How to Buy a Drift Car
Casey Delesline
Casey Delesline 2 時間 前
I swear I wish you were my neighbor
TeamMagic borasmagic
TeamMagic borasmagic 2 時間 前
2020 ?
A. Bloke 2.0 Always Learning.
A. Bloke 2.0 Always Learning. 2 時間 前
Beware ! A lot of 'dish soaps' or 'washing up liquids have SALT in its formula, and the more you clean with it, the more it rusts !
Collin Grott
Collin Grott 2 時間 前
I'm gonna try using blinker fluid in my tires to keep them inflated. Its gonna work great
adam smith
adam smith 2 時間 前
Unfortunately those places aren't testing batteries for free right now because apparently while there;'s no risk shopping IN their stores the Coronavirus hangs out in engine compartments. I have a multimeter, though, so I'll go check using what you showed me. Thanks!
naturallyaspirated88 2 時間 前
Soapy woadder
The Shake
The Shake 2 時間 前
Chris : Thinking of selling the car ,, Neighbour : I am offering you 2 k ,, will you take it , Chris : Gladly ...
Teldryn Sero
Teldryn Sero 2 時間 前
Also i love how when he gets in his car it clearly looks like later afternoon, and honestly i can't tell whether this took more than one day.
QuadPistonImports 2 時間 前
Compressors always say they’re pre-oiled but almost never have as much oil that they claim. Usually barely any oil
Teldryn Sero
Teldryn Sero 2 時間 前
How to replace a clutch (and clutch cable, flywheel, rear main seal, whole transmission really, screw it just replace the entire drivetrain.)
John Barron
John Barron 2 時間 前
For used spark plugs that are in good condition other than having carbon deposits on the electrodes, would you recommend using a propane torch to burn deposits and then scrub them off the side electrode of the plug with a brass-coated wire brush? Doing this should improve the rate of convective heat transfer from the extremely hot combustion products to the side electrode, as well as improve the rate of conductive heat transfer from the side electrode to the cooler cylinder head via the thread interface. It should also improve the strength of the spark, thus promoting quicker ignition of the air/fuel mixture . It may also very slightly reduce the compression ratio of the engine, depending on the amount of carbon buildup present on the plug electrodes. As long as there are no cracks, chips, or marring anywhere on the spark plug, I don't see why a spark plug shouldn't be cleaned periodically to improve engine performance, versus replacing it with a new plug.
Lightning 312
Lightning 312 2 時間 前
Chris there are two reasons why beamers don't use blinkers ; First the reason u told Second of that it's so complicated to use the blinker knob 😂
RogueHunter 2 時間 前
Hi ChrisFix! I'm not sure if you'll see this comment, but if you do; I bought an Xterra that was driven very rarely the past couple years but is well maintained. Is there anything you would suggest I do to prepare it for being my daily commuter after only being taken out occasionally?
Dubl -A
Dubl -A 2 時間 前
Some cars say unleaded fuel only. So what would that mean ?
Rupinder Bedi
Rupinder Bedi 2 時間 前
Thank you for the tips, they were very helpful. Great 👍 video.
CatBountieHunter 3 時間 前
My biggest accomplishment in 2017 was single handedly taking care of a newborn while going to school. I have a love hate about it, but I still think it's pretty cool.
Mason Tech gamer
Mason Tech gamer 3 時間 前
You should do the Plymouth Firebird
CY Wilsey
CY Wilsey 3 時間 前
I think that a beater ford ranger from the 80's and make it into a sleeper truck.
addict 2gamz
addict 2gamz 3 時間 前
3:28 that image makes me chop onions
Casey Delesline
Casey Delesline 3 時間 前
This man is a professional detailer too 🤦🏾‍♂️ I need to do better
Matt D
Matt D 3 時間 前
Mine I can twist a little bit is that normal?
VidsLive 3 時間 前
Jessica Doty Whitaker
Miner101 3 時間 前
Let's see a classic vw beetle
Brian Mueller
Brian Mueller 3 時間 前
Dude. Wow! You killed it! Awesome job!
Guy Sinatra
Guy Sinatra 3 時間 前
Up to 1:15 I just wanted to 🥜
Owen Crider
Owen Crider 3 時間 前
Can you do a face reveal at 10 million subs??
Legendary Ghost
Legendary Ghost 3 時間 前
So many mustang jokes. I love it😂
Tigran Tashjian
Tigran Tashjian 3 時間 前
i’ve watched this video 3 times and i don’t even own a prius or plan on doing this anytime soon
Ethen Vandenbulck
Ethen Vandenbulck 3 時間 前
My dream car is a Shelby cobra gt 500
Kirby AirRider
Kirby AirRider 3 時間 前
I'm just going to stop at step 2, that's good enough for me 😂
JJGeneral1 Arcade
JJGeneral1 Arcade 3 時間 前
ugh... "visah versa"... it's "vice versa"...
JJGeneral1 Arcade
JJGeneral1 Arcade 3 時間 前
god, then i heard "manafacterer"...
Jesse Foulk
Jesse Foulk 3 時間 前
JPshow: wanna see a 7+ year old ChrisFix video? It don't matter, your gonna watch it anyways Me: *click*
Skye Riku
Skye Riku 3 時間 前
You're so awesome 😭😭❤️❤️
Dr. H.Z
Dr. H.Z 3 時間 前
Very nice. Thanks for shairing
Motomark 212
Motomark 212 3 時間 前
watching some old videos!! and that has no rust compared to what you would find in PA!!
Jonas Butler
Jonas Butler 3 時間 前
My steering wheel is beautiful, but I'm just happy to see the inside of a steering wheel for the first time ever lol
Sheen Duran
Sheen Duran 3 時間 前
This guy is my hero. I did this to my car and voilà! The paint scuff was gone. The only thing i had left was to do some touch up paint. Thanks chrisfix!!
-Omega Zero-
-Omega Zero- 3 時間 前
Chris, the exhaust you put on, do you think it would work on a 2008 Ford Mustang?
Jonas Butler
Jonas Butler 3 時間 前
I finally have a car with a transmission worth maintaining and now I'm not nervous about taking care of it! I too was worried about changing the fluid to because I didn't know the service history. My fluid is not pink anymore, but very light amber, almost clear. I'm gonna start with one drain and fill and go from there. Thanks Chris!
Night Slasher
Night Slasher 4 時間 前
how do you have the money to do stuff like this? im sure you don't just do videos to make enough money for new tools. do yuo work in like a shop or so.
2021 4 時間 前
Hey Chris how much did all of this cost you, in total.
VexedGamerHD 4 時間 前
2021 4 時間 前
Godamn open headers got chills down my spine 🥶😍
Mods gtasa android
Mods gtasa android 4 時間 前
And dont forget to change your tire pistons
LT Afton
LT Afton 4 時間 前
Kinger #16
Kinger #16 4 時間 前
Blinker fluid
Gédéon Bouchard-Plante
Gédéon Bouchard-Plante 4 時間 前
I don't care about the stealing prevention, I just like to flip the switch, its like a spaceship or something
Dangler Action
Dangler Action 4 時間 前
5:26 I learned about Corona staining.
Mods gtasa android
Mods gtasa android 4 時間 前
Cacun 4 時間 前
First of all, congrats, on the car, on the channel, the back then 5 milli and now 6.5. Now let’s get real here, it’s been 10 month from this vid, please, tell us that you changed that horn :P (otherwise I bet you just rev up the engine if someone is sitting in traffic, they would sure get out the way xD)
Panos Alex
Panos Alex 4 時間 前
Satan !
Bounty Chocc
Bounty Chocc 4 時間 前
Complicated. But enjoyable.
Aurélien Carnoy
Aurélien Carnoy 4 時間 前
I belive this is some version of "clear acrylic medium". You can make your own using Elmer s glue. (I did not test what i am saying.)
can am fan
can am fan 4 時間 前
Takota Bryson
Takota Bryson 4 時間 前
Rolls Royce
Samyosocoo 4 時間 前
You have facial hair!
-Omega Zero-
-Omega Zero- 4 時間 前
Dude if I ever have issues with my car, I’m sending it your way
Dave Senor
Dave Senor 4 時間 前
Great video. Looks like a good weekend project for me this weekend
Harley Ozzy
Harley Ozzy 4 時間 前
Dude first set of tires where a lot nicer lol. Nice video tho. Lol.