Top 10 Hidden Details in Hamilton That Blow Us All Away

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These are the hidden details in "Hamilton" that blow us away. For this list, we’ll be looking at production details, actor performance choices, or otherwise interesting tidbits one would only be able to notice by actually having seen the show, not just listening to the soundtrack. Our countdown includes number coincidences, letters, Eliza’s cry at the end, and more! What detail blew YOU away? Let us know in the comments!

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Jo Hollingdale
Jo Hollingdale 9 時間 前
im pretty sure that at the end of who lives who dies who tells your story, at the back you see hamilton but as he passes eliza he becomes lin again and lin shows eliza that hamiltons story has been told because that is basically all she wanted!!
Jo Hollingdale
Jo Hollingdale 9 時間 前
also becasuse when he held his hands out eliza hesitated but if he was hamilton she would not hesitate
Cesia Velasquez
Cesia Velasquez 11 時間 前
I honestly think Eliza when she gasped she had a heart attack and died
Sidra Buffum
Sidra Buffum 12 時間 前
So I saw a theory that now that I think about it it makes perfect sense when Eliza gasps Lin is playing himself when he walks her to the front of the stage, and Eliza kinda breaks the fourth wall because she is looking at the audience and sees that her story was told.
Malene H.
Malene H. 日 前
When Alexander sings "and I am not throwing away my shot", Laurens (and only Laurens) sings "my shot!" right after. He does that 2 times. 1. John Laurens gets shot. 2. He had an affair with Alexander, so he shoots his shot. Also, both Anthonys roles gets shot.
Person Dude
Person Dude 2 日 前
Just want to say something that I think you missed. Eliza’s cry at the end starts right on the lyric “who tells your story” and she’s looking at the audience. She is seeing how her story is told and all her work is remembered. And how it always will be. She didn’t want to be forgotten. And she wasn’t Also fun fact. Did you know that all of the funds that go into Hamilton are donated to the orphanage the real Eliza opened after the real Hamilton’s death, and that it’s still in use?
Arcana73 2 日 前
They missed that Hamilton descends the staircase and doesn't return to the second level until he's ascended in stature: at the end of act 1 and in act 2 when his endorsement occurs
Sophie Langlands
Sophie Langlands 3 日 前
I think the end is: Hamilton isn’t Hamilton anymore, he’s Lin, and that’s why Eliza is more cautious, and so Lin guides her to the edge of the stage to show her that he told her story. BOOM! **mic drop** (ps this isn’t my original theory I heard it somewhere and it made so much sense)
Emily Nieto
Emily Nieto 3 日 前
I thought Eliza's cry at the end was because Lin (playing himself) shows her that he told her story. She has been doing all the storytelling up until the end.
Skierz 13
Skierz 13 4 日 前
This video made me realize that a lot of the cast talked to the audience during the play, but Eliza never did until the very end.
Fenton Glasscoe
Fenton Glasscoe 4 日 前
Hamilton: "they think me macbeth" Audience: *omg he gon die*
Jai Williams
Jai Williams 4 日 前
Did any one else notice that when it says “ me I loved him” that she’s in her Peggy outfit not Maria
Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil 4 日 前
Maria and Peggy both loved Alexander in different ways.
Katherine Knapp
Katherine Knapp 4 日 前
Ray Walker
Ray Walker 5 日 前
What about the pink lighting? Hamilton’s love interests (Eliza, Angelica, Maria and Laurens) all have pink light on them at some point. Plus there are many other hints to the Laurens x Hamilton relationship such as “Laurens I like you a lot” “Alexander your the closest friend I’ve got.” And all they times they hug. There’s even a point (just as ‘The Story of Tonight’ ends we see them walk off with there hands wrapped around and on each other’s shoulders and no other two characters walk off like that (I think)
Natalie S
Natalie S 5 日 前
I don’t know if this has been mentioned but I have another one: Aaron Burr’s daughter was lost at sea at the age of 26. So in two different ways, both Philip and Theodosia were “blown away” 😨
Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil 4 日 前
They both blew their parents away.
Eryn Soule
Eryn Soule 5 日 前
Why does athe stage turn counter clockwise for fwd progression and clockwise for the moments of struggling or "resisting fate"?
Chip has a YT account now
Chip has a YT account now 6 日 前
0:07 i worship this dancing now
vxnphil 7 日 前
I only watched Hamilton once, I think the second time will be different.
Haley Fiske
Haley Fiske 8 日 前
Is it just me or is the penultimate song a masterpiece
Haley Fiske
Haley Fiske 8 日 前
The room where it happens is where hamilton and Burr switch places. By the election of 1800 Burr is "chasing what he wants" this is set up for twwwe where hamilton throws away his shot and burr didnt wait for is.. Ps these are why those are some of my favourite songs in the musical.
Xean Richard.
Xean Richard. 9 日 前
in 13:19 Just a lil explanation when hamilton walks eliza in the crowd i was a little bit confused but it came to me that hamilton guided eliza in the "fourth wall", when eliza burst in tears she finds out that she's the one who tells his story. BOOm thats were i cried.
Malia Tortilla
Malia Tortilla 9 日 前
In WLWDWTYS at the end she (Eliza) is hesitant when letting Lin hold her hand that is why it is Lin not Hamilton
Abigail Burkey
Abigail Burkey 9 日 前
Maybe she saw her son?
Jae Lynn
Jae Lynn 9 日 前
JPshow really ruined itself. "Sad." Used to be good, now all these damn ads ruined it and NO! I will NOT PAY for youtube TV!
Kyla Prather
Kyla Prather 10 日 前
Ik that Anthony Ramos is a fantastic actor and singer, bu couldn’t they have gotten a kid for Take a Break? I just have to address this
Zarah Hammer
Zarah Hammer 11 日 前
I didn't want them to put the scream in!!!
Galaxy Gamer 17
Galaxy Gamer 17 11 日 前
wold say she saw her sister because she died before her
Soba Meme
Soba Meme 11 日 前
oh another thing is that Phillip was flirting with his grandma aka Hamilton mom (ik she died but still)
Spicy Chez
Spicy Chez 11 日 前
my interpretation of eliza's gasp is that lin at the end is just him as himself, he then takes eliza to show her that he told her story like she wanted (if that makes sense)
Angelic Meatballs
Angelic Meatballs 13 日 前
Final gasp theory: I think Eliza's final gasp was her seeing a glimpse of the future, in the song Eliza was scared that she didn't do enough to get HAmilton's story get told. So at the end when she look into the future she saw that Hamilton's story was told.
Lindastyle 13 日 前
You know, when you think about it, I always find it fascinating how Lin could write songs from different perspectives. For example Eliza's song (let this be the chapter where you decide to stay, and this can be enough) that is like exactly how a woman could see and feel it. And on the other hand we have songs suited for Hamilton or Burr for that matter! I mean, Lin is just one man. But he has it in him to have all this different characters and emotions and actually write a song about it. It always fascinated me!
Mary Claire Inumpa
Mary Claire Inumpa 13 日 前
Damn you really didnt have to add the scream in Stay Alive. I cry every time I hear that
Unstable Zebra
Unstable Zebra 15 日 前
The chorus member associated with death also handed burr the quill he used to write his duel letters to Hamilton
Hosch Joseph
Hosch Joseph 15 日 前
all i hear sum teet seventtent.......AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
Theia Garrettson
Theia Garrettson 15 日 前
I think Eliza gasps because of a heart attack
Alena Ramsaran
Alena Ramsaran 16 日 前
Y’all see what they did with the title: “Blow us all away”
big boi hour we gucci パパラッチ
big boi hour we gucci パパラッチ 16 日 前
Honestly I would love to hear more of peggy-
•Mermaid x Ocean•
•Mermaid x Ocean• 19 日 前
I can’t be the only one that wants to cry whenever Eliza screams at the end of stay alive 😖😭😰🥺
_euphoriA_ 19 日 前
"we FOUGHT with him" The double meaning has never occurred to me until... 😮
Laurel Newson
Laurel Newson 20 日 前
Right at 12:32 when she says it’s only a matter of time, a bell rings like the ones you hear at funerals
yang 21 日 前
double c ツ
double c ツ 21 日 前
*me on disney+ while reading through these comments to see all the easter eggs yall are commenting*
double c ツ
double c ツ 21 日 前
also during burr and hamilton's duel, after getting shot hamilton sings "laurens is on the other side, my son is on the other side" ramos spins from laurens to philip
Emma Jones
Emma Jones 21 日 前
in the first song, that isn't Peggy its Maria
Tori Rose
Tori Rose 21 日 前
Some things i noticed: They said Lafayette/Jefferson and Madison/Muligan fought against and for him, and that Lawrence/Philip died for him. But they didn’t mention how the person who plays Peggy also plays Maria Reynolds, in the opening scene we see Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy saying “me, I loved him.” But it’s not Peggy saying that, it’s Maria. In the beginning of the play still in the song “talk less, smile more” Burr tells Hamilton, “fools who wind their mouths off wind up dead” Lawrence then starts talking and Burr continues with “like I said.” Foreshadowing.
Rainbow Writer
Rainbow Writer 21 日 前
Did Eliza outlive all her children?
Elijah Bergeron
Elijah Bergeron 22 日 前
I have a theory on Eliza's gasp. Could be historical Eliza's spirit traveling through time (not interacting with it, but I have no way to prove that.) seeing now, and probably the future as well as the past. For example, using Philipa Soo's body to properly react, because she thought it was appropriate, or her showing Philipa her legacy and all that she's done in the play. Or it could have literally zero significance, and I'm just a dunce-face. And don't rule out the supernatural just because we can't see it!
Jacob Maisch
Jacob Maisch 22 日 前
I'm confused on the bullet, she also tells the king of john Adams and gives Jefferson the note from the president
Robbie Raccoon
Robbie Raccoon 24 日 前
What I think the thing is at the end of who lives who dies who tells your story it’s that’s not Hamilton it’s Lin, and he is showing Eliza the audience to show that he told her story.
Emily Cruz
Emily Cruz 24 日 前
Yes I LOVE Hamilton
Duckmandude 25 日 前
Rin Hye
Rin Hye 26 日 前
Okay but have you all seen the _SUBTLE_ _soft_ and meaningful ways that Anthony and Lin look at each other as Ham and laurens. As their letters to one another always sort of hinted at a romantic/ emotional affair between to the two founding fathers. LMM is a genius to leave it so subtle as they would have had to been if their _relationship_ was true. There’s enough evidence to assume so but the world may never know ofc the real John and Alex will though.
Arcticider4 / Meme Fox YT
Arcticider4 / Meme Fox YT 26 日 前
11:57 Burr runs to the table in a circular motion, signifying his brewing impatience :)
Lisa Stormo
Lisa Stormo 27 日 前
Sally is played by the bullet :0
Caroline L
Caroline L ヶ月 前
What did I miss? WHAT DID I MISS?
Siena Weij
Siena Weij ヶ月 前
In the final scene, it's not Hamilton who shows her the audience, its lin himself he plays himself as he shows her that her story is told
Noah Z
Noah Z ヶ月 前
Your “blow is all away” title is cringy
draco malfoy
draco malfoy ヶ月 前
elizas gasp: when hamilton walked behind her, it was no longer hamilton, it was Lin, the actor. he was guiding her to the front of the stage and showing her that he told her story. thats why the musicals called Hamilton, if it was about alexander hamilton it’d be called, Alexander Hamilton. but its called Hamilton because its about the whole family. anywAys. thats what elizas gasp was about, she gasped because he beautifully told her story
Cupcakes are Good
Cupcakes are Good ヶ月 前
Hamilton came out in 2015 not 2020 I don’t no why Disney plus put on there now but I’m not complaining I’m happy they did and the original cast does not preform anymore
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams ヶ月 前
I thought Eliza's gasp was because she was dying.
Ava Guzman
Ava Guzman ヶ月 前
Eliza: *Screams* R.I.P. My ears XXXX-2020
Dana Cordice
Dana Cordice ヶ月 前
Thx for spoiler alert.....oh....wait
JaimieTheLamie ヶ月 前
I just realized the small detail of George Eacker being found doing what the audience is doing. Watching a play just up broadway.
MBPrincesa ヶ月 前
Michelle Obama was right. This is the best form of art in any form I’ve ever seen! 😭
XD mister
XD mister ヶ月 前
This is just breathtaking in every dimension!
Willy Wanker
Willy Wanker ヶ月 前
Good title choice
Graced with Lilly
Graced with Lilly ヶ月 前
Wait for it I heard there was a new msmojo vidoe
Alexis Chubb
Alexis Chubb ヶ月 前
I just kept singing, 'Blow Us All Away!'
Jackie Bandosa
Jackie Bandosa ヶ月 前
Blowww usss all away
justin commack
justin commack ヶ月 前
Talley Westerberg
Talley Westerberg ヶ月 前
I need to stop watching these kinds of videos because every time I end up just watching the whole musical again lol
Theresa Radeke
Theresa Radeke ヶ月 前
Not only that John Laurens and Phillip died for him, also all three schuyler sisters sung "me I loved him" eliza, because he was alexanders wife, Angelica because she loved him too but let eliza have him (honorable) and Peggy because she also plays Maria and Maria was Hamiltons affair 😌👏🏼love the genius level
Theresa Radeke
Theresa Radeke ヶ月 前
I don't know why all people hate me
Theresa Radeke
Theresa Radeke ヶ月 前
It is so funny because I played in an opera as a background dancer and there also was a turn table for the first time in the theater and I loved it and almost 3 years later I became a huge hamil fan 😂😊
Bub's Place
Bub's Place ヶ月 前
“that will blow us all away,, sneaky.. very sneaky
Katherine Knapp
Katherine Knapp ヶ月 前
Carrie Baniszewski
Carrie Baniszewski ヶ月 前
I can’t believe I still have to say this. Jefferson did not have a “sexual relationship” with Sally Hemings, he raped her, repeatedly over years!
blgygntcs89 ヶ月 前
I am so lucky that I got Disney Plus yesterday and saw this masterpiece there!! ❤❤❤ I bought it for re-watching Moana (as they removed it from Netflix..) thank God for that 🙏🏻🙏🏻 i found Hamilton 😍😍
Madika Apathia Moalosi
Madika Apathia Moalosi ヶ月 前
Why is Peggy saying me I loved him
BulletZoid ヶ月 前
It's not Peggy, it's Maria. Jasmine was the actress of both women.
Timber exe
Timber exe ヶ月 前
Maybe the gasp is because she saw she did it. She did it that people remember Hamilton and the story ykyk
JoLene Keipp
JoLene Keipp ヶ月 前
SnowBlazer L
SnowBlazer L ヶ月 前
Hey sry not trying to be a know it all but Hamilton died when he was 49. Sry I just love the show so much I had to lol
Kirsten Young
Kirsten Young ヶ月 前
burr always preach “wait for it” and hamilton always say “im not throwing away my shot” and at the end burr didnt wait for it, aims the gun to his chest and hamilton threw away his shot. The world really turned upside down
Orange neko
Orange neko ヶ月 前
Eliza’s seeing her story told She see’s it all
RayRay08 !
RayRay08 ! ヶ月 前
Eliza at the end I think it’s not Hamilton taking her to the front of the stage it’s Lin and when she gasp it’s her realizing Lin tells their story
Danielle Edelstein
Danielle Edelstein ヶ月 前
At 8:38 you say it's just money. I think it might have a thing to do with the superstition about wear green on stage, due to a rumer about an actor's on stage death, while he was wearing green. There are lots of hints at things like this, such as in take a break, where he avoided saying the name of the play Macbeth, which is another superstition. (He did say Macbeth, bit saying it in reference to the character is considered fair game)
Zulay Lopez
Zulay Lopez ヶ月 前
i have one you didn't mention. the way burr and hamilton point, in My shot (hamiltons biggest number) he points up. In The room where it happens (burrs biggest number) he points down. it shows how oppisite the characters are, hamilton points up burr points down
Oli Wiman
Oli Wiman ヶ月 前
from what I have heard about Eliza's gasp at the end of the musical, she's gasping after Lin, no longer playing Hamilton, but himself, guides Eliza to the front of the stage so that he can show her all the people who were just told Hamilton's story
• Gabzilla •
• Gabzilla • ヶ月 前
10:00 The girl with the note, isn’t she the one Diggs is with or am I tripping-
Alex Iz awkward
Alex Iz awkward ヶ月 前
Note how Anthony Ramos "dies" twice as Laurens and Phillip
bolt ヶ月 前
I still dont get the turn table Wouldn't it be clockwise when time progressed
Lauren Hill
Lauren Hill ヶ月 前
I get chills every time Eliza gasps
Phillip was shot on 9 not seven
Galadriel-Matt may
Galadriel-Matt may ヶ月 前
why would Eliza make that panic face for seeing at the public??
BulletZoid ヶ月 前
I don't think she meant to make a panic face but a 'teary happy' face.
Orlando Cabcabin
Orlando Cabcabin ヶ月 前
I also notice that Lafayette Also says t 19 Words Is only 3 Seconds
Alli T
Alli T ヶ月 前
what do you mean we see more bricks? the set's so dark i cant see lol
Alana Rose
Alana Rose ヶ月 前
The “you could’ve been anywhere in the world tonight” intro is a Jay Z reference too
lost619 ヶ月 前
I did notice the macbeth reference. I always wondered why he said about not naming the play then he says it anyways lol there are some clever bits in this video quite cool :)
Clueless Potatoes
Clueless Potatoes ヶ月 前
Jessica Murphy
Jessica Murphy ヶ月 前
Funny I only know the top 2 yet the other were new to me 😂
banana ヶ月 前
ive always had an issue with the "i died for him" laurens didnt really die for hamilton. his death was totally unrelated to anything hamilton did. he was just casualty of war as the war was wrapping up. phillip on the other hand died trying to defend his fathers honor.
banana ヶ月 前
eliza's gasp is her seeing the audience. her legacy is her work in preserving her husbands legacy of his writings so that years later people like chernow and lin could write his story and show it to others.
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