Lin-Manuel Miranda Stuns Emily Blunt By Rapping 'My Shot' from Hamilton! | The Graham Norton Show

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The Graham Norton Show

年 前

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Louis Dead Fish
Louis Dead Fish 12 時間 前
Graham: prince Harry Me: one direction flashbacks
Daniel Esprit
Daniel Esprit 23 時間 前
Balling!!! Awesome!!!
carys 日 前
i only clicked on this video bc he voiced my favourite book i listened to it on audio and omg he sounds different
Randall Laue
Randall Laue 2 日 前
Well done that man.
Shantanique Johnson
Shantanique Johnson 2 日 前
That literally gave me chills
Celestia Aizawa
Celestia Aizawa 3 日 前
This man is so freaking talent d can we just appreciate how he looks so anxious and rocked that on the spot like wow just wow ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nancy Wright
Nancy Wright 4 日 前
Julia Schwartz-Manne
Julia Schwartz-Manne 4 日 前
its so different hearing him on his own vs with the whole thing
million 0
million 0 4 日 前
Icy Paws
Icy Paws 5 日 前
I feel so proud, I’ve got “my shot”
Just Me
Just Me 6 日 前
Never had I'd watch old clips again and again but fate and lockdown have their ways.
Don't Get Mad Get Wise
Don't Get Mad Get Wise 6 日 前
I do not like rap.
ducks magic bean cart
ducks magic bean cart 3 日 前
your opinion is wrong
Erin 6 日 前
haha I rapped my shot with Lin-Manuel Miranda what’s a bigger flex than that *only if he could hear me through the screen*
ducks magic bean cart
ducks magic bean cart 3 日 前
lmfao same
Dawn 6 日 前
I cant believe i missed the show in pr ToT
Gayaneh Kahvedjian
Gayaneh Kahvedjian 6 日 前
Lins hands be yeeting
Frank Helman
Frank Helman 6 日 前
Emily Blunt can chill with the bros
Sage The Starfish
Sage The Starfish 6 日 前
My shot sounds so different without music!
Angel Fox
Angel Fox 7 日 前
She watched it four times but I watched itseven try to beat that
redheadinNC 7 日 前
Ugh I'm so in love 😍
Corey johnson
Corey johnson 8 日 前
the view today
Rosie Hamilton
Rosie Hamilton 9 日 前
ivan martinez
ivan martinez 10 日 前
I have a crush on this guy since i discovered him XD
blackstorm !
blackstorm ! 11 日 前
If Emily Blunt grabbed my hand like this, I would have panicked
RiZe Wolfz
RiZe Wolfz 11 日 前
“It’s something like that”
Rachel Dawe
Rachel Dawe 11 日 前
Ayda Moore
Ayda Moore 11 日 前
Was I the only one that was waiting for Pippa to start beat boxing 😔
Paige McAlister
Paige McAlister 11 日 前
Heather Hansen
Heather Hansen 11 日 前
I've seen hamilton 30 times no kidding
Curiouspuppy65 12 日 前
‘I am not throwing away ma shot, itsgoessomethinglikethat
NewfieDoofie105 12 日 前
Its sad that I can sing along with him and sing futher as well.
Airsoftsniping101 12 日 前
I will learn that song just for emily blunt to look at me like that
Mia Donnan
Mia Donnan 12 日 前
nobody: literally nobody: Lin’s hands: ✊👊✋☝️👋🖐🤟✊🤙👈🤏
Edenic7 12 日 前
Why should a tiny island from across the sea regulate the price of tea😂 It's Boston tea time from an American immigrant🤣🤣 Lin is a total genius... 👍👍
100 Subscribers No Videos Challenge
100 Subscribers No Videos Challenge 12 日 前
She saw it 4 times. I saw it 7 times.
monyae houston
monyae houston 13 日 前
I like how he says ill try then kills it
Izzy 9717
Izzy 9717 13 日 前
You rapped along with him didn’t you? Don’t lie to me, you did
Jenna Peckman
Jenna Peckman 13 日 前
lin is the most talented man on earth rn bruh
Lilly Cueto
Lilly Cueto 13 日 前
I'm sorry but him asking "can I stand?" Is literally the most- Sir you are a grown adult. Who's a guest on one of the most known talk shows ever. And you're like "uhmmmmmm" like it's asking for ketchup packets at McDonald's.
Chiara 13 日 前
Lin's hands while singing: 👈🖐👆✌👉👇✋👊👋👌👐🖖👍🙅🙆💁🙋...
Kenley Clements
Kenley Clements 13 日 前
Me mindlessly reading the comments: I’ll get a scholarship to kings college.... My mom sittin next to me: should I be concerned
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