Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Lucifer is back and acting...strange. Get ready - this season all your desires will be fulfilled. Season 5 Part 1 premieres August 21 only on Netflix.
Watch Lucifer, only on Netflix:
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Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Lucifer makes a tumultuous return, Chloe rethinks romance, Ella finally finds a nice guy, and Amenadiel adjusts to the whole fatherhood thing.

Gene Ramos
Gene Ramos 30 分 前
Omg omg
RSM 30 分 前
Let’s goo
Navardo Dacres
Navardo Dacres 31 分 前
So far wish it was tomorrow
Tequila Mockingbird
Tequila Mockingbird 31 分 前
Wow #1 trending we did it lucifans 😈❤️
Adam Nilson
Adam Nilson 31 分 前
Cant Wait!
DrAe kiNgStoN
DrAe kiNgStoN 31 分 前
Chloe having sex Michael. Meanwhile in Hell. Lucifer: You! What are you doing over there? Get back into your cell!!
Sila Foraoise
Sila Foraoise 32 分 前
Lucifer never had a twin brother; Mormons & Jehovah’s Witness teach this. But i consider them Cults.
Raresnce 32 分 前
Tom Ellis's @$$...🔥 hot 🔥 D@MN!!! 🔥🔥🔥
i eat cheeze pizza
i eat cheeze pizza 32 分 前
so we're not gonna talk about chloe's new haircut or
Seaweed Brain
Seaweed Brain 32 分 前
Is this the archangel Micheal demiurgos?? 3 most powerful DC character??
extra terrestrial
extra terrestrial 33 分 前
Elijah Jones
Elijah Jones 33 分 前
i've been so hyped for so long, trailer finally comes and they've pulled the secret twin brother move and now i'm wondering if pushing for renewal for s5 and s6 was a mistake. don't get me wrong i still love Lucifer and will definitely watch it and probably be proven wrong in the best way possible, i mean ,god i hope so,
Mr. Carguy
Mr. Carguy 34 分 前
I'm just a bit upset that I have to wait ANOTHER 30 plus days before it FINALLY comes back on!! ...but I am VERY HAPPY overall!
Oof Oof
Oof Oof 34 分 前
I’m still waiting for Kim’s Convenience season 5
10k subscribes with no videos.
10k subscribes with no videos. 34 分 前
Yo im eating dinner.
CheesyLemming 35 分 前
Lucifer Season 1 plot: Lucifer is in love with Chloe but there's a person getting in the way of that, her ex Dan. Lucifer season 2 plot: Lucifer is in love with Chloe but there's a person getting in the way of that, his mum Lucifer season 3 plot: Lucifer is in love with Chloe but there's a person getting in the way of that, Caine. Lucifer season 4 plot: Lucifer is in love with Chloe, but there's a person getting in the way of that, Eve. Lucifer season 5 plot: Lucifer is in love with Chloe but there's a person getting in the way of that, Michael. SERIOUSLY CAN WE NOT HAVE THE NEW LOVE INTEREST PLOT EVERY SINGLE SEASON MY GOD.
CheesyLemming 33 分 前
Every single season has to be about a person getting in the way of Lucifer and Chloe. Every single season. Is it too much to ask after 5 seasons just to actually get them together so we can advance into new territories and plots?? Cmon
Jonah S
Jonah S 35 分 前
They shoulda showed the it wasn’t him in the show not the trailer
Clarice Gouveia
Clarice Gouveia 35 分 前
Eu amo muito❤❤❤❤
Hannah Havens
Hannah Havens 35 分 前
Omg omg omg omg. So excited! 🥰🤣🙌🏼
Spooky Da Scary
Spooky Da Scary 35 分 前
Nvm that twist with Michael is what this show needed maybe I'll watch it
Ostacity 36 分 前
panita 0912
panita 0912 37 分 前
Hablen claros lo que hablan español
Anthony Obas
Anthony Obas 37 分 前
I could have sworn I read something like Ian Somerhalder taking over the roll of Lucifer because the role puts a strain Tom Ellis' life as a family man due to production locations. Maybe he'll play Micheal in his true (albiet still human) form.
Spooky Da Scary
Spooky Da Scary 37 分 前
Show fuckn sucks
Michelle vlog
Michelle vlog 37 分 前
Me encanta 💗🎉 Amigos entren a mi canal y suscribanse me ayudarian mucho apoyenme Gracias los quiero 💯🎉🎆🎆🎆🎆💖.
lol no
lol no 37 分 前
Sigh, thanks for revealing the entire plot. Just killed my entire enthusiasm to watch this season, may as well wait for the last episode when michael and lucifer meet.
Nealzeypoo 37 分 前
Dear Netflix, ITS NOT YOUR ORIGINAL SERIES!!!!!!. Love, Fans of Naked Devil.
Jiff 37 分 前
It's Merii
It's Merii 38 分 前
JJKM 17.
JJKM 17. 38 分 前
oomps87 *
oomps87 * 38 分 前
Well I'm going to sleep wake me up when season 5 starts.. lol
Rodrigo Hashimoto
Rodrigo Hashimoto 38 分 前
This show is still going?
Limb 0w
Limb 0w 38 分 前
Holy shit so hyped
Ms. M
Ms. M 39 分 前
This better not be the last season of Lucifer Netflix!
Bugsy Siegel
Bugsy Siegel 40 分 前
Daaang son
Hassan Sesay
Hassan Sesay 40 分 前
Thank God!!😈😈😈
Sad Cloud
Sad Cloud 40 分 前
crissy alice
crissy alice 40 分 前
August!! Thank goodness
Ryan O'Neill
Ryan O'Neill 40 分 前
BMWDC201 40 分 前
Maze is still sexy as shit...😍😍😍
Meredith 77
Meredith 77 41 分 前
I can't wait. Aaaaaah
Chanel Adriana
Chanel Adriana 41 分 前
When lucifer and Michael fight each other make sure there’s some collateral damage and not like human fist fight. These two have enough power to destroy creation 10 times over
Abdiel Reyes
Abdiel Reyes 41 分 前
Por fin ya era hora que sacarán el tráiler
Via Orillano
Via Orillano 42 分 前
LuKe 42 分 前
Lets be honest... this show sucks
adnan aydın
adnan aydın 42 分 前
Two lucifer oh my god
Daniel Alexa
Daniel Alexa 43 分 前
Lucifer Go Back in Heaven
Jordan Sprik
Jordan Sprik 43 分 前
Wait is there one trailer for part one and two or one for each?
Chloé Hélène Battah-Cyr
Chloé Hélène Battah-Cyr 43 分 前
Azni 43 分 前
yes finally
Mohammad Bhuiyan
Mohammad Bhuiyan 43 分 前
I want to take a violent shart on the floor anybody with me?
The Chronicler
The Chronicler 43 分 前
I can’t be the only one wondering what Michael powers are.
Daniel Alexa
Daniel Alexa 43 分 前
Very cool
Victor Karanja
Victor Karanja 43 分 前
There is possibly no better way to give a Spoiler. Thanks Netflix.
Cshaleb Kiper
Cshaleb Kiper 43 分 前
I’ve only seen one episode of this and I’m hooked!
Jameel Miranda
Jameel Miranda 43 分 前
Woooooo yeah I love this show
Richard Hayles
Richard Hayles 43 分 前
Can't wait for season 5
lia Pars
lia Pars 43 分 前
twin... really??????????
Mariana Goicochea
Mariana Goicochea 45 分 前
Aghhh so excited!!
hernan saez
hernan saez 45 分 前
So.... Instead of teasing the story you just tell is the whole ass plot, idk why I watch trailers, they're always like this.
Chanel Adriana
Chanel Adriana 45 分 前
Why are all the good angels bad and the real bad guy is good in this
bashers ph
bashers ph 46 分 前
So chloe decker turns heel, nice
Yashekia Lomax
Yashekia Lomax 46 分 前
Chanel Adriana
Chanel Adriana 46 分 前
They shouldn’t have revealed that lucifer was actually Michael in the trailer
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams 47 分 前
So my theory we see the aftermath of Lucifer leaving on Chloe in the first section of episode one and then Michael enters and by the end of the episode Maze realises that it’s not Lucifer, episode 2 other people start noticing Amenadiel/Micheal fight scene and then hopefully by the end of episode 2 Lucifer returns and he fights his twin
SRT_Morningstar 47 分 前
Well we got Michael finally the man who beat his ass when he fought God in heaven
OmegaJoeXD 47 分 前
Ugh... Is it just me or does anybody got a bad feeling about this Season😔. Which is supposed to be the last season of Lucifer not Michael. I hope this Season isn't all about "Michael" but the actual Lucifer we know. (If there gonna fo this then they shouldn't stop here with Seasons, I would say go up to like Season 10 to end it off not 5 with this side story😔)
Nyla Jordan
Nyla Jordan 47 分 前
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 47 分 前
Oh Hell Naw brother, I'm coming up there to get ya'. You taking my life, I'll ruin your whole charade, also for Dad's sake somebody get me a good wifi connection downhere
Bekir Yamac
Bekir Yamac 47 分 前
Ulan ezeldeki ömer in genç hali sandım
Eurich Fullero
Eurich Fullero 49 分 前
This is like vampire diaries. Feud with Elena and katherine
Omar Issa
Omar Issa 49 分 前
Amazing trailerrrrr holy shitt so excited
A m
A m 49 分 前
Let’s gooooo
Chanel Adriana
Chanel Adriana 49 分 前
Michael is stronger than all the angels even stronger than lucifer
Angel Orea
Angel Orea 49 分 前
What’s the song in this trailer? I love it
L 50 分 前
Where’s Eve
T-800doctor 50 分 前
I wish they didn't reveal that this is Lucifer's twin brother Michael in the trailer the could've saved that for the show
cereal 50 分 前
Lucifer: what do you desire? Me: season 5 And it came true
Just Heike
Just Heike 50 分 前
Can't wait!!!! Looks so good!!!
Serena Van der Woodsen
Serena Van der Woodsen 51 分 前
When I saw “Lucifer” was back so soon with such a bad explanation i knew something was! He would never do that to Chloe❤️