Lin-Manuel Miranda performs "Alexander Hamilton" at The White House

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5 年 前

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Lin-Manuel Miranda performs "Alexander Hamilton" at The White House Poetry Jam. The moment how the hype began!
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Steve Bobs but thicc
Steve Bobs but thicc 3 時間 前
yo i wish this guy made this actually into a play
Daniel Acosta
Daniel Acosta 14 時間 前
They were standing on a goldmine, yet they thought it was a stand up club.
Roman Moreno
Roman Moreno 19 時間 前
this is still a masterpiece
Pamela Mays
Pamela Mays 日 前
That night, everyone laughed. A few years later, everyone trying to get tickets.
Lotan 日 前
I never found this song funny, just truly touching. I understand that the musical is quite humorous many times, but when he says that his name is Alexander Hamilton, I get chills, yet the audience laughs. I don't get it.
singing bird
singing bird 2 日 前
did he own slaves?
Tom N
Tom N 日 前
Xeniya B
Xeniya B 2 日 前
He is fantastic! What a talented man!!! Happy to be able to watch the final product years later. Thank you for everything!!!
Harsha Kaujalgi
Harsha Kaujalgi 2 日 前
Why is Jaun Alvarez at the White house ?
Leon Gallegos
Leon Gallegos 2 日 前
Crazy 5 years ago I watched this in 6th or 7th grade and niggaz in class thought me and the other gang banging homie were weird kuz we thought this was dope 😂 same kids were all excited when we took a class trip to watch this shit 👀 even as a kid from the ghetto and who grew up in gangs this shit was tight asf and the play
Joana 3 日 前
This man is a genius. His work and delivery moves me.
BreadBoi 3 日 前
i love how much this stuff was changed
John Toenjes
John Toenjes 3 日 前
There hasn't been a single artistic event at the Trump White House. That's a great reason to vote him out!
Barbara Ryan
Barbara Ryan 3 日 前
This man's talent is amazing.
Open water Diver
Open water Diver 3 日 前
No of them saw the whole show being a success coming it’s even on Disney+
Akshata 4 日 前
Lin here reminds me of Tyler joseph *-*
Corinne Young
Corinne Young 4 日 前
Brilliance - our country at its best ! Lets all vote, re-capture our moral compass, past, present and future !!
JimmyDanger 4 日 前
Natalya 4 日 前
i love how the crowd goes from laughing to silent awe as they slowly realize that lin knows what the hell he's doing
K D 5 日 前
2:14 they laughed. Now they cheer when they head his name
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 6 日 前
Honestly I didn't find out about hamilton until my 8th grade year when my pe teacher played My Shot, I just ignored the theater kids singing but when I saw a youll be back and Satisfied Animatic, I was got interested but didn't bother listening to the rest until it was revealed to be on disney+ i listened to more songs and was amazed
Autumn Meadows
Autumn Meadows 6 日 前
He is making History interesting
Tiαgo FN
Tiαgo FN 7 日 前
Yo y’all can’t cap these are straight bars bro this rap is better than half the rappers out right now
Leeanna Parker
Leeanna Parker 7 日 前
My sister is absolutely head over heals with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Alexander Hamilton. When she come to visit her big sister she to got me hooked on the musical. For her 22nd birthday we bought her the beautiful book of Hamilton and of course I had to have a book. Just started reading now, AMAZING FABULOUS. Truly a great performer, x
Itz_Bubbles 8 日 前
I wanna be in the room where this happened.
Blu Rob
Blu Rob 8 日 前
thats a pretty dusty stage
Christian Javier
Christian Javier 8 日 前
the only thing better than his performance would had been if Lin Manuel Miranda would have just stood there and confess to everyone he is actually a time traveler and would like warn everyone about covid19, trump, and tiger king. in that order.
Makayla Fernando
Makayla Fernando 8 日 前
wow. they were in the room where it happened.
La Lou
La Lou 9 日 前
They laughed 🤭 then..He laughs🤭 now! 😆
La Lou
La Lou 9 日 前
jalil hart
jalil hart 9 日 前
george jones
itzmehsera 10 日 前
I feel so happy knowing that he got to prove his worth in the musical, Honestly i hope all those who laughed at him them regret it and wished to have cheered for him.
beth ryder
beth ryder 10 日 前
music 2019
lijo james
lijo james 10 日 前
blackpink reaction
Im Not Dontai
Im Not Dontai 10 日 前
Says hes gonna be Aaron burr, then hes hamilton himself
XxnoodlesxX 1000
XxnoodlesxX 1000 10 日 前
Guerra Andrea
Guerra Andrea 10 日 前
hey this guy singing looks funny. how funny? how much 11 emmys and a pulitzer?
boneless books
boneless books 10 日 前
He was born an orphan?? How does that work????
Madison Haislip
Madison Haislip 11 日 前
He said uhhh
Ewan Cameron
Ewan Cameron 11 日 前
sounds like a worse Brendon Urie
Leslie Dinah
Leslie Dinah 11 日 前
And the winner on how many times you can say UH in a single sentence goes to Lin-Manuel Miranda
jovan hayes
jovan hayes 11 日 前
3:35 those are the claps from people who realized that what he was doing was awesome
LazyKid MINECRAFT 12 日 前
I wish he wouldve done "my shot" instead cus i can hear in his voice that he was going to take thr opportunity and not throw it away...
Dan Dreon
Dan Dreon 12 日 前
he's lucky he got Obama and not orange.
Hannah Mayo
Hannah Mayo 12 日 前
You laugh now... just you wait.
The Theatre Kidz
The Theatre Kidz 12 日 前
*me, trying to count how many times LMM said "uh"*
Tiliger 13 日 前
"he was- *uh* he was born *uh* a penniless orphan *uh* in Saint Croix... literally 2 minutes later: *There would havebeennothinglefttodoforsomeonelessastutehewouldbeendeadordestitutewithoutacentof restitution..*
Hail the God of MLG: Snoop Dogg: Son of Illuminati
Hail the God of MLG: Snoop Dogg: Son of Illuminati 13 日 前
Lin’s high on something and i want in on him
Ryan Senquiz
Ryan Senquiz 13 日 前
Lin is something else man! 😍
Alan Thomas
Alan Thomas 14 日 前
The song change so much from that to the musical
Tom N
Tom N 14 日 前
I think I like this better than the full company's version.
xenobite 14 日 前
he did not trow away his shot.
I J productions
I J productions 14 日 前
They switched it when they made the musical
Brooklyn Brummel
Brooklyn Brummel 14 日 前
omg yall imagine the people laughing could see him now-
K - Town
K - Town 14 日 前
He looked like Bud from Married with children back then :D
Chaos Knight
Chaos Knight 14 日 前
You all see a start of Hamilton, I see Alvie off his drugs again.
froydinger 14 日 前
The birth of a motherfucking legacy.
GameKnight 15 日 前
*They were the first ones in the room where it happened.*
ered203 15 日 前
Anybody remember when there was music and culture and smiles and art and hope in the White House?
joss rivera
joss rivera 15 日 前
They laughed then but little did they know lol
Thomas Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins 15 日 前
Alvie ended up doing well for himself. Haha
Nora Dubbein
Nora Dubbein 16 日 前
2:02 fr the whole White House thought that
Nora Dubbein
Nora Dubbein 16 日 前
Summergutierrex 16 日 前
I love Lin-Manuel Miranda's work ethic! He worked so hard on Hamilton (and other shows like In The Heights) for SOO long, before people may have not seen much of it, but now EVERYONE loves it! In this video, it's just him and the music director; Alex, but later on its a whole ensemble and cast singing the same song. He's such a hard worker and I aspire to be a fraction of that! :)
ki llua
ki llua 16 日 前
Lin must have been hearing other voices in his head during that time, voices that sing along with him.
Veggie _Boiii
Veggie _Boiii 17 日 前
This is crazy to see this and then the final product!
Unkeo is daddy
Unkeo is daddy 17 日 前
And nobody took this man seriously.. Look at where he is now.
Emma Calin
Emma Calin 17 日 前
Does anyone realize how some of the words and lines were different? Like I generally loved seeing how the song changed from then to now.
John Laurens
John Laurens 18 日 前
He's weird in this
Vincent 18 日 前
Sounds pretty good! He should make a succussful musical or something
Corey Griffin
Corey Griffin 18 日 前
I didn't see this going anywhere when he first performed this... wonder what ever happened to his idea.
Hui Yi Lien
Hui Yi Lien 18 日 前
I didn’t even recognise Lin cause he had really really short hair-
Akshay Persaud
Akshay Persaud 18 日 前
He did throw away his shot
Shivangi Krishna
Shivangi Krishna 18 日 前
Nobody knew that this was gonna be a phenomenon 🤩
Grace Hampton
Grace Hampton 18 日 前
“I’ll be playing Vice President Aaron burr”
Sushey 19 日 前
The fact that everyone was laughing at him and look at him now😂
coolkid 20 日 前
zoë 20 日 前
i miss the "ooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOO's"
zoë 20 日 前
weird hearing it without everyone else, but also very pure
Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith 20 日 前
These is what th Obama did in the White House, he intertained the stars! How did this make America better? It didn’t, this was the popular campaign for his further & F the taxpayer with his high cost spending of taxpayer dollar for self not for the country! How did this help the American taxpayer?
Fortnite Slayer
Fortnite Slayer 20 日 前
Josie Authers
Josie Authers 20 日 前
I wanna be in the room where it happened
Be kind And thankful
Be kind And thankful 21 日 前
I just dislike how we change the song it was a good song look at it now a fool
Kristy's Edits
Kristy's Edits 21 日 前
Did he do the triangle sign at the end? LMAO
Patrick 7 日 前
@Hannah Paige yeah no
Hannah Paige
Hannah Paige 10 日 前
maybe it’s a heart??? probably not though
Tyler Howell
Tyler Howell 17 日 前
Arika Chennelle also, as a Freemason myself, I can tell you the “triangle” is not one of the hand signs we use.
Tyler Howell
Tyler Howell 17 日 前
It’s not the triangle. He threw up the Roc. It’s for the Rocafella diamond that is one of the most iconic hip-hop gestures you can do. He was showing the legitimacy of how hip-hop Hamilton really was.
Arika Chennelle
Arika Chennelle 19 日 前
This is the comment I was looking for. Yes, he did- perhaps I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist as it relates to the entertainment world, but it seems like he was "acknowledging the powers that be" with that (masonic?) hand sign. The elites can either make or break your career/project.
frank asdasd
frank asdasd 21 日 前
greta thunberg
tariro tsiga
tariro tsiga 21 日 前
uh.. uh.. uh.. uh.. uh.. uhh..-
Christian 21 日 前
Just makes you smile
Ella Covone
Ella Covone 21 日 前
This is how many times he said uh...
Joe De Faria
Joe De Faria 22 日 前
The president:HaHaHaAh. Lin:haha you wish bish
Luke Scirbner
Luke Scirbner 22 日 前
If you listen to this version of song to how close it sound to the finish version of song.
Kryshia Gayle
Kryshia Gayle 22 日 前
His hands rapping too
Michael G
Michael G 22 日 前
Everytime he says the first "Alexander Hamilton" I get goosebumps all over my body. The amount of charisma and emotion it holds after explaining his origins.
Curt Colin
Curt Colin 22 日 前
Are we all just going to ignore that dab at the end of the song? This was like years before dabbing was cool.
Adrian Hall
Adrian Hall 23 日 前
I didn't realize how much they changed it when they put it in the play
X-Avenger Plays
X-Avenger Plays 23 日 前
There's a million things he hasn't done. But just you wait, just you wait.
Adam Abouelleil
Adam Abouelleil 23 日 前
It's weird listening to the first draft of Alexander Hamilton, and how the lyrics changed so much.
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan 23 日 前
Plot twist; the person this song was about Lin the whole time, not alexander
MiddleOut 23 日 前
weirdly i feel the white house would be one of the best places to try this song out: everybody there knows about the US history and can understand the lyrics better than most people
Freya Andrews Simpson
Freya Andrews Simpson 23 日 前
like everyone laughed but he’s laughing now
RayRay Playz
RayRay Playz 23 日 前
i was 1 day old when he performed this......... wowwwwwwww
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