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Dr. Todd Grande

ヶ月 前

This video answers the questions: Can I discuss the mental health and personality factors that may be at work with Paris Hilton? Can I offer commentary on her documentary “This Is Paris” that was released in September 2020?
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American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: Author.
This Is Paris:
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Lavinia Terapeut
Lavinia Terapeut 2 時間 前
Just....why ???????
taraclarissa 8 時間 前
She doesn't deserve it?? She wasn't allowed to do anything as an adolescent. Not even attend a school dance. Once she was released from that prison for children, she started modeling and working by herself against her parents' will.
Miss Chievous
Miss Chievous 8 時間 前
Imagine going to therapist for your trauma and getting this kinda reaction because you're rich, beautiful, and a woman
Sadaf Ahmed
Sadaf Ahmed 9 時間 前
Do one analysis on her mums behaviour and attitude and psychology, now that be interesting! She seems cold and calculating, not sympathetic at all. Wonder what her upbringing is?? Paris hilton is obviously a mk ultra victim. Look it up. It's not normal her parents just allowed all of this. Some point ls your boom on some not. Unfortunately truth though, her life is based more on looks not on substance or what she can give to society and humanity. She seems like s very nice friend person though! Unlike nasty madonna! Yes do one on her also!
Jessica Wise
Jessica Wise 22 時間 前
I completely disagree with this evaluation. It is evident in last minutes of her documentary that she is not ready to let go of her persona. This character has been nothing more than a coping mechanism. My perception of the film was not that that she was experiencing a "crisis", but rather in a place where she is finally ready to start healing.
nadia oloui
nadia oloui 日 前
I think u are right doctor
Adora 日 前
You a clown... U made it look therapists aren’t worth trusting for. You sound shallow
Jennifer Baitoo De Jesus
Jennifer Baitoo De Jesus 日 前
I will have to watch the documentary. I have liked all the videos I have watched from this doctor but this one might be off. A lot of people will call celebrities narcissistic .many mental health professionals don't like celebrities at all!
MG 日 前
Your evaluative five factor system is NOT trauma informed and way too pathologizing for someone who has been through this type of abuse. Is it time for someone to evaluate you, Dr Grande?
nik0100 日 前
what is this video
Jana Cahill
Jana Cahill 日 前
What about him? he seems Neurotic, as in has to follow Rules or the World will Explode due to his mental restlessness.
Carolyn Silvers
Carolyn Silvers 日 前
Another over rated do nothing celebrity.
K C 日 前
Paris Hilton was brave to produce that documentary. She has had significant trauma happen, but she is a brave, sweet, caring person. Even the clickbait of this video is distasteful. I personally watched her whole documentary, and I thought she was one of the most courageous women I know. Now I see the clickbait of this video contemplating if she is the "goddess of narcissism" give me a break. I love psychology, but not everything has to be analyzed, she is a real person with real feelings. There is a point when enough is enough, and I hate clickbait media that tries to bring strong women down.
Robert Price
Robert Price 2 日 前
Do mark chopper read
Tony Walton
Tony Walton 3 日 前
I went to Provo Canyon School. It was a very abusive place. Once I was eating a gummy bear and they took it and through it out the window and said, "you wanna go where that gummy bear just went?"
YSM 3 日 前
WILD! We had to do our own breakdown on this one as well!
Robert Atkins
Robert Atkins 3 日 前
paris hilton isnt the narcissist. Her family is. the way her family treats her is beyond toxic. Her behavior became difficult because her family is toxic. Even after she told them what happened they acted like they didn't care. lack of empathy is a sign of narcissism. And apparently the issue with the school is totally true because others have come out about it. So she isnt lying.
Sandra Lacombe
Sandra Lacombe 3 日 前
I am all about science and understand your lack of emotional attachement in each of your video even if I don’t agree. This one is a no for me. Clearly the emphasis should not be on Paris but what happened in her education. The childhood emotional neglect is quite obvious and her family is the enabler.
Scott Wheeler
Scott Wheeler 3 日 前
It was school that made me the person i am today, watching videos on mental illness...
Mothership Has_Landed
Mothership Has_Landed 3 日 前
Lol how many people did Paris pay to write glowing comments about her whiny ass
9000ck 4 日 前
Sure she’s narcissistic, but then narcissism is often a reaction to abuse. The abuse is still wrong.
wulfgar3000 4 日 前
So......there is a lot of info and victims coming out now about the school in Utah that Paris and others have attended. You might want to rethink this video.
J LM 5 日 前
Her boarding school trauma is legit. Why didn’t she make a documentary focusing EXCLUSIVELY on the abuse of her and her peers at the hands of the abusive school staff? This is a very serious issue that deserves respect. Exploiting your pain, and your peer’s pain to transform and impact your brand’s image is gross. Manipulating people’s sympathy and outrage toward the abuse and redirecting the focus so people are more likely to ACCEPT her rebranding is sleezy and wrong. The trauma and rebranding SHOULD be mutually exclusive, this isn’t an appropriate opportunity to advertise (although it appears it is to Paris). You can feel genuine empathy for the victims of the schools WITHOUT co-signing on her ‘transformed’ company/brand/etc. Also someone having trauma in their past doesn’t mean they are a decent person.
Lon Bennie
Lon Bennie 5 日 前
I'm going to speculate she is demon infested incubus and succubus and she has the grim reaper. she follows demonology binds and is a big sell out. I studied higher degrees of the illuminati along time. If you strip the spirit around her and just leave her with her own soul she will be dead and weak. If anyone has more questions they can ask me. She is a sell out to the highest degree don't get caught in her illusion she is a bad person.
Jewel Rye
Jewel Rye 6 日 前
I hope you're not a real therapist because if you are, it's actually scary
Rodrigo Triana
Rodrigo Triana 6 日 前
Is he a real professional? He is just guessing and throwing judgment out to diminish her. I would never recommend him to anybody, he seems harmful.
Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson 6 日 前
I think this is your BEST analysis EVER!
Tara Mecas
Tara Mecas 6 日 前
Very often I like your videos. But this one, is a thumbs down. Did you even watch the documentary?
5fiveyearmission5 7 日 前
“Lower level” ... because someone believes there must be more to life than what we see and know (A God) probably because nothing definitely didn’t create everything. There is a creator and order to everything.
Ateekah Mitik
Ateekah Mitik 7 日 前
She IS NOT a goddess.
Ateekah Mitik
Ateekah Mitik 7 日 前
She's a human being.
Luna Rose
Luna Rose 7 日 前
This is just an attack. To get views youtube culture is becoming so disgusting. Trying to diagnose people because of their own opinions of snippets and clips they see. Unless you are her psychiatrist your professional opinion is invalid here.
Radianceface 8 日 前
Should NOT be a common practice......Parents whom colluded with others to kidnapped their child in the middle of the night and putting them in an institution...causing traumas, mental anguished, trust issues and PTSD ought to go to jail. These adult children could sue their parents for this types of action for their suffering. This practice must stopped.
Adept Guidance
Adept Guidance 8 日 前
If you read her natal chart you'd get what's really going on here. ;)
Adept Guidance
Adept Guidance 7 日 前
@Ateekah Mitik yes, they sure do change their position constantly. That it doesn't mean a thing is wrong, though. Study it at length with an open mind, and with a competent instructor and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Ateekah Mitik
Ateekah Mitik 7 日 前
That doesn't mean a thing. The stars change their position on a daily basis.
JennFriedman 8 日 前
Dr. Grande, I have been a loyal viewer of yours for years. With that, I feel it would be unfair of me to leave positive comments here and there and then turn a blind eye when I have a concern, so I have to say something. Paris was a victim, flat-out. What her parents put her through by having her literally kidnapped (not just because that's how she described it, but because that is what happened) was traumatizing. She was forcibly taken from her home (which all by itself can account for PTSD - this is what her recurrent nightmare was, after all); then taken to another place that she didn't know, where she was then forced to take unknown medication and routinely abused over a period of eleven months. During these eleven months, she would try to tell her parents what was happening but would get punished, so she stopped trying to tell them out of fear. Her abuse included being kept in isolation for twenty hours naked in the cold without food - as a punishment for attempting to discard unknown medication. Like the kidnapping, all it would take would be ONE instance of this and I would completely understand lifelong PTSD, but she endured an extended period of physical, verbal, and psychological abuse. If we took away the "Paris Hilton persona" and put someone else in her place, and if we heard about what that person went through and didn't know they were referring to a "boarding school," I for one would think someone was describing, perhaps: - a hostage situation - an inhumanely run prison - a cult The list goes on... We can't let our perceptions of Paris Hilton (her character, her celebrity status, etc) cloud this. We can't use Paris' life story as a commentary on the dangers of the narcissistic aspects of social media. Because then we conflate societal commentary with a person's trauma. She isn't a case study. She isn't a poster child. She is a survivor of trauma. These are two separate conversations.
Karen Keleher
Karen Keleher 8 日 前
The line between fame and exploitation of a minor depends on parental wealth. There is little evidence of love as a greater force than ambition in your review. "This is Paris." avoids this as well. Andy Warhol's statement "Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." applies to all of us. Paris just wants to freeze that 15 minutes. Who can blame her. She is highly relatable. The price she has paid is obvious. He bed is never her own.
Barbara Stamm
Barbara Stamm 8 日 前
TBH in the comments i see a lot of ego trying to defend the ways of the ego.
Barbara Stamm
Barbara Stamm 8 日 前
I think her 2020 movie is just wanting to gain a new wave of attention, raising her image and opening up a little. edit: and being honest is a step in the healing process of being betrayed by her parents, so that's good for her. Maybe she is too old for partying ;-) And she made an incredible valuable statement, especially comming from her, about "social media" and "influencers" and young girls seeking online validation and attention.
Barbara Stamm
Barbara Stamm 8 日 前
This analysis is spot on. Absolutly great job, but then afterall, that's expected by a professional.
Barbara Stamm
Barbara Stamm 8 日 前
8:20 obviously she has trouble growing older, spending so much time on a smartphone and always distracting herself from reality
Barbara Stamm
Barbara Stamm 8 日 前
one can skip the movie and just watch this without any loss and much more value
Barbara K
Barbara K 8 日 前
Do you really think her parents wld knowingly send her to an abusive school? It sounds like they were at wits end and didn't know how to best handle the situation! I don't trust psychiatry ... it's an inexact "science"! I've had several psychiatrists as my patients. (Pulmonary wise) They were not the soundest ppl I've met. Yes, just a few. I've made many mistakes as a parent and wish I cld go back and change the way I handled some situations. Dear God ... help us all! Sigh!
Carmen Alvarez
Carmen Alvarez 9 日 前
“To achieve undeserved fame and wealth”... that sounds a bit judgmental. Especially after noting that she’s driven and conscientious regarding managing her businesses. What would she have to do for her success to be considered “deserved”?
Aoife Breen
Aoife Breen 9 日 前
hmmmm were you a therapist in one of these "schools" or have a friend in? seem very skeptical of Paris for no reason
May 9 日 前
I usually like your videos, Dr Grande, but this is off the mark. You've ignored a lot of things that built up to her character now and this is but a sexist, patronising remark of the subject and the documentary. You can't dehumanise a person by allocating their traits to certain faculties, their experiences and phenomenology adds up to circumstances that no psychology textbook can cover. If you really watched the documentary and had empathy, you would know.
Imagine 9 日 前
I can see your reasoning up until you say “undeserved” fame and fortune - who gets to decide what makes fame or fortune deserved? That is your opinion, not the ultimate truth. And to your point on mattering - the entire universe will collapse into a singularity, and then the Big Bang will happen all over again. When that happens, all knowledge that we’ve gained will be for nothing as evolution starts all over again. One thousand years from now, people likely will not even know the names Einstein or Freud. In the same way, we don’t know the name of the first person to start a fire or make stick tools. In my opinion, what matters most is the love & connection that we experience while we’re still here. And judgment is the antithesis of love.
Imagine 9 日 前
ps. I think you meant well. But the video didn’t come across that way so I think you should take it down or address it.
Handel Nuremberg
Handel Nuremberg 9 日 前
Something always disturbed me about Dr. Todd Grande and now I realize that it's because instead of seeking his own mental health, he projects on the mental health of others. There's a billion dollar business for that.
Iñigo Acha
Iñigo Acha 9 日 前
She is not guilty of anything. It was the school, or her parents, she never is accountable for her acts. The guilties are the others. Cocaine, cars, billions of dollars, and a fly's brain. Time to clean her public image. 100% agree, with this guy, at least he spend his time studing a career. What kind of career Paris Hilton has? Porn actrees and thats all. Now sell me that the sex tape was a consecuence from the abusse suffered in the school, holy shit. This girl is plain crazy.
Summer Grace
Summer Grace 9 日 前
I watched it and thought that her mother seemed very narcissistic. Which likely means Paris has narcissistic characteristics as well (especially when you account for her money/fame), or she likely has CPTSD and is more of a codependent type. I could see how she began as the scapegoat, and potentially moved into the gold child role. All speculation of course 🤔
J Whippet
J Whippet 10 日 前
The comments section was really educational. I learned narcissist, gaslighting, and lived experience are the new phrases crazies use to avoid confronting terrible choices.
appletree 10 日 前
It seems like Dr. Grande already had his mind made up about Paris Hilton before the most important information in the documentary was revealed.
Dulce Moutinho
Dulce Moutinho 10 日 前
obviously narcissism
Linnea Piupau
Linnea Piupau 11 日 前
As a medical professional and a human being I feel like I must speak out. I am highly disappointed of this "analysis" made by a doctor, which would lead us to believe he has some true knowledge and/or authority over discussing this issue. Instead, this whole commentary does seem to be downplaying a real victim´s personal account of what happened to her and creating alternative terminology or excuses to explain actions that are not acceptable. If I was a subscriber, I would unsubscribe. All I can do now is dislike and really raise a question to the author of this channel to take a couple of steps back and think it over. I feel like the victim in question deserves an apology for a lot of things done to her - this so-called "analysis" included. This sort of silencing of and down-playing of t*auma and real pain needs to stop. Especially by medical professionals! I have never been a fan of Paris Hilton as such, nor did I think I would feel sympathy or compassion towards her, being far removed from the world she is living in. But this documentary brought her down from a fairy princess cloud to an actual human being, with real emotions, real t*auma, real difficulties and a real voice that is just as important as any other voice in this world. We should not count her out just because - and I quote the doctor here - "She is famous for being famous". Her experiences are real and they must be heard, acknowledged and treated exactly like everyone else´s.
Adrian Brent
Adrian Brent 11 日 前
A video with Grande about Paris Hilton. " That's hot".
Lester Ocanada
Lester Ocanada 11 日 前
Honestly, this video does not give a deep understanding of Paris' situation. So disappointed. Better watch Psychology in Seattle because ull be able to understand Paris beyond simple terms
Pink Cake
Pink Cake 11 日 前
He would still f her doe lmao
YouTube NoName123
YouTube NoName123 12 日 前
Great video I agree with everything you said, great video!
No One
No One 12 日 前
Sad part about this video is that this supposed psychiatrist clearly doesn't care. He hasn't made any responses to the criticism, never clarified or corrected himself or apologized. Check his uploads and he's still churning out more videos. This is just another successful video for the algorithm for him.
Quinn's Ideas
Quinn's Ideas 12 日 前
Do Mariah Carey's book next.
Lina K
Lina K 12 日 前
I hv listened attentively to ur analyses of Paris Hilton and thought it was thought provoking and accurate. Having read/watched about many of the scandals Hilton has been involved in through the years, I have felt a mixture of sadness for her seemingly lack of proper upbringing coupled with a feeling of wanting to see her face some dire consequences for the decisively poor choices she's brought on in the hopes of seeing her brake out of the materialistic bubble she's lived in. In our celebrity driven culture ppl like her are often placed in a high pedestal only 2b brought low in short order. Hilton seems to want 2b taken seriously. To me, she seems like a beautiful girl who's devoid of any real purpose beyond producing wealth. A poor little rich girl.
Tayler Macleod
Tayler Macleod 13 日 前
“She was kidnapped from her bed, but this doesn’t happen often” that doesn’t negate the fact it happened to her. Almost every person that his been to one of these facilities have said they were abused. So is it really appropriate to suggest this is a narcissistic move for attention ? You really just lost all credibility with me.
Hoganply 13 日 前
Expressing some overt narcissistic personality traits does not make one a narcissist.
Persis 13 日 前
I am so happy to see everyone is so aware of the judgement and discreditting that happens in this video. A week ago most comments were still positive and it made my heart sink people thought this was an honest analysis. This clearly shows what is perverted in our society/schoolsystem: this is the result of giving degrees only based on intelligence, or more specific the ability to remember leraned information. We should have the ability to have compassion, create connection, safety as the basis for this profession and having overcome most off their own patterns in order not to project that into their practice.
Loki Lockheart
Loki Lockheart 13 日 前
Yiiiiiikes dude.
Jael Garcia
Jael Garcia 13 日 前
Yeah idk.... I loved all your content but this rubbed me the wrong way. Seems like his comments are biased by personal feelings or impressions of paris and a lot times it would sound like hes just making fun of her
bri_ 13 日 前
Your robotic manner of speaking, lack of emotional intelligence, and misogyny is very interesting. You sound like an alien making observations on the human race. Perhaps we would all enjoy a video on Dr Grande.
kemji24 14 日 前
Dear everyone criticizing the boarding school please offer a viable alternative for behavior correction
denis carrier
denis carrier 14 日 前
just another idiot
bri_ 14 日 前
7:47 This is much, much more than an “anti boarding school message”. I think you are missing the point here. Did you watch the documentary?
theonlyriotstarter 14 日 前
So, she wasn’t sent to boarding schools she was sent to behavioral reform schools and camps. There is a difference from these camps and boarding schools. These camps and reform schools are widely known for abuse and rights violations nation wide.
♏️scorpio 14 日 前
The problem with Paris was growing up in a narcissist family and being made the scapegoat. Only when you’ve been there you understand. She works very hard and deserves to have success.
♏️scorpio 14 日 前
She sells the illusion of the perfect , care-free life. That’s what everybody wants.
Michelle Stella
Michelle Stella 14 日 前
❗I really hope you read these comments. They may teach you something. Also, check out the Google reviews on her "school". They are from years ago and they are all reporting the same thing.
Vera Speedwell
Vera Speedwell 14 日 前
I rather like psychology in Seattle. Much better then this. just finished watching his podcast. More educating
Elena Meza
Elena Meza 14 日 前
Give me pictures of spider man! .. I mean Paris Hilton
Deano Khalik
Deano Khalik 14 日 前
Looking at the comment section. I can see a lot of triggered women by this very frank and spot on analysis by Dr Grande. I'm by no means an expert on this matter but it seems to be true that whilst there is redeeming qualities about a person, ultimately the documentary is a warning of some kind that fame and riches isn't the way to happiness. Can't knock the hustle either way. The element of attention beyond the prescribed 15 minutes of fame has has been emulated by many "stars" since Hilton to get rich. Narcisstic people DO get ahead in life but at a cost. Just my 2 cents!
Dan Gubbins
Dan Gubbins 15 日 前
Paris is not a narcissist. She is just a damn good capitalist. Her documentary is just a much needed rebranding to create demand for her product (herself). She's used the social justice/abuse angle to connect with a broader market (Her old market has grown up and moved on). Rest assured. Paris is back to get that billion dollar target that she is obsessed with and every idiot seems to be buying into the new brand, which she'll be very "happy" about.
Dan Gubbins
Dan Gubbins 13 日 前
@dede dubu Everyone has trauma. Not everyone monetises it. I'd be much less dismissive if it was from someone who hasn't dedicated the last two decades of their life to being fake in return for monetary gain.
dede dubu
dede dubu 13 日 前
🌸 way to go dude, dismissing people's trauma based on their wealth 🌸
Abraham Carrasco Torres
Abraham Carrasco Torres 15 日 前
Guys, he is not underestimating the abuse she experienced, he doesn't know about the topic so he avoids it, Paris is an unreliable narrator as she is really good at faking. Lets face it, she is probably (PROBABLY) narcicistic, the signs are there to see, it is known on the scientific community these jobs related to fame are attractive to people with narcicistic traits, and notice that her being "famous for being famous" is a warning sing, being famous was a colateral product of some art or profession so it may be self driven, but being famous just for the sake of being famous, it could be just the need for attention and external validation... you understand where i am going. Although I don't believe that's the only thing she has going on in her head. She is a really broken individual, the documentary is a way of "acting out", it is literally a call for attention, a call for validation and also a form of benefit. Don't be so quick to judge (positive or negative) you really think someone capable of throwing a facade so clever and sustained over all this years would suddenly come out just because? Deceive and lies have a purpose, no one is saying she is not a broken person who needs help or that she is creating awareness for this abusive schools. The question is "does she really wants help or just validation and people to keep taking responsibility out of her shoulders?" I personally don't believe all is fake, i do believe the abuse and PTSD is real, i do believe she is smart at managing thinks like her image or bussiness, but has poor decision making when it relates to her personal life and intimacy. But I don't believe she is just a victim, maybe she just puts herself in that position (unconsciously) I would have to conduct some sessions to really know what is her deal.
Sadaf Ahmed
Sadaf Ahmed 15 日 前
She is a mk ultra victim dah? Don't u get it. Bless her.
Claire B.
Claire B. 15 日 前
Yes, poor Paris . . . . Living in the lap of abundance her entire life but still a very unhappy, emotionally troubled person. Yes, she’s beautiful, rich, famous & will never have to worry about money. How does one “rebrand” themselves in the public eye unless the public views them differently. In this financial environment, she would have to endear herself to the public is a way that they would identify with. The only way to do that is to reveal what makes her “like” other people. When scores of people have lost their income, she, of course, has not. How do you get people to like you more unless you had shared experiences. This one connects her to a lot of people. Do I think she really had these experiences? Absolutely! I really think her sincerity was real. It sure didn’t look like an actor portrayal to me. Plus, I don’t think she would have exposed a falsehood to her mother and the rest of her family if it weren’t true. Her sister, Nikki, said that their parents were the king and queen of sweeping things under the rug. That’s pretty horrible too. I hope she gets the help she needs most importantly that she learns to get more sleep. She’ll age much quicker missing out on good sleep. We couldn’t have that now could we . . . .! Oh, and I certainly identify with the abuse and trauma she’s suffered as I have gone through horribly abusive relationships at the same time also losing my 23 yr old daughter to drugs and going thru menopause at the same time. I’m thankful I’m not in a facility. I live alone with my dog now. Most peace I’ve had in 30 years. Even I identify with her experiences and I’m old enough to be her mother.
V R 15 日 前
I thought you were going to mention how narcissistic her mom is, Paris is just a survivor from a narcissistic family. And many of us know what that implies ...
Brandon Desjardins
Brandon Desjardins 15 日 前
To all the haters, are you a professional counsellor or therapist? He’s analyzing her personality and giving an unbiased, professional opinion based on what he SEES. That simple. But of course the internet has nothing but experts.
dede dubu
dede dubu 13 日 前
He is obviously biased Brandon
Emma Cunningham
Emma Cunningham 15 日 前
Anti-boarding school? My experience of boarding school couldn't be further from hers. You should graduate independent and well-balanced, that school crippled those children
The Joy
The Joy 15 日 前
Please do the Skylar Neese murder!
Spectacular Mango
Spectacular Mango 15 日 前
Calling a "boarding school" a place where you are dragged by thugs who kidnapped you in the middle-of the night is likely calling a county jail "hostel". I normally like your videos, but this one felt insulting. And I am not a Paris Hilton fan at all.
smirna11 15 日 前
You don´t have to be educated to understand that if you are asleep and awakes to grown men taking you away while you are screaming for help - which in normal peoples eyes ARE a kidnapping - will make it impossible to ever feel safe again - let alone to sleep without nightmares. That you Dr Grande don´t realize that and says "it can" be traumatizing is ubelieveable - how could this NOT be traumatizing??!!
Dulce Moutinho
Dulce Moutinho 15 日 前
Dr. Grande you like so much to analize others what if someone analized you? Are you perfect? I dont think so.
Sara Croft
Sara Croft 15 日 前
I got feeling something is off in her documentary and she has “unlike” from me. I don’t say children should be abused but she definitely hides what she wants in this production. She doesn’t show what kind of hell is living with someone who comes home drunk, seeing someone under drugs in such young age, wasn’t punished for using fake ID at costs of money earned by others. She mentioned she has 3 younger siblings but never spoke of responsibility of their parents to protect them from her impact. Fans write under her documentary that they shouldn’t be parents if they sent her to another place to care when there is described that she was behaving aggressively and under influence of drugs or alcohol. I watched this movie because I wanted to understand why people are so attracted to her, why she is so famous because of wearing sunglasses and keeping Chihuahua with her... and my conclusion is that she uses simple fact that society is really dumb.
angiieantoinette 15 日 前
"if abuse is really going on in those environments" ARE YOU ON CRACK?? Actually crack. Like crack crack? Because you sound like you are on crack. Or a misogynist. Or both. Although I don't doubt you are a misogynist but the crack I'm a little unsure.
angiieantoinette 15 日 前
How you are not ashamed of this video and your bias is beyond me. How dare you minimize her trauma.
Leo No
Leo No 15 日 前
This is a very shallow video. Do you have money so desperately needed that you prefer to make many videos instead of paying attention to quality. One could get the impression.
Maurice 15 日 前
Hoes mad in the comments
Maurice 13 日 前
@dede dubu Idk, I've always liked the name Maurice
dede dubu
dede dubu 13 日 前
what kind of name is maurice
Jii En
Jii En 15 日 前
everytime i check in. your analysis are always so clouded by your personal preconceptions and never give the chance to seperate from it. not sure if you try to klickbait with it or dont really put in the time to have a professional viewpoint.
B K 15 日 前
PTSD, histrionic and fearful- avoidant attachment with mom and dad. Baby voice with “Paris” character is part of trauma response when feeling insecure and pushes into that personality to feel safe.
0liv3 15 日 前
Todd are you sure you graduated college and actually know what a Narcissist is? I think you just don’t like her. Maybe you were rejected by pretty girls , and your way to get back at them is to commentate and create this video. After watching the this is Paris documentary, I have so much more respect for her. You on the other hand.... good luck trying to sell a shirt. Lmao. I can honestly tell the exact type of guy you are - hate life, pretty people.. I hope you never have kids... and you probably are married to a Karen.. are you sure you’re not a karl... TOM?
Wendy Lee Connelly
Wendy Lee Connelly 15 日 前
I'd like to hear an analysis of the life and death of American singer Jeff Buckley
KingUgly DaGoonie
KingUgly DaGoonie 15 日 前
45 days in jail but only did 21? That’s about right. Half time
Kally Kai
Kally Kai 15 日 前
I usually enjoy your content and you miss the mark with this one, and it makes me question everything else I've watched of yours. I am not a Paris stan, but the oversimplification you've presented here is completely disingenuous and lazy.
Mii Mals
Mii Mals 15 日 前
you sound like the one horrible therapist, that abuse victims don't trust or the reason they won't trust the therapist. You can be a critic but calling your a doctor with that kind of bias view doesn't suit you.
Cosmo Sapien
Cosmo Sapien 16 日 前
Live Abuse Free JPshow channel just posted a wonderful analysis of this documentary.
Gloryblogger m
Gloryblogger m 16 日 前
Tatally agree, and she is so smart than she can manipulate the masses
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