AzK 3 時間 前
Jack desperately trying to get a joke in for 3 minutes straight while crumbling under the weight of legends.
Une Misanthrope
Une Misanthrope 3 時間 前
Graham Norton is so me on Tinder 😂😂😂
Steve Bondi
Steve Bondi 4 時間 前
She has got a very nice rack....
New Thought
New Thought 4 時間 前
West Brom are even odder than I thought....
Anastasija Andrejeva
Anastasija Andrejeva 4 時間 前
I can feel David's obsession though! I had one two, that's why I started buying colourful funny socks or socks with funny details
Bryan8329 4 時間 前
I notice he has a nylon-string in the background. Is he learning to be the new Paco de Lucia.
Rendra Bhatara
Rendra Bhatara 4 時間 前
Ross Noble looks like a pimped out Batman's foe
John Palgrave
John Palgrave 4 時間 前
A more beautiful 'Lara' !
Ben Bergin
Ben Bergin 4 時間 前
Tom Hiddleston is the British Matthew Mcconaughey
David Jones
David Jones 4 時間 前
Interesting story bout his younger days at Guildhall school of music and drama. Every graduate year would get a guest speaker to chat to the year (bout 27 students) ewan arranged for his uncle Dennis lawson to come for his year. I was the year below and we got Alec guinness! Fun fact fans
tripple9 4 時間 前
I ❤ tc
Account User
Account User 4 時間 前
0:27, “I look like somebody who didn’t get the mars bars” 😂😂😂
O Justiceiro
O Justiceiro 4 時間 前
Natalie. S
Natalie. S 4 時間 前
“He started to sound like a songbird”
lionrock75 4 時間 前
Iggy´s Surfin´Bitch! jpshow.info/watch/XjiOtouyBOg/bideo.html
donepearce 5 時間 前
Cleese really can't stand Lee Mack getting so much attention. His desperation to get it back on himself is painful to watch.
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes 5 時間 前
Sadly attendance was low.. no one could find it.. I’m dead 💀 😂
Ugly Soo
Ugly Soo 5 時間 前
That girl who set next to will was cute look at the way she look at him and kevin
E Grffin
E Grffin 5 時間 前
Alan just totally stole the show with that story i cant stop laughing.
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker 5 時間 前
Nobody can be that brutally honest like mothers XD ♥
momo 5 時間 前
wtf is traditional Japanese
Jeff P
Jeff P 5 時間 前
The guy didn't put his name inside the guitar?
Phillip Edward Ness
Phillip Edward Ness 6 時間 前
Did anyone else get an ad at the worst time at 14:21
Point Action
Point Action 6 時間 前
Subtitles pls Graham?
David Arnold
David Arnold 6 時間 前
My mother's side is of Irish ancestry, her grandmother was full Irish. My mother calls me 'eejit' from time-to-time and it wasn't until a few years ago that she found out what it meant (I told her) and she was profusely sorry for calling me that my entire life but I always found it endearing. She still calls me it but she now knows what it means.
Clip Crew
Clip Crew 6 時間 前
The world is gonna stand still when David dies ❤️
He couldn't mention mourinho because he didn't want to mention his nemesis
Dan Onil Galang
Dan Onil Galang 6 時間 前
Bruce Willis and John Malkovich need to do a new Retired and Dangerous movie, and with SLJ on it.
krack jack
krack jack 6 時間 前
jpshow.info/watch/kXFfRgJsmZE/bideo.html ♥️
Dan Onil Galang
Dan Onil Galang 6 時間 前
I did?!? And with those words, SLJ knew, he in trouble. Lol
S Cramer
S Cramer 6 時間 前
British English is horrible and how do they even understand each other?
SuperBondfan007 6 時間 前
Well, if anyone makes a biopic of composer Dmitri Shostakovich, Dan could star. Google it. It may be his most uncanny doppleganger yet. LOL
Mrs V
Mrs V 6 時間 前
Was Maggie Smith on a movie or tv series named litte witch or the littlest witch?
kangaroogirl88 6 時間 前
Great video, too 👏 many 👏adds!!!
Tinabets 6 時間 前
Such professionals. Though one is missing and one is injured, the show must go on! <3 BORAHAE BTS
Ben Carter
Ben Carter 7 時間 前
Biggest rival was pulis he hated playing stoke away 😂😂😂
Doge 7 時間 前
teenage boy as Lara Croft.
Princess Leia
Princess Leia 7 時間 前
Ewan McGregor: "It's over Graham! I have the high ground..."
guppy top
guppy top 7 時間 前
Women of the world please forgive me for saying this but this is the only woman I have ever laughed at while saying or doing something funny, sorry girls...
bambucha 7 時間 前
Please please someone cast her as Nanny Ogg. It is of utmost importance!
Ackermanclan 7 時間 前
aftv broke this man lolol
Bangtanboys. com
Bangtanboys. com 8 時間 前
K but like what happened to his ice cream after he fell off lol, I WAS LISTENING TO HIS STORY
India Bliss
India Bliss 8 時間 前
I love her lots
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 8 時間 前
British shows are so much funnier and real than most of the American hosting shows
MegaTech81 8 時間 前
Why is everyone talking To that empty spot on the couch?
Conor Mcnagger
Conor Mcnagger 8 時間 前
I was the man that gave him that guitar
Mr Morgan
Mr Morgan 8 時間 前
Nice one boss.
Paula 8 時間 前
I click this because i see Harry
Eddie Rivers
Eddie Rivers 8 時間 前
People: "God isn't real" Morgan Freeman: "Hold my holy water"
derick craft
derick craft 8 時間 前
If humans (Europeans ) have gone to the extent of producing animal porn with humans so why is this surprising and funny ??
Zett76 9 時間 前
I learned today: Jamie is a great storyteller... 🙂
Beverly Fahey
Beverly Fahey 9 時間 前
Audrey 9 時間 前
Chris Pratt turned into James Corden 😂
Kendal R
Kendal R 9 時間 前
the three Americans are like what is going on here
loverichiesambora 9 時間 前
He has a heart of gold ,but looks like he,s hurting
Tony lagos
Tony lagos 9 時間 前
stop making bullyng on tv programs anymore.Please!
Teresa WastingTime
Teresa WastingTime 9 時間 前
I d love it if in the description you add actual date of show and episode number. Love these.
Jacques Matthew L. Tijam
Jacques Matthew L. Tijam 9 時間 前
Jack Black is just doing his thang hes being well Jack BlACK
Al Myers
Al Myers 9 時間 前
The dirty truth of Tom Hanks will be told.
cossythepoacher 9 時間 前
Coogan ...Another woke elitist bell end! Makes out on some TV show, because of the Brexit vote, the people of his home town of Middleton near Rochdale, are knuckle dragging racist bigots! What a nice chap?
CurryKingWurst 9 時間 前
I miss Robin Williams.
Mitra Avesta
Mitra Avesta 10 時間 前
So underrated
Senali Fernandez
Senali Fernandez 10 時間 前
Anyway we love u Johnny Depp!♥️
Braceqt 10 時間 前
Jake: I I I I I I I I I I I um I
Johnny Tribble
Johnny Tribble 10 時間 前
Shut up meg lol. :: peter
Martin Herald
Martin Herald 10 時間 前
The punching the window out of a strangers car sounds like a lie to me.I've used a hammer and failed on side windows. Is it the front? They are laminated and easier to crack, but potentially more damaging if you manage to drive your arm through it. Any director that would risk his talent in the middle of the shoot of even a 6 million dollar movie, is an idiot. So I think it didn't happen anything like this happy little amusing anecdotal after story.
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan 10 時間 前
Marty Byrde!!
Dork 10 時間 前
Chris Rock couldn't look more confused
iLindah Productions
iLindah Productions 10 時間 前
i love dolly.
Tirthankar Roy
Tirthankar Roy 11 時間 前
I hope the person who thought he merely resembled, is watching this Video.
John Smithee
John Smithee 11 時間 前
Thumbnail looks like Keanu's trying to do his best Tommy Wiseau's "You are tearing me apart!" in his own way
Nellie G. Cabo
Nellie G. Cabo 11 時間 前
The woman guest is so hypocrite that she seems does not understand what Bradly Cooper was saying.And the other guest beside her said that she should know ,because she played nurse in one of her acting .
NAN Zz 11 時間 前
Listen You have to read about islam and im proud to be muslim Go and listen to Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Sheikh Zakir Naik and Sheikh Yusuf astas
Tracy Whaley
Tracy Whaley 11 時間 前
This is just all around funny.....
Milie Richard
Milie Richard 11 時間 前
Andrew Nanlohy
Andrew Nanlohy 11 時間 前
And here I'm, can't even wash my face under a running shower without dramatically gasping for air
Jeff Welch
Jeff Welch 11 時間 前
Debra doesn’t look impressed
txki 11 時間 前
i think everyone wants to know this Timothée Chalamet or Tom Holland or Shawn Mendes... You pick