Brawl Stars Invitational 2019
Brawl STARS?
年 前
Christian randy Escano
Christian randy Escano 7 時間 前
0:41 literally my mom whe i dont use a coaster
Aria 〜
Aria 〜 7 時間 前
The animation is amazing!!
Mama Tanapo
Mama Tanapo 7 時間 前
There are so many fake coins, gems generators that I can not understand how people really fall for these tricks. The only web app that works is Haxbrawl (search for it on Google), tried and tested.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 7 時間 前
When will archive skins come back and when they do will they be on discount again cuz I really want rockabilly mortis
Cammrin avery Gaming
Cammrin avery Gaming 7 時間 前
Clap along if you feel happy
Cammrin avery Gaming
Cammrin avery Gaming 7 時間 前
Clap clap
gabriel Nwokeocha
gabriel Nwokeocha 7 時間 前
Nerd surge
Baby Yoda Is God.
Baby Yoda Is God. 7 時間 前
So cute yet so vicious.
Super Fan boy
Super Fan boy 7 時間 前
They were drinking Elixir
EaterOfSouls 7 時間 前
Clash of clans is bettet in my opinion
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 7 時間 前
Barley is very angry
El primo 468
El primo 468 7 時間 前
Face revel MR P
crow leon 61
crow leon 61 7 時間 前
Türkey 🇹🇷 supercell 💖💖
doge man
doge man 7 時間 前
What is that whistle song
Amador0102 Thx
Amador0102 Thx 7 時間 前
Usually, gaming companies turn off the comments when they release a gaming tutorial or video. But this is unexpected. Meh, whatever.
Bagoes 7 時間 前
0:27 oh no spike
Chimmy’s Banana Milk_123
Chimmy’s Banana Milk_123 7 時間 前
Anyways *Hat or no hat?*
Fazejescy1 Vasquez
Fazejescy1 Vasquez 7 時間 前
Wait a minute when piper shot at ricko she blew a kiss at him no one else?
Gabriel el tipo ese
Gabriel el tipo ese 7 時間 前
The animation was beyond perfection!!
Gal Klicek
Gal Klicek 7 時間 前
Why is not brawl stars 3D 😞
Luna Wilson
Luna Wilson 7 時間 前
Piper be vibing
Vitalina Andreev
Vitalina Andreev 7 時間 前
Those are indications that a new update with clowns is coming 😟
ciro Avalos
ciro Avalos 7 時間 前
PlotagonNoah 7 時間 前
If NiagaraToons Animations see this comment, he is gonna reply.
Vitalina Andreev
Vitalina Andreev 7 時間 前
Super cell I saw balloons, changed logos and clown faces