Stephen A. reacts to Richard Sherman calling the size of Cam Newton’s contract ‘disgusting’

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Dan Orlovsky react to San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman calling Cam Newton's one-year contract with the New England Patriots "disgusting."
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B&B Drainage Solutions
B&B Drainage Solutions 23 日 前
Cam had one good year. They paid him what’s he’s worth. After this year he will be paid less. He’s a has been. Has been good one year.
Rob DaBender
Rob DaBender 24 日 前
Max ALWAYS come with the facts.
Eric Matterson
Eric Matterson 25 日 前
It's as obvious as the nose on your face. Institutional racism is still alive and well in the NFL
Looch 1
Looch 1 26 日 前
Call a spade a spade! Cam is going to make them regret it! I got my 🍿 ready!
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust 26 日 前
Richard Sherman is living in a bubble. Cam Newton is poison to any team.
Tropical Terrarium
Tropical Terrarium 27 日 前
Cam Newton payed too little? The guy who constantly acts like a baby when he is losing, he wont bring you back from a deficit. That guy? Cam Newton is not a Russell Wilson or Mahomes.
jamel knight
jamel knight 27 日 前
Good blm matters
Grey1Fox 27 日 前
Juwann 28 日 前
ESPN y’all make too much money to not fix the mic
Charles Jaeger
Charles Jaeger 28 日 前
Cam signed the Contract , with yes with and with great Coaching he has a great opportunity to win a title and garner a huge contract .
roy cribbs
roy cribbs 29 日 前
Change will NEVER come until u root out the bad seeds owners...change come from top down not down to top....NFL wont change cause 32 white ppl...31 white owners and Roger...till then...u ALL glorify White supremacy...NFL
roy cribbs
roy cribbs 29 日 前
After 400yrs of getting stepped on....why make excuses for them....oooo save ur jobs...just say it....the owners are still stuck in old America...its called being RACIST
Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada 29 日 前
He's damaged goods and if it's such a bad deal why did he sign
Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada 29 日 前
Cam is a scam
Jeff Mejia
Jeff Mejia ヶ月 前
I’m guessing there are medical issues that aren’t being disclosed that led to this mutual agreement. Also Newton agreed; he wasn’t forced to sign anything he wasn’t willing to accept. So all this debate is just air to make the Pats look cheap and unappreciative. Also while with the Panthers I didn’t think Newton was anything special-just another NFL QB. One of two things are going to happen for sure: either Newton will flourish under the Pats system-assuming injuries don’t plague his play OR Newton will be a bust. So, let’s just wait and see.......
E R ヶ月 前
Can might be taking a cut in pay but he didn’t have to sign the contract
Curtis Bishop
Curtis Bishop ヶ月 前
Cam Newton Hair is the problem Cam is a Media Vet no off field problems and a leader is the hair that scares Teams period
Blake Hughes
Blake Hughes ヶ月 前
Oh no! Only 1.1mil ?! Darn
zee hiii
zee hiii ヶ月 前
Remember when Richard Sherman made up the story about Mayfield ignoring a handshake and then admitted he made it up. That's what I keep in mind anytime Sherman thinks he has anything important to say.
rich yates
rich yates ヶ月 前
This is why I think kap ant signed either cause he’s not taking a deal like that
Smoove Talk
Smoove Talk ヶ月 前
Just like any normal job. People that are less skilled than you in your profession getting paid more than you.
One million????
bulldog2890 gmail com
bulldog2890 gmail com ヶ月 前
Players are simply pawns in a chess game. It's like a trial run to see what he does but I get it since he's in his 30's and you don't want to pay him all that money and he disappoints cause his injuries over the years. Carolina and Pats should of traded.
John Ferguson
John Ferguson ヶ月 前
Max obviously doesn't know what he's talking about on this one....
Aaron Becker
Aaron Becker ヶ月 前
Why sign the contract then
Justin Rakestraw
Justin Rakestraw ヶ月 前
Cam’s best seasons were when they were running the wildcat and triple option. This caught the NFL off guard and it worked for a time. Teams aren’t fooled by this gimmick anymore. Hence, few teams play this set and teams don’t want a guy that isn’t accurate and can’t pass out of the pocket. HE SIGNED THE CONTRACT! If he didn’t want to go to the Patriots he could have signed for a bigger contract but was asking too much initially. Teams moves on and he bid himself out of the market. His attitude is also terrible and people don’t want to deal with that, possible injury concerns and bad play.
Enoch Judah Israel
Enoch Judah Israel ヶ月 前
Every since cam started dabbing he couldn't even get a flag.
Hakim Lyon
Hakim Lyon ヶ月 前
cam is a model leader off of the field he gave so much to the children and to his community
Rick Heller
Rick Heller ヶ月 前
Carson Wentz is hurt all the time. Oh wait he's white!
Ezekiel 25:17
Ezekiel 25:17 ヶ月 前
it's not disgusting. HE SIGNED IT. He didn't have to, but HE DID ANYWAYS.
DREVM ヶ月 前
Any other year, this doesn't happen. The injury, inability to work out for teams and his late dismissal from Carolina all added up to this. Who else was planning on signing him? Also, I remember months ago saying the Pats/Browns and others should get him quick and TONS of people telling me he needs to retire/is done and that Belichick wouldn't touch him. Now these people are saying Cam is taking them to the playoffs/SB with no weapons.
GiSoxfan ヶ月 前
Unfortunately this is the business side of things. His resume didn't decide his contract, the market did.
David Estate
David Estate ヶ月 前
Why hasn't Richard Sherman learned to just keep his mouth shut. Plus Cam already said on his Instagram - He doesn't care about the Noise.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith ヶ月 前
Stay strong cam Newtown
Platinum 133
Platinum 133 ヶ月 前
Hey Sherman and Steven A guess what he didn’t have to sign !!!!
Christopher Laughlin
Christopher Laughlin ヶ月 前
Tell the POS Sherman to buy an NFL team and pay him what he thinks Cam should make. If not STFU.
Tyler Stapleton
Tyler Stapleton ヶ月 前
Who else went straight to the comments to see if your phone was tweaking ? 💀
nasir ali
nasir ali ヶ月 前
QB is the most overrated position in all of sports.
Sam Yohannes
Sam Yohannes ヶ月 前
Hate Sherman, but the man got point.
8dascool8 ヶ月 前
Peyton Manning at 36 years old, after potentially career ending NECK surgery, received a fat contract and the keys to the organization in Denver. Cam hurts his shoulder and his ankle at 31 and they make every excuse not to pay him or even start him! Show this man some respect. Cam has capitalized on every opportunity he’s receive and won on every level. This year will be no different.
Mud Dirt
Mud Dirt ヶ月 前
All sports are now retarded.. I quit when politics got involved
Adam Lyn
Adam Lyn ヶ月 前
The 49ers should have signed them idiots
Julius Denard
Julius Denard ヶ月 前
That's why Tom left
George Buhrman
George Buhrman ヶ月 前
Instead of taking a knee these ball players should get down a little further and kiss the ground they where blessed to live in and earn millions of dollars off of thier people that come go see them play! News on the streets ,things are a changing,. No one is going to watch! We are not giving them our hard earned money! We'll watch college or even High school ball! Better players anyway!
Dennis Sutherland
Dennis Sutherland ヶ月 前
Cam signed the contract, the only one to blame is Cam.
Gladiators Fishing
Gladiators Fishing ヶ月 前
Cam was hit in Carolina because he didn’t have a line to protect him. Now that he’s in New England he has an O line that protects, Tom Brady almost never got hit. He’s going to be fire 🔥 this year
Wile E Coyote
Wile E Coyote ヶ月 前
Right cam never had a line he was still able to excel at one point. Imagine what he will do with the line that could protect him
DeAndre SPENCER ヶ月 前
Dam dam dam dam
Ryan eM
Ryan eM ヶ月 前
If you do the math : 1.1 Mill is more than the 0 Mill he was offered anywhere else. Newton is gambling on himself and I hope he comes back strong
PitoDaddy ヶ月 前
Roger Quintanilla
Roger Quintanilla ヶ月 前
Maybe go to the white league and black league thing if race is the problem.
uzamaki victor
uzamaki victor ヶ月 前
Literally every one is ignoring the fact that this is the Patriot's MO.
uzamaki victor
uzamaki victor ヶ月 前
Richard Sherman was silent on Tom Brady's contract.....just saying.
Daniel Estrada
Daniel Estrada ヶ月 前
Stephen A that one guy in the party with a broken mic😂😂
Bob Murphy
Bob Murphy ヶ月 前
Boycott ESPN and the NFL make these slugs get a real job and learn to live like regular people not showing off their money, houses, and fancy cars and clothes then maybe they will respect the country were they live!!!
11B3V ヶ月 前
Not interested!!!!
rooseveltheath ヶ月 前
Why is Sherman even relevant to say anything?
Joe Doran
Joe Doran ヶ月 前
The owners in every profession collude to drive the price of labor down. Unfortunately Stephen A. Smith doesn't get paid to discuss the plumbers collective bargaining agreement or the plumber's salary cap. It has nothing to do with race. Tom Brady has rings so the Pats didn't drive the price down. Cam has no rings and is coming from a losing team in a very very bad state...
Furious Styles
Furious Styles ヶ月 前
Wats with this background music
dylan land
dylan land ヶ月 前
It’s irrelevant how much they’re paying him. If the man signs the contract, he was okay with the deal. Plus, he’s been injury prone the past 3 or so years. He was an MVP how long ago? He hasn’t been playing MVP caliber football in years. It’s a prove it one year deal. If anyone knows football, pats get players cheap. You’d think these analysts would get that but apparently not lol. Not to mention Richard Sherman coming from Stanford
wayne hulsey
wayne hulsey ヶ月 前
He should have been paid 30 million, like Matt Ryan.He is much better than Matt
wayne hulsey
wayne hulsey ヶ月 前
This guy is a stud
Phill Acoustic Chaos
Phill Acoustic Chaos ヶ月 前
Cam Newton has lost 8 games in a row, he's coming off of a major injury and because of Covid, teams weren't able to have him work out to see if he's healthy. He's going to the perfect team to resurrect his career. If he is healthy and plays well, he's going to get a huge contract next season.