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ヶ月 前
ヶ月 前
ヶ月 前
Seven vs. Lala (Both Sides)
Dear Kiara Shanay...
2 ヶ月 前
1V1 Against Lil Tjay!
The dreads are gone!
4 ヶ月 前
Shellbs J
Shellbs J 時間 前
Yeah ddg lost lost🤣
It Is Jah
It Is Jah 時間 前
I screamed when he said “intense”
1kxanax 時間 前
Quiet ass gym where the music at 😂😂
Pastel Vibes
Pastel Vibes 時間 前
Lol Mikey wasn't even trying broo
King J
King J 時間 前
Damn... Mikey is no match for the one and only DDG
Jae Lee
Jae Lee 時間 前
crazy how he's giving zero effort
King J
King J 時間 前
Title should've been: *99 overall vs 70 overall*
Trippie Sopa
Trippie Sopa 時間 前
Tell blue face can he let borrow one of his girls so take one a date
Ryan Cartwright
Ryan Cartwright 時間 前
Mikey didn’t even work a sweat man😂😂
tyreece walsh
tyreece walsh 時間 前
Now this is content 😭😭🤣
Gary Sims
Gary Sims 2 時間 前
DDG can’t shoot or play I’ll beat him in 1vs1
Designer _
Designer _ 2 時間 前
nigga 16 and like 6’4
Prod. Tech
Prod. Tech 2 時間 前
Don’t worry y’all they gonna get back together 😂😂🤞🏾
Johnny Brown
Johnny Brown 2 時間 前
Yo y'all are living your best life
jayy banzz
jayy banzz 2 時間 前
Ddg looking like flight out here🤣they both still some goats tho
LïL Jøsh
LïL Jøsh 2 時間 前
Typicalstar_ Jay
Typicalstar_ Jay 2 時間 前
DD you lie you say your gonna guit JPshow like 10 Times🤣😅😂
Diggsiii 2 時間 前
lmfao cmon bruh
LïL Jøsh
LïL Jøsh 2 時間 前
TrueFabo 3 時間 前
“Grown man strength “
Verified Lxcks
Verified Lxcks 3 時間 前
“That was a foul but I won’t gone call it”
joseph cerna
joseph cerna 3 時間 前
Broke no sweat
joseph cerna
joseph cerna 3 時間 前
Mikey really lil boy’d you like that
QD2k3 3 時間 前
I know we don’t like self promoters but it’s so I can get some feedback☝🏽 and I feel like asking like this will get me an unbiased opinion. Check out my latest song on my channel ❤️🙏. I don’t care about views for now, I wanna know how I can improve 💯 let me know❗️
ATM_Bossboy 4 時間 前
Damn my dawg Mikey just tryna do BC glitch 2k21🤣
nme n
nme n 4 時間 前
I miss ddg not the nigga that quite youtube
Darky 4 時間 前
This is LITTTT !!! (Fire) Fire)
Kyle Sterling
Kyle Sterling 4 時間 前
That sounded like flight behind the camera
Ja Y
Ja Y 4 時間 前
4:32 this why I told you not to come😭😭 nigga was mad
Alivia Anderson
Alivia Anderson 4 時間 前
Ddg so serious while Mikey laughin😭lmao
HeziTalk 4 時間 前
Mikey vs Cashnasty👀 Lock vs slasher
Charles Yung
Charles Yung 4 時間 前
You should do one with Julian Newman
Marcos Orozco
Marcos Orozco 4 時間 前
Bro you keep running like a little child ong you suck
Flashh 4 時間 前
He look 5ft11 he might grow another 6 inches by the time draft comes around
Xander Khadka
Xander Khadka 4 時間 前
Nothing about this was intense
Hailee Simone
Hailee Simone 5 時間 前
get back together man):
Darrin Drake
Darrin Drake 5 時間 前
Chill Pill
Chill Pill 5 時間 前
DDG wasnt trying on defense. And mikey wasnt trying on neither
Kendrick Kamara
Kendrick Kamara 5 時間 前
Mikey Williams my sister’s baby daddy
Kendrick Kamara
Kendrick Kamara 5 時間 前
Mikey Williams the best of all time
Kaitlyn Garcia
Kaitlyn Garcia 5 時間 前
Serenity W
Serenity W 5 時間 前
❤️❤️ IfYkyk
Elzie Bibbs
Elzie Bibbs 5 時間 前
Elzie Bibbs
Elzie Bibbs 5 時間 前
Sharif Khamis
Sharif Khamis 5 時間 前
Ddg like them rebounding wing that can shot in 2k20 then in 2k21 he realize there is no more shotting,with 57 3 pt
GLOCKS 5468 5 時間 前
his net only 8million so he poor for a rapper
Con- JB
Con- JB 5 時間 前
Still watching this in 2020
Yolanda Davis
Yolanda Davis 5 時間 前
DDG very childish.always saying he's grown, He don't act like it IMO!! Majority of his fan base are kids. So what do you expect
Exotic_OG 5 時間 前
Zais had dat nigga shit bricks 😂😭😭💀💀
Indigo ariyah
Indigo ariyah 6 時間 前
You should of known Mikey was gonna win💀
Blaze Mula
Blaze Mula 6 時間 前
Mikey williams look like some show off but I don't think he is he humble
Dolo Lulu
Dolo Lulu 6 時間 前
Lol I love it
GrayGaming GG
GrayGaming GG 6 時間 前
Why do they look so short in the thumbnail
stonnerisaax 6 時間 前
@isaaxthereal could ball on you💯 all respect and love💯
Joshua Lavalas
Joshua Lavalas 6 時間 前
ddg your lowkey dumb when it comes to basketball cause you just keep shooting over and over and over. That’s why my Mikey didn’t really go for rebounds, (YOUR STILL MY FAVORITE JPshowR)
WuzGold Evans
WuzGold Evans 6 時間 前
This beef was legendary💪🤣
Oratile Phiri
Oratile Phiri 7 時間 前
How much did u pay the take it easy on you ddg?
WuzGold Evans
WuzGold Evans 7 時間 前
Still the same nigga🔥
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 7 時間 前
I like how the title says intense lol Mikey wasn’t even trying he was just chilln and still whooped yo ass 😂 I guess ddg felt it intense lol
Jay Wayy TV
Jay Wayy TV 7 時間 前
How much he tax you for that future
youngboiieswag cm
youngboiieswag cm 7 時間 前
Your trash SSH on top
Breezy Matt
Breezy Matt 7 時間 前
Mikey ain’t even playin serious 💀🤣
Mikey scored 9 points in 4mins
Anaya. Loves
Anaya. Loves 7 時間 前
I have never laughed this hard 💀💀💀💀
Legarian Williams
Legarian Williams 7 時間 前
That's a really good camera
Lydia and Amani
Lydia and Amani 8 時間 前
that song go dumb doe
Lydia and Amani
Lydia and Amani 8 時間 前
pls dont quit youtube
Martha Sunmola
Martha Sunmola 8 時間 前
Jesus loves you
Ivan Wiggins
Ivan Wiggins 9 時間 前
DDG running hard as hell for them boards lmaoo
Ryan Shelton
Ryan Shelton 9 時間 前
I am from South Carolina
- STRAPIINN 9 時間 前
I was 9 when he recorded this
Papa Locks
Papa Locks 9 時間 前
Sound like flight recording this
Detrez McGhee
Detrez McGhee 9 時間 前
man tryin so hard 😂😂😂
Martin Eddie
Martin Eddie 10 時間 前
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Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson 9 時間 前
Please, what can I do ?
john harry
john harry 9 時間 前
Hector Sanabria
Hector Sanabria 10 時間 前
DDG mor like GGG cuz u just f*cken lost
Oops Gotcha
Oops Gotcha 10 時間 前
5:32 - 5:47 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
MrRunitUp 10 時間 前
Weak as hell
Shondo On that
Shondo On that 10 時間 前
This guy playing against kids
Ty ‘
Ty ‘ 10 時間 前
DDG old vlogs was lit damn he change
Apk Pooh
Apk Pooh 10 時間 前
DDG pull up on me, I’ll spank datt on mommas🙏🏽
felix vargas
felix vargas 10 時間 前
This is a fu**in should do more videos like this with different top players...