragnarox16 日 前
literally a fate worse than death...
Mg lwin Khin
Mg lwin Khin 日 前
Diego Loureiro
Diego Loureiro 日 前
O cara não tem respeito nenhum pelo animal. que ele vai abater
FabFourEver 日 前
If Godzilla were real, somewhere in Asian he would have been cooked and devoured by now!
Diskrot 日 前
they didnt even fucking dispatch it
Lola Alia
Lola Alia 日 前
So unsanitary and sad 😖
Casey Scott
Casey Scott 日 前
I kept wondering at what point did it actually die
Bored Eats
Bored Eats 日 前
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Travel Europe جولات السفر في أوروبا 日 前
Follow me travel europe 🙏
Leon 日 前
Seeing slaughter houses didn't really affected me, chickens in meat processor also didn't. Now, doing this to such intelligent creature as octopus really makes me sad. Indeed they are delicious but They're as intelligent as we are.
Still dont have name
Still dont have name 日 前
fck for the vegan comment. don't watch this video
Anara Koshkarbai
Anara Koshkarbai 2 日 前
윤제이 2 日 前
뭔데 오랜만에 오니깐 코쟁이들 댓글밖에 없냐;;
Glitchy Windows 3.1
Glitchy Windows 3.1 2 日 前
Food like this is why the worst diseases come from Asian countries
Ben Williams
Ben Williams 2 日 前
dog,, why must you kill them like this
Ben Williams
Ben Williams 2 日 前
why treat them this way
Chaitanya Divate
Chaitanya Divate 2 日 前
Octopus are very intelligent creatures, its like killing an elephant
Mahdi Noor
Mahdi Noor 2 日 前
we[humans] don't have the right to do it that way
David zamudio
David zamudio 2 日 前
eso no pesa 17kilos ni cagando
david gonzalez
david gonzalez 2 日 前
That’s how infection gets caught and now we are here lol covid
Cezar Lacusta
Cezar Lacusta 2 日 前
I hope you meet those octopuses at 150 m below and see if u survive
Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott 2 日 前
God all these bitch vegans complaining about how “cruel” he is.... like honestly, does a shark feel guilty when they eat an octopus??? No
Ivan Cali
Ivan Cali 2 日 前
No se que es peor morir en agua hirviendo o cortado por pedazos 😮
Kendall Garro
Kendall Garro 日 前
Agua hirviendo
Ubada Kassim
Ubada Kassim 2 日 前
i heat you
Jorge Andres Wilches Buitrago
Jorge Andres Wilches Buitrago 2 日 前
Unos hijueputas chambones para çocinar
Gary Kuyat
Gary Kuyat 2 日 前
How can this be advertiser friendly?
worm_studios_10 and gacha
worm_studios_10 and gacha 2 日 前
Waching these vids makes me wanna be vegan
worm_studios_10 and gacha
worm_studios_10 and gacha 2 日 前
Did the octopus just pee on you o.o karma
Lara J
Lara J 2 日 前
Imagine the pain that octopus felt. Humans are worse than animals
Lara J
Lara J 2 日 前
I would love to see someone doing the EXACT SAME THING he did to that poor octopus. Jfc.
Kendall Garro
Kendall Garro 日 前
@AsianshortFoot StubbyChode because we are from the same species, and our meat is very hard and without a good flavor, and obviously is immoral
AsianshortFoot StubbyChode
AsianshortFoot StubbyChode 2 日 前
Right!!?? Bro, I don’t understand why cannibalism isnt popping off smh. People die all the time! thats precious food!!
Br& Garcia
Br& Garcia 2 日 前
Ele tá cortando os pedaços do bicho vivo.. nem posso imaginar a dor que sentem..
CJ Creates Roblox & More
CJ Creates Roblox & More 2 日 前
TO THE ENGLISH PEOPLE WHO READ THIS HE SAID : He's cutting the pieces of the living animal ... I can't even imagine the pain they feel ...
Joxxx Asked
Joxxx Asked 2 日 前
Lord 2 日 前
Zabs Mongzar
Zabs Mongzar 3 日 前
After eating this how do I shit? Or just as usual 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Evaggelos Mazgaltzis
Evaggelos Mazgaltzis 3 日 前
That guy is rly efficient, but also quite cruel
김어깡 3 日 前
무식한 것들이 몰려와서 조회수 신나게 올려줬네요~마을 잔치급 문어파티네요♥
Del Mike
Del Mike 3 日 前
People just walking by like nothing to see here just cutting a octopus
Kendall Garro
Kendall Garro 日 前
Em... because is completely normal there?
Del Mike
Del Mike 3 日 前
Lmfao he just flop it on the floor like here u go
Ben Jameson
Ben Jameson 3 日 前
Crikey thats mundanely brutal!
lord dodos
lord dodos 3 日 前
Danm you people are the reason why racism is a thing guy from nether
박병만 3 日 前
문어 ㆍ손질 부분 에서 너무 비 위생 ᆢ난 문어 안 먹어.
Andrew Reyes
Andrew Reyes 3 日 前
why on the floor why!
princess ady
princess ady 3 日 前
Fdy Sykr
Fdy Sykr 3 日 前
How much for octopus like this?
Bryan Reyes Flores
Bryan Reyes Flores 3 日 前
Calebe de oliveira Calebe
Calebe de oliveira Calebe 3 日 前
Totalmente nojento como eles cortam, no chão vey nocha
DANI24 3 日 前
Aprende a ganar
Aprende a ganar 3 日 前
Que manera de desperdiciar agua
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 3 日 前
giant street food
potato yea
potato yea 3 日 前
No se que pingo ago aca pero me encanto un kpo en chinito
Vangelis Films
Vangelis Films 3 日 前
I hate that humans eat Octopus
Dana Esbayeva
Dana Esbayeva 3 日 前
Журегим ауырып кеттіго емаа мна видеоны корп
Bart Putzer
Bart Putzer 3 日 前
I wish that you will be dealt with as well ... idiots
Ztwo Zquad7
Ztwo Zquad7 4 日 前
This guyz deserse place in hell
Tharani Velmurugan
Tharani Velmurugan 4 日 前
When he cut the eyes I closed my eyes for a second. .. it happens automatically 😰😰😰😰😰
Victorian Ghost
Victorian Ghost 4 日 前
Cruel bastards
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel 4 日 前
why Asians always gotta eat the weirdest shit?
Kendall Garro
Kendall Garro 日 前
The octopus is one of the most popular and delicious meat in the world, is weird because you say it is weird, when actually it is pretty normal
Sharles Costa
Sharles Costa 4 日 前
I feel sorry for this octopus, but I'm not a animal lover so I try to keep my emotions in check. I don't want to over react, although I really think this creature die for nothing even I think life isn't something so special. What I really find funny about it is that this reminds me of a human autopsy. At the end we're all disposable as much as this octopus and any other creature.
Kalvin Bhutia
Kalvin Bhutia 4 日 前
They r torturing that poor animal Shame on humanity
LyroS 4 日 前
Octopus: imma head out...
Geeboy San Pedro
Geeboy San Pedro 4 日 前
Arggggg i cant watch it anymore
Birkan ct
Birkan ct 4 日 前
I don't think you should eat them.
ShinyGrow Yt
ShinyGrow Yt 4 日 前
umarım bi günde bu suda siz kaynarsınız
Sani Kim
Sani Kim 4 日 前
아아아~~ 문어숙회 맛있겠네요. 잔치집에서 30명은 족히 나눠드실듯. 손질하는 과정 넋놓고 봤습니다. 집에서 손질할 때 참고해야겠어요. 비건분들 베지테리언 분들 영상보고 기겁을 하시네요^^ 아마 저분들에겐 우리가 소 돼지 죽이는 장면 보는것처럼 느껴질 거에요. 저는 영상 정말 잘봤습니다. 감사합니다.
Diego Diaz
Diego Diaz 4 日 前
Hello greetings from Guadalajara Jalisco up las chivas
Илья Николаенко
Илья Николаенко 4 日 前
Yasser Kamel
Yasser Kamel 4 日 前
Desta Desta
Desta Desta 4 日 前
Adriana Moreira
Adriana Moreira 4 日 前
Nojeira! Joga o bicho no chão onde todo mundo passa caminhando quase encima do bicho!
Lala lisa
Lala lisa 4 日 前
squidward left the group
Cant relate
Cant relate 4 日 前
Culture my ass that’s straight up animal abuse my guy
Icaro Ovs
Icaro Ovs 4 日 前
Veo aquí falta de asepsia... Razón el Covid
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