It’s over...
16 日 前
this is the end.
3 ヶ月 前
Thank You Kobe. RIP
5 ヶ月 前
CHC2008 時間 前
what the heck why does this have so many likes
Yaqoob Ahmed
Yaqoob Ahmed 時間 前
Why do they try to find the ghost just to run away from it if they find it?
Elida Saliaj
Elida Saliaj 時間 前
Bazli gang
Official YungRich
Official YungRich 時間 前
Clint said “conscious” not “conscience” so technically Brandon was right
Beef Testosterone
Beef Testosterone 時間 前
Let’s be honest, this video is so fucking stupid, they’re literally playing a spelling bee for nothing and just putting “winner gets a car” in the title, he’s definitely not giving any cars away he just said it cause he caters to 8 year olds and he knows that they’ll fall for it
Reflex0528 時間 前
Who wants FaZe Brawadis
Big chunky Mexican
Big chunky Mexican 時間 前
I think it was unfair because Anthony spelt more words
Sumzy RBLX
Sumzy RBLX 時間 前
I'm 13 and can spell better than Rami and Brian!
Elizabeth in camila good persons
Elizabeth in camila good persons 時間 前
The editing is good
Amjadsainuljamal 時間 前
Copied from faze jarvis 😬🤧
Senator Ballard
Senator Ballard 時間 前
Brandon and Jakie should get back together
The G.O.A.T
The G.O.A.T 時間 前
brandon acc did spell conscious right there are to ways to spell it
Senator Ballard
Senator Ballard 時間 前
Brandon and Jakie will be best couple of all time
Kairav Gupta
Kairav Gupta 2 時間 前
Who ever disliked should die
Jeniz Ferreira
Jeniz Ferreira 2 時間 前
Papa rug spelt bosley wrong he said boslay 😂
stand off mania
stand off mania 2 時間 前
i think ur team name would be family rug man stay true u know
AFK Fr4ct10n
AFK Fr4ct10n 2 時間 前
My uncles dog had to go thru this his name is niko he had every think Anthony dogs had and he survived I’m lucky and he had and he also had a brain tumor but I’m sorry Anthony I know how you feel but this was harder than you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭 just thinking about this is sad I’m sorry Anthony
M.G. A
M.G. A 2 時間 前
I loved the part where PAPA Rug was Spelling mirror
Naruto True_Gamer
Naruto True_Gamer 2 時間 前
Clint:Bosley Papa Rug:Boslay
Hakim Chadid
Hakim Chadid 2 時間 前
So no one’s gonna talk about how anthony got the last word correct!
Dark Perkz
Dark Perkz 2 時間 前
no briannnn
Beau Black
Beau Black 2 時間 前
Brandon don’t let the comments take you down your a true baller your my fav basket ball player stay strong brandon
SpaZ 2 時間 前
For the onepercent that is reading this have a good day
Moneyluxx Ss
Moneyluxx Ss 2 時間 前
Get back together
Shreyas 04
Shreyas 04 2 時間 前
Rug looks exactly how he did in his lost my dog prank lol, only og's know what i mean.
Abrenilla Girls
Abrenilla Girls 2 時間 前
Here for Papa Rug!!! He did good!!
Doufa 2 時間 前
editing is better
mari543 2 時間 前
it’s not as exciting
mari543 2 時間 前
I miss brawadis when he lived with his parents I don’t rlly like the content he’s doing with his cousins
big scamp
big scamp 2 時間 前
This is how many people want Jackie and brandan back together
Baybear garcia
Baybear garcia 2 時間 前
Like for brawdis and jackie to go back together😁
Sebastian Santibañez
Sebastian Santibañez 2 時間 前
Your dad looks like scarface with that gucci on
Ryan Amador
Ryan Amador 2 時間 前
when anthony said can you spell it
Nadeem Rashed
Nadeem Rashed 2 時間 前
Who else keeping an eye on jesses belly??😂😂
IKC Shâmbīñø
IKC Shâmbīñø 2 時間 前
i’m surprised that anthony got to the finals
MadNess 2 時間 前
I love these type of vids who agrees
Chris Castillo
Chris Castillo 2 時間 前
Happy birthday
jj kim
jj kim 2 時間 前
that was unfair....mandy should hv also spelt another word 4 her to 4 brandon to see
M4Y3R 2 時間 前
I wish Anthony crashed the Mclaren😭
Alex August
Alex August 2 時間 前
Can we get a vlog please or is his videos going to turn into faze rugs
Rysharnenextdoor 2 時間 前
The editing is grateeeee
Jacob Padilla
Jacob Padilla 2 時間 前
To be honest the back yard is not that spacious if you think about what your gonna put there.
Jennifer Agui
Jennifer Agui 3 時間 前
God bless you both!!!
Amy Rosales
Amy Rosales 3 時間 前
Here in 2020
King Nasty
King Nasty 3 時間 前
Romi is dumd lol
ArmourFN 3 時間 前
The fact that half the comments are copied off of someone talking about chapstick.. cmon guys stop chasing for clout
Kris & Parkz
Kris & Parkz 3 時間 前
Also Mandi was supposed to spell another word and if she got it right then she would’ve won, if she got it wrong then they both would’ve gotten new words to spell until only one of them got it correct. She spelled less words than Anthony in that game but was in the same number of rounds, so it wasn’t fair.
Chipotle Hoe
Chipotle Hoe 3 時間 前
What time does this boy wake up if he goes to bed 8 hrs later💀
Aryansh Chauhan
Aryansh Chauhan 3 時間 前
Bro I am your biggest fan 💪 plz reply
AbI dH
AbI dH 3 時間 前
really emotional
Γιαννης Ρουσσης
Γιαννης Ρουσσης 3 時間 前
4:24 how cute brian is man?
Addictshotz 3 時間 前
This video is proof that you can make it far in life without being smart😂...all jokes aside banger video
Junior Salgado
Junior Salgado 3 時間 前
Bro this video 🥶 because Anthony didn’t win
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez 3 時間 前
You said there was going to be better videos, this ain’t it
Brody Biggs
Brody Biggs 3 時間 前
I’m unsubscribing to papa rug
Pedro M
Pedro M 3 時間 前
I can’t find the subscrib anywhere lol 😂
Retard Alert
Retard Alert 3 時間 前
11:12 what was tht hahahhaa
Retard Alert
Retard Alert 3 時間 前
his dad is chill lmao
Alexgaming 123
Alexgaming 123 3 時間 前
The song the clown was hearing first I love that song I’m hispanic
Cellulocer 3 時間 前
Clint cant even pronounce asterisk
Brianna Lambdin
Brianna Lambdin 3 時間 前
Robert West
Robert West 3 時間 前
Did anyone else notice their dog running with the different people lol
Brianna Lambdin
Brianna Lambdin 3 時間 前
I saw Booker
Eri Lyngdoh
Eri Lyngdoh 3 時間 前
How is Anthony so smart 😅😅😅
ArCayde 3 時間 前
9:05 Brandon looked
Riley Walker
Riley Walker 3 時間 前
I thought Anthony’s word was going to be Alcohol
Alex Morato barreda
Alex Morato barreda 3 時間 前
When it was Sherman Mandy Jessica I I think Mandy’s gonna to win
Jae Lord
Jae Lord 3 時間 前
Lmao if only the fire brigade was as goulable as your fans😂😂
Isaac Chremykins
Isaac Chremykins 3 時間 前
Papa rug: I’m papa rug and I got 2 medal golds Lmaooo 😂
Bryson Ayers
Bryson Ayers 3 時間 前
Come on faze rug
Cellulocer 3 時間 前
Brandons new house content is trash
MaSkEd Gaming
MaSkEd Gaming 3 時間 前
Bro istg I had a feeling that it had to be mandy,Anthony,Jessica was gonna win and out of them 3 I had a feeling it was going to be Mandy because she mostly got every word right and she seems hella smart like spelling wise and everything
Evan Ureche
Evan Ureche 3 時間 前
2:21 Rami is up in the first round and Jessica cheers and papa rug copies her😂😂 I can’t stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trash Illusion
Trash Illusion 4 時間 前
I knew this wouldn’t get that many views
Jacques Juslin
Jacques Juslin 4 時間 前
FaZe rug is you drother
ZuMO 4 時間 前
2:55 Feisty or Fiesty????
OTM 4 時間 前
funny how the thumbnail looks like Jackie has big tits but in the video they bout lil asl😂
Jalen Thach
Jalen Thach 4 時間 前
finally an up in production 🤦🏽‍♂️ dude has 4 mil and still hasn’t got his own team to do things better for the channel
danny benavides
danny benavides 4 時間 前
Mandy was supposed to spell Antony's word right to win that's how spelling bees work
Zeno 4 時間 前
i woud heve wan thhis cheallenge isealy :)
Whatda Fudge
Whatda Fudge 4 時間 前
Sick vidd
Zeno 4 時間 前
it should've been at the end that Mandy had to get her next word correct as well. Bc Sherman was before her and then had a worse chance.. u undertsand?
ali almuhannadi
ali almuhannadi 4 時間 前
Faze rug doesn’t have a mustash
Connor Saxton
Connor Saxton 4 時間 前
To actually win mandy would have to get another word right after Anthony messed up
Kyler Nelson
Kyler Nelson 4 時間 前
Athena Neuschwander
Athena Neuschwander 4 時間 前
Brandon sounded a little down in this video especially when he was talking about breaking up.
waffles 7812
waffles 7812 4 時間 前
To Stephanie if ur seeing this plz like this comment happy birthday 🎁🎉
Manmeth Rajawatte
Manmeth Rajawatte 4 時間 前
First thing came into my mind when I started watching the video: Where is Mama Rug??
Elizabeth Jacobis
Elizabeth Jacobis 4 時間 前
that te
Pinky 4 時間 前
I would’ve lowkey won this
andy Ramirez
andy Ramirez 4 時間 前
9:43 cedrick
JR Rodriguez
JR Rodriguez 4 時間 前
Brandon is a good speller but Clint pronounced conscience and asterisk wrong Brandon should have been the host not Clint
Khoder Eldhaybi
Khoder Eldhaybi 4 時間 前
I can’t find the subscrib button
Soufian Madih
Soufian Madih 4 時間 前
so he said in the hood at the beginning he lives in the opposite of the hood 😂