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Oumaima Amlil
Oumaima Amlil 8 時間 前
Jashuon Richardson
Jashuon Richardson 8 時間 前
The Original Man is GOD, we didn’t need her to tell us, save the kids
TheAlmightyGreat BMack
TheAlmightyGreat BMack 8 時間 前
Black history started wayyyy before america. The history europeans teach in public schools is not real black history and should be called "white history." Teach your children real black history.
Abdessamad Bel
Abdessamad Bel 8 時間 前
Moroccan flag 🇲🇦 appears everywhere ❤️❤️ 4:20
افلام بسمة الحربي
افلام بسمة الحربي 8 時間 前
🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦 Morocco
Jashuon Richardson
Jashuon Richardson 8 時間 前
It’s to late for her, save the kids
Tiffany Laws
Tiffany Laws 8 時間 前
For the culture 🤎🍇🔅🌬
Justin Uche
Justin Uche 8 時間 前
I am happy for beyonce.. this (resonating with african heritage) shows she has reached a level of empowerment by knowledge... I give the a lot of credit to nas because he set the trend first with that distant relatives album (10 years ago) which is the best duo album I ever heard, he was Well ahead of his time... while her husband jayz was doing best of both worlds with a child molester... I am proud of her for real... nas is king, beyonce is queen musically (hiphop)
Sharon Kpodo
Sharon Kpodo 8 時間 前
Beyoncé killed those dance moves😎😎
Gabrielly Alves Dias
Gabrielly Alves Dias 8 時間 前
beyoncé me faça de tapete eu imploro
Jenny Flores
Jenny Flores 8 時間 前
What a Queen 👑
iroko 8 時間 前
I see that gbese dance
Linda Gon.
Linda Gon. 8 時間 前
Wait a minute. How can she be Humanitarian by the fact that shes a millionaire and there is so many poor people, people that are still starving? just shows how inhumane she is.
Special Occasions
Special Occasions 8 時間 前
She looks pregnant
Essein Asutiga
Essein Asutiga 8 時間 前
Essein Asutiga
Essein Asutiga 8 時間 前
spAghEttIchIpFry 8 時間 前
Shatta Wale is a name that we British people have a hard time keeping a straight face while pronouncing 💩🐋
Family Boaz
Family Boaz 8 時間 前
This song went hard AF... If she keeps this vibe up I’m joining the beehive
Sasay Koker
Sasay Koker 8 時間 前
Thank you Beyoncé, Love from Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 West Africa
Mr. Semeni
Mr. Semeni 8 時間 前
Wale killed it! Together we can!!
Napth Ali
Napth Ali 8 時間 前
Original hand to head Salute
Carlos Rodrigo
Carlos Rodrigo 8 時間 前
Naa kor
Naa kor 8 時間 前
Who else is here for ma man representing Africa Shatta 1❤❤❤
why people are mad about Beyonce calling the album black is king, is it soo hard for some of ya'll to accept that we black people at on point in history had black kings and queens? your ok with people from other races having kings and queens and emperors yet you freak out when someone say black is king? for real now? we had black empires that used to rival Rome! the Nubian empire in the middle east was a black empire, the Egyptian empire was a black empire despite the white imperialist doing everything they could to hide and deny that truth! the richest man in the world used to be a black king, the king of the mali empire king Mansa Musa who also happened to hold the title of being the richest black man in the history of the world! yall need to stop making everything an unnecessary drama!
V K 8 時間 前
Animals Lover
Animals Lover 8 時間 前
I'm not from Africa but this song makes me proud for this amazing continent
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins 8 時間 前
I can't stop watching this amazing Perfection of artistry🎨✨🌟👑💛🎶
DJ dill LIB
DJ dill LIB 8 時間 前
Shatta Wale is the KING 👑 of GH
Family Boaz
Family Boaz 8 時間 前
Ain’t no way in hell Jay-Z didn’t put his hand on some of these these lyrics... His spit game is written all over this!
Felix Anim
Felix Anim 8 時間 前
Well done shatta wale the king of Africa
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins 8 時間 前
And we thank you for using your platform to help those that don't have a voice you're amazing
Pesi Belau
Pesi Belau 8 時間 前
I am here for Major Lazer....
D. BONATTO 8 時間 前
The Africans living for this song 💜
Roxana Lopez Garcia
Roxana Lopez Garcia 8 時間 前
Born in a barn
Born in a barn 8 時間 前
Beyonce serving looks always, gorgeous,everything on fleek💖
FeedmeJUice 9 時間 前
Jas 9 時間 前
I am happy too 😊
Wilker Jardim
Wilker Jardim 9 時間 前
👑 🐝 🇧🇷
Niiadjei Joseph
Niiadjei Joseph 9 時間 前
Several colours makes the picture beautiful and the creator knows. We need no approval 🎯
Sou kayna
Sou kayna 9 時間 前
🇲🇦 ???!! 🤔
Zared Ckile
Zared Ckile 9 時間 前
I thought it was "long live the king you're the king you know It" but It's "you no wait"
Yassine Essaghir
Yassine Essaghir 9 時間 前
Queenela Williams
Queenela Williams 9 時間 前
Black is King✊🏿 ❤️
Jamilah Perry
Jamilah Perry 9 時間 前
I Love it!!! Another masterpiece Beyonce!!!! Keep it going!!!
Tshepiew Mat
Tshepiew Mat 9 時間 前
Fun fact: the scene of her on the tree is actually her house's backyard
nathan manu
nathan manu 9 時間 前
Remember who you are oooho!!
nathan manu
nathan manu 9 時間 前
Shine already!!!
Uju I
Uju I 9 時間 前
It’s sooooo hard to hear this and not dance; god bless Afro beats
Cherry Jc
Cherry Jc 9 時間 前
Love this idc
Cynthia Romero
Cynthia Romero 9 時間 前
S A T A N I C A.....Es una pena que solo sea un títere de los iluminattis
King David Miller
King David Miller 9 時間 前
I love this song 💗
Julia Frazier
Julia Frazier 9 時間 前
Black is king !! Love it Beyonce
Toya Weber
Toya Weber 9 時間 前
Beyonce did her mf work! I love this Queen
Ana Paula Castilho
Ana Paula Castilho 9 時間 前
boniface mayunga
boniface mayunga 9 時間 前
Remember who you are!
Eiz Cloz
Eiz Cloz 9 時間 前
Beyoncé moves though 👌🏿😘
mehdi boumaaza
mehdi boumaaza 9 時間 前
SweLlch Style
SweLlch Style 9 時間 前
This video is not showing that I viewed it and this is my 2nd time watching it!!!
EfemzyEkun 9 時間 前
I saw that signature @ 1:23... If you know, you know. Fiery collabo, with the king of Dancehall, Ghana. Nice on fire!!!
SweLlch Style
SweLlch Style 9 時間 前