Cheating on My Ex
I’m Sorry
13 日 前
Gabrielle Got Sick...
this went too far..
5 ヶ月 前
7 ヶ月 前
When Will I Propose?
James Charles Casting Call
A Message for James Charles
it attacked her...
7 ヶ月 前
Sydney T
Sydney T 10 時間 前
I thought they were great for each other and this makes me sad. But I hope they can find there way out of this!💕
Laydee Cee
Laydee Cee 10 時間 前
this is so sad. I have never seen two people more perfect for each other.
YouTube Hi ಥ‿ಥ
YouTube Hi ಥ‿ಥ 10 時間 前
You will instantly regret pressing read more Ha Hahaha ..... ... .... ... . . . . . Or maybe u didn't
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 10 時間 前
if you click replies before read more this is a warning that you'll have to scroll for a while before you can compact it again and it doesn't say anything either.
Madeline Dehmer
Madeline Dehmer 10 時間 前
hey remember when you said this is the last couples retreat im on well now it is
The Shield
The Shield 11 時間 前
Bulldog. Hope dog owners dont accidentally use it on there dogs
Justin Giani
Justin Giani 11 時間 前
Alessia Corro
Alessia Corro 12 時間 前
CAN 2020 GET ANY WORSE 🥺🥺 The best couple on youtube.... I love both of them so much, and they were so cute together. Seeing Jack like this still breaks my heart. 🥺❤️
The Shield
The Shield 12 時間 前
Ayyyye cake boss is my childhood
Anna Same
Anna Same 12 時間 前
I hope you see this Jack. I support you and thank you for writing the book. I feel it would be good for me to read it considering I can anxiety too. Stay strong and know you make my life happy.
Laura R
Laura R 12 時間 前
This is 100% not a lie but i just woke up and its 9:03 in Ohio and I had a terrible dream avout Jack and Gab. Here is what happened: In my dream Jack and Gab got back together. Jack proposed and they did a giveaway for tickets to their wedding. (IDK IT WAS A DREAM) I got one. Gab walked down the aisle, but then before she said the vows, she went over to the back left side of the seating, and her and her roommates brother who kinda looked like big ed said vows. He was wearing maroon and this was not a good dream so I will have a bad day. I really want Jack and Gab to notice this
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 10 時間 前
that's pretty weird.
Irish Rosa
Irish Rosa 12 時間 前
why did they break up?
Prerna Putale
Prerna Putale 12 時間 前
You need Jesus to come out of the situation u are going through
Anna Same
Anna Same 12 時間 前
I never believed you would cheat. Thanks Jack for making a free book. I put my email in and I cannot wait to get the book. I have anxiety and feel like reading something like that would help collect my thoughts. Thank you again Jack. 😊
Treyton Fields
Treyton Fields 12 時間 前
Gab is right
Claudia Nnadi
Claudia Nnadi 12 時間 前
Pls can someone explain why they broke up😭😭😭
Asia Chau
Asia Chau 13 時間 前
Im crying
Leo Tovar
Leo Tovar 13 時間 前
Same kind of things happen to other people and me too.
Anna Same
Anna Same 13 時間 前
The inspirational section in this video from Jack relates to my life. Thanks Jack. You are amazing.
Sophia 13 時間 前
I know it doesn’t matter that much but uhhhh.... Love the sweatshirt! Uhhhh yeah...🏈❤️
Mace Windu
Mace Windu 10 時間 前
yeah I like when he wears hoodies.
Lola Lottels
Lola Lottels 13 時間 前
But why did they break up?! They are both sad... (I might be wrong but pleas answer | v
Coldgame YT
Coldgame YT 14 時間 前
I was starting to cry
Coldgame YT
Coldgame YT 14 時間 前
Im sory for him
Biba Mehmood
Biba Mehmood 14 時間 前
why did you break up sorry for anyone on behalf who has said yo cheated when we all know that you didnt we love you
Abhijith TK
Abhijith TK 14 時間 前
What happened here??
Maliah Christopher
Maliah Christopher 14 時間 前
Who else is watching all the videos that they made before just to cheer themselves up because you're sad that they broke up and probably won't get back together
Scarlett Newport
Scarlett Newport 14 時間 前
Who's here after they break up
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert 14 時間 前
What is happening
Daniel Simons
Daniel Simons 15 時間 前
Freaking clickbait🤦‍♂️
Allison Fleener
Allison Fleener 15 時間 前
Does anyone know what questions he answered on his insta and snap? I’m late.
Big Dog
Big Dog 14 時間 前
None so far.
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert 15 時間 前
Did she get sick and thing she was gunna die so she broke up so you didn’t have to go though harder shiii or whattt I’m so freakin confused 🤷‍♂️
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert 15 時間 前
How did they break up they were so perfect together both of you guys were goofie
Raz3r Cheeser
Raz3r Cheeser 15 時間 前
Who here after the break up
Olivia Gaus
Olivia Gaus 16 時間 前
Me and you both :/. I miss my ex but I'm growing.
Rubi Stork
Rubi Stork 16 時間 前
For some reason when Gabrielle was talking it reminded me of Miranda Sings 😂😂
Anders Haandlanger
Anders Haandlanger 16 時間 前
Interesting that many deny that it was cheating that ended their relationship ..... But no one knows the answer to why they ended! One could assume that after many good couple experiences - there must be more or many bad experiences too. Some easy to get back together to work on and some much harder. Whatever has happened - it is safe to assume that infidelity / cheating or violence for many is an irreparable failure of the relationship - therefore it cannot be ruled out. They both look like unhappy ex's - the easiest way to calm the pain would be to get back together, but it seems like something has gone so badly that at least one of them doesn't want to get back together .... and who is it I wonder?
Zoieeditz ;
Zoieeditz ; 16 時間 前
I don’t know the reason they broke up but I can tell they love/loved eachother but here’s where this quote comes in “𝗌𝗈𝗆𝖾𝗍𝗂𝗆𝖾𝗌 𝗉𝖾𝗈𝗉𝗅𝖾 𝖼𝖺𝗇 𝗅𝗈𝗏𝖾 𝖾𝖺𝖼𝗁𝗈𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗋 𝖻𝗎𝗍.. 𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗒 𝖼𝖺𝗇𝗍 𝖻𝖾 𝗍𝗈𝗀𝖾𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗋.” ~𝘡𝘚
Mia Grace
Mia Grace 16 時間 前
“Are you taping this?” “Yeah it’s for my English project” 😂
Honey-May tea
Honey-May tea 17 時間 前
when he moved his hands and said im a miserable wreck he reminded me of a telly tubby lmao
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert 17 時間 前
1:05 yessir
Maria Roa
Maria Roa 17 時間 前
Hahahaha she said 99.9999% , she wasn’t readyyyyyy hahahaha
WitnessesOfTheLight JQ
WitnessesOfTheLight JQ 17 時間 前
Me lub tarantulas just like you
Me lub tarantulas just like you 17 時間 前
5:34 Okay, how is a person like prepared to be pranked, that aint a prank then lol
Mikki guicherit
Mikki guicherit 18 時間 前
jack's rant was so fckn eye opening and inspiring and helpfull this was a talk i did not know i needed haha......thank you sm i appreciate it <3
Judayah Plays
Judayah Plays 18 時間 前
Did you cry after this video
Th Potato
Th Potato 18 時間 前
I’m surprised to see that no ones talked about how weird jack looks in the cover of their video 😂🤷‍♀️
Riley Miller
Riley Miller 18 時間 前
I love you and I support you jack no matter what you go through
Brailey Angelovich
Brailey Angelovich 18 時間 前
When he said “it’s been 4 months, it’s been 4 months.”
Dani S
Dani S 18 時間 前
I need to believe in love. I used to believe in love. Then David and Liza broke up, that broke me. Then Lauren and Alex, then Scotty and Kristen. Now this. I want to believe in love... but I’m not sure I know what that is anymore
Riley Miller
Riley Miller 18 時間 前
Jack would never cheat on anybody
Dylan Kuhn
Dylan Kuhn 18 時間 前
Bro if you need someone to be their to talk to just get ahold of me because I am going through the same thing just got out of a relationship that I had thought the same thing so if you need someone to talk to i am here
katelynn abbott
katelynn abbott 19 時間 前
Miss this :(
Coldgame YT
Coldgame YT 19 時間 前
They are Perfect cople
Coldgame YT
Coldgame YT 19 時間 前
Jack looks like me
Tim appIe
Tim appIe 19 時間 前
"future husband"
Mary Nellis
Mary Nellis 19 時間 前
Why did they break up?
Angela Wyss
Angela Wyss 19 時間 前
Stay strong Jack. You are your and talented and have a great heart. You will find happiness again. It will just take time. Be assured your army loves you and is behind you all the way!
w e d g e s
w e d g e s 19 時間 前
Not me replaying the "fine, DADDY" at 10:14 a thousand times
bushwacked18 19 時間 前
why are so many youtubers breaking up first mmg then jesser then him now wtf
bego montiel
bego montiel 19 時間 前
omg can someone tell me why did they broke up i was in love with their relationship and was my only real proof that love was real 🥺💔
Jonathan Villagomez
Jonathan Villagomez 19 時間 前
apex_hunter 19 時間 前
If you love her and I’m pretty sure she still loves u then y don’t you get back together
ac goodwin
ac goodwin 19 時間 前
i love how jack was so freakin honest the WHOLE time😂
Kema Gacha
Kema Gacha 20 時間 前
Im really sad you guys broke you were my favorite JPshow couple 💑
Treyton Fields
Treyton Fields 20 時間 前
Great your my favorite youtobers
jazzy bazzy
jazzy bazzy 20 時間 前
Everybody please copy this comment for the sake of them... We Love and Support You So Much!
Elise Beasley
Elise Beasley 20 時間 前
Man you say she’s motherly nah fam you know she’s wife material and you better find her and cuff her and keep that woman close
saqlain khan
saqlain khan 20 時間 前
Fukkk maaann ....!!! Why tf you guys brkup...get back together 😒
Zahraa al wabari
Zahraa al wabari 20 時間 前
The fact like jack is so sad 😞 and crying but in the left hand gab is doing redoing my room what I eat in a day etc 🥺
Pyper Buck
Pyper Buck 20 時間 前
I knew that he would never cheat on her. You can tell he loves her. And also, we loved you guys together AND we obviously will love and support you when you’re separated.
Zahraa al wabari
Zahraa al wabari 20 時間 前
I feel sooo bad I want them be back together 🥺😭
Dj Stone
Dj Stone 20 時間 前
Man girls go out and act like a bitch all day then at the end just be like "just kidding"
Zahraa al wabari
Zahraa al wabari 20 時間 前
I love when he say girlfriend not ex ☹️ they were my happiness
F.B.I 20 時間 前
if this wasnt staged that was just so fucked up thats as bad as breaking up through text
Zahraa al wabari
Zahraa al wabari 20 時間 前
We love u both ♥️♥️
Trey Campbell
Trey Campbell 20 時間 前
Watch 10:07 in slow mo 😂
Maya Hassenger
Maya Hassenger 20 時間 前
Anyone who though jack cheated on gab are stupid! If you truly watched their videos and saw how they are as people you’d know 100% jack isn’t the cheating type of person especially gab because he’s simply in love with her.
Cp Riot
Cp Riot 20 時間 前
Boss man. It’s time to let this channel go. This channel will hold you back
Maia O’Connor
Maia O’Connor 21 時間 前
Who’s here after they broke up :(
W R B 21 時間 前
Play some minecraft boiiiiy
Zach Koby
Zach Koby 21 時間 前
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 21 時間 前
This was so funny and Jack was so sweet 💗
Jake Burnett
Jake Burnett 21 時間 前
Why is gabs friends being so rude
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 21 時間 前
Jack is so sweet talking to Gabrielle calling her sweetheart too. 💕
p e r s o n p e r s o n
p e r s o n p e r s o n 21 時間 前
Honestly they both look so sad and I don’t even know why they broke up... they still seem tk like each other and when you break up with somebody it is for a reason and you shouldn’t be this upset…
isabella duque
isabella duque 21 時間 前
Jack you know that the people that do care are here for you an always will, we all love you
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 21 時間 前
Love you all so much 💕
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 21 時間 前
Love you all so much 💗💗
Łøvely Påñdã
Łøvely Påñdã 21 時間 前
I am cryingz
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 21 時間 前
Love you guys so much
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 21 時間 前
Love you guys so much
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 21 時間 前
Love you all 💗
Ania Karishma
Ania Karishma 21 時間 前
Love you all 💕💗
Gage Herring
Gage Herring 21 時間 前
this man is broken and you can tell...
Lil Pop
Lil Pop 22 時間 前
Y’all the type of couple to try to be friends around each other with y’all new boyfriend & girlfriend and the next day they make a video we got back to Gather
Highlight Helix
Highlight Helix 22 時間 前
Now that they actually broke up this is awful and watching their old videos they looked so happy😩😫😣😖😢😭😭😭
CCCraftieSSS 22 時間 前
I have faith in god, he is here for you he loves you
Jianna Jones
Jianna Jones 22 時間 前
How many people like this is how many people want y’all back together y’all are my favourite couple please please who ever likes this gets wants and needs y’all bake together or where ganna fall apart
Brayden Chaffin
Brayden Chaffin 22 時間 前
Anyone else like why isn't Gabriel trying to ease stuff up some
Fitriyaaa _
Fitriyaaa _ 22 時間 前
I can’t I just can’t imagine. watching both of you fall apart makes me feel sad. I wanna cry so bad seeing both of you like this. I’ve been watching you guys channel idk how long and i love seeing you two walk down the aisle together☹️ but i just for the best for both of you. just go and find yourself first and love yourself before you love others that’s how it works. lots of love from Malaysia❤️
Tiana Hart
Tiana Hart 22 時間 前
Omg I play trumpet too 😂 🎺