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Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar 4 時間 前
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Jake Kelly
Jake Kelly 4 時間 前
What a werido
Dhvani Bhanushali
Dhvani Bhanushali 4 時間 前
M N 4 時間 前
For me, this is just a pity party that I ain't attending.
Dhvani Bhanushali
Dhvani Bhanushali 4 時間 前
Ashley Duynstee
Ashley Duynstee 4 時間 前
We love you!!!
Frances Taveras
Frances Taveras 4 時間 前
I love her sister
Komeil Khosrojerdi
Komeil Khosrojerdi 4 時間 前
This is bs ad
John Carter
John Carter 4 時間 前
I wonder do Paris date black men but any who I enjoyed it and truth be told Paris is the reason I love the night life
Carolyn Grizzel
Carolyn Grizzel 4 時間 前
Thank you for being so brave. The nightmares are because you were violated (taken from) the one place you felt safe. I never watched that tape, and you don't need a brand for others to love who you are. There is no amount of money that will ever satisfy someone who is goal oriented/driven (always many opportunities) so please put your happiness first.
Elle 4 時間 前
Paris the perfect gorgeous rebel
MISS OBEY 2.0 4 時間 前
Such a powerful, beautiful, and absolutely genuine women.
Jakub Malawski
Jakub Malawski 4 時間 前
No sympathy whatsoever, a spoiled brat who had everything in life!!!!
Clairabella Xo
Clairabella Xo 4 時間 前
Heidi Smith
Heidi Smith 4 時間 前
I have come to respect and admire you Paris. You are an incredibly strong woman and I hope that you are able to shake all your demons and live a happy fulfilling life. What you have done with your life is absolutely astounding knowing where you were 20 years ago.
Sandí 4 時間 前
💜💜💜💜 Sending you love and strength 💕💕💕💕 😘 Paris, You are; Beautiful, Strong, Brave, Intelligent, resilient, fighter, victorious, amazing woman.... Thank you for sharing ur story with us 💖💖💖
Ish Palla
Ish Palla 4 時間 前
I saw myself on this production. But the Poor version.
Rithica Devireddy
Rithica Devireddy 4 時間 前
It literally feels like whatever Paris didn't choose to but still went through has been used by Kim K as tactics to reach her level of fame.
CJ Anthem
CJ Anthem 4 時間 前
Paris, so brave of you to confront this and share your journey w/ us. You’ve taken the hardest first step which is facing the past and the traumas that go w/ it. I pray you continue on path to healing. On the other side, I know for certain, is freedom. Keep going, follow your intuition and your heart, they will guide you towards what you need. I’m rooting for you. Love you ❤️
Airton owen
Airton owen 4 時間 前
N entendi porra nenhuma
Btomaek 4 時間 前
I do not know who you are at all and I do not care So why am I getting this advert
kourtney 4KL
kourtney 4KL 4 時間 前
I’m so proud of her
eminem kamikaze
Shelly Bell
Shelly Bell 4 時間 前
Paris, people buy you. You’re the brand. This just showed exactly who you’re are. I’m in tears. My heart cried out to you. As a survivor of abuse I couldn’t love you more . It’s now our job to save the children. Thank you for using your platform to do just that. Praying for peace in your heart ♥️
PSALM 91 4 時間 前
*1 Night in Paris (Sex Video) - Sex before marriage is sin. If you don't want to listen to God's advice, you have to be ashamed.*
D H 4 時間 前
Wow Paris, this was so brave of you. I admit, I never for one second thought you could have gone through such horrible things. I wish you much peace and I hope you are able to look yourself in the mirror and be proud of the woman you see looking back. As an adult survivor of both physical and mental abuse you have given me hope. Thank You.
nagaraju nagaraju
nagaraju nagaraju 4 時間 前
22aajamdaammm C
Julia J
Julia J 4 時間 前
OMG! Paris was just treated like a serious criminal, although she was just a teenager in her puberty (like we all were once!) and wanted to have some fun. You could see that her parents belong to the ,,non-educated/less-educated" people in America who were defined by (for me: nonsense) ,,fear". With their fear they damaged her daughter, bc she was just herself. And Nicky- the documentation shows- didn't make any realistisc efforts to help her sister or just to talk to their parents. I have a twin sister and a younger one, even I would talk to my parents if I would observe this strange behavior towards my sister. This really hurts even to watch.
Julia J
Julia J 4 時間 前
Her mom:,, Should we move to the moon" - No for goodness sake. Just sit down properly and start to talk to her. Show attention to you kid and not to the media and model industry. Why sending her to a boot camp? Raise your kid by yourself and don't let that do other people. Everyone would be traumatized after that. Paris is a sensitive and vulnerable person. Like I am. I know how that feels. A shame that you are an adult when you are 21 yo in the US, otherwise she could have run away of her mom when she was 18 :D
Will Thomas
Will Thomas 4 時間 前
Is everything cool?
shayaa Das
shayaa Das 4 時間 前
I hope you will take care of yourself no matter what! Respect Ma'am from India❤
M M 4 時間 前
who cares ?
Lina 4 時間 前
I mean, you can't be dumb and run so many successful companies
April Brown
April Brown 4 時間 前
My heart goes out to you Paris.
Atif Qayyum
Atif Qayyum 4 時間 前
my account has always been negative not happy if this whats brings happiness then I am happy now. Thanks
Lois Kuiper
Lois Kuiper 4 時間 前
Hahah omg lil kleine op de achtergrond bij tomorrowland
Maucham Deka
Maucham Deka 4 時間 前
Nirdesh Rajput
Nirdesh Rajput 4 時間 前
Hello mam
Angela Buettner
Angela Buettner 4 時間 前
My son's name is Dizzi
maasi hol
maasi hol 5 時間 前
I have to confess that I never was a big fan of her, its the first time I truly feel connected with and love towards her. She seems sooo human and kind..bug hugs!!
NeSssa Babiix3
NeSssa Babiix3 5 時間 前
Ash M
Ash M 5 時間 前
Dustin Sanchez
Dustin Sanchez 5 時間 前
It's all a fucken act I wouldn't put it past her to have multiple doctorates in astro physics or something
tim tunnel
tim tunnel 5 時間 前
Dear Paris, why don't you have a look at Quran and Islam. The recitation is really soothing. Watch it here as it is read by a western girl. It gives you a sense of purpose. jpshow.info/watch/jUd53OD42hc/bideo.html
ritcha02 5 時間 前
Her mum trying to squeeze out some crocodile tears but her face is too frozen with Botox.
谢无言 5 時間 前
It‘s almost pain to watching her cooking...😅
Swati Singh
Swati Singh 5 時間 前
She looks malnourished
Yuva Patil
Yuva Patil 5 時間 前
Hi miss
blargin1234 5 時間 前
The real story: It's a dude.
Shaithya Bony
Shaithya Bony 5 時間 前
Amsha Verheij
Amsha Verheij 5 時間 前
I wish I could give her a hug and take her out of that life for just one day and tell her everything will be okay.
Marshall - Advocacia e Consultoria
Marshall - Advocacia e Consultoria 5 時間 前
Continue to be brave. Don't allow toxic and abusive ppl close to you anymore. Life is short! Meditate and keep the Faith. Love, attorney Juliana de Mattos Marshall
Just your avrage jaguar main Here
Just your avrage jaguar main Here 5 時間 前
Can some one explain why this is in my recommended and who is this woman
Rajan Ram
Rajan Ram 5 時間 前
Rhonda Hayward
Rhonda Hayward 5 時間 前
Touching ♥️🙏🏼
FiftyFeistyandFabulous! 5 時間 前
I’m so sorry that you went through that. I was an abused child also, so I understand. I’m sorry I ever judged you. Please go to therapy. It will help you heal. ❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
Katie 88
Katie 88 5 時間 前
I love Bradley (🇨🇦) now on the other hand I didn’t realize that Paris was the older sister🤔
Physical Sunbeam
Physical Sunbeam 5 時間 前
I’m so glad she kicked Alex out he was acting like a crack head
Ideal Education
Ideal Education 5 時間 前
Cute dog. Thanks Paris!
Willow's Whimsy
Willow's Whimsy 5 時間 前
So many people look at the outside and they hold that up as their idea of what a perfect life is. I commend Paris for doing this, for being vulnerable. All the money, all the “things”, we could, each and every one of us, say, “well, if I had all of that, I would be happy.” Paris has it. And yet, she’s tortured by what she went through. She carries it with her everyday. She can’t sleep, she doesn’t know how to relax, being in the moment is uncomfortable. My wish for her and the other survivors, any survivors, is that they find their peace. That they heal and move beyond. And though painful, being there for other survivors and sharing their story will help them heal and take back their power. The one gal said it perfectly when she said, “it’s their shame, yet we carry it.” Brave women, all of them.
Ramos Don
Ramos Don 5 時間 前
Paris is a wounded soul. I hope she finds peace.
Zak belk
Zak belk 5 時間 前
now imagine britney spears doing this
Lauren's Lovely Life
Lauren's Lovely Life 5 時間 前
Ur a queen paris
Strauberry _87
Strauberry _87 5 時間 前
This was so heartbreaking. I’m so sorry to hear you went through all of that Paris 💔🥺 Nobody should EVER have to go through the things you went through. You are so strong 💪🏻❤️
Raèf Bidar
Raèf Bidar 5 時間 前
1:04:06 -> It feels like he did that on purpose.... Also he's fighting over promotion was so childish... You want her just for promotion or to be with someone famous?, where the love go?
Flappo Spammo
Flappo Spammo 5 時間 前
Naive Cakes
Naive Cakes 5 時間 前
I was never a fan, had my own life going on and never really thought about Paris. But I just want to say, Paris you are beautyful. Thank you for being and caring on ❤️
aManunited 5 時間 前
why won’t this get out of my recommended
Sara Ghias
Sara Ghias 5 時間 前
I love you
Marc Aaron
Marc Aaron 5 時間 前
Takeaways from this production : 1) Fortunate as to being born into wealth & privilege 2) Parents who cared for their children & seemed to want the best for them 3) Sent away to a "school/reform facility 4) Aged out & set forth on establishing a "brand" 4) Ama$$e$ fame & fortune in name of "control" with a cartoon type created persona 5) PTSD & nightmares 6) Bringing light into darkness by coming forward with what she & others experienced 7) No de$ire to walk away from "the brand" ... 8) Wanting to stay the "same" as she is now 9) As she ages, and she is like all of us, what will that "look like" in regard to outward appearance & $en$e of $elf ... 10) Hopefully therapy is/was part of this equation to better understand what all this means as to her past, her present - as in "THE NOW" and where her future self will be in Life ... No shade, just observations ...
Harlan Kendrick
Harlan Kendrick 5 時間 前
Does anybody actually want to see this?
Yuganjali Sahoo
Yuganjali Sahoo 5 時間 前
Ryan Woods
Ryan Woods 5 時間 前
Did anyone else notice that when Paris told her mom she was in solitary, a twitch in her eye lightened up which the mom was thrilled with that news, like, "it worked" then quickly redeamed herself and didn't really cry. Any mother that hears of their kid in trouble would cry. My mom ran into a burning apt building for me. I just wish ALL parents loved their kids unconditionally 😓
Ally Santerre
Ally Santerre 5 時間 前
That was amazing. Love you Paris ❤🧁💜💎🍾👑
Rose T
Rose T 5 時間 前
The sister has her own issues. Paris was clearly the golden child/grandchild and she was not a "star". She didnt have anything really loving to say about her sister. Toxic parents!
PotterheadGeeK7 5 時間 前
What up with that boyfriend? What a f*cking jerk, omg! And he's German, too? As a fellow German, this is so embarrassing. Glad she got rid of him!
Анна Мосина
Анна Мосина 5 時間 前
I think it very hard and strong!! Love U❤️🌸
Lexiemae P
Lexiemae P 5 時間 前
The reason she is having nightmares about the kidnapping is because she isnt remembering it correctly. She said her parents were crying and I don't think they were. Her sister was told prior and her sister lied and said she didnt know. She needs to wake up and see how evil and her family is and until she cuts them all out of her life, she won't fully heal
Da' Bambini
Da' Bambini 5 時間 前
.....Leave the fame and live your Life..We only get one. Praying for you. Thank you for sharing.💖🙏🏾
ItalianGirl 5 時間 前