Tom Brady undoubtedly has more pressure this season than Cam Newton - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

ヶ月 前

Cam Newton has a new team and also new shoes to fill as the former MVP attempts to resurrect his career and take over for Tom Brady. Cam’s former coach Ron Rivera said to not count out Cam in New England. Meanwhile, Brady is trying to establish his own championship team without Bill Belichick down in Tampa Bay as his career winds down. Hear why Shannon Sharpe believes that Tom Brady will have more pressure this season than Cam Newton.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Tom Brady undoubtedly has more pressure this season than Cam Newton - Shannon | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED ヶ月 前
Who will win more games this season: Cam Newton or Tom Brady?
Tori Aden
Tori Aden 7 日 前
I think the question is who will win more. Tom or Bill
Quis Smoke
Quis Smoke 7 日 前
Nobody: Shannon: ole goat James gone win more games
Bela Cheat
Bela Cheat 19 日 前
K P Belichick Belacheat
digitaldirtnap1 19 日 前
Probably Brady, but you never know. I’m happy the pats got cam Newton. It really changed the outlook of this season and most likely the next four or five years, unless the pats get a really good draft pick Qb like pat maholmes.
Dennis Montalvo
Dennis Montalvo 20 日 前
cat rice rice
cat rice rice 日 前
The 1995 Super Bowl San Diego Chargers vs 49ers was played in San Diego.
Liv2streamZ 2 日 前
Brady game winning drives are a testament to who he is as a quarterback absolutely the greatest of all time all the defense has to do is put up a stop and that didn't happen last time I checked Brady is the offense
Liv2streamZ 2 日 前
Love this debate and I'm a lil bias cause Tom Brady is that boy but skip has a solid point period
Jakob Parker
Jakob Parker 3 日 前
Shannon Sharpe is by far the most disclipined debater I've ever seen. He can make points, and he sets his emotions aside. Love it, I want to grow into that somehow. Shay' give me some tips!
Rickhunter83 5 日 前
Tom Brady’s career can be summed as “right place right time” in the truest sense of the words
Ariel Lugoma
Ariel Lugoma 5 日 前
Onion onion onion deep!! 😂😂
Big Daddy Trey
Big Daddy Trey 6 日 前
Its Tom Brady For Sure who has more pressure. Brady has GOAT expectations to live up to. Brady has to show that he can win a superbowl for a team not named the Patriots. Cam on the other hand all he has to do is play good football and stay healthy and people will be satisfied
no uTM
no uTM 7 日 前
Brady has higher expectations, that's it. If he doesn't meet them, millions of people will still call him the goat and make plenty of excuses. If Cam doesn't meet his expectations, his career is done...
willo chan
willo chan 9 日 前
While it's true that Tom is the GOAT and doesn't need to prove anything. He is definitely the one under more pressure - not from other people's expectations but from his own. That's the kind of mentality you need to become number one.
DoctorPhanan 9 日 前
Skip Bayless: Tom is a great QB because he made a game winning drive in the superbowl. Also Skip Bayless: Eli isn't a good quarterback, it was the Patriots defense that gave up the game losing drive in the superbowl.
Jeffrey Hooper
Jeffrey Hooper 10 日 前
I agree with Skip on this one. Cam has literally SO much to prove this season. Tom Brady has already done everything a QB can do.
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 10 日 前
Theres no question Cam has more pressure. I live in R.I. lifelong Pats fan. If Cam sucks or gets hurt? Itll be travesty for N.E. fans. Esp if Brady kills it in Tampa
Dwayne Beamon
Dwayne Beamon 10 日 前
Cam and Sanu can be very potent
Agents Bed
Agents Bed 10 日 前
We can’t count this year for Tom because it usually takes a year to get used to Bruce ariens system so next year is toms make or break year
Jovan Flores
Jovan Flores 10 日 前
I think shannon is mad that no one is putting pressure on Tom to go and win with that team so he’s trying to push that narrative, because he’s the only person I’ve heard bring up any pressure but I think he’s right, there’s obvious pressure but I think it’s on cam the hardest being if Tom has a season like Winston they’ll say it’s age but if cam has a bad season his career is over
S. Navarro
S. Navarro 10 日 前
Brady does he went to a good squad Cam went to a average squad
Nathaniel French
Nathaniel French 11 日 前
Shay Shay won this won.
Chad Bridges
Chad Bridges 11 日 前
That's like saying Ali wasn't the greatest boxer
Chad Bridges
Chad Bridges 11 日 前
Don't dog LeBron either he is great
Chad Bridges
Chad Bridges 11 日 前
Michael Jordan never plays too lose sorry Shannon you are wrong Phil didn't have to coach MJ he is the man everyone knows it him and Brady have mutual respect for each other end of talk
Michael Cannon
Michael Cannon 11 日 前
Skip. Skip Bayless. Please. Tom Brady picked a loaded offense to go to. End of story.
Brian Jose
Brian Jose 11 日 前
We all know that if Brady wins a Super Bowl in Tampa, Shannon will say it was only because of his weapons.
Neff Portraits
Neff Portraits 11 日 前
If we came together like these two then racism can never be.
Trent Roseboro
Trent Roseboro 12 日 前
Just because Tom is on the better team, he has more pressure? Tom already the GOAT to y'all....., HES CHILLING. Cam got more to prove, though less expectations from fans and media.
Torrie Walker
Torrie Walker 12 日 前
2016 the ref and the league allow Cam to get hit in the knees and head while in the pocket..I'll never forget...I'm a Cowboys fan
PATSFAN420 13 日 前
cancel the season make brady wait another year to play, be year older and that much slower.
Timothy Hassett
Timothy Hassett 13 日 前
skip nailed it
Richard Purcell
Richard Purcell 14 日 前
Shannon was right on this one lol
WeareMaryland301 14 日 前
MJ played for the Wizards for revenue to sale tickets, not to win a title.
WeareMaryland301 14 日 前
You can’t make up a 20 year career in one season. Cam just has to show he can still play, that’s all. Media pressure to make a story is what they do.....
J. S.
J. S. 14 日 前
Against the Giants Tom had TERRIBLE games. Those Ls are as much his as anyone elses.
Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt 14 日 前
If Tom Brady helps the buccs win the conference then I believe they can take the whole thing
Tom Valliere
Tom Valliere 14 日 前
More pressure? No brainer. Cam was passed up by multiple teams. Poor season, it's "I told you so". Good season and he makes the big bucks. No matter what happens with Brady he's the G.O.A.T. 99% of the time I agree with Shannon, but a poor season only hurts Brady's pride. Not his legacy or next years $
AmnestX 15 日 前
Skip really sitting here and saying that Brady going to the Bucs and going 7-9 wouldn't tarnish his legacy. YES TF IT WOULD! XD Man has had bellichics defense and offensive lines carrying him for years along with some elite WRs. He had teams that Brees and possibly even Rodgers and Wilson could have gone to just as many SBs with. He refuses to re-sign because they don't commit to getting him more weapons, and goes to TAMPA, who went 7-9 on the heels of a QB with 30 INTS. One of the best offenses in the league. He won't win the division. But if he doesn't go at LEAST 9-7, with THAT offense, and make the playoffs, we ALL gonna know who wore the pants in that QB/coach duo.
Rob reviews Tech
Rob reviews Tech 15 日 前
Peyton Manning had a storied career in Indianapolis. Peyton Manning was in the top 2 of quarterbacks in the NFL his whole career. Skip hates Peyton Manning because no individual can choose both Peyton and Tom at the same time and skip is a Brady boy.
DMV Weezy
DMV Weezy 15 日 前
C'mon Skip... You damn well know Brady has more pressure
Star Lord
Star Lord 15 日 前
Shannon just sounds dumb..
Blak Lyon
Blak Lyon 15 日 前
Skip is in denial in this one. No one is expecting Cam to win a Superbowl ...but yes ppl expect Tom to produce in TB with all those weapons...if he fails there it means he isn't as good as ppl was the coaching
traz301 16 日 前
Hydrochloriquine is the cure for covid-19.
Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris 17 日 前
Don't ever stop doing this show you guys are one of a kind (something truly special)..........
Tyrin Chapple
Tyrin Chapple 17 日 前
Na! Cam newton fa’sho.. he signed a 1 year deal with the team Tom Brady has carried for years! If cam don’t show up, media gone show out
Dino knockout
Dino knockout 17 日 前
Bradys still great and cam is shot,big difference
Bill Felsner
Bill Felsner 17 日 前
Skip you where one of many that said Brady was done now your on his band wagon again
Craig al Hakeem Khalifa
Craig al Hakeem Khalifa 17 日 前
Skip has no clue what he's talking about.
Demetriace Moore
Demetriace Moore 18 日 前
Sonny 18 日 前
cam has the most pressure, tb has already done it all. another super bowl win isn't his goal, i think it's the perfect season. that eluded him that year they lost to eli and the giants. as for cam, he's playing for basically min wage as a qb. he was mvp a few years ago and all the teams neglected this year, prolly due to the injuries he's suffered the past 2 seasons. he's hungry to prove the naysayers wrong and with that determination, Cam has the most to prove.
Johnny Andrews
Johnny Andrews 18 日 前
Man it’s waaaaaay more pressure on TB12 than Cam. Anywhere he goes they expect to make the playoffs. Just the same as mj, lebron and all the other greats
carey genius
carey genius 18 日 前
Back in the days, I was in Kansas city when they got Joe Montana and Marcus Allen. They were older but still had their magic BUT it wasn't enough. The same thing will happen to Brady. Belichick is the best in the business with a former MVP so it's up to Cam. They will change the offense up a little bit BUT with a lack of WR talent I see playoffs in a weak division but not SB. If Cam gets hurt they got confidence in Stidham. I believe if Cam gets hurt, it's all over, unfortunately... If we have a season, I see the Cowboys over the 49ers and Baltimore over KC and Dallas over Baltimore in the SB!! Get your mind right and get ready for it!!
JonnyB. 18 日 前
Skip. I had started giving u a chance, based on how u obliterated Shannon on the Jordan conv. PLUS! Your support in the BLM movement. BUT!!! U just pretty much killed all of that, trying to act like u don’t know Brady has the most pressure. If Cam and Tom have equally bad seasons. Who will u possibly blame more???
Bryan Castater
Bryan Castater 19 日 前
I’m gonna have to agree with Shannon there’s much more pressure on Tom Brady thank him doubt about it!
matt spencer-mumme
matt spencer-mumme 19 日 前
Is Shannon talking about the GOAT in a way he thinks he knows him or why he left. 😂😂😂
Xavier 19 日 前
They are the Sucka-neers
Brett Emery
Brett Emery 19 日 前
I get skips view point on cam but everybody has their eyes on the GOAT to see if he actually is the GOAT and can get it done without Bill.
Anthony Sowers
Anthony Sowers 20 日 前
Ok skip 😆 you speaking with passion 2day good show gentleman 😎👏🏽
Dennis Montalvo
Dennis Montalvo 20 日 前
Ha ha Skip throws shade on Manning.
Dennis Montalvo
Dennis Montalvo 20 日 前
Dennis Montalvo
Dennis Montalvo 20 日 前
Shannon won
dablocishot77 21 日 前
Why we going to keep ignoring how GREAT EDELMAN AND GRONK was. Thomas Brady is a beast. But there were other beasts on that team.
Chris Craig
Chris Craig 21 日 前
Shannon sharp you put it together well. And by the way I feel like it’s rigged. I predicted the broncos to win because the nfl wanted Peyton Manning to go out on top. And I also predicted he was gonna retire after that year. I won a lot of money on that prediction
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