I spent a day with GOTHS
I spent a day with ASEXUALS
I spent a day with *EMOs*
Fans Roast My Hair
Dear Virgos...
2 年 前
Hazel Peach
Hazel Peach 8 時間 前
Sitri Halphas
Sitri Halphas 8 時間 前
i feel like corpse would have black or blonde hair with a face like a surfer dude but masculine alittle bit you know idk
Olivia Jeffreys
Olivia Jeffreys 8 時間 前
Me and my class almost set the school on fire with our sub...
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson 8 時間 前
give bo some respect for the Minecraft hat, c'mon, that's a legend's apparel
Clara Patricia Tan
Clara Patricia Tan 8 時間 前
I feel like i need to rewatch this after knowing that anthony and mykie are actually dating from the comments😭
Ava Mulson
Ava Mulson 8 時間 前
I love how they are all secretly throwing shade at Shane and Jeffree
Ezra McNally
Ezra McNally 9 時間 前
"code padildo" hahaha
Frog Girl
Frog Girl 9 時間 前
Kyle is amazing i love it
Olly Jacobs
Olly Jacobs 9 時間 前
I know this will get lost in the comments, but I want everyone who reads this to have a great day and to accomplish their dreams! ☺️
Thomas Mooi
Thomas Mooi 9 時間 前
So basically a bunch of skinny posets
Nathaniel Villavicencio
Nathaniel Villavicencio 9 時間 前
This is impossible
CrownClown Creations
CrownClown Creations 9 時間 前
I'll admit, Amber didn't seem like the kind of person I'd normally like, but she is just a ray of sunshine! Really shows you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.
Moqa 9 時間 前
I don’t wanna be insulting. Kpop is too crazy just like BTS and blackpink. Literally because of kpop I lost my first BFF ever, she fit perfectly and understood me so much, until kpop came into her life and destroyed everything..
Roberts Smilgainis
Roberts Smilgainis 9 時間 前
Holy crap... i’m pretty sure i’m aromantic. Never really thought about it much, but after this video i’m sure of it
Jasmine MORGAN
Jasmine MORGAN 9 時間 前
Why does that dude remind me of the guy from the princess and the frog that had something to do with voodoo probably a use he had the skull tie thing and the hat
la la la
la la la 9 時間 前
Of course love exists without sex, only an idiot would think opposite
Jyotsna Pokhrel
Jyotsna Pokhrel 9 時間 前
YAS!! just YAS!!
Moqa 9 時間 前
I don’t wanna be rude but that “wolf” otherkin is just ridiculous. We can tell he’s a human but somehow sounds like a wolf .-. He said it himself. As he saw that one anime he thinks he’s a wolf. It’s just stupid in my opinion. I mean that elf looks real. And amazingly adorable. But that wolf is just.. a bit fake looking. With that hair and weird shirt.. no offense but the wolf is ridiculous :/
Andrew Lofberg
Andrew Lofberg 9 時間 前
Padildo lol
xNesta900 9 時間 前
7:30 her acting was so good lmao I laughed so hard when she said I'm Chinese, bye!
Exam Mole
Exam Mole 9 時間 前
Got over 1m views so~
Plaxma 10 時間 前
anthony has realy grown up
lou 10 時間 前
I wish you had John Carpender on
Weird Emoji Man
Weird Emoji Man 10 時間 前
Here is some info from a kid that hates teachers umm teachers treat you like real shit sometimes
Elyse Gallagher
Elyse Gallagher 10 時間 前
Ooooo look at Mr trending!
Adela Gorcevic
Adela Gorcevic 10 時間 前
Witches can control werewolves
sanskriti sharma
sanskriti sharma 10 時間 前
Theirs a movie called "Hichki" in hindi . I think you should watch it to see a person's experience with tourettes..
Skylee Jeffrey
Skylee Jeffrey 10 時間 前
I’m from Santa Clarita lol
Candy canes
Candy canes 10 時間 前
the kiss part thou
Renate Afton
Renate Afton 10 時間 前
As a furry, it is only sexual if the people make it a sex thing, most people are mostly very welcoming and a fun community! Yet I understand if people do find it strange and I'm fine with that! What I don't like is when people label us as sexual or disgusting when every community could be like that! Thanks for attending my Ted talk
Jeff Cook
Jeff Cook 10 時間 前
It’s funny because he is one of the legendary youtubers
Lazy Loaf
Lazy Loaf 10 時間 前
yall simping over corpse's voice BUT THAT OUTFIT THO-
Sunset_Gxcha 10 時間 前
I was like: Ooh I like the name Shelby I watch a youtuber with that name :) And at the end: OMG IT'S SHUBBLE
WizardifyCreations 10 時間 前
anythony talking EMO is pure irony
JessieMavis88 10 時間 前
Spend a day with non-binary people, it’s such a diverse yet invalidated community so it would be cool to see it be covered (as a non-binary person myself)
James Graves
James Graves 10 時間 前
I love dog there for I am
Alayna Shah
Alayna Shah 10 時間 前
Brooke was amazing and really gave us some details. It must have been really hard for her and I admire her bravery to speak out about it. If you search up the Cult boss, there are actually a few other stories about him.
yea 10 時間 前
Yooo corpse husband? I didnt know he was this popular
Elijah Edwards
Elijah Edwards 10 時間 前
To be honest the entire system is corrupt and broken in a way
Vega 10 時間 前
Rape is a form of torture. Like if you agree
Møønlight AJ
Møønlight AJ 10 時間 前
1 year after drake and josh started airing
rebecca xx
rebecca xx 10 時間 前
Tiktok itself is so cringy 🤢🤢
rebecca xx
rebecca xx 10 時間 前
The fact that they call themselves ”stars” and ”artists” 🤢😂😂🤣🤣😭
naturegeek33 10 時間 前
PLEASE do a video with people who have intrusive thoughts.
naturegeek33 11 時間 前
anthony dead ass roasting emos in the intro :D
Paul Sevillejo
Paul Sevillejo 11 時間 前
Wait HitorMiss was a hate thing for Mia Khalifa?!
dksokfs 11 時間 前
Llennoux 11 時間 前
I feel like Anthony Padilla is the person most likely to never judge anyone
Luna Moon
Luna Moon 11 時間 前
Keerthana Agapu
Keerthana Agapu 11 時間 前
So wait hold up no one saw the COVID 19 coming? Kinda sus dude. You could have given us a heads up
Topo-Loco JAJA
Topo-Loco JAJA 11 時間 前
Grande german
Grace 11 時間 前
Billy Rock making me cry.
alyssa sands
alyssa sands 11 時間 前
You should have invited George Memeulous. That would have been awesome